Deep Down in Atlantis Ch. 02

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All characters are over 18.


Warning: violence. A little, maybe a lot.

The story would have been divided in many chapters, but I got lazy back then, and it has been too long, and I now I wanted to make changes to some things and there are continuation errors since I can’t edit works previously posted. Anyway I still felt like I had to give some sort of conclusion, so there you go.

I hope you like it, if you read it. And if you hated, let me know as well.


My solitude was overwhelming here in the guts of the monster. Still a prisoner in the ship, I brought my arms and legs together and waited for anything to happen that would take me out of stupor. I missed my tail, swimming through the ocean. I missed my father, who was murdered…

Captain Shadow would come every night, trying to take information out of me, among other things. He was getting restless, the captain. I offered him my mouth, but I could see that he wanted more and he would get eventually. After all, it was his ship. The captain of the ship was also the king.

I couldn’t say I hated him for what he was doing to me. I was growing actually fond of the captain’s thick cock. My mouth already treated it as an old friend.

I was awfully bored, locked down there, without any sort of entertainment. So when Captain Shadow came that lonely night, and brought with him an eager pair of black eyes, I welcomed it. His dark hair was locked in a tail, his face marked by wind and sun, and his tall and majestic body that seemed to tower every one.

The man who came with him left and closed the door, and Shadow looked at me. It was dark, but I could see well in the dark, and so could he, I realized after many days spending with him.

“So,” said the Captain, “do you have something to tell me?”

“I have a deal,” I said.

Captain Shadow nodded.

“You are a very strange creature, to assume that you’re in a position to make a deal with me.”

“You didn’t kill me,” I said. “And you seem to enjoy spending your nights with me, Captain. I think I can assume you’re growing fond of me.”

Captain Shadow laughed.

“And what’s this deal you want?”

“I’ll tell you my story,” I said.


I stared right at his dark eyes, daring.

“And you start to please me instead,” I said. “You go down on your knees. And you put me inside your mouth.”

Shadow’s smile died down. His breathing became slow as he stared at me, and I couldn’t tell if he was considering to accept my offer or to kill me instead.

“You dare ask that of me?” he said. But his voice quivered.

“I dare, Captain.” I opened my legs and used both my chained hands to take my hard manhood out. “You can start right now.”

Then I saw it, right there in his eyes… Desire. He wanted that. I was right.

“I should kill you,” he said.

“Why? Because I want to give you what you want?”

Captain Shadow looked at my hard cock for a long time, before turning his head away. He walked toward the door, gave one last look behind him and then left the quarters. I stared at him, and almost screamed for him to come back. I didn’t want to be alone again, but I shut my mouth. I couldn’t give up so fast. I had to have a little patience. And trust my instincts.

The ocean sang below the ship, and I slept dreamlessly.

On the next day, there was a restlessness on the main deck, I could hear little of it, but the men seemed troubled. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what it was and curiosity burned my mind until Shadow’s next visit that night.

He said, when we were alone and he stood before me.

“Your friends are upon us. My men saw one face in the water.”

I shivered. Then swallowed. But said nothing.

“I accept your deal,” he said.

I stared, and the disbelief must have showed in my face.

Shadow smiled.

“I must trust that you will keep your end of the bargain. I want something upfront.”

I nodded at him, and checked his tall lean body in front of me, and found myself desiring him more than anything. The thin fabric of my trousers did little to hide my erection.

“You are correct. I am running, from the ones who killed my father… The king of Atlantis.”

Shadow’s eyes gleamed even in the dark. He didn’t show any more emotion than that. I expected surprise, shock, but he just nodded and knelt in front of me. I awkwardly sat up and opened my legs, still not quite believing that he was agreeing to that. But once he touched my hardness, it was hard to be faithless. His want showed in his face, as he looked at me. His face lowered towards my crotch, and Captain Shadow buried his nose on my parts and rubbed his cheeks on my erection.

He inhaled the scent of my intimate parts and seemed to savor it. He pulled down my trousers and when my white hardness showed, the rosy top pointing at him, he licked me. His tongue felt warm, and a jolt of pleasure ran through me.

For a time, Captain Shadow let go and did everything in his power to please me and my member. It was beautiful to watch, and delicious casino şirketleri to be given that gift. No wonder he came every night to receive it from me. But he seemed to be enjoying it way more to be using his mouth.

