Destined Lovers Ch. 02

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This is not just a sexual scene story and it contains real love which is the main aim of this story. If what you are looking forward to in this story is numerous sex scenes then this is not the story for you. Wanted to take it slow and it might have taken longer than expected. Enjoy.


George was sitting on a kitchen chair in the kitchen chatting with Greg whom he had come to know as a very good person. It was in the afternoon and George was a bit familiar with many places in the house and within the last two hours he had come to the kitchen and found Greg and in a few minutes they were talking and laughing while Greg was fixing something for the boss before he came back from work. While talking with him George had taken a good look at Greg. Greg had green eyes like his, a round handsome face with beards which were all over his face but was cut short. He had chocolate brown hair, taller than George and he was really muscular that his shirt looked too small for him. George was sure that his chest would have been showing if not for the apron he was wearing. By now George knew everything about his new boss. He couldn’t believe that he was working at the mansion of the famous Henry Rosenberg.

George and Greg were still talking when Claire came to the kitchen and took George to the living room.

“Remember you asked me about what work you will be doing in this mansion?” Claire asked George still holding his hand.


“Well I was just talking to Mr. Rosenberg a minute ago and you will be taking care of his room, making sure that it is in great shape.”

George felt good because he knew that he wouldn’t feel so useless in the house but then again he did not know how his boss was and what he liked and hated but he was confident that he would be able to do his best.

“There is more to that job?”

“What?” George answered with worry in his voice because he did not know what else he had to do.

“In addition to that, you will assist him in this house with whatever he may need.”

George couldn’t believe it, he was going to be working with his boss and he still had fear. Many would have jumped at the opportunity of working with their bosses but why was he not comfortable? He was looking down thinking. What if his boss was still angry with him for entering his room without his permission?

He was still thinking when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. He looked and found the smiling Claire looking assuredly at him probably because she knew he was worried and scared after what had happened in the morning.

“Don’t be worried or scared. He is a very good man. Trust me you will like him.”

“S-since you say he is nice then have I nothing to worry about.”

Though George said that he was still filled with fear and he knew he was not fooling the loving lady beside him whom he had come to adore.

“So when can I start?”

George asked trying to make sure that his voice was not trembling.

“Tomorrow will be good.”

Claire smiled at him and then she excused herself and left the living room. George sat down on the couch still thinking about how his boss would react towards him since they kind of met in a bad situation.


George couldn’t believe it was morning already. He had tried not to see his boss when he came back from work the previous day and he thanked his lucky stars it had worked but now here he was at the door to begin his work. For some reason he was feeling nervous and he could swear he could feel the blood passing through his veins fast. Slowly he moved his hand ready to knock on the door. He did it, he knocked and it was not long before he heard his boss’ voice telling him to come in.

George opened the door and he did not see his boss. He just stood there at the door as if he was frozen looking down. Fear was taking over him again. He just prayed that what Claire had told him was the truth. He was still looking down when he heard his boss’ voice,

“Morning, George?”

He raised his head and found his boss coming from the bathroom.

“Morning, Mr. Rosenberg.” George stammered trying to sound and look confident.

When he saw the huge smile on his boss’ face he somehow felt better than when he came in a few minutes ago.

George noticed that his boss was already dressed. His hair was combed backwards and he was looking so handsome. He had put on a suit which looked really expensive and George could swear that both his suit and his shoes were imported.

“Claire told me everything about you when I came back from work yesterday and I believe that someone told you about me or maybe I should do that myself.” His boss asked sweetly.

“No! That won’t be necessary. Actually both Claire and Greg told me everything I needed to know.”

George was happy his voice sounded so confident that he did not recognize that it was his own voice.

“Your breakfast is served in the dining room sir!”

His boss just smiled and casino şirketleri he started coming near the door. George could smell his cologne as he came near him and George suddenly felt scared, somehow shy and he looked away. When he decided to look again, he met with his boss’ face close to him and he did not know what to do. He was leaning to the wall and looking straight at him. When their eyes met, George looked at his feet because he was scared. He got out of the door way to let his boss pass but to his surprise he was still there looking at him. George just wanted to disappear from there.

“Please bring my bag. It’s over there.”

George saw his boss pointing to where the bag was and he immediately went to bring it to him. He gave it to him and he was thankful he left as soon as he gave him the bag. George did not know why he was feeling so uneasy. He got ready and took a tour of the room before he began his work. He cleaned the large bathroom which looked like it was meant for a king. George opened one of the doors in the bedroom and found that it was where his boss’ clothes where and the other door was locked so he still did not know what was there. With the help of Claire showing him where all the equipment he might need was, he cleaned the rest of the room and it took longer than he had imagined it would. After all, the room was huge.


It was evening and George had just had dinner. He had such a tiresome but wonderful day so he decided to take a stroke outside and get some fresh air. When he went outside, it was as if it was still daylight. The whole compound was lit up you could see everything clearly. George admired how beautiful the compound looked. He stayed outside for about an hour and was still admiring how beautiful the compound was when he saw the gates open and a blue SUV vehicle came inside and he knew exactly who had arrived so he decided to go inside.

