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Anal Beads

Eleanor Hewitt was a hot cougar and damned if she didn’t know it! Few women at age 46 looked the way she did. It didn’t come easy though! No matter how hectic her work life became, she made sure to hit the gym three times a week, go swimming, and do some yoga. A careful diet and lots of exercise kept her waistline thin.

Not only did she have a trim figure, she had perky 38C tits with dusky rose nipples and hourglass hips. Standing at 5 foot 11, she was a tall statuesque blonde bombshell that turned heads where ever she went!

But being a high-flying CEO in her own company did come with drawbacks. The main one being that she was too busy for a relationship. Men her age wanted nothing to do with such a powerful woman. They wanted her to fawn over them and expected her to be available at a moment’s notice, not caring that she had dozens of meetings and hundreds of things to do each day! It was either that, or they felt threatened by the fact that she was earning tens of thousands of dollars in a week while they only made the same amount in half a year. One of her dates even expected her to stop working at her company and be a housewife! The nerve of him!

No, Eleanor was one hundred percent done with finding a peer who could keep up with her. But as with many women, there were days when she felt lonely and wanted a warm body in her bed with her.

This Saturday just so happened to be one of those days. Her bald pussy was dripping with need. She wanted a thick hot rod in her desperately but Tinder was taking too long and a lot of people got offended when they realized she wasn’t the 30 year-old she looked like, but actually 46! It didn’t matter that her body was in tip-top condition, many men couldn’t get over the fact that she was hot older woman.

Eleanor sighed. Maybe today, it would be just her, her fingers, and Mr Vibrator again. She pushed her 7-inch flesh coloured dildo into her pussy, trying to imagine it attached to a ripped, muscular man who would heave her legs over his shoulders and really pound her pussy until she screamed with ecstasy.


Eleanor ignored the rapping at her door. She closed her eyes. Her fantasy man had the most gorgeous luscious brown curls, a strong jawline, dark smoldering eyes that promised her orgasm after orgasm after-


“Hello, package for Miss Hewitt?”

Eleanor groaned, not with pleasure, but with irritation. She didn’t order anything, why was there a parcel delivery now of all times?

She sulkily pulled the dildo from her dripping pussy and threw on the nearest article of clothing, then went to open the door.

“What?” Eleanor said with bad grace when she yanked her door open.

She grabbed the parcel and was about to sign for it when she realized that she wasn’t the intended recipient. Instead, she shoved it back at the delivery boy with a put-upon sigh and folded her arms under her perky tits.

“This is for Mrs Hewitt, two floors above me,” Eleanor said, annoyed that she had to get up for nothing “I’m Miss Hewitt. There’s a difference!”

The delivery boy gawked at her.

Eleanor blinked, taking in all 6 feet 3 of the muscular young man holding the bag of parcels. His shoulders were broad and the uniform he wore was stretched so tight, it was a miracle it hadn’t popped open yet! He was young, probably about 23? Perhaps this was just a part-time job for him?

The young man blushed, cheeks turning fire-engine red as he quickly averted his eyes and put the clipboard in front of his crotch.

Eleanor realized belatedly that in her haste, she had pulled on one of her sheerest negligees. It was practically see-through, which meant that the young man had gotten a good full look at her boobs and her bare, sopping cunt.

“I’m so sorry!” The young man squeaked and quickly grabbed the packages, fleeing for his casino şirketleri life. Eleanor stood there for a moment, blinking in surprise.

She turned around and went back into her apartment, fully intent on continuing her little self-love session.

But this time, when she closed her eyes, she imagined the young delivery boy, blushing, stuttering as he tried to fuck her cunt. She would have to teach him. Or perhaps, he would surprise her by having a black book full of satisfied names?

Ah, but this was a chance encounter, he wouldn’t come back again.


Unless Eleanor ordered something online, and used the same shipping company!

She sprung out of her King-sized bed and ran to her laptop, opening it. She could order something off Amazon or something, then get the same company to deliver it. They usually assigned the same person to one area so that they could familiarize themselves with the area and cut down on delivery times! If she was lucky, Mr Young and Blushy would be on duty next week. And well, if he wasn’t, maybe Eleanor would just fuck his replacement!

