Cross-Dressing, Gay , Lesbian Sex 06

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.

Emma and Daniel invite Veronica and Martin over for some sexy fun

The doorbell that announced their arrival not only opened the door to their home but also opened the door to Emma and Veronica having lesbian sex, Daniel and Martin having gay sex, and both couples having swinging sex.

“Hi Veronica,” said Emma greeting her with a kiss on the lips. “Hi Martin,” she said kissing him on the lips too as if she had already met him and maybe she had. It was unlike Emma to kiss any man on the lips but for her husband. “This is my husband Daniel,” said Emma turning to Daniel and smiling.

“Please to meet you,” said Daniel shaking Martin’s hand.

Then, when he left his hand out there to shake Veronica’s hand, she sidestepped his outstretched arm and gave him a pelvis to pelvis hug before giving him a kiss on the lips. Her kiss was longer than the kiss that she gave Emma and longer than the kiss that Emma gave Martin. In the way she kissed him upon first meeting him, he half expected her to bury her tongue in his mouth. He looked at her with as much surprise as he looked at her with sexual excitement. With one celebrity looking nothing like the other but with her confidence and the look of vulnerability that Veronica gave him, she reminded him of a cross between Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.

‘Wow,’ he thought while taking her all in with just a look. ‘What a woman? What an incredible looking woman?’

If there were any doubts about him allowing Emma to have sex with Martin just so that he could have sex with Veronica, she just erased all issues of jealousy and possessiveness that he had with Emma with her kiss. As if he was her bitch, she owned him now. Between the feel of her soft yet firm body in his arms, her kiss, and her perfume, his head was spinning with lustful desire for her. He couldn’t imagine how lucky Martin is to have a steady diet of her in his bed and in his life. Just once, he’d love to parade through the mall with her in the way that he proudly does with Emma while showing her off to other men. Just once he’d love to take her to a place where there were lots of other men so that they could stare at her and wish that they were him.

“Emma has told me so very much about you,” said Veronica releasing him to give him a soulful look with her big, brown eyes.

In the way she stared at him while smiling was as akin to a loyal, loving dog looking at her master. Something he liked to do with people sometimes, not that she was a dog by any means but if he had to imagine Veronica as a dog, he’d imagine her as being an Afghan hound. With her so tall, so thin, yet so shapely, and with her long, lush, flowing, dark brown hair, she was extraordinarily beautiful. Indeed, his wife, Emma, has good taste in women. In the long, flowing, colorful clothes that she wore with a dress down to her ankles that had long, oversized, hanging sleeves as if she was a magician ready to pull out a bouquet of flowers from them, she’d make for a beautiful Afghan hound.

With Martin taller and slimmer than him, with his piercing blue eyes and a full head of chestnut brown hair, he was as envious of Martin’s good looks as he was of his athletic body. The perfect looking couple, definitely more of a match for Veronica than he was, Martin was more of a match for Emma than he was too. Daniel’s first impression of Veronica and Martin was a good one. If he didn’t know they were married and if they were standing in a room with other people, he could pick them out of a crowd as being married to one another. She was as beautiful and he was handsome. Difficult for him to admit, but he was just as sexually excited about having sex with Veronica as he was about having sex with Martin.

Indeed, they were beautiful people. Then when including Emma in their mix, he felt much like the ugly duckling and an interloper at their swinging party. As if he was a homeless man standing outside in the cold while watching people having their meal at a swanky restaurant, he felt as if he didn’t belong. He felt how Billy Joel must have felt with his ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, when vacationing at the Hamptons with all of her beautiful friends. Judging them merely from appearances, and with him being such an ordinary looking man, he couldn’t imagine what he had to offer Veronica and/or Martin that they would want.

Maybe it was Emma that they both wanted and with him as part of the package deal, he was their booby prize for getting to have sex with her. It was when he was looking at them while comparing himself to them that he wondered why Emma was with him in the first place. Part of her package deal, maybe he was her booby prize for her to live in such a lavish lifestyle as he could afford to give her. Yet, women didn’t view men as men viewed women. Looks were more important to men than they were to women which would explain why so many horrid looking rock stars and athletes had such bahis firmaları beautiful wives. Yet, then again, if those rock stars and athletes didn’t have all of that money, he wondered if those beautiful women would still be with them.

