Dressing Room Delights

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By Dawn & Linda

Note to readers. The authors of this story met, electronically, through Literotica. We became friends even though we have never met. We decided to write this story together by writing alternating sections. For this reason it might read a bit choppy in places – we hope you’ll forgive any problems that remain. Regardless, we had fun writing it, and we really hope you’ll have fun reading it. Also – much of it happened! Can you guess which parts are real? Dawn & Linda


Pam had the day off so she went with her girlfriend Dawn to shop at the mall. But first they got lunch at the food court. As they ate Pam stared at Dawn with teasing, “fuck me” eyes that made Dawn wet. Then Pam tortured Dawn by rubbing her foot up and down on Dawn’s leg while running her tongue over her lips. Not caring that they were in public. Pam only smiled when she heard Dawn whimper.

Then lunch was over and Pam hopped up, grabbed Dawn’s arm, said “let’s go,” and off they went. On the hunt.

Dawn, however, had not recovered from Pam’s teasing, and was just a bit dizzy. She whispered to Pam about the effect she was having on her. “You’re a bad girl for teasing me like that when I can’t do anything about it. Just wait until we get home.” Pam laughed, squeezed Dawn’s hand tighter and gave her a little kiss on her nose.

With that simple kiss Dawn really wanted to leave the mall, but then she came up with a different plan. She led Pam into a store she knew well. They looked through clothes and, after finding a couple of outfits to try on, headed for the dressing rooms. The dressing rooms were really nice. Each had a solid door and a nice long bench, and was very private. Dawn also noticed that no one else seemed to be around, and got to thinking… it would be so hot to fuck her love right in the dressing room!

Pam entered a dressing room and tried on an outfit. Dawn was waiting outside. Pam opened it to show her outfit -she had on a light tan colored peasant blouse, kind of a gauze material, with a denim skirt and boots. Dawn flooded her panties on the spot, cringed, groaned and said, “Omg you’re so beautiful.” Pam’s smile made Dawn push her inside the dressing room.

Dawn shut the door and kissed Pam as she pushed her against the wall. Pam tried to resist, but it wasn’t long before she was kissing Dawn back. Dawn’s hands roamed over Pam’s body, up and down, everywhere. As she kissed her on the neck and shoulders. Dawn told Pam how gorgeous she was and much she wanted her, but Pam replied, “We can’t. Not in here. Let’s go home. Please…”

Dawn said no one would know what they were doing if they were quiet, which made them both laugh. Because each knew that they were much too passionate for silent lovemaking.

Dawn kissed Pam again. After more kissing Dawn unbuttoned her pants and took Pam’s hand and put it inside them so Pam could feel how wet she had made her. When Pam felt the flood between Dawn’s legs, she groaned into their kiss. She knew Dawn needed her. And when Dawn needed her, Pam obeyed.

Pam nervously looked around and then started moving her hand against Dawn’s wet and throbbing pussy, making her sigh into her lover’s mouth. The feeling of Pam’s fingers playing through Dawn’s slippery slit was incredible. Pam took her hand and pushed under her own skirt, sliding her panties to the side so Dawn would touch her.

Each became even wetter, and both quickly found a rhythm for the other. At first each rubbed all around each other’s pussy. Then each started finger fucking the other. They kept their lips together to help swallow any sounds they made. They grew more and more frantic, partly because of where they were and partly because they were so hot for each other. Their hips were thrusting into each other’s hands and their mouths were devouring each other. Dawn’s free hand grabbed Pam’s rear and pulled it tighter against her, and Pam knew she was going to come shortly.

Dawn rubbed Pam’s clit harder and then fingered her deeper, ordering her to “come with me.” Both women gasped for breath and kissed frantically, grinding into each other when they felt it coming. Dawn told her love she was going to come when she felt Pam’s pussy grip her fingers tightly, and Dawn felt the explosion hit.

