Drive-in Memories part Seven

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Part 7

I started my kissing her tenderly passionately as my hand caressed those nice breasts my thumb and fore finger tenderly pulling on her nipples as I tenderly kissed her deeper more passionately.

She took off her blouse and bra as we were tenderly passionately. She opened her mouth thus letting my slide in to meet hers. I then started working my way to her neck tenderly licking and kissing her earlobe, she let out a soft moan ooooo . Just like the ones I heard that night Cumming from her room, that cool Sumner evening.

I slowly slid my hand down under her pink lacey panties she took her hands unbuttoned her white knee high short skirt and slid it off along with her pink panties.
With my hand now between her legs, I was working on caressing her slit with one my finger as my other one search for her vagina opening all the while I was working on her her breasts to suckling them on those nice pink tender nipples.

She then parted her legs further so I could slide a finger gently slide in and out. My other finger was working caressing her clit oooooo she cooing ! OOOooo Bob it feels so good ooooooo oo yesssssss.
She then started to rub my cock on the outside of my boxers. She then slid them . My hard cock sprang to life ! OOO Bob she said escort It is so Big Nice long and thick too.

She whispered O Please Please fuck me. OK I said, get on on your hands and knees, I am going to enter you from behind .
I started easing my hard cock in slowly as as many times as we had sex together she was still so tight. I picked up the rhythm a bit slowly at first but each time a little harder and a bit deeper and just faster going harder and trying to go deeper each time.

My hard cock was going as deep as It would go. I was sending her into deep orgasm each and every time .
I went deeper, faster, harder, she was getting ready to orgasm jen was saying Please bob please slow down a little Please I feel I am going I am going to cumm OOOOO0Yessss!!!!. You feels so good deep inside me. O God oooo AAAGGGHHHH Feels so good Bob Ooo yes’s fuck me please fuck my tight pussy!!!

She’s now laying on her back looking up at me her arms are across my neck as were passionately kissing deeply . She says O Bob I am loving each and every every minute of this moments that were togather happily..
Are you on the Pill I ask ? No! You can Pull Out. Yes of course I will do this. Now Bob don’t stop please don’t stop Please!! Keep fucking MMMMMeeeeee OOOO!!!! Your cock izmit escort bayan is so big feels so good oooo
OOoooo Yessss Ooooo god Ooooooo I turned her on her back, she make sure I had plenty of thrusting room as tiny as she was .

She panting and beating heavy now, I think I am going to o yes I am going to Oooo god yes I’m Cumming again honey . Fuck meOooo yes Fuck Mmeeeeee.
O God OOOooo Honey I feel another cuming on Oooo yesss fuck Yesssss OOOOOOO my Yessssss .
At this point she so soaking wet her juices were flowing out of her vagina and all over my hard cock as I went deeper and deeper into her hot wet sex pot.

She pushes up against my cock with her butt bouncing up and down with each and everyone of my deep thus.
Myself , I was soon ready to blow my own load. But not into her wet hot pussy. Just then started shaking and her pussy begun to quiver and pulsate.

I was on the verge of my own orgasm I then Pulled out and she grabbed onto my cock and started jerking it, as my hot thick cum was Cumming all over her nice its and face, BOb, that was amazing !. Thank You . We kissed and hugged each other for a while laying side by side each other.
Not bad for my second sex experience of my life with a guy izmit sınırsız escort she said

I Like you Much better bob your kinder more gentle.
I will consider this my first sex I will totally for get about that asshole that left me there at the drive-in.
She said with a smile, even though that guy took my cherry.
It was getting hot in my bed room .

L said lets go to the pool house, were the AC is on and besides already naked.
She grabbed her bikini just in case and I grabbed my cloths. I pulled open the door closed it behind us.
I said last one in is a rotten egg LOl. So she jumped first I followed. The day was just filled with us getting to know each other n getting naked. The day started getting older, I said jen we got to get ready to go to work .
Might you have got any comfortable cloths to wear if not I have some but they can not be reveling.

And an old top not to reveling she asked why ? I said well were going to work with me we better get going. I have to check the weather forecast. And then we will go on to work at the drive-in. You mean I can go to work with you ? I said why not I got the clearance needed for them to hire you. If you like I can tell them your my steady, she was so excited , jumping up and down wow this is awesome my first summer job. She asked not sure what we will I doing ? Me I hope after hours I smiled she giggled and said most likely we would lol.
Look for part eight soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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