“Please come inside,” said Emma escorting them to the living room. “What will you have to drink?”

Emma smiled her hospitality.

“White wine, if you have some,” said Veronica.

As if undressing her with her eyes and, perhaps, imagining her naked, Emma gave Veronica a long, lingering look before turning away.

“Sure,” said Emma turning to Martin. “And what will you have to drink Martin?”

Engulfing her with a sexy stare and following her lead in the look she gave his wife, he looked at her as if she was already standing there naked.

“A brandy would be nice,” he said.

Giving him a side profile look of her full breasts and her round ass, she gave him a look that told him that she was as interested in him as he was obviously interested in her.

“I’ll get the drinks,” said Daniel while turning to look at his wife sitting with Veronica on the sofa. “What will you have Emma?”

He turned to look at her but, even with him directly addressing her, she didn’t turn to look at him. She was too busy looking at Martin and Veronica to even notice that he was standing there in the room had he not spoken to her.

“Vodka on the rocks,” she said without turning from them and with a don’t bother me wave of her hand as if he was a bartender or her butler.

Martin sat on the sofa across from them and leaned forward to be part of their conversation.

“You have a beautiful house Emma,” said Veronica. “Did you decorate it yourself?”

She gave Emma a smile before giving Daniel a smile. If it wasn’t for Veronica smiling up at him while giving him the eye, he’d feel invisible. Maybe he was part of her booby prize package deal that she’d have to take to get with Emma.

“God no. I can’t take the credit for that. I hired a decorator. Between working part-time at my father’s law firm and caring for Daniel, I could never do all of this myself,” she said. “With six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, this house is too big.”

Emma was too busy in her conversation to even look up at her husband. Instead she just held out her hand for her drink.

“Here you go,” said Daniel handing Veronica her wine, handing Martin his Brandy, and Emma her vodka.

“Thank you,” said Veronica giving Daniel the eye again.

“Thanks honey,” said Emma without even looking up at her husband.

“Thanks,” said Martin giving him a smile.

Daniel had a scotch with a splash of water. Feeling as if he wasn’t even there, he stood to watch his wife interacting with Veronica before taking his seat on the couch with Martin that was opposite the women.

“Veronica tells me you’re in investments,” said Martin bathing him in his blue eyes as if Daniel was looking at the blue waters of Cayman Islands again.

He wondered if not for his money, if he’d even be married to Emma. He wondered if not for his money if he’d even be part of this swinging foursome. Definitely, inspired by her sexual fantasy of having sex with a woman, if not for Emma breaking through this door to initiate and arrange all of this, none of this would have happened. He wouldn’t be sitting across from and imagining having sex with beautiful Veronica while wondering what having sex with Martin would be like.

He wondered if because he didn’t look anything like Martin was the reason why his wife was suddenly so interested in having sex with a woman. Conversely, he wondered if because he didn’t look anything like Martin, the cookie cutter impression of the GQ man, was the reason why Veronica was suddenly so interested in having sex with him. He wondered if because Veronica looked nothing like Emma, the complete opposite, a brunette with modest breasts, was the reason why he so wanted to have sex with her. Instead of having the same sex with the same type of person, variety is what swingers want, and what Daniel wanted was to not only have sex with another woman but also with a man as well.

“Investments? No so much now,” he said absentmindedly. “I’m retired. I just dabble while watching my own portfolio instead of someone else’s,” said Daniel.

“Retired? You’re so young,” said Martin.

“After reading the signs with the banks giving fraudulent mortgages to anyone and everyone while making side bets that they’d fail, I earned my money and got out just before the banking meltdown and the market crashed. Now, realizing the markets are stacked against the average investor with the SEC turning a blind eye, being that the Fed bailed the banks out once, and with no one going to jail for fraud, this will happen again,” said Daniel with a predicting forecast.

“I see,” said Martin. “I leave all of my investments to my law firm. Too much of a gamble for someone not familiar with investments, they handle everything for me.”

“Even kaçak iddaa with me knowing as much about investing money as I do, a too big of a risk to take, I prefer keeping my distance rather being in the market neck deep as I was before. Now with gold prices stable, diamond prices up, and the real estate market returning, there are other places to invest other than in the market and in oil,” he said looking at Martin. “How about you? What do you do?”

He figured him for an ex-model or a want-to-be movie star. Wishing he had his Robert Redford good looks instead of having his money, he knew that it was his money that allow him to have Emma and that bought him a ticket to this front row seat show. Yet, if he didn’t have his money, he’d just be another fat, short, homely man married to another tall, blonde, gold digging woman.

“I don’t do much of anything. I inherited money from my father and Veronica inherited her money from her mother. We live comfortable,” said Martin flashing his Rolex watch after arriving in a Navy Blue Bentley convertible to make Daniel immediately realize that living comfortable was an obvious understatement and one that was based upon comparable perceptions. “Being that we don’t have any children, we’re free to travel and experience life to its fullest,” he said.

Wishing he had two kids, a boy and a girl or two girls who looked more like Emma than him, Daniel couldn’t imagine anyone living life at its fullest without having children.

“With me being an only child, I never felt the need to have a child. A decision that I made long ago, we both agreed that it was enough to share our lives with one another without including a baby in the mix,” said Veronica. “Perhaps one day, we’ll change our minds but with me having just turned 35-years-old, the clock is ticking down the time that I need to make my decision. Of course, we could always adopt,” she said as if she was saying that they could rent a house instead of building one to own.

Obviously by Veronica not asking the question about them not having children, she must already know that Emma can’t have children. He wondered what else Emma told Veronica about them. Persnickety about his privacy, a sore point with him and with him always feeling guilty about it, especially with Emma already knowing that he’s a cross dresser, he wondered if Emma told Veronica and Martin that he enjoyed wearing women’s clothes.

“What do you guys do for fun?” Daniel looked from Veronica to Martin before returning his focus to Veronica. Imagining her doing nude gymnastics, nude yoga, and/or nude tennis, golf, ice skating, and downhill skiing, he asked the question to quell his curiosity. “Do you have any hobbies, passions, and/or interests?”

Veronica looked at her husband and smiled him a sexy stare.

“What do we do for fun?” Martin returned his wife’s look with a chuckle. “Fortunately for us, we have the same interests,” he said laughing a dirty laugh. “Sex is our hobby. Sex is our passion. Sex is what we’re most interested doing. Our life is all about sex,” said Martin to Daniel before looking at his wife to give her a smile and a wink. He returned his focus back to Daniel. “Would you like a demonstration?”

A demonstration? Suddenly with the image of Veronica able to put her ankles behind her head, Daniel imagined Veronica doing naked floor exercises.

“A demonstration?” Not knowing exactly what he meant but having an idea, Daniel look from Martin to Veronica before looking at his wife and returning his focus to Martin. “Sure,” he said with a shrug. “Why not? A demonstration may be fun.”

As if giving her a secret signal, one that they used before, Martin nodded his head to his wife.

“Have you ever seen two women making love?”

In an instant Daniel imagined Emma and Veronica making love.

“On video I have but never live,” he said hinting while hoping that they’d make love right here and right now and in front of him for him to see.

As if on cue, Veronica put a finger beneath Emma’s chin, leaned forward, and kissed his wife while looking over at Daniel before returning her concentrated focus on Emma. It would have been an ordinary kiss until they touched tongues and continued their kiss long enough for Daniel to know that this was no ordinary kiss between two women but a kiss between lovers. The kiss made him wonder if Veronica did more than just masturbate his wife. Maybe they’ve been having an affair for months. Other than Veronica just masturbating her, maybe she’s already had naked sex with her. Maybe they’ve already had sex with Martin in a threesome. Unable to tell from this one exchange, he didn’t know.

“Watching two women having sex is a learning experience for every man in what we do wrong while watching and learning all that they do right. Lesbian sex should be required watching before men are allowed to fumble themselves through having clumsy sex with a woman.”

Unable to remove his eyes from Veronica French kissing his wife, kaçak bahis he couldn’t believe his eyes when Veronica began feeling Emma’s big breasts through her blouse and bra. One of his favorite things to do was to feel her body through her clothes while kissing her. With Veronica having a lighter touch than he would have had, not groping her as he always does, he understood Martin’s meaning that lesbian sex should be required watching if only as a learning experience for men. If that wasn’t hot enough, he was even more sexually aroused watching Emma return Veronica’s kisses while reaching around her to feel her ass through her long, flowing dress.

‘Damn,’ thought Daniel. ‘I wouldn’t mind feeling her ass while she was French kissing me.’

Even through her long flowing dress, he could tell that she had a nice ass. Even the vibrant colors and geometric pattern couldn’t hide her shapely curves. Even though her breasts paled in comparison to Emma’s big boobs, with her name inspiring the sexual image of her before even meeting her, Veronica was all woman.

“I see what you mean,” said Daniel to Martin now unable to remove his eyes from Veronica now beginning to have her wicked, sexual way with his wife.

Kissing and kissing one another, he watched the two women making out as if they were long lost lovers. Then, staring at her as if he’s never seen Emma in her bra before, he watched Veronica unbutton Emma’s blouse one, slow button at a time while kissing and feeling her through her clothes. With her every touch, she revealed even more of Emma’s bra clad breasts. Distracted from watching the two women going at one another, curious to see his reaction to seeing Emma being undressed, he watched Martin staring at Emma while he stared at Veronica. She was so beautiful, as beautiful as was Emma.

With Veronica having unbuttoned the top two buttons of Emma’s blouse, being that Daniel could clearly see the tops of Emma’s meaty breasts along with her long line of cleavage and the top of her bra, he knew that Martin was seeing the same of Emma too. Instead of feeling angered that another man was seeing his wife’s bra clad breasts, he felt sexually excited. He felt proud that Emma was beautiful enough to demand the attention of a man like Martin and to be part of their exclusive, swinging foursome with Veronica taking control.

While kissing her, as if she was a horny teenager on a date in the back row of a movie theatre, he watched Veronica reach her hand inside Emma’s blouse to feel his wife’s big breasts through her bra. Reaching around her to drape her arm down while slipping her fingertips inside of her bra, he watched her finger her nipple with her left hand before fingering her other nipple with her right hand. As if she was an experienced safecracker, Daniel watched as Veronica coaxed out his wife’s nipples for them to make their impressions in her bra by teasing them with her fingertips. Martin’s eyes were as glued to Emma being seduced as much as his eyes were glued to Veronica having her lesbian sexual way with his wife.

Then, as if she was a man making her move, he watched Veronica’s hand travel from Emma’s knee to her thigh. With her hand slowly moving higher and with Emma’s short skirt slowly climbing higher with Veronica’s hand, just as he was catching a peek of Emma’s bikini panties, he knew that Martin was seeing his wife’s white panty too. He could feel his cock hardening to his wife being seduced by a woman while her panty was being exposed to another man. Thinking that he’d be possessively jealous with another man seeing Emma’s bra and cleavage and now her panty too, instead he was becoming sexually aroused by their lesbian, sexual display. Something he didn’t think he’d get in the presence of another man, he was getting an erection. Now he couldn’t wait until Veronica showed Martin more of his wife’s beautiful body.

Veronica slid a hand all the way up and in between Emma’s shapely legs. Slouching down in her seat and spreading her knees more to accommodate Veronica’s hand, his wife’s panties were totally exposed to her two male admirers. Kissing her while cupping her pussy through her panty, he watched Veronica push Emma’s panty aside with her manicured fingertip to finger his wife’s, no doubt, already wet pussy. Enjoying Veronica’s lesbian masturbation show, he looked at Martin to see his reaction to seeing his wife finger Emma’s trimmed, blonde pussy.

Rubbing her clit, while fingering her pussy and kissing her, with their lesbian affair all happening so fast and unfolding before his eyes as if he was imagining it all, Daniel couldn’t believe that his wife was having sex with another woman. With Emma obviously sexually aroused, they only briefly stopped kissing one another for Veronica to remove Emma’s blouse. Just as he couldn’t believe that Emma allowed her to remove her blouse, he couldn’t believe that Veronica removed his wife’s blouse. Usually so morally modest, Daniel couldn’t believe that his wife was sitting across from a man she just met in her sexy, low cut bra. Not only did her bra reveal her long line of cleavage but also her form fitting bra showed nearly the entire shape of her breasts, along with the big impressions her nipples made in her bra.

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