Cousin Jenny Ch. 4

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The sun was already high and streaming through the window onto the bed when Jim woke. Slowly his eyes opened and adjusted to the light. For a moment he felt disorientated, but recalling his memories from the previous day soon had him smiling and his cock swelling. He touched himself. Jim pulled his foreskin back over his head and watched as a drop of pre-cum glistened at his pee hole.

“Wow!” He thought out loud “Can’t believe I’d ever get hard again after yesterday…”

“Good thing you can baby!” came Jenny’s voice from the bathroom. “I have some big plans for us today!”

“Morning Jenny!” Jim replied and got up from the bed. He walked into the bathroom with his cock swaying in front of him. Jenny was in front of the mirror combing out her hair. Seeing Jim’s erection, she dropped the brush and grabbed on to his manhood, bending down she kissed the pre-cum from the tip. Jim moaned in delight, but his full bladder needed emptying.

Jim gently pushed Jenny from his cock and stood in front of the toilet. Jenny grabbed his cock again, but this time aiming it at the bowl. Poor Jim was so hard he had to bend over in order to be comfortable enough and for Jenny to get her aim right. Jim never knew pissing could be such an exercise!

“Ok now Jimmy – let fly” she chirped from behind. Jim struggled to get his muscles to co-operate, especially with Jenny more busy jacking him off than aiming his cock, but finally a yellow stream shot from his cock. Jenny squealed with delight as she felt the force of the stream through his cock and immediately started to make Jim piss in figures into the bowl. Jim shuddered as the stream eased into a trickle and got upright. Jenny was between him and the bowl in a flash and licked the last drops from his cock. She looked at him with a slutty look on her face and smacked her lips when she was done licking him.

“You need a cold shower baby!” she teased, squeezing her magnificent tits together. “Freshen up, but don’t jack off right? I want you horny s hell today – all day! I’m going to fix us some breakfast” With that and a slow erotic swinging of her hips, she left Jim alone in the bathroom. Jim looked down at his raging cock, the urge to jack off so strong he could scream, but he held himself at bay.

When Jim made it to the kitchen, he was still hard. Jenny had fried some eggs and sausages and some fresh toast. Not having had their dinner the previous night, they soon wolfed the food. Jim helped Jenny clearing the table, fondling her tits at every opportunity, rubbing the pre-cum from his hard cock onto her ass. Jenny moaned as she felt him rub against her, but firmly kept him from entering her.

“Today,” she said “I want you to meet my friend from the next farm. Her name’s Shona and she is even hotter than me! So keep that delicious thing of yours loaded and ready.”

Jim just nodded, the thought of screwing two girls was numbing his mind. Jenny was hot. Now a girl that is hotter than Jenny? Jim felt as if he could blast his load all over the kitchen. Deciding he had best cool off a bit, he turned and walked into the dining room area, seeing the house for the first time in daylight. bahis firmaları Jim was awestruck at the evident wealth portrayed in the decorations. So much so that when Jenny caught up with him 10 minutes later his cock was hanging half mast.

“Ok lover,” she cooed in his ear, “time to go and meet Shona!”

Jenny took his half erect cock and guided him outside to the jeep. Needless to say Jim was hard again when they got to the jeep. She took the sunblock from the cubby hole and tossed it to Jim.

“Will you do me the honour of putting on my sunblock?” She asked in her prettiest voice and flashing her eyes at Jim.

