Dominating a Neighbor Ch. 06

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Kyle was between my legs as I read. I was half hard and he was enjoying a long visit with my cock before he left to visit his family for a few days. He wanted to be fucked as much as possible before he left on his trip. I knew part of it was that we would be separated for a few days, since he had said that. Another part was he was going to see his family for the first time with a Dom in his life. A Dom he considered a permanent boyfriend. He never called me his boyfriend out loud, but I knew that’s how he thought of me. His mind jumped between me being his boyfriend and Master. Kyle was smart enough not to bring up the “boyfriend” word when we discussed things, but he felt that way. I was definitely in control, and I recognized he had fallen in love with me.

Love is an interesting emotion. He thought he was in love shortly after we met, but it was the newness of his submission and my domination. And the sex. It’s easy to confuse sex with love. But true love had developed. He was bespotted. If I was being honest with myself, I was in love with him as well. I loved all my boys. Loved them, not only as my subs, but not in the romantic way I was feeling for Kyle. I had lain awake staring at the ceiling, or him, realizing my feelings for him went beyond what they did what they did for my other boys. I had struggled with that, but it was how my heart felt. It took me a bit to face it, but I did. He had fallen hard for me. I would be able to survive his loss, but it would be so hard. I would even fight to keep him. How did I let this happen? I couldn’t stop it.

Kyle had proven his love and devotion many times over. It had gone better for him then he might want to admit. Sharing me with Matty had been a watershed moment. He realized more than ever what I wanted was what mattered. He had been able to block out me having other boys until there was one with us. He had hit it off great with Matty. The two of them were texting and calling almost every day. I was gratified at that, I like my boys to get along, and I was looking forward to using them together again.

I needed to get back to my book, I had let my mind wander. Kyle was nuzzling my balls. Still enjoying his time, storing it up for his days away. I liked the attention, he was so absorbed in what he was doing, relishing every moment. I needed to let him go as long as possible. He needed it, he was nervous about being apart, so let him take the comfort.

I ended up letting him keep his face in my crotch for a couple hours. I did like the extended service. He would suckle on my cock, lick my balls. I know he would miss the non-sexual side of me as well, but he needed the scent and closeness. He had his time, and I wanted to get hard and fuck him. A gentle hand on his head pushing him back when he tried to come off my dick was all it took. Master wanted more, so Master would get more. He started to suck, and suck well. My pecker lengthened in his throat and that is an amazing feeling.

Kyle’s head bobbed up and down, his tongue moving around my shaft, his head twisting. His skills had been good when I first sampled them, and they had only gotten better with time. Most guys would have shot in minutes, but I had extensive experience with what he did on top of my ability to control myself. I put my legs over his back, trapping him, not that he would even try to get away.

I eased back, and Kyle kept himself deep. Knowing so much of me was inside him turned me on in addition to what he was doing. He was gently choking himself, I could feel a bit of his gag reflex. Not enough to force a cough or make him pull off, but enough to pulse around my cock. Another sensation, and one I appreciated. His throat was warm, wet over my dick.

I used my legs on his back to pull him closer to me in quick bursts. It was almost like fucking his mouth, but different as I didn’t have a lot of force, but it was there. The sounds he made came up to my ears, that wet sound of a mouth working a big cock. Music to my ears.

I put my hands in his hair, showing more control, feeling him. His earnestness never ceased to amaze me. He was totally focused on my cock and my pleasure. That’s his life’s mission anyway, so he was doing right. He’d primed me good. My junk had had his full attention for hours and I was ready to get off. I would not be holding off. I was ready. My dick was steel hard and needed to be in his ass.

I got my legs on the floor and stood up pulling him off. He tried to keep his mouth on me even then. Like I could fuck him and get sucked at the same time. I tossed him against the couch, a little roughly, almost like this Dom/sub thing was a game. He gave an “ummph” as he hit the cushions. I got behind him and his legs were already spread wide. I spit on my hand and lubed it a bit, my other hand running up and down his crack.

“Oh fuck me Master, take me like the bitch I am.” Kyle turned his head to see me, lust in his eyes.

“Master is going to fuck you. You’ve been teasing my prick casino şirketleri for hours. Now you have to pay.” I growled at him.

“Make me pay. Make me pay for it Master.”