In the silence of the dark cabin, all that could be heard was the wet sound of his saliva, the gurgling of his mouth, it was a soft sound, intimate and personal. A sound only shared by the two of us.

Neither of us broke that sound as he lowered and raised his head over and over.

He drained me. Completely. I looked at his wet lips as he raised his head, his magical eyes full of wonder and satisfaction. I smiled at him.

“You did great. Your lips are so sweet, so tender… Give me a kiss, Captain.”

I thought he was going to refuse, but he came over slowly and our lips touched.

Then, as if a spell broke, he got away from me quickly, and then left me alone in the darkness.

Only after a while I realized that Captain Shadow didn’t touch his own erection once, and I wondered if he would think of me that night. I thought that he would. I could see in his eyes. He would be back.

I woke up to the noise of the door of my prison opening. Captain Shadow walked in, holding the keys.

“Already back for more, Captain?” I said, and Shadow quickly looked to the man behind him, which retreated quickly.

Shadow turned to me.

“Not in front of my men.”

“So? Are you back for more?”

He still didn’t bite.

“I’ve come to let you go. I hardly think that the sea is the safest place for you right now. And since we struck a deal that… we both seem to enjoy, I see no reason to let you stay here.”

I sat still and stared blankly at him.



He proceeded to unlocked my chains, then helped me up with his hand.

We stared at each other for a moment, and his eyes retreated first.

“How can I thank you, Captain? Wherever you want… I just want to be inside of you again.”

Shadow shook his head.

“I think that we should go to my private quarters.”

“That will be good,” I said.

Captain Shadow quarters was tidy. Oilskins hung in hooks, and the smell of rum permeated the air. Once the door had been close, he started to take off his clothes. First the shirt, white and stained with dirt. He saw me watching.

“Lose your trousers,” I said.

The captain nodded.

“So you want to know what I have to tell you before or after?” I asked.

“Later,” he said. He took off the rest of his clothes quickly. When he was completely naked, he came over me and knelt. I caressed his cheeks.

“That’s right. This is better, isn’t it? You seem way happier this way.”

“I guess I am,” he said.

“You show yourself so tough, but you just want to let go.”

“I am tough,” he said, with a hint of a smile.

“How you must long for one of your crew members, those sweaty men working so close to you.”

Captain Shadow relieved my cock from its covers and touched my balls.

“What are you waiting for?”

He obeyed.

“That’s right. Be my little concubine, Captain.”

The warmth around me felt surreal, and I grabbed his hair.

“Do whatever I tell you to,” I told him, rubbing his cheek, as he sucked.

Shadow sucked me until his lips were swollen. Then I pushed him away, afraid that I would end too quickly.

“Go to the bed, Captain. On your fours. And show me yourself, convince me to go conquer you.”

Shadow looked up at me.

“You’re amazing,” he said.

“Just do it.”

He nodded, and went on fours like a dog to his own bed, where he turned his ass to me and opened his legs wide.

I smiled at him.

So I went to where he waited, and fucked him raw.

As my member entered his tight hole, and we both were sweating from the pleasure, I told him what he wanted to hear.

“I ran away from my home, and the one who almost killed me before, wants to kill me now. And I am powerless to stop her. She defeated the man who could do unimaginable things… I am his son. But I do not have his powers.”

I did not know if he heard me. Captain Shadow had his face buried on one of his pillows, the receiving end making him feel something that could be either a lot of pain, or a lot of pleasure. Maybe both. I kept going, knowing that it was exactly what the captain wanted.

I did his tight hole until it was filled with my seed. And Captain Shadow thanked me.

We lay sprawled on Shadow’s own bed. The captain running his fingers through my blond curls.

“I don’t know why you ran,” he said. “You have a power in you. Something that would make all your enemies run away, if you just let it build and burst.”

I cringed. The transformation… did he know? How? Maybe not. Shadow was only digging for something more.

“Didn’t I already build and burst inside of you, captain?”

“It’s another power, that which I speak of.” He moved on top of me, his long legs covering me and his naked ass on top of my cock. “But this power here is also something good.”

“You casino firmaları want me inside of you again?”

“Yes,” Shadow said.

“You want to go on about giving orders to your men with my seed still inside of you?”

“Yes, I want that,” Captain Shadow said, already dancing on my cock.

“It’s good that I helped you find yourself, Captain.”

Shadow nodded, and grabbed my manhood, pointing it to his hole. He then fucked himself slowly, mounting on top of me. I could only stare in wonder at the man.