Jim squirted some lotion on his hands and rubbed first Jenny’s back and buttocks. When done, she turned around, her tits brushing his face. Jim then coated her arms then her tits, rubbing her hard nipples lovingly between his fingers. Jenny meowed like a kitten as he rubbed lotion on her. Lower and lower Jim went till he reached her pussy. Jenny was more than just aroused. Her oozing cunt juice was making rivulets down her legs. Jim applied his mouth to her pussy. Jenny let out a large gasp as his tongue moved over her slit.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh” was all she could muster and with that Jim flicked her clit with his tongue. Jenny’s body writhed in orgasm, her juices spraying Jim’s face. Jenny clutched Jim for support. He held her in his arms till she regained her composure. She softly whispered in his ear “Thanks, I needed that” squeezed his cock. She took the bottle and squeezed some lotion on her hands. “Your turn, you bad boy!” she smiled wickedly, “Turn around and take it like a man.” With that Jenny started to smear the lotion on Jim – slowly and sensuously. Jim groaned as she expertly teased his cock, bringing him close to release on more than one occasion. Panting with the agony of wanting to cum and not being able to, she left Jim’s cock and climbed carefully onto the jeep’s cum smeared seat.

Jim got in beside her with pre-cum oozing out of his cock. “OK bad boy, your turn to cum will come!” she smiled back at him. Jenny drove onto a track that bounced like a roller coaster. After an agonising kidney busting trip of 20 minutes they arrived at a river. “Here’s where we swim.” Jenny explained “This river is the farm border and Shona lives a stone throw from here. I asked her to meet me here today because I have a surprise for her – you being the surprise. So Jim you hide yourself in this thicket so you can watch us girls at it. When I straddle her face, I want you to come over and I will introduce you.”

“Ok Jenny” Jim said and hid himself in the area Jenny pointed out. He felt funny being naked in the open especially with the prospect of another girl going to be present, but hey, Jenny was there and so far he had not been disappointed. From his vantage point he could see the bend in the river as well as the sand bank. “I see a trail of dust Jenny! Coming this way.” Jenny stood on the jeep’s bonnet and watched as a jeep became visible. Jenny’s hand slowly started to touch her swollen lips and clit. She and Shona have been friends for a very long time. In fact it was Shona who first kaçak iddaa introduced Jenny to the world of bisexuality.

Shona is 2 years older than herself and also a thing of beauty. She had a beautiful slender figure with 36D tits that Jenny would die for. Not that Jenny is anywhere near being a surfboard herself, but Jenny was fascinated by Shona’s nipples which were much smaller than hers. Shona also had the nicest firmest sexiest ass with a small dolphin tattooed on her left cheek – a present she gave her when they once went together on holiday. Jenny slid back behind the driving seat and drove the jeep to where it would be in full view of Jim. Soon enough Shona stopped beside her.

Jenny hopped out and greeted Shona with a passionate kiss, squeezing their bodies against each other. As soon as Jenny broke off the kiss, Shona plucked her t-shirt over her head. Jenny fell down on her knees pulling her shorts down. Jim pulled his breath in so sharply when he saw her naked that he was sure they could hear him. Jenny got up and stood behind her, whispering something in her ear that made Shona giggle. She was facing him and he could see every detail of Shona’s body. He was also aroused by the fact that Shona’s pussy was not shaven clean like Jenny’s. It was shaved all right, at the sides of her pussy, but above it she just kept her hair neatly trimmed. He wondered how it must feel to lick her. Just then Jenny sank onto her knees in front of Shona and burrowing her head between her legs, sucking and licking Shona’s pussy like it was the last day to do so. At the same time, knowing he was watching she wiggled her ass in his direction.

Jim’s body was on fire. Pre-cum was flowing out like he was pissing. He grabbed his cock tight at the base trying to prevent it from going harder. Shona was moaning loudly now – Jenny is obviously doing a super job on her. “Hell,” Jim thought, “if she can suck pussy like she does cock, Shona’s in for a treat!” Just what he could not see was that Jenny was not only sucking Shona, she had 3 fingers in her cunt and 2 pumping in her ass. Jenny had Shona flat on her back now as she prepared her final onslaught. Shona writhed on the bank as Jenny’s expert mouth devoured her clit – sending her into orgasm heaven. She let loose a low guttural moan as her body was lost to her in the throws of a brilliant orgasm. Jenny stood up and watched her friend as she orgasmed. She looked at where Jim was hiding and winked at him.