I lined my dick up at his hole, looking down and seeing my battering ram at his gate. That sounded corny in my head, but it’s what went through as I looked. I pushed in. It felt so good to feel his warmth accept and engulf my cock. I went in steady, feeling every inch get surrounded. The gradual entry was like sliding into a comfortable bed. Kyle gave out a sigh wiggling his ass a little. I got all the way in, my pelvis skin to skin. I had an urgency to fuck him, but I wanted a slow entry. Now that I was in, it was time to pound. I withdrew almost entirely, leaving my head in and slammed back in. I got a grunt from my slave, but he was used to my size and force by now.

I long-dicked Kyle over and over. His arms spread out over the cushions, his nails scraping as his fists formed and released in time with my thrusts and pulls. I sped up, my heat rising as I increased the friction. Kyle’s groans were more frequent as my urgency got more and more intense. It wasn’t long before I was going full throttle and Kyle was being shoved into the couch.

My dick felt amazing in him, it always did. He worked his ass to grip my dick, he groaned in appreciation. My fucking was always something he got totally into, I knew he loved it, loved being empaled on my cock. Kyle was wiggling as I ramped up my speed. It was time for me to cum. My hands grabbed his hips and pulled him back and forth to further the sensations we both felt with me impelling into him. I shot into his guts. It felt amazing, the release of orgasm.

I let out a half-roar half-sigh as my balls drained into him. I fell to the side, bringing him into my chest, holding him tight. I let my cock slip out of him, and he wiggled his ass into my crotch, still desiring me. “I don’t want to go.” Kyle snuggled into my arms.

“It’s your family, you need to go.” He was smitten with me still, and as much as I wanted him near me, I needed to make him go for his own good. I couldn’t have him drop the rest of his life for me. At some point, he would regret it if I took over every minute of his life. “I want a boy with a full life, friends and family. You will go, for the entire time boy, and enjoy it. Because I order you to.” He gave a look and I could tell he was considering bugging out early to return to me. I had to make him stay the whole time.

He pouted, but hid it by turning his face into my chest and nuzzle into it. Clever boy. I wrapped my arms around him, my arms mostly on his head and neck as he was so low on my body. He was inundated with my scent. I knew he wanted to find a way to stay with me, but I had issued my orders and he had to obey me now. I let him lay there surrounded by me for a while, before I shifted us so we could sleep.

Waking in the morning, I let him join me in the shower before I sent him home to dress and go to work. Kyle came home briefly to get his stuff and more importantly to see me. I kept him going, not letting him delay. I told him good-bye with a set to my eyes that brooked no discussion. He left looking despondent.

I slept alone that night, I wanted to be alone. Kyle was at his parent’s house connecting with his family and I wanted to be by myself. The following day, I had friends to see, errands to run, and kicking back to do. The evening started to darken the sky and I texted a sub to come and blow me. Dan was a fairly regular cocksucker of mine, like to give oral and not much else. Dan was married, and couldn’t make it out to get the dick he craved too often. He was enjoying himself, and I was as well, my legs wide and my head back. My phone rang. I ignored it. When I have a boy with me, I don’t distract myself. The ring ended and a second later started up again. The fourth ring in a row I looked over and saw it was Kyle. A flash of anger went through me, Kyle knew better than to call over and over again. He could leave a message, and I’d get to it. If I didn’t answer I had a boy and he knew I’d pay attention to who was with me. Kyle did know that. I’d ignored my phone when he was with me. If he was calling over and over, there was a problem, and that was the only way he could tell me.

“Something’s up. I need to take this.” Dan looked at me in confused understanding, giving a nod. I’d never interrupted time with him before, he knew there must be a good reason.

I slid to answer “Kyle, what’s…” I started, and stopped when I heard his sobbing. I instantly tensed. Dan grabbed my legs realizing something was wrong.

Between sobs, Kyle gasped. “They found me out, I can’t ever see them again.” It was like I could see the tears running down his face. I sat up, pulling my dick out of Dan’s mouth. Dan squatted back and looked at me quizzically.

“Take a deep breath boy. What happened?” I asked, concen undeniable in my voice.

I could hear him struggle casino firmaları on the intake, “We were talking at dinner. I said boyfriend . “They all stopped Don’t be mad I called you my boyfriend. Please, oh please.” More crying, the sound was as if he was leaning forward. You know how you can tell what a guy is doing by the sound? It was like this, he was vivid in my mind.