“You’re mine now, Captain Shadow,” I said. Shadow only bit his lip. “I can see, you won’t be able to forget how it feels to be mine. You’re mine to do as I please.”

“I can’t let my men find out. They’ll lose respect for me.”

“Would you rather have their respect, or my cock inside of you?”

Captain Shadow didn’t answer, but kept riding me.

With the new information I had provided, Shadow came out on deck to his men on the next day and told them:


The men nodded to his captain.

My being free of chains and walking in the ship made some men nervous. But I was quick to make friends with Jimmy. He was the young man who had spoke when I was captured, expecting me to be female. He seemed content with the fact that Captain Shadow had trusted me.

Shadow avoided me for a time. The brute Captain seemed to be at odds with the fact that he had succumbed to more submissive desires. But I saw the looks he gave me and knew that the temptation wouldn’t be held for long.

I was helping Jimmy with the knots over at the main deck, when Captain Shadow himself called me over to his quarters. Everyone watched as I walked slowly towards the big man with the sun burnt skin, brown hair waving in the wind, and dark eyes that gleamed.

Once in his quarters, I watched as he closed the door. And almost at once, he took off his coat and shirt. He was well muscled everywhere. His skin called to me. I wanted to bite, scratch, caress, all at once. But I controlled myself.

Shadow watched me as I removed all my clothes. Then I walked back slowly towards his bed, never taking my eyes off him.

I sat down with my legs open, and my cock reached up to the belly button. I saw Captain Shadow’s eyes travel through my length, and there it was fixed, as he removed his breeches. I could see the hunger he felt.

“So far you’ve told me that you’re running away from the others of your species that want to kill you, but I’ve come to that conclusion before.”

“And yet you’re ready to go down on your knees and please me.”

Captain Shadow didn’t refute.

“This time I want real information.”

“I’m starting to think that my cock is all you need, Captain. Come here and put it in your mouth.”

The Captain, fully naked, walked slowly and knelt in front of me. I touched his hair, pushing it back of his ear. The Captain licked his lips and started to come closer. But I stopped him.

“Have you missed it?” I asked. My cock hung right there, almost touching his lips. The Captain nodded to me. “How much?”

“A lot.”

Then I allowed him to suck me. The Captain ran his tongue through me and licked the shaft. Then slowly let his mouth be entered, until only my balls were left.

“Captain Cocksucker should be your title,” I said, as I thrust and abused his throat.

Captain Shadow made as if he was going to take my cock out of his mouth.

“Don’t stop,” I said, pushing him back down. “I’ll tell you when to stop. You’ll do as I please, understand?”

He nodded, mouth full.

“My name is Ati, son of Harit. I’m a prince. My father was murdered by a woman to whom he was intending to marry. Before the marriage, he put a son in her belly. She then proceeded to organize an army and take control of our city.”

Memories rushed in, and I tried to make them go away, by holding the Captain’s head and pushing it down, fast and unkindly, fucking his mouth as if it was a simple female organ. He gulped and choked, but otherwise made no complaints.

“Good, Captain. I’m so proud.”

I knew he wanted more, but he was too busy to ask.

“The woman’s name is Veil. The one who killed father, how I don’t know, but she must have caught him off guard. They say she fought him, but I don’t believe. He had the transformation.”

Captain Shadow raised his head. My cock got out of his mouth with a pop.

“Transformation?” he asked.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” I said, and slapped him. There was a moment of anger in his eyes, but he nodded to me, and his mouth searched for my cock again.

At that moment, the cabin door was thrust open, and Jimmy got in. He gaped at his Captain, on his knees and servicing the prisoner. Then he turned around and made to leave, but Shadow was on his feet and called for him.

“I’m so sorry, Cap’tan. You told me to watch the faces in the water, and to warn ya’.” Jimmy’s cheeks were flushed, and he looked terrified.

“Gods güvenilir casino damn you, Jimmy,” Shadow said. He took the boy by his collar and threw him against a wall. “You weren’t supposed to see that, boy.”

“I ain’t seen nothing, cap.” Jimmy swallowed, his voice loud and nervous.

“Captain Shadow,” I said. Shadow looked at me, his brown hair falling in front of his feral eyes. His mouth was still wet, his face flushed from putting my cock deep down his throat.