Jenny waited till Shona could catch her breath before she straddled her face, her body facing Jim – who now got out of hiding. “Now my surprise for you Shona!” Jenny said “mmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all Shona could say with her mouth covered with pussy. “Lift your legs now” Jenny instructed whilst motioning Jim nearer. She grabbed Shona’s legs and held her pussy wide open. With a free hand she pointed at Jim’s cock and Shona’s dripping pussy. Jim understood and sank down on his knees, shuffling close enough to be able to penetrate her. Jenny nodded and Jim placed his throbbing cock at Shona’s pussy, pushing in as Jenny holds her friend open. This was greeted by a very loud moan form Shona. Jenny lifted kaçak bahis her pussy from her friend’s mouth so she could see her lover.

Shona’s jaw dropped as she saw Jim with half his cock still to penetrate her. “JENNY!!!!!!” she squealed “HE’S GORGEOUS! Where did you get him? Can I keep him?” Jim looked into Shona’s green eyes and felt even more attracted to her. Jenny laughed and said “He’s my cousin and visiting me for a few weeks. No, you can’t keep him but I’ll share him, but ONLY if you let me share Leonard.”

Jim pushed in further sending waves of delight through Shona’s body. She bucked her hips trying to get more of Jim inside, moaning out her pleasure. Jenny rubbed her friend’s nipples, rubbing, pulling, kissing, asking over and over “Have we a deal?”

Shona’s body quivered as the onset of an orgasm started to take hold. “Yeeeeeesss!” she hissed as Jim started pumping her. “Oooooooooh anything, just don’t let him stop! AAAAAH fuuuuuuuucccckk meeeeeeeeeeee!” Jenny grinned at Jim who wouldn’t stop now even if you shot him and said “Fuck her Jimmy!”

Jimmy pounded his cock into Shona’s pussy like a steam hammer. He was consumed by the urge to cum. Shona’s tits bounced on her chest as Jim rammed home each time. Jenny again straddled Shona’s face and grinded her pussy onto her mouth. With one hand she squeezed Shona’s nipples and with the other she toyed with her clit. Jenny’s own pussy was soaking wet and dripping into Shona’s eager mouth. Jenny groaned as she too was well on her way to an orgasm. Jim’s pounding suddenly went slower but more powerful. He let loose an animalistic growl as his cock jumped wildly in Shona’s cunt. A huge jet of sperm shot into her womb and that was all it took to send her over the edge too.

Shona’s cunt contracted on Jim’s cock as she orgasmed even more powerfully than before. Unwittingly Shona bit down hard on Jenny’s clit as she orgasmed and this pain, together with the strong visual excitement of seeing Jim’s seed bubble out of Shona’s pussy was enough for Jenny. Jenny came and flooded Shona’s mouth as she screamed out in ecstasy.

Jim stayed in her till his cock had wilted with her orgasm. Breathing heavily Jenny and Jim disengaged from Shona. She was still on her back, holding her nipples, moaning softly. Jim’s cum oozed out in large drops from her cunt. Jenny scooped up some of it and smeared it on Shona’s lips. She eagerly licked Jenny’s fingers. Jim also dipped his fingers in, smelling them then tasting. A large smile crept over his face. He liked this taste. Together he and Jenny proceeded to clean up Shona, giving her more than one orgasm as the take turns lapping up the cum oozing from her. So much so that Shona, spent, in a whimpering voice begs them not to continue. Jenny stood up and looked at her then at Jim. His cock would be useless to her after such a fucking for at least 3 hours. She knew she could get him hard enough soon, but Jenny wanted his cum and plenty of it too.

“Hey you are in no fit state to drive back to your house Shona.” Jenny said – already another plan forming in her mind as Shona would soon recover enough to fuck her with a strap on. “I think you should spend the night with us – ok?” Jenny ventured and Shona could do ought but nod a yes. Jim and Jenny helped her up on wobbly legs and into the jeep. All three knew that it would be a long and very pleasant night.

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