One of the perks of being the CEO and founder of her own company, was that Eleanor could, if she really wanted to, take a day off and let her underlings handle the meetings in her stead. The moment she received a ping on her phone telling her that her parcel was on the way, Eleanor told Kelly that she would be working from home that day and not to expect her in the office until tomorrow. Kelly dutifully promised that everything would be taken care of in Eleanor’s momentary absence.

Eleanor put on the same negligee to wait, wondering if the delivery boy would be the same person. If it wasn’t, then the new guy would be very surprised as well!

All too soon, there was a familiar rapping at her door and Eleanor had to restrain herself so not to appear too eager.

She let the man knock one more time before opening the door.

Lo and behold, it was Mr Young and Blushy.

He blushed immediately again, looking to the side and trying his best not to stare at Eleanors rock-hard nipples. She grinned.

“You can look,” she purred, opening her hand for the package.

“Here Miss Hewitt!” he said, eyes sliding over to rest on her tits again.

“You know, I should test this immediately. If it doesn’t work, I want to send it back,” Eleanor remarked as she turned the package over in her hands.

“What did you order, Miss?”

“A remote controlled vibrating dildo,” Eleanor said with a straight face.

The delivery boy choked on his own saliva and then gawked at her, face turning redder than before, no doubt thinking of her bald pussy being speared open by a dildo.

Eleanor shifted aside so that he could have a look into her apartment.

“But I think I need someone to help me test this new toy of mine. Why don’t you come in and help me out, Mr -”

“Burke, Leo Burke,” the young man blurted out.

Eleanor reached out and hooked a finger in one of his belt loops, dragging him into her home.

Leo went with her easily, standing awkwardly in her living room as she closed the door. The blush was fading from his face, and he was starting to look very hungry.

Eleanor breezed past him, tearing off the plastic packaging as she went into the kitchen to get some batteries. She pulled the 7-inch dildo out and popped in the batteries. Leo swallowed hard, his crotch area visibly tented and straining against the fabric.

“I’m going to put this inside me, and you are going to stand there and help me see if the remote works,” Eleanor purred. She sashayed over to her sofa and reclined on it. She pulled up her negligee and spread her legs to expose her dripping cunt. Leo didn’t bother to pretend he wasn’t staring at her bald nether lips. Eleanor raised the dildo to her mouth, sliding casino firmaları it past her ruby red lips a few times, before sliding it down to her pussy. She was so wet that the head slipped in easily. She moaned as her pussy walls were stretched pleasantly by the dildo. The way Leo was looking at her made her feel even hotter. He looked like he wanted to pounce on her and pound his rock hard cock into her pussy! To be honest, she hoped that he would!

“Oooh -oh- ahhhh,” Eleanor moaned as she slid the dildo deeper and deeper into her cunt. Leo had subconsciously started to shift his hips, phantom humping the air in front of him as if the dildo was an extension of his hot rod. Eleanor didn’t waste any time, pushing the phallus all the way into the root so that it was jammed right up against her G-spot.

“Go on, Leo, turn it on!”

Leo fumbled the remote then managed to press a button. The vibrator rumbled to life, rolling and twisting deep inside Eleanor’s pussy. It twisted and turned and stirred up her inside, igniting the fire in her cunt.

Eleanor moaned loudly, enjoying the feeling of her cunt being massaged from the inside.

Leo clicked another button and the vibrator switched modes, giving off powerful pulses of vibrations instead. It went BRRRR – BRRRR – BRRRR, right on top of Eleanor’s G-spot, making her gasp and twist her hips.

He pressed yet another button. This time, the pulses were longer and the pauses in between were longer. This was obviously a dildo designed to tease and frustrate.

“I think it’s working well, Miss Hewitt,” Leo said, putting the remote down. He was squirming on the spot. Those pants must have been uncomfortable, the way his personal package was trying to get out!

“I don’t think I like it,” Eleanor said, pouting. She pulled the dildo from her cunt, juices sliding off and onto the tiled floor. She brought it up to her mouth and began to suck on it like it was a lollipop.