“Calling me that isn’t important. Did they kick you out because they discovered you are gay?” Kyle needed my attention. I made a face showing I needed to stay on the call. Dan grasped the gravity of the situation and reluctantly nodded. He knew I had to take care of this. I mouthed to him I’d make it up to him as he reached for his clothes to get dressed and leave. I hated seeing him leave as rarely as he got to do this, but there was nothing else for it.

“They all froze, the looks all accusing. My mom cried. She cried . My mother broke down in tears!” Kyle heaved.

“Damn, boy you had better not be driving fast. Listen, it will be OK. I know they love you.” He needed to get to me, but he couldn’t speed, that would only get him into an accident. I had to reassure him as best I could.

“They loved the straight me, they don’t want anything to do with the gay me.” Kyle was so troubled, and I needed to be there for him. My duty was to comfort him. I stayed talking to him for what was left of the hour drive from his parent’s place before he couldn’t talk anymore. Kyle had repeated himself several times, which I let him since he needed it. I leaned back on the sofa and covered my eyes with my hand as I listened. This was a mess. I had pressured him, ordered him to go. I don’t regret that, but I do regret it leading him to outing himself. He should have easily been able to have kept his private life private. It was a slip up, a single word that did this to him. I couldn’t have had him ignore his family, any more than I would take him from his friends. He had been avoiding going out with his friends in order to spend time with me. I had ordered him to go with them. I wanted him to have a full life. I texted Dan to tell him what happened. He deserved to know.

This was the tough part about being a Dom. Boys put their entire life in your hands, so when something like this happened, the Dom had to be the strength. I could let him cry in my arms, listen to him. Comfort him. I was strong enough for both of us.

What touched my heart was how he felt, how lost he was. Because he hurt, I hurt. Doms feel empathy for the sub. Even if the Dom is beating the sub or torturing him. A good Dom feels for the sub. Won’t stop what the Dom is doing, but the Dom has to know what the sub is feeling somehow. So the Dom knows how far to push, what to do. What to say to get into the sub’s head.

I would have to use my ability to get into his head to help pull him out of this. I heard the car park and him get out, him saying he was here and hanging up. I imagined I could hear his breath intake, the arm across his nose as he crossed to my place. I didn’t make him wait, I went to the door, opened it and started for him. Seeing me through his tears he started to run. Right into my arms, I held him there, right on the street. He sobbed into my chest.

“I can never go back, they will never speak to me again “. He held me tight, and I could feel him shaking. My heart reached out to him. I wrapped him in my arms, my head coming down over his, knowing that touch would mean something to him. I gave him a squeeze, knowing he would take comfort in it.

I half carried him into my apartment, pulling him to me on the sofa. He simply lay there, crying. I felt the tears soak through my shirt. I told him it would be alright, that I was there for him, he would always be with me. He finally fell asleep.

He slept fitfully, and I did as well. He woke up to see me looking into his eyes. “Good morning.” I said.

“Master, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to do.” Kyle’s lip quivered.

I squeezed. “Boy, I’m here for you. I didn’t take you just so you’d suck my dick, I took all the parts of you, good and bad. You have a problem, I’m there.”

“You’ll be my only Daddy now. My real one is gone.” A new tear formed in Kyle’s eye.

“I’ll be Daddy. I’ll be all you need.” My voice was calm, authoritative.

“Thank you.” Kyle held onto me, returning his face to my chest. I let him rest a few minutes.

“You need food. I’m going to make breakfast.” I pulled him to the side with me and escorted him to the kitchen where I put him on a stool while I got to making omelettes. I put bread in the toaster so he would have something quick.

Kyle held himself and watched me with hollow eyes. I knew he would take time to recover, and being with me would be the best thing for him. I wouldn’t judge, I’d be his strength. He would be comforted and realize I would fill the void left in his life. It was my job as his Dom, and I wanted to be in his life. There was the temptation to take güvenilir casino it over entirely, but I wouldn’t allow that. Yes, I would have to be a bigger part than I had planned, but it was due to his changed circumstances, not me forcing my way in. If it was going to happen, it was better this way.

I buttered some toast and when I put it in front of him, I put my fingers on his cheek, ran them under his chin, guided him forward and lightly kissed him on the lips. New tears welled up in him.

