Cry Over Spilled Milk

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Faye and Jessica’s Apartment


Unwound, bare to an apartment that still felt too new and too cozy, Jessica heaved into her frustration with a blasting sigh.

Her nappy, tight curls seemed all the tighter to her — everything felt like piano wire being tuned by some sick psychopath. She threw her head into her couch. “Fuck,” she swore, barely audible. When the word didn’t avail her of her angst, she repeated it louder, with enough resentment to make the walls in her living room form goosebumps. “FUCK!”

“What? You’re home?”

Jessica did not want any company, even if that company was one who was contractually obligated to stay with her as a fellow tenant.

“Yes, I’m home,” Jessica opened her green eyes toward the bedroom door to her right.

The nightstand light was on, a sign of life despite the previous stillness, and accompanying the revelation that Jessica was not alone, a foxy broad slinked onto the linoleum floor. The woman, seven years more experienced, entitled beyond what should be legal, and jobless to boot, was still in the loose pink tee that Jessica had left her in. Accompanying it were a pair of fuzzy pajama bottoms which were cute that morning, insight blurred by exhaustion, brain fog, and a latent anxiety about lateness for work, but infuriating now that Faye was still in them a whole workday later.

“Why?” Jessica instigated, a stack of chips on her shoulder tall enough to scratch the ceiling. “Is there a problem with me being here, in the place I rent? I certainly hope not.”

“Rough day at work, huh?” Faye came around and sat on the cream loveseat perpendicular to the couch Jessica was at. Her steps were all on her toes as if walking on water, and when she sat, there was a gentleness to it.

“Of course. Everyday is rough when you hate your job. But even my shitty job would be tolerable if I didn’t have to pull double shifts every day. . .” Jessica’s aggression was angled square at Faye’s lithe, vulnerable neck. “Rent is due. Where is your half? Hmm?”

Faye knowingly closed her blue eyes, shook her head, and folded her hands; painted nails over recently lotioned skin. “Baby, I told you I’d be able to help you with rent this month and I meant it. You sound like you don’t believe me.”

“I don’t.”

“Ouch. Okay, well I’ll have you know that I already sent the landlord my share and she’s already sent a text verifying she received it.” Faye fished a phone from the strap of her bra. She took her sweet time too, rolling her delicate fingers over her skin from one cup to the next, playing up her show till she caught Jessica fighting her urge to stare. Forty uncomfortable seconds later, she said, “Ahh, there it is. It warmed up to body temperature so I couldn’t feel where it’d shifted to-. . .”

“Forget it,” Jessica mumbled.

“You. . . don’t want to see the text? I’ve really got it, I swear. I’ll be just a minute turning my phone on-. . .”

“I’m fucking done with your game, Faye. I’m on to it. I’ve already talked to the landlord and I know how much you didn’t give her. You’re making a fool of yourself trying to keep up this lie.” Jessica’s rage-fueled her voice cranked uncontrollably louder. “You didn’t give her anything because you don’t have anything — because you tell me you’re going to get a job to help pay bills while you work on your failing business. Instead, you sit on your ass all day and your business is still failing! You’ve had four months of free ass living.” Jessica jumped from her seat, body cocked like a weapon, tongue poised with threats. “And it’s time you either pay the hell up or get the hell out.”

“Jessy? Sweety, calm down!” Faye was on her feet too. Her voice trembling with fear. “Listen, I know you’re pissed but we won’t fix this if we can’t be adults about it.”

“Pay. Up. That’s how we fix it!”

“I will. Tonight.” Faye presented herself a virgin to the beast in Jessica, even if she was anything but. She made herself small, clutching at Jessica’s chest as she came forward, twitching with the fear of god. Jessica was immediately suspicious. “Come on, sit down. I have some good news for you if you’ll listen.”

“Bitch, I told you to stop!” Jessica took the feather-light hands on her blue polo and threw them away, distancing herself. “I’m not letting you freeload anymore — I don’t give a fuck how cute you think you are.”

“Jessica! I’m not freeloading,” Faye said, even though her styled hair made for a clear indication that her rent money was going to cosmetics instead of the lease. “Listen! I just got this massive hit on my website — my biggest order yet. Once I fill it, I’ll have enough for rent and more. Much more!”

“How much?” Jessica’s teeth were grinding together, eyes sharp enough to cut.