“I think it’s not enough for a woman like me,” she said, then pointed at Leo’s crotch “But I think that might be!”

Leo looked shocked for all of two seconds, then the hungry look returned in full force. He wasted no time in ripping off his belt and shoving his pants and his underwear down to his knees together.

His rock-hard erection sprang free immediately, curving up towards the ceiling. Pre-cum was already beading at the slit, glistening on the bulbous tip.

Eleanor spread her legs wider as an invitation. Leo crossed the distance between them in a few paces and went to his knees in front of her.

“I’ve been thinking about you all week, Miss Hewitt, you and your bald pussy, I wanted to get a taste so badly!” Leo confessed as he wrapped his fingers around his hard cock and began to strip it roughly.

“Go on then!” Eleanor said.

Leo buried his face in her pussy immediately, flicking his tongue over her clit and her labia, then sticking it deep inside her pussy.

Eleanor moaned but the moment she tried to squirm, Leo’s arms came up and trapped her hips in place. He ate her out furiously, mouth working tirelessly on her sensitive love nub and her pussy lips, french-kissing it like there was no tomorrow!

Now Eleanor was someone who preferred to cum hard with a thick rod splitting her cunt open, not because dick was inherently better, but just because men who were good at oral were few and far in between!

Leo was proving to be one of them, coupled with the fact that he was holding her down and she was helpless to resist his relentless attack on her pussy, Eleanor couldn’t stop her first orgasm from crashing through her! It started at her pussy lips, ripped through her cunt muscles, then through the rest of her body!

Leo pulled his face away the moment Eleanor began to cum. He stood up and bent over Eleanor and sheathed his cock into her pussy with güvenilir casino one swift thrust. He continued to pound her hole as she came, enjoying the way her pussy muscles clenched and milked his thick rod!

Eleanor was in ecstasy! Her clit had been teased expertly, and then her nether lips had been frenched with so much vigour and enthusiasm, and now there was a massive cock piercing her very core, the spongy head pressed up against her G-spot in such a way that every time her pussy muscles clenched down, it would spark a new wave of sensation, building up a new orgasm even before the first orgasm had finished!

“Oh oh ooo ohhhh I’m cumming!” Eleanor squealed as Leo began to thrust in earnest. Her cunt clamped down again, trying to hold onto the rod that was giving it so much pleasure. Every stab of his dick felt like it was stabbing right into her centre! She wanted to ride this cock forever.

“You’re so gorgeous Miss Hewitt, you look incredible and your tits are perfect, Miss Hewitt, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw them. I’ve been dreaming of them too!” Leo growled, shoving his cock deeper. Eleanor thrust her chest out, offering her heaving boobs to Leo.

Leo immediately cupped them with his large hands, massaging the firm tit-flesh and using them as handholds to pull Eleanor harder onto his cock. He pinched her hard nipples and tugged at them teasingly as he fucked deeper into her hot steamy cunt.

Eleanor loved being manhandled like this! This was a man who was knew how to fuck! Her body felt alive, electrified by the cock pounding her aching pussy.

Leo twisted her nipples, sending a zing through Eleanor’s tit-nerves. She gasped, feeling her third orgasm creep up right on the tail of the second. The harder she came, the more sensitive her pussy, but the more sensitive her pussy, the harder she would cum! It felt like a vicious cycle, albeit a very enjoyable one!

Leo pulled himself away from her titties and picked Eleanor up bodily, keeping her impaled on his cock.

“Bedroom?” he asked breathlessly, arm muscles straining with the effort of keeping Eleanor on his dick while trying to walk at the same time. Eleanor pointed behind her, then threw her arms around him, grinding her hips down on that lovely cock of his.

Leo’s cock slipped free from Eleanor’s pussy when he laid her down on the comfortable mattress. She whined at the loss, feeling bereft at the empty feeling.

Leo obliged her by pulling her legs over his shoulders again, bending her almost double, and then jackhammering his cock right into her cunt.

Eleanor squealed again, unable to stop herself from her third orgasm! Her pussy milked and squeezed and clenched around that massive dick. Leo groaