Cousin Maggie Ch. 04

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A little over 4 and a half years ago, I returned to the hometown area of Buffalo NY and also began a relationship with my mentally disadvantaged cousin Maggie – surprisingly with the approval of her mother and the rest of the family. The only stipulation was that we take it slow. If Maggie was emotionally hurt in any way, my nearly 80 year old father would castrate me. She was the only child of his recently deceased brother Stew. Our sexual exploits of day one and day two can be read in other posted stories. Perhaps castration is too good for me — but Maggie has been smiling ear to ear nearly constant these past few months. Even when my cock is fully down her throat.

Despite numerous learning disabilities and near total lack of reasoning (she’s with me isn’t she?), Maggie gets by quite well outside the group home where she spend her first two adult years. Aunt Beth is slowly teaching her to cook and I even teach her a few things that aren’t sexually orientated. Recently, when I bought her a candy bar, I told her about Hershey PA and the factory and amusement park. I only knew what I’d read about it, since I had never bothered to stray on journeys to and from Buffalo – but to Maggie I’m sure I sounded quite knowledgeable. That’s when she got on the kick of wanting to go there. And asking about it on an hourly basis.

“When can we go to Hershey? When can we go to Hershey? When can we go to Hershey?”

I tried to put her off with the fact that I’d just started a new job and didn’t have vacation time, but since I kept hearing it – I set a weekend aside to take her. That’s when she started asking, “Can we take Denise?”

Denise was a girl who Maggie befriended (who still lived at the group home) and Maggie mentioned from time to time. The first such mention was of how Denise almost got rich accepting Monopoly money for giving $5 blowjobs. So, I was curious… We asked Denise’s parents who didn’t seem to care – I think they said yes before we even finished asking our question and they were delighted that it wouldn’t cost them any money. Three weekends later, I had two young mentally disadvantaged women in my car crossing the NY-PA border on the way to Hershey…

The sounds of the Backstreet Boys singing filled the car and both girls were singing (poorly) and bouncing around. It was a warm day and both women were wearing half t-shirts, no bra, so there were 4 bouncing titties constantly distracting me from my driving. Maggie’s was the first to fall out due to all the bouncing. That led to tremendous laughter and mock embarrassment – we’d all seen that titty many times. Denise, I found was quite the copycat and she increased her bouncing until her left breast also popped out of her half shirt.

“Your boyfriend saw my boob.” Denise said, several times with no attempt to put the breast back in the shirt. “Five dollars,” she said – a reference to her group home sexploits. Both girls were laughing like crazy. Maggie lifted her shirt and flashed both tits at me. Denise did the same. Denise’s were bigger, at least 44C. Denise was a chubby but facially pretty girl of just 18. Whereas Maggie was a blond bombshell, Denise was dark and looked to have Italian or Sicilian ancestry. She also had a nipple ring on the right breast and unless my rear view mirror was scratched – a hair or two growing from each nipple. bahis firmaları She had as little modesty as Maggie – which was absolutely none! Five minutes later, I’m driving down the road with 2 topless girls playing and bouncing in the back seat. I was tempted to put the car on cruise control and hop in back with them. It would be fun to rub my face on four young breasts even if certain death would occur seconds later. Instead, I kept one eye on the road and one eye on the titties. This was never covered in the driver’s manual or when Dad taught me to drive years back!!!

Denise was first to announce, “I have to piss!” I suggested finding a service station, but I was overruled by Maggie who decided she also had to pee and that she couldn’t wait. Oh darn, I forgot to remind the girls before we picked up Denise – what a horrible (devious) person I must be! We watched for a deserted road and despite this being Pennsylvania and in the middle of nowhere – it took a few minutes. Maggie started holding her crotch and bouncing up and down with need and Denise began to doing the same. Copycat. It almost looked like we might find a service station before finding a dirt road, but finally we pulled off the main highway.

Maggie was really squirming as she carefully removed her sneakers and socks and shorts and panties and folded each. It’s one of her little quirks. Denise just pulled her shorts down around her ankles and spread her legs and gave me a wicked smile and took a whiz. She had a very forcible stream and she left a big puddle on the ground when she finished. With her position squatting, facing me I saw very little. Realizing this, she stood and made no effort to pull up her panties. She had a very thick bush of curly dark hair which kept moving closer and closer to me…

“You gotta toilet paper?” asked Denise as she stood next to me. A trickle of pee running down her leg. If it had been Maggie, I have licked it off and I was still very tempted to do it anyway! But instead, I fished around in the glove box and brought out a McDonald’s napkin. Denise, spread her legs and patted the pussy dry. Meanwhile, I guess Maggie had finished and was dressing herself. Denise pulled up her shorts and climbed into the car taking the napkin with her. Maggie even put her shirt back on and climbed in the back next to her friend. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis and pissed for about 20 seconds in full view of both women. That put an even bigger smile back on Maggie’s face. Denise had her eyes glued to my dick, which I shook for a few seconds. That stiffened it slightly. No one offered sex, so I put it back in my shorts and we resumed our drive.

You know how sometimes you feel the need to pee and a few minutes later, after emptying your bladder you realize that you really had to take a dump? A mile down the road, we were turning around and headed back to the same dirt road. Denise had to “poo”. This time, she removed all her clothing and Maggie and I watched from the car. When she was done making “Denise droppings” as Maggie called it – Denise wiped with the MickeyD napkin and got back into the car. She dressed in the back seat. I had a full view of hairy cunt lips as she lifted herself to pull up the lower clothing. No one else had to shit – I resumed driving – again…

A funny thought hit me and I started laughing kaçak iddaa a couple minutes later. The girls wanted to know why. I laughed some more and wouldn’t tell them. They begged and each showed me their tits and I kept saying “No, I can’t tell you.” Maggie jumped in the front seat and tried to unzip my shorts to blow me – if only I’d tell them what I was laughing about. Denise also offered to blow me and forgive the $5 she thought I still owed her.

“I don’t think that Maggie would want you to suck my dick, would you Maggie?” I said to both women.

“I don’t care. Just tell us!” Maggie responded.

“So, what you both are saying….is that I can do anything to your pretty young bodies – just for telling you what I was laughing about?” This was becoming unbelievable!

“Yes!!! they both shouted. Not to miss a great opportunity, I turned the car around and headed back toward the dirt road where we had just been. We’d traveled a bit farther down the road this time, the first thing that I saw was a billboard sign. It made me immediately change my mind and I turned around yet again – the girls asked…”Where are we going?”

“King’s motel. Just up the road a couple miles. We’ll check in and then continue on to Hershey. We’ll sleep over tonight and then start for home early in the morning. By the time I explained all this, it was time to get out and check in. 5 minutes later, we were in our room. It wasn’t any different than any other motel room and I planned to use it as I had used other motel rooms in the past – to satisfy my own needs.

Both girls were sitting on the edge of the bed… “Tell us why you were laughing!” they begged.

“OK, it was because we were driving on the highway to Hershey and that reminded me of — the Hershey Highway which is like a nickname for going up the butt or having sex up the butt hole. That’s why I laughed.” The girls started to giggle and look at each other. Denise got us all laughing as she ripped off a very loud wet fart. Maggie, held her hose for a second, but had to stop to breathe and laugh. I decided to move things along…

I moved closer and kissed Maggie. I ran my hands through her pretty blond hair and kissed down her neck. She instinctively reached for my crotch. A quick glance at Denise told me that she wanted to be included, but that move had to be either hers or Maggie’s – so I faked a fall on the bed. I landed on top of both girls, of course, mostly on Maggie but I made sure that my hand just happened to touch Denise’s tit. Helping things. Maggie laughed and pushed me toward Denise. Denise pushed me back, her hand brushing across my crotch as she did so. I pulled off Maggie’s top and squeezed her tit and when I was pushed back onto Denise, I noticed her top was now off! “You know what you girls need? Spankings! I pulled down Maggie’s shorts and pulled her over my knee. Denise came right up behind me and pressed her tits against my back. I slapped Maggie lightly on the bare butt and Denise laughed and pointed…

“Hershey Highway!” Denise’s finger was pointing right at Maggie’s butt hole. I took my finger and slide it down into Maggie’s wet pussy. Denise was breathing a bit heavy as she watched – still pressed right up against my back.

“You girls agreed to do anything I wanted and this is part of what I want. I removed my finger from her cunt kaçak bahis and slid the wet finger slowly into Maggie’s asshole. Maggie started to moan. I was getting very hard. I moved my finger in and out a couple times and then told Maggie that I had to take off my shorts before my pecker snapped in half.

‘Then we could both have half,” yelled Denise who must have been feeling left out.

“I like his big long cock,” said Maggie, “I don’t want it to break. I’ll share the whole wiener!” Maggie pulled down my shorts and willy was free! Denise got closer and even reached out and touched it. Maggie kissed the end of my penis and then did something astounding – she maneuvered my penis into her best friend’s mouth! Denise knew how to slurp my stick and Maggie pushed me down and crawled up and sat on my face. Her wet pussy swallowed my nose and I readjusted so that I could lick her clit. Meanwhile, Denise ran her soft lips up and down my dick – it was easy to see how she accumulated so much Monopoly money giving head at the group home.

Maggie let out a howl and then gushed fluid all over my face. She climbed off my face and moved down toward her friend. Maggie started licking one side of my dick and Denise licked the other side. At the top, their tongues met and they kissed. Not a little, peck – a long tonguey kiss. Maggie began sucking my balls and Denise came up and kissed me and then licked my face clean of the spurt of pussy juice. Without asking, she climbed on my face. I started licking her clit and slipping my tongue deep up into her pussy. She wiggled and squirmed and rocked and bucked. I thought her pussy might swallow my entire head when her cunt muscles began contracting in orgasm. Waves ebbed and juices flowed. Maggie, in the meantime had started giving me a humming blowjob. Denise suddenly heard and protested…

“You’re copying what I did to Mikey West! Almost…” she hopped off my smiling face and went back to where Maggie was sucking and bobbing and humming and to where I was about to spurt! “…let me show you…” Maggie moved away just as I was only seconds away from filling her mouth – damn!!! Now, Denise’s wonderful mouth was again clamped on my dick and she began humming and rolling her tongue over the head. A different tune and a different feeling…

“I’m going to come…” I barely squeezed out the words before the spurts began filling Denise’s mouth. I looked to Maggie who now looked a tiny bit dejected. Denise also noticed and crawled over to Maggie. She took her by the shoulders and pressed her lips to Maggie’s mouth. There was a slight gap and some of my cum trickled from Denise’s mouth as she transferred my load to Maggie. As Maggie moved her mouth away, there was a gooey glob of my spunk left on Denise’s tongue. Maggie lovingly sucked the tongue back into her mouth and took all the rest. This led to more tongue tangling between the two girls. They began squeezing each other’s tits and groping each other’s pussies. Then they sank to the floor in a 69 position. I was so spent that I could only watch!

Maggie was on the bottom and Denise was on the top. Denise’s ass was within reach, so as Maggie licked the clit and pussy – I frigged Denise with my index finger. In short order, the room filled with moans and both girl’s faces were quickly slickened with pussy juices. Denise rolled off Maggie and Maggie joined me on the bed. Denise followed. I had a naked girl on each arm and all three of us had smiles from ear to ear.

We never made it to Hershey, Pennsylvania that day, but we explored quite a bit of Heaven!

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