When he entered the big mansion he went to the living room so that he could greet his boss when he came inside and it was not long before he saw him entering looking tired.

“How was your day Mr. Rosenberg?”

“It was okay George. But I am tired.”

George saw that his boss was looking really tired and he decided to put his fears aside went to him and took the bag from him.

“You can have your dinner while I prepare your shower.” George said courageously and he started heading upstairs without looking behind him.

He had just finished preparing the shower for his boss when he heard the door open and saw his boss coming in holding his jacket and his shirt unbuttoned revealing his white vest which was pressed on what looked like a muscular chest. George took the jacket from him and told him about the shower and he saw him going straight into the bathroom. George had just put the jacket in the laundry basket and was about to leave when he heard his boss calling his name.

“George! Hey George! Can you bring me a towel? I forgot to bring it with me and I can’t come out because I am already wet.”

George froze. Did his boss just ask him to go into the bathroom when he was showering? He did not know what to do or say. Should he just pretend as if he did not hear anything and just leave quietly? But he couldn’t just leave. His boss probably knew he was still in the room.

“Just open the door and throw it inside. I will get it when I am done showering.” His boss said after a few seconds of George being silent.

When George heard that, he was at peace because he did not know what he could have done had he entered the bathroom and saw his boss naked. He took the towel, opened the door a little and threw it inside and after that he left his boss’ room and he went to his room to sleep.


Henry came out of the shower with only a towel tied around his waist, he couldn’t see George anywhere and he immediately knew he had left.

“What had he just done?” He wondered. He had acted like an idiot earlier while he was in the shower. He was thinking busy thinking about how George would react if he saw him naked George and he called him inside to bring him a towel. He thanked his stars he had come to his senses earlier or else George was have seen him with a semi hard dick and it would have been embarrassing. He would have messed everything up in one day.

Henry went to the room where all his clothes where, opened the drawer where he kept his under wears and took out a green boxer brief and put it on. For some reason he decided to sleep like that and he went to his bedroom and got under the covers. He decided to see if the bedding where smelling of George since he had made his bed that day but he was not lucky. He tried to sleep but to no avail. George just came to his mind again and he imagined about all the things he would do with George if at all George became his boyfriend but he was clueless about what he should do to bring George closer to him. Although George was now working close to him, he still felt that they casino firmaları were still far apart and he wanted to be very close to him. Henry almost jumped out of bed when an idea hit him which made him wonder why he had not thought of that before. He planned to ask George to go with him to the beach on a weekend, that way he would get to know him very well and most importantly know if he was at all gay but weekend was still 4 days away and it felt like a long time but he planned to tell him on Friday. But before that he planned to work on befriending George and he planned to do this the next day when he came back from the office. With that plan, Henry lay on his bed smiling hoping George would agree and he drifted off to sleep unknowingly.


When George woke up, he couldn’t believe it was weekend already. How did the days pass so fast? This day he was going to the beach with his boss. He was looking forward to this day for he had just gone to the mall since he came to this city. The past few days had been good for him especially in the evening when his boss came home. At first he was afraid of him but it was 3 days ago when his boss came home and asked him to play video games with him. At first he was hesitant but George could not say no to his boss because he loved video games so much too. Besides, the man was trying to be friendly to him and he found himself slowly being comfortable around him that day. They went to his boss’ room and played video games and then started chatting. His boss had told him his high school stories, the friends he hung around with and in turn George had told him his own stories. He found himself opening up to his boss and found that truly his boss was a nice guy and he suddenly liked him. Since that evening it was like they knew each other long ago and George felt comfortable around his boss and always looked forward to the evenings when his boss came and they would play video games, watch movies, talk and talk until midnight.

On Friday night, his boss came earlier that he usually did and they continued chatting over apple juice and he had asked him to go with him to the beach on weekend and George had agreed because he really wanted to see the beach.


The beach was lovely and it was huge but there were only a few people and George felt good knowing he could do anything without that many people seeing him. Both he and his boss had worn shots and t-shirts. George just stood and smelt the cool breeze and the sea was lovely. He could have gone water boarding if he knew how but he was never into water boarding since childhood. After a while they went to a spot where there were no people and they put their stuff on the sand and just sat there watching the sea. After a while, he heard his boss speak

“It is lovely, isn’t it?”

“It is the most beautiful view I have ever seen.” He responded to his boss’ question catching the cool air in his face as his dark hair blew back.

They sat there just watching the sea in silence that George started feeling uncomfortable and he decided to break the silence.


“Sir?” he heard him respond sounding uncomfortable and he chuckled a bit.

“Call me Henry. Sir is too formal and it makes me feel older than I actually am.”

George’s mouth fell open that he felt like he had lost control of it. Did his boss just tell him to call him Henry?

“B-B-But you are employer and it is normal to call you that.” George stammered looking at his boss who was also looking at him smiling.