“Look at him. He’s aroused. I’m sure Jimmy won’t tell anyone if you make use of him. You don’t want to lose this opportunity.”

Captain Shadow looked down between Jimmy’s legs and saw the boy’s erection.

“Is that right, Jimmy?” he said. “You wanna get a taste of your captain?”

Jimmy looked confused, for he still was being held in a very threatening way.

“I ain’t wanna disrespect you, cap.”

The blond youth relaxed when Shadow let him go. I stood up and took Captain Shadow by his arm and told him to bend down on the table. I proceeded to open up his ass so Jimmy could see his Captain’s tight hole.

“Look, Jimmy,” I said. “Come closer.”

Captain Shadow cock seemed to be about to burst, but the man kept his silence, as he was held and explored by me and now Jimmy, who came over and looked closely into his captain’s body.

“Aye, Cap. You have a pretty bum,” he said.

“He wants you to touch, Jimmy,” I said.

“Is that so, Cap?”

Shadow grunted.

“Speak,” I said.

“Yes, Jimmy.”

“Damn me to the hellfire, Captain. I never knew you were this type of man, who enjoys getting up their ass,” Jimmy said. “But then, with an ass as big as this, I should’ve known.”

Jimmy planted a kiss on one of the buttocks, and held his face close to the captain’s skin. Then he bit a chunk of fat and made the Captain moan a little.

“See, he enjoys it,” I said.

“Aye, that he does.”

“And he loves to suck cock too, don’t you, Captain? Tell Jimmy.”

“That’s right, Jimmy. I love it.”

“You can have mine whenever you want, Cap.”

“Thank you,” Shadow said, before I could tell him to.

Jimmy lowered his breeches and touched the captain’s blinking hole with the tip of his cock. And I took Shadow’s hair and guided my own member into his lips. Jimmy pounded his captain with no thought to regret or fear, he enjoyed his little turn. Then we exchanged places and he got to feel Captain Shadow sweet lips. The captain was ever so grateful to have two men at his disposal.

“You like to be held down like a whore, Captain?” Jimmy asked, holding Shadow’s head by a firm grip on his hair. Shadow nodded, but Jimmy took out his cock, “Say it,” he told his captain.

“Yes. I like it.” Shadow opened his mouth, and Jimmy happily obliged it.

“That’s good to know, Cap. I’m gonna enjoy our nexts private conversations now,” he said. “Take that prick, cap. Down your throat, you son of a bitch.”

I watched fascinated, as Jimmy enjoyed what he could of his captain.

After we were done, Captain Shadow was pulling up his breeches. He stared at Jimmy, before the youth left…

“Not a word of this, Jimmy.”

“Of course, Cap.”

Shadow looked at me.

“I don’t know if that was wise.”

“And yet, you creamed your floor all the same.”

Captain Shadow didn’t say anything. I went close to him and kissed his mouth before leaving him alone to his devices.

After the eventful day with Jimmy, Shadow came on his deck one morning to supervise his men, all the while, glancing at his obviously favorite members. I was one of them now… Or so it seemed. Sightings of merpeople were being warned everywhere. They had found me. They were coming.

But Shadow wasn’t afraid.

At day light, I was a simple member of the crew, and obeyed my captain’s orders. At night, over at his quarters, I took the role of the one in command, and Captain Shadow was gladly obedient, and he bent to my will… quite literally.

I didn’t know what the men thought about his captain sleeping with me. Shadow was very insistent to say that they couldn’t know about their roles in sex, but Jimmy wasn’t a problem, and in fact had enjoyed a bit of his captain as well.

But the fact was that I had started to sleep with him, in his bed, and Shadow, even if he tried very hard to appear ruthless and a brute, in bed, was a gentle soul.

However, one morning, poundings on the door to the Captain’s quarters woke us both. He dressed up quickly, and left first, and I followed when no one was around. On the main deck, with the sun burning lightly, we saw, dozens and dozens of my people on the dark blue sea. There were males and females. I could sense the whole crew shivering with fear and excitement.

I recognized one face.

Tarlan. He was one of the key traitors to me and my father, the second in command, his wet dark hair falling over his pale face as he smiled at me. His power was seconded only by Veil herself.

They started to sing. Their voices were like silk, conquering, dominating one’s soul gently. They sang in unison.

The men on the ship didn’t wavered. They only stared, with a certain admiration, but nothing more. The merpeople halted in their singing, one looking at the other as if they didn’t understand.

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