“Thirty-five hundred. It’s more than enough for rent. And, I was actually thinking, since you’ve been so supportive of my dream, we could let you pick us out some mountain bikes balıkesir escort and we could take a weekend in the mountains. You’ve wanted that forever, haven’t you?”

Jessica was not convinced. Faye had ‘big orders’ before that promised thousands of bucks in a week’s time and all of them fell through. Either she couldn’t fill the order, or they weren’t willing to wait. It had Jessica suspicious of whether or not the orders had been real in the first place as Faye was not above bending the truth — to the point of snapping — to spare her an extra week of wrath.

The two lived at odds but things hadn’t always been so antagonistic. Faye actually had a corporate job a little over a year before. She was clean cut, primed for promotion, and trustworthy enough to lure a newly-moved-out Jessica into splitting a housing bill to make things affordable. Fifteen months after that decision, though, Faye began to chase the entrepreneurial spirit and sacrificed everything to get her brainchild business off the ground. The burden of bills fell exclusively on Jessica who had trusted Faye like a fool, but now that she had the greatest monetary stake in their shared apartment, Jessica started to believe that Faye needed to contribute more than pixie dust and promises about the future success of her new business.

“There’s no way you fill that order — even if it exists, which I don’t think it does.”

Jessica believed her words. Still, work made her weary and her feelings ached for a break. It disgusted her that she had hope, but she found it glittering naively at the bottom of her murky lake of a heart.

Then silence came, which Jessica couldn’t deal well with. Faye was watching her, reading her expressions like a gypsy reading a palm — placing the burden of words on the aggressor. It was working. Jessica felt her need to speak in the awkwardness and her incompetence at standing up for herself made her near certain that she’d not said what she meant. Already, by this one shift in conversational tempo, she felt herself on the defensive.

She kept her fire from going out and hefted heavy hands on her hips. “Hear me? There’s no order. Now pay up.”

“Oh no? He gave me a grand in advance as an act of good faith. This is no chump of a business partner. He’s the real deal. He knows that he’s not just buying my product — he’s buying me!” After being shooed away, Faye came in close again. When Jessica didn’t immediately thrust her across the room again, she made a scene of really holding each of Jessica’s features in her gaze. “Now, I’m not saying I can do this alone. I’m going to need some capable hands to help me manage everything. I could hire a few helpers, but if we really wanted to make the best decision for us, it would be smarter to handle it ourselves.”

Jessica snarled. She didn’t shy away from Faye whose knees were bumping into hers, whose recent shower scent roared obnoxiously in the narrow gap between their faces, but she did tilt her head away when Faye meant to taste her. “Three and a half grand is a huge order. You’ll never fill it. It’s impossible,” Jessica declared, indignation already abating.

The logistics were just wrong. Jessica knew she shouldn’t believe even if there was a universe in which Faye had an order that wasn’t so ludicrously huge because Faye was not against betraying trust to buy herself time. Unfortunately, Jessica’s logic was in constant conflict with the co-pilot of her behavior: raw, unadulterated sexual passion. It was hard having the war between wanting to kick Faye out of the apartment and onto her useless ass while never being able to get said ass out of her waking mind.

“I already explained to him that it would have to be shipped in batches over a few weeks. And — at least, this is what I figure — with you helping me,” Faye shot heart-shaped arrows with her unnaturally iridescent irises. “I’ll have extra motivation to make this work. Plus, once I get to the production size to accommodate this order, I’ll have the scale to take on even more. This deal can only benefit us. I’m thinking we are debt free in six months — you could quit your job since you hate it so much.”

Faye’s fingers found something to play with in the collar of Jessica’s work top. One slender, purposeful finger ran sprints toward the ‘V’ and bumped suggestively against the button there that barred Jessica’s generous chest as well as her sense of relaxation.

Faye continued. “We buy our own place in a year, we start a family together, and we’re damned wealthy before we’re thirty five. We can live independently — nobody can ever tell us what to do or what’s right. The only responsibility we’ll have is to ourselves.”

If anyone could articulate Jessica’s desires so adequately, it was Faye. She played her vision for the future like a concert clarinetist playing a solo, the sight of which sent Jessica on her own personal journey through the willow trees on her own ranch, to the bartın escort Italian style home on one-hundred acres. Jessica badly wanted a kitchen where she could improve her culinary skill; passions for cooking were currently stunted by diner work. She was too tired when she got home to cook, meaning that she’d technically sacrificed her dream of being a chef to Faye. Was it now possible that Faye was giving it back?