“I forbid you to call me sir, from now on you are to call me by name, Henry. Besides I think we are becoming friends already and it would not look good if you call me sir.”

“Yes sir! ………..I mean Henry.” George said without putting up any argument.

They started looking at the sea again until George felt the sun on his skin.

“Should I put sun screen on you…? The sun might burn your skin.” George said to Henry while searching the bag for sun screen lotion.

“Sure!” Henry responded removing his t-shirt revealing his chest. George couldn’t help but look. The man had a body George admired. His chest was huge, his nipples were big and they seemed hard, and he had the six packs which George wished was his. He had little hair on his chest which started going all the way down until it disappeared in the short which he was wearing. When he completely removed his shirt, George noticed that he was really muscular and it looked like he really worked out. He saw a beautiful tattoo of a red flower on his arm and it was really beautiful. How George wished he could just touch that chest and feel it and who knows maybe he might do it while applying the sun screen lotion. He wondered why he was thinking like that but who wouldn’t? Henry had the body to die for, a body which George was sure many women if not all would find hard to resist.

George was brought to reality when he heard Henry’s voice.

“I am done.”

George güvenilir casino did not say anything. He just opened the bottle and began applying the lotion on Henry’s hands where he noticed there was a little bit of hair. After he had applied on both hands, he moved to the back where he applied gently as he admired that beautiful back of Henry. Gosh, this man’s body was beautiful in whichever way you looked at it and he worked on it slowly as he applied the lotion. As he applied the lotion and admired his boss’ body, he found he was getting a hard on and he did not know why. This had never happened before and he decided to stop the admiration before things got out of hand and his boss noticed the state he was.


As George continued to rub his back, Henry felt his body vibrate and he closed his eyes and felt the hands of the boy he had dreams about and probably loved rub his back gently. It felt so good that he was even tempted to moan to the pleasure the hands where giving him but he had to hold his moans. He felt his dick getting hard. And it would soon show if this continued and he knew he had to do something before it got out of control.

“The sun is hot, why don’t put the sun screen on your body too. I think I can apply without assistance on the remaining parts of my body.” Henry said as he looked back and smiled at George.

“Okay!” Henry heard George say after withdrawing his hands from his back.

Henry watched as George took his shirt off. He truly had the sexiest body he had ever seen on any male or anyone he had ever fucked in his life. George was not muscular but he had a great chest, he had no six packs and he was hairless but it was great to the sight of Henry. Oh those nipples, Henry’s mouth watered just looking at those nipples. He wished he could suck them until they turned red and erect. He looked at George’s face and saw as the boy licked his lips. He longed to press those lips with his, nip those lips and suck on his tongue but knew he had to stop staring or soon George would notice and he would become suspicious so he decided to finish applying the sunscreen on his chest and legs.

After Henry had finished applying the sunscreen on the rest of his body, he noticed that George had the sunscreen everywhere except on his back. He took the sunscreen lotion in his hand and he went behind George and started applying it on his back but the boy seemed as if he was uncomfortable so he applied it faster. After Henry was done, he got up and started walking towards the sea and he suddenly ran into the water, he needed to cool off.

When he looked towards George he was still sitting on the sand watching Henry smiling. Henry shouted towards George and George answered him. Henry told him to bring the ball and in a few moments he saw him running with a ball.


George and Henry played football for four hours like high school boys. Sometimes they would go into the water to cool off and there they splashed water on each other. After that they had lunch which Greg had cooked and packed for them. They had some refreshments and they spent the rest of the day playing in the water like little children before they realized it was getting dark and everyone had left and they began laughing among themselves. The sun was setting and it was beautiful. They sat on the shore and just stared at it.

Henry talked about his childhood when he would stare at the setting sun from his bedroom window with his friend. George was amused in that he too used to do about the same when the sun was setting but he never mentioned it to him. They sat there for a moment in silence until it started getting colder.

George suggested they go home before it got darker and they started running towards the place where they had left their stuff. George did not hear Henry coming behind him and felt he was running a bit too fast and he felt like Henry was left a little bit behind so he decided to stop and wait for him. He suddenly stopped and turned around fast and he felt Henry bump into him and both of them fell on the sand with Henry on top of him.

George could feel Henry’s bare chest on his and when he looked up, their eyes met. They were staring at each other. It was like those eyes had him hypnotized that he could not stop staring at him and before he knew it, Henry locked his lips with his and he was kissing him. George’s eyes where wide open but he was defeated by the emotions that he felt at that time and he closed his eyes and allowed Henry’s tongue to enter his mouth and it felt so good when their tongues met and started dancing around each other while Henry kissed him passionately and he couldn’t help but respond to the kiss. The passion he felt was magical that no matter how much he tried to resist he couldn’t. His dick immediately started getting hard in his shorts and he already felt something hard pressed upon his leg and he knew that Henry was already hard. After about 20 seconds of kissing which felt like forever, George started feeling confused because he couldn’t understand his feelings and he stopped responding to the kiss and just broke it. He looked at Henry and Henry just looked away, got up very quickly and went away running from George.

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