Dream Sequence Ch. 02

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She did it again and I loved it just because she does it so well. She slipped into my subconscious and tiptoed into my dreams. She’s got her back to the doorway because she’s looking out the window, there’s one hell of a snowstorm and she can’t quite pull herself away from watching the divinity that is nature.

She’s in a simple black satin robe and nothing more. Outdide the snow swirls, dancing to the whim of the wind’s will, and I know she’s probably thinking a million things that I have never even considered. I can appreciate the beauty of nature but as I enter the room the only beauty I can seem to focus on is hers.

Walking up behind her I brush my fingertips in an upward motion starting at the base of her neck, moving her hair away so that I can blow my breath across her naked skin. Moving closer I kiss the space that my breath just touched and let my tongue sweep slow circles against her warm flesh. She moans and I can feel myself getting wet for her, I love to know that I’m turning her on. I tug her hair gently before letting it rest swept to one side on her left shoulder.

I let my hands rest on her hips for a brief moment on her hips before moving across the expanse of black silk to undo the knotted tie that holds the robe closed. I hesitate for a moment and she moves my hand to undo the robe herself. My lips curve into a smile against her neck because she caught the Less-than -a- second of hesitation.

“Don’t be hesitant with it.”

That’s all she says, but my body responds as if every syllable was a physical caress.

I know it’s not the words so much as the expectation behind them. She speaks because she knows I’ll listen, and I listen because I want so badly to meet those expectations.

My hands trail over her abdomen slowly as I continue to lick, bite, nibble, and kiss her neck. I can feel the slight casino şirketleri tremor in her belly as her breathing quickens and again my body responds as if she touched me.

Turning her on is pushing me toward the edge. My hands sweep in a gentle upward motion passing her ribcage and resting under her breasts. I cup them for a moment letting my thumbs stroke her nipples, then I’m tugging them.

I know she wants more than foreplay and gentle caresses and I want to give her more. I give her neck one last bite and let my hands make one more pass over her smooth skin, and then I step back. For a moment I forget myself and I want to pull her so that she’s forced to turn around and face me, I even go so far as to grab her by the arm but she stops me with a question.

“Who runs things?”

She doesn’t raise her voice and she doesn’t need to, I drop my hand but fail to answer. Now she does turn to face me hands on her hips,

“I said who runs things?”

I meet her eyes and tell her what I know to be true “You do.”

“Good girl” She says to me.

I felt as though the bottom dropped out of my stomach, and it must’ve shown on my face.

“You like when I say that to you?”

This time I didn’t answer because I wasn’t sure I could control my voice but I nodded and she smiled.

“How much do you like it?” She asks

I take her hand and press it between my thighs, I know she can feel exactly how wet I am.

“That’s how much I like it.”

“Yeah?” She asks

I notice the dip in her voice and again my body responds.

“Yeah.” I whisper

She squeezed my pussy in the palm of her hand and the sensation she evoked in my belly was more erotic than words could ever fully describe. Then her hand was gone, she moved past me dropping letting her robe hit the ground as she walked. I turned casino firmaları to look at her loving the rear view, she turned her head back in my direction and put and put an extra swing in her hips.

“Damn.” I said under my breath.

She sat on the foot of the bed and spread her legs; I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled toward her not taking my eyes off of hers for even a second. When I was between her legs I repositioned myself so that my legs were bent beneath me and my ass was resting on my heels. I ran the tips of my fingers from her ankles to her inner thighs and she moved slightly forward. I could feel the heat of her and I knew we were both about to burn.

Letting my slightly parted lips touch her lightly I tasted her, slow wet open mouthed kisses had the both of us breathing quickly and as my lips brushed her clit she moaned. I teased a little more lost in the sounds of her pleasure.

My teeth nibbling and pulling at her inner lips tongue strokes that just barely touched her, followed by harder ones that shook her to the core. She moved her hips the gentle thrust ground her wet pussy against my lips and I was done teasing. Spreading her lips I focused all of my attention on her clit. First licking in hard tight circles around it then pulling it between my lips sucking softly as I ran the tip of my tongue over the flesh. Her hands were in my hair pulling me closer.

Wanting to take her over the edge I changed my tactics. Without warning I sucked her clit hard whipping and flicked the tip of my tongue over it rapidly. At the same time I pushed two fingers into and stroked hard and fast. Her hips moved faster and she tried to pull me closer gripping my head.

I didn’t let up even for a second I felt her climax, the tightening of her inner walls and the wetness of her thrilled me. I pulled my hand away and pushed güvenilir casino my tongue into her wanting to taste the flavor of her passion. Her hips never stopped moving. She rode my face while I fucked her with my tongue then she ground her pussy against my lips as I returned my attention to her clit.

I hadn’t touched myself yet but I’d come almost as many times as she had. Pleasing her was immensely pleasing to me.

Running my tongue between her lips and across her clit I kept right on moving up her body as I sat higher on my knees and then stood. Untying the robe I shrugged it off and let her appraise me. Her eyes felt like a physical caress moving across my skin. Without a word she pressed her hand between my thighs and parted my inner lips. I was warm wet and slick and open for her. When she pressed a finger into me I had serious doubts as to whether I could remain standing. She saw or felt the tremor in my legs and smiled.

She moved to lie across the bed pulling me so that I would follow. I hadn’t expected her to be so strong so when she pulled I lost balance and fell on top of her. She rolled us over reversing our positions.

“I run shit.” She told me with a wink.

“I know.”

She slipped her hand between our bodies and then between my thighs. She was teasing me and stringing me out along the jagged peaks of my own arousal. I was moaning non stop and moving my hips trying to chase her fingers.

“Stop.” She said

And I did I understood that she wanted to control when I climaxed and so I used every ounce of will power I had to keep my hips from thrusting to meet her every stroke. My body was trembling with the effort as well as with intense arousal she evoked in me. When her motions quickened I lost control, my hips moved of their own accord and my pussy clenched around her thrusting fingers, then I screamed.

I woke up soaking wet for the second night in a row, this time I was shaking from the very real orgasm I’d just had. “God damn” I whispered to myself as my hand found its way between my sweat slick thighs.

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