Dawn whimpered into Pam’s mouth, “I love you” and everything went white as she squeezed her tight. Dawn then felt Pam moaning and Dawn’s fingers were suddenly covered in delicious casino şirketleri honey.

They stood there for a minute, just holding each other as they tried to calm down. Pam whispered, “I love you too” as she removed her hand from under Dawn’s skirt, licked her fingers, and then kissed Dawn deeply.

“Go down on me,” instructed Dawn.

Pam smiled and knelt. She always obeyed her lover. She removed enough of Dawn’s clothes so she could tongue her. She found Dawn’s clit and started to lick her. It didn’t take long for Dawn to come, much louder than when the two girls had rubbed on each other. But Dawn wanted more, and Pam was more than happy to oblige…

However, just because the girls hadn’t seen any other women, they were wrong to think that the other dressing rooms were empty. In fact, Linda was in the next dressing room, deep in thought, trying to decide between a number of outfits. When she heard the sounds. The sounds of a woman in ecstasy!

At first Linda thought that a woman was jilling next door to her, and she tried her best to ignore it. Then Linda decided it was a girl and her boyfriend – that a guy had snuck into the women’s’ dressing rooms! Linda thought to herself that he clearly was a much better stud than Linda’s lame excuse for a boyfriend, who could barely excite her. But then it became clear that it was two girls! Two girls driving each other crazy!

Linda couldn’t believe it. All she could think was, “Shame on those girls.” It just wasn’t right, on so many levels. First of all, girls shouldn’t have sex with other girls, period. Everyone knew it was immoral, wrong, perverted. They were sinful homosexual queers! She had been told this in church many times. Second, no one should have sex a store dressing room. Couldn’t they control themselves until they got home? They were like animals! That’s what lesbians were – nothing but immoral animals!

As Dawn and Pam became more and more vocal, Linda found their moans impossible to ignore. Finally, Linda decided she had to put a stop to it. She would find the source of the moans and give the girls a piece of her mind. Linda would tell the girls she had heard their perversions, and that they were sinners and should stop. It was wrong. Simply wrong.

But then Linda thought to herself that any girls who would have sex with other girls were horrible and crazy perverts. Who know what such depraved people would do to her? Maybe they would laugh at her and continue? Hit her? Rape her? Linda decided she would take that chance – for the sake of decency and morality they simply had to be stopped!

It was easy for Linda to locate the offending dressing room, so she knocked on its door. But there was no response. Linda decided the girls must be so involved in their animal-like sex that they didn’t hear her. So she pushed on the door – and felt the latch snap (evidentially it wasn’t made very well). Linda opened it. And saw something she had never in her life seen. Not even close. Pam was kneeling on the floor, eating Dawn. And fondling her breasts. Dawn’s head was tilted back and she clearly was in ecstasy.

Linda froze. A thousand thoughts went through her mind at once. But not the thoughts she had heard in Church. “So that’s what a girl looks like when she’s about to come…I guess that’s what a girl does when she’s enjoying herself… that kneeling girl really knows how to eat another girl… and she seems to enjoy doing it… I wonder whether girls are better at eating other girls?” A thousand thoughts. But nothing that she had learned in church.

Linda also felt jealous. Because in all her life, she’d never come. As Linda watched she thought about how she’d let a number of men fuck her, but she’d never enjoyed it. She also had blown a bunch of men, but she’d never enjoyed herself the way the kneeling girl seemed to be enjoying herself. A few of the men had briefly eaten her, but it wasn’t like what the kneeling girl was doing. Not even close. Linda couldn’t help but think, “I wish my boyfriend would eat me like that.”

Linda decided it wasn’t fair at all! She’d let all kinds of men fuck her however they liked, and she’d blown them all, but she’d never really enjoyed any of it! But these girls clearly were having the time of their lives! And they didn’t even have to put up with a selfish man and their yucky dicks. Let alone with the Church and its preaching that all sex outside of marriage was wrong, especially same-sex casino firmaları lovemaking. It just wasn’t fair!

As Linda stared, she realized she was getting wet! She thought to herself, “No, stop thinking they’re hot. You’re straight. They’re sinners. You’re just watching them. You’re a good girl because you let men do whatever they want to you. But those girls sure do look like they’re enjoying it. NNNOOO!! Stop thinking these impure thoughts, Linda. It’s not really sexy – it only looks sexy. It’s wrong, perverted. Don’t even think that girl/girl sex is OK. Interrupt them and tell them to stop!”

Linda stood in front of the door, crossed her arms, and was about to give the girls a piece of her mind when she heard Dawn come. The moan made Linda freeze in her tracks. None of her boyfriends ever made her moan that way. Not even close! Linda could see Pam trying as hard as she could to please Dawn, and she could also see Dawn’s juices flowing from her. Linda stared at Dawn’s beautiful face and could almost feel her pleasure.

Linda also felt herself getting turned on. “No, no, this can’t be turning me on! It’s wrong.” Involuntarily Linda put her hand on her crotch. When she saw what she had done she pulled her hand away. And then put it back.

And then Dawn saw her. She could see how hard Linda’s hand was working her pussy (albeit over her clothing). Dawn said something to Pam who was still kneeling in front of her. Pam stopped what she was doing and they both approached Linda, who was breathing heavily.

Linda caught her breath. “What are you two doing?” Linda asked, despite the obvious answer to her question. “Girls should not be having sex with each other, especially not in a dressing room! It’s wrong! You need to find a man to fuck you, and you should do it at home. And submit to him quietly, because that’s the way a women is supposed to do it with a man.”

Dawn advanced until she stood in front of Linda, and said, “If you really feel that way, why are you so excited by what you saw? Why did you watch us for so long and rub on yourself? You know you want to try doing it with a girl. Or are you afraid you’ll like girls too much?”

Linda gasped. “No. I’m not like you at all. I don’t do it with girls. Only with dicks… with guys.”

Dawn laughed and said they were going to see whether Linda really meant it. Dawn stepped towards Linda and put on a commanding tone. “I’m going to kiss you. But I’ll stop after one kiss if you tell me to.”

Before Linda could react Dawn grabbed the back of her head and forced their lips together. Dawn’s lips pressed softly, and then harder into Linda’s, who tried to break off the kiss. But Dawn held her and wouldn’t let her go. After a few more seconds of kissing Linda stopped resisting, and then started to relax. Then she simply let Dawn kiss her. After a long time Dawn asked, “Do you want me to stop?” Instead of replying Linda started to return the kiss.

Linda spread her lips and felt Dawn’s tongue enter her mouth. Linda thought to herself, “My God, I’ve never felt a kiss like this. Who knew that a kiss could be like this? My whole body feels like it’s on fire.” Linda also could feel the wetness building between her legs.

Suddenly Linda felt Pam squeezing and massaging her breasts. When Pam’s fingers brushed over her nipples, Linda moaned into Dawn’s mouth. Linda first resisted a bit, but the way the girls were making her feel quickly broke down her resistance. Soon Linda stopped pretending she didn’t like it. Linda felt her blouse being opened and her pants being undone. Again she tried to resist, but when Pam pulled her bra cups down and took hold of Linda’s nipples and began to lick and suck them, Linda’s knees buckled. A sound she never made before left her lips. “Should we stop?” Pam asked, knowing the answer, but Linda said nothing.

Linda felt her pants being slid down her legs, and now she gave in to her growing lust. Dawn stood in front of her, kissing her, while at the same time her hands were all over Linda’s breasts. Linda felt her panties being pulled aside, and felt the sudden coolness of air hitting her wet, hot pussy. She closed her eyes and continued to kiss Dawn, and when she felt Pam’s first lick on her pussy, she cried out into Dawn’s mouth and wrapped her arms around Dawn to keep from collapsing.