He did need food in him. There was a slight increase in his mood when he finished. We returned to the couch to hold each other. I put on a string of comedies to distract him. He lay on my chest silently for most of the time. Hours passed. I got up to hit the head, and passed the window I could see Kyle’s apartment through. Someone was sitting on his stoop. The posture said the guy had been there a while and wasn’t going anywhere. I needed to handle this.

I headed to Kyle and squatted down next to him. “Stay here. I need to take care of something.” I kissed him on the forehead.

“What is it?” He looked up at me, not wanting me to go.

“Nothing for you to worry about. Stay here.” I tousled his hair. and went out the door, blowing him a kiss as I closed it. I approached his place, the guy looked over at me. “You looking for Kyle?”

“Yeah, I’m his brother. He’s not answering his phone.” From the descriptions, I knew this was Mick. I was reading his concern for his brother in his voice.

“Doubt he will be here for a bit. I can tell him you came by.” As earnest as he was, I did want to punch him for hurting my boy.

Mick’s eyes dawned with realization. “Wait, are you the boyfriend? Is he with you? Please take me to him. Please.”

“Yeah, I’m the boyfriend. Kyle’s a mess right now. Leave him be a while.”

“Look bud, I don’t even know your name, but that doesn’t matter. Please let me see him. We’re all worried. He got it wrong. We’re not mad, we were all surprised. It took us off guard. Please, take me to my brother.” I drew up in a bit of shock. If Kyle had taken shock for disapproval, it would explain what happened. Mick was totally sincere, so perhaps things were not as bad as they seemed.

“Shock? He’s been crying all night. He doesn’t think he’ll ever see his family again.”

“Yeah, we figured. He dropped that bomb and we all sort of froze. Takes a bit to process, ya know? Not expecting it. He ran out. We thought he’d be back when he calmed down. It was obvious it wasn’t what he meant to do, but he didn’t come back. We texted and called, nothing. I decided he came home so I drove out here.” Mick ran his fingers through his hair. “It was the surprise, ya know? Took us a minute.” Mick looked at me dead in the eyes. “He’s my brother. I love him. Might take me a bit to wrap my head around him being gay and all. But he’s still my brother.”

“How are you parents taking it?” Parents can be funny when you come out as gay.

“They’ll struggle some getting there, but they will. Mom and Dad are great. They are starting to get grandchildren now, and talk about that. None from Kyle now.” Mick looked at me realizing he had screwed up. “Er, at least not the normal way.”

I looked stern for a moment, but couldn’t torment him longer. “Don’t look at me. I’m not ready to marry him.” I gave him an impish smile. “Follow me. Let me go in first. Talk to him. Get you in to see him.”

“Thanks bud. Say, what’s your name? I’m Mick.” He offered his hand.

“Max.” We shook. “I do care for your brother. A lot.”

“If you let him cry on your shoulder all night you must.”

At my stoop I held up a hand. “Stay here a minute. Let me talk to him.”


I entered. Kyle looked up at me, questioningly.

I went to him, squatting down. I kissed his forehead. “Baby, your bother Mick is here. He’s worried about you.”

So many emotions played across his face; hope, horror, disbelief. “No, I can’t do it. He hates me now.”

“No he doesn’t. He’s worried about you. They all are. Mick says they were shocked, and you ran out before they could get their feet back under themselves.”

“I saw how they looked at me.” Kyle had hope and grief in his eyes. But that glimmer of hope was there.

“You trust me, don’t you boy? You know I’ll take care of you.”

“I do, I’m safe with you.”

“You are. I’ll protect you. I want you to talk to Mick. I’ll be here and I will hold you.”

“Oh, Master.” He reached out and hugged me. I returned his hug tight. I knew he was so desperate for my comfort. I pulled him up to a sitting position, arms and bodys still entwinted.

“Mick, come on in!” I shouted at the door. Kyle looked up at me and drew even closer.

The door opened and Mick appeared around it, concerned etched deep on his face. “Kyle, we’ve been so worried about you.” Mick came forward and squatted down in front of Kyle, who held onto me for dear life. “We love you, we all love you. You surprised us, that’s all. Only surprise. We would never want you out of our lives, you tell us you have a boyfriend, it’s that none of us expected it, so we all needed a little time, that’s all, just a little time.”

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