The house would have a bathroom that didn’t require a plumber to visit every few weeks, a patio to be sat on, a corgi and a border collie, a vegetable garden. . . And finally, a bedroom where a voluptuous, amour-minded, artfully nude Faye was reclined with a martini glass.

Wistful desire reflected plainly in Jessica’s eyes as Faye described it all; exactly as she’d dreamed, not a detail spared. Without a roommate, Jessica could earn enough on her own to save and make it happen. But without a roommate, Faye would not be waiting naked and curvy for her and a crown jewel of her fantasy would be missing.

It wasn’t easy, but the darker diner worker couldn’t resist any longer. She just couldn’t keep fighting — even if the road rage she exhibited driving home proved she had a great deal of ire about the home she was driving to. “One thousand in advance?” Jessica’s defined chin went low. She held Faye’s gaze.

“Yup. It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“Why didn’t you spend it on rent?”

“I wanted to show you first — mostly because I want us to spend it together,” Faye had worked her way through two of Jessica’s button, flaying open her shirt to where her skin was a lighter tone, less colored by the sun. There, a natural swell of chest was directed up and out by a bra that had been purchased to increase tip revenue, but also served to delight a celebratory woman like Faye. “As far as I’m concerned, I owe it to you because I’d be utterly lost without your support. You get the first fruits; use it however you like.”

“I’ll just use it on. . .”

“Rent? I know, baby, I know. But after that. . .?”

Jessica shrugged, despite knowing a million things that needed fixing, renovating, replacing, and renewing.

Overwhelmed, she focused on Faye who exhibited an emotion that made her heart flip. It wasn’t cruel; just superior and triumphant. Casual dominance, Jessica thought, the cocky kind that shows she thinks she can get away with anything. It made the shower scent sour a bit to see it, but Jessica’s heart was already open; her rebellion already stymied. She signed into their shared dream together, choosing to believe it because it was easy and she didn’t have to argue or fight while completely drained to make it happen.

Faye, detecting little to no opposition, fueled by the satisfaction of taming her girlfriend’s temper, depressed her hand into Jessica’s jeans over the hips till her partner’s knees gave and she, willingly, very willingly, took a seat at the couch. Looking down on her, Faye’s lips played upward as her blonde hair was shaken out. “I could make a few recommendations.” Her words were a slow massage. Hands went to her own clothing, working the top around a bit in a strip tease. She pulled it down, crumpled it in her hands, grunted as if any fabric covering her body were a sin and a curse. All the while Faye’s chest was the center of everything due to its attractive, oversized quality; plenteous even on a woman with a frame that was full of life and volume.

“We go north to Midtown, spend the weekend away, enjoying the late-autumn nights. We have an exclusive, romantic dinner with seafood and all the wine we can drink. Then, once it gets too chilly to be out, we retire to a suite at a not-to-ritzy hotel and we do. . . well, we do what we do best,” Faye giggled, the bottom hem of her top suspending the weight of her enormous bosom from below. “And I don’t intend on letting you leave bed till you’ve fully satisfied me. You’ll take off from work so that won’t be an excuse — and I’ll raise hell to make it happen, too; whatever I have to do to get unedited time with you.”

Jessica crossed her legs, then her arms, and chuckled. “Don’t be too hard on them. Stuffy’s still pays the bills.”

Faye, incapable of letting Jessica’s defense last, stopped jiggling her tits for two seconds and snatched Jessica’s hands from her elbows where they were loosely wrapped. Their fingers intertwined, cotton white and premium leather, as Faye lowered herself, just as gently as she had on the loveseat, into Jessica’s lap. She didn’t come full on and she didn’t straddle. She elected a perpendicular approach that allowed her to lace herself around Jessica’s neck like the fine jewellery she believed herself to be. Her legs reached all the way to the end and over the couch side.

When Jessica didn’t immediately reach, Faye snatched her roommate’s caramel hand and placed it under her pink shirt directly over her navel. With a brief pause accounting for some degree of apprehension, batıkent escort Jessica began to move that hand in circles which Faye rewarded with a sigh and a laborious blink that highlighted her long lashes.