Pam relished eating Linda’s sweet honey, and jilled herself while she was doing it. Linda’s pussy was especially güvenilir casino sweet to Pam because, although not virgin in the usual sense of the term, it was virgin in that no woman had ever tongued her there before. Pam’s tongue was everywhere, sliding through all of Linda’s folds and inside her hot and silky tunnel. Pam then took Linda’s clit in her mouth, and smiled when she felt Linda tremble and heard Dawn swallowing her screams.

Linda’s mind was racing. Never before had she felt anything so good! None of her boyfriends had ever eaten her like this on those few occasions when they perfunctorily tried. Lind felt her body begin to tremble when she felt Pam move her tongue over her clit, then back down inside her, then back to sucking her clit. It was all too much, and with the combination of all the clit action and Dawn kissing her and pinching her nipples and squeezing her tits, she knew she was going to come very soon.

Pam continued her rhythm of back and forth tonguing, devouring Linda’s pussy. She would have loved to do this for hours, but she knew they were in a place that was time sensitive, and they would have to leave soon. Pam decided it was time for Linda to come. She signaled Dawn that it was time, and as Pam sucked Linda’s clit harder, she also slid a finger inside Linda’s pussy. Dawn squeezed Linda’s nipples while she kissed her even more passionately. The girls continued this more and more frantically, and then Linda felt it coming. For the first time ever! Pam was eating her clit while Dawn was manipulating her nipples and kissing her, and Linda could barely breathe. She could feel her orgasm ready to hit her like a moving freight train.

Linda’s body froze, and then she began to tremble all over as she came. Both girls held onto her as her entire body contracted and convulsed. As Linda screamed with pleasure they held her up and kept her orgasm lasting longer. Linda’s body shook with each wave of ecstasy that washed over her.

After it passed Linda was motionless as Dawn kissed her and Pam fixed her panties and then the rest of her clothes. Linda reflected that she never even knew that anyone could come like this! After several minutes Linda finally started to breathe normally – the breathing of a changed woman. A new woman. A real woman.

Pam and Dawn each gave her a tender kiss and said that they were delighted to have initiated her. Linda still couldn’t believe what just happened, but the smile that crept over her face showed that she didn’t regret it! Not one bit. She even thought about how much she wanted this to happen again, and about how she had to get rid of her useless boyfriend.

They all straightened their clothes while listening whether the coast was clear. The three girls started to leave the dressing room, wondering whether anyone had heard them.

As they passed through the row of dressing rooms, they suddenly heard a woman clap from behind a closed door! Startled and a bit embarrassed, the three paused for a second. Then another woman started to clap, and exclaim, “Thanks so much! Best come I’ve had in years!”

Then the first girl added, “Best come I’ve EVER had. I sure wish I’d been the girl in the middle.”

Pam decided to take charge. “Please open the door of your dressing rooms, ladies.”

The doors opened and two pretty young women emerged. Pam turned to the first one. “Kiss her,” Pam commanded, gesturing towards the second girl.

“And then decide whether you want to go further. I’m betting you will. And I’m also betting – no, I’m sure – that it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.”

The two women were so turned on by what they had heard that they stared at one another, but both were afraid to move. Pam went to them and gently pushed them towards each other. Pam gently pushed their heads closer, and slowly their lips met. First in a light, tentative kiss, and then came a more passionate kiss. Then they wrapped their arms around one another and kissed intensely and sensuously. Satisfied at seeing the women kissing and embracing, Pam smiled. She knew that nature would take its course and they were on a path towards sexual happiness.

Pam and Dawn exchanged phone numbers with Linda and then left the store. When Pam and Dawn got to their car they both giggled, and then doubled over with laughter. They couldn’t believe what they had done! They both agreed that it was incredibly hot and they would do it again. As they drove home they talked about finding someone to fix up with Linda. “How about Sue? She’d be perfect for Linda. I bet they’d really hit it off!”

“You’re right – Sue. I’ll call her right now.”

Epilogue, one year later: Pam & Dawn and Linda & Sue had a double wedding.

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