“As far as I’m concerned, anything that keeps us away from this,” she gestured to their current arrangement, clearly also bringing attention to where it was bound to lead. “Needs to be rid from our lives at our earliest convenience.”

Jessica swallowed a lump in her throat. Her buttons were all undone, but she couldn’t help but feel a heat building behind her breasts. It became uncomfortable to be clothed. Still, she grappled one last time with the logistics of her situation. “Faye,” the taste of her lover’s name felt exotic as it only seemed to be useful in moments of intense anger or orgasm. “How much are you going to need me to help you?”

“You work hard, so not every waking hour, obviously. When you’re home and on the weekends when you can. I’ll be on a really strict schedule and my diet will definitely need some cleaning up.”

“What kind of schedule?”

Faye looked to fall in love all over again once Jessica showed interest in her and the intimate details of her daily work. “Every four hours or so. It’ll be hectic, babe, I tell ya.” Huge, succulent lips planted a lingering kiss on Jessica’s cheek, fully extending Faye’s body to reach. “My sleep will suffer for sure, but it’s the only way to both up production and meet the demand.”

“How. . . can I help?” Jessica, for the first time in the night, looked directly and exclusively at Faye out of sheer reverence and admiration.

With that, all of the contention, the threats, and the swears were gone. One look at her situation, and Jessica knew she’d accepted defeat. When she was young, she never would have settled on losing, but maturing a bit bought wisdom. Surrender that was tactical was okay. Still, while heating up for some awesome after-work sex with her woman, Jessica couldn’t help but feel she lost a lot with Faye. Happy future wife, happy life. Maybe that rule applied. But she felt uncomfortable suppressing her resentment for the upteenth time in their relationship.

Just make love with her, Jessica told herself, lose yourself in this gorgeous, ambitious woman of yours and stay positive.

Meanwhile, doubt pervaded her. Faye seemed to know she’d won. She could ask for whatever she wanted and she would get it; could do as she pleased and not be judged. The threat of being kicked out was extinguished as it had been six other times in recent memory and no recourse would be taken because Jessica lost her fire when she needed it most.

The liberation freed Faye’s spirit and this freedom was nothing new for her. She’d been gaining freedoms, earning favors, winning at life, for as long as she’d drawn breath. A people person, a rapport builder, a seductress, the lead saleswoman — all aliases Faye could stake her very life on.

Was it alright to just let that be? Jessica questioned that more with each passing day.


That night, Faye showed Jessica exactly how she could ‘help’.

“Isn’t this just sex?” Jessica whispered.

Below her, between her plump thighs, golden hair reflected moonlight. “Sex helps, Jessy,” Faye winked. “Or maybe it doesn’t. Are you seriously going to ask me to stop?”

Finger pads felt like ghost pleasure on her outer lips. One investigative press released a flow of built up pleasure.

“I’m usually so composed. Then I see how wet you are and I lose myself completely.” Faye licked her lips so they glistened with equitable moisture to Jessica’s leaking snatch.

“Then do it,” Jessica said on an inhale.

“I was going to hold out; let you suffer some.”

“Please.” Thighs spread even wider. A tentative hand extended to touch Faye, grasping for whatever was necessary to initiate this oral stimulation. “I’ve suffered enough lately. Just be my escape right now.”

“Very well.”

Faye moved as slow as shadows being shifted in moonlight. When Jessica felt lips at her warm femininity she quaked at the fresh and familiar pleasure. Her body rolled back and then into it. She let her mind drift and lived exclusive in her body, not even an inch beneath her own skin. Everything felt so good, she could barely identify what was being done. Velvety softness bumped her outsides, a cunning serpent hooked her insides. Nails played on the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and a nose scrunched on her hooded pleasure peak.

It couldn’t have been ten minutes till she came the first time. Her friendly stars danced over her vision and she felt tension flushing away from her.

The next thing she knew, Faye was coming onto the bed to join her. From nose to chin, her model face dripped with fresh girl cum — Jessica’s own, which was simply too sexy a feeling to describe. Having a woman wear her marking with pride and confidence stole Jessica’s very breath.

They made out some more, the newness of orgasm flavoring this comfort zone in white heat. The grinding of parts together and emblazoned foreplay seemed nearly to lead to yet another blatant sexual act. Imagine the surprise when Faye slowed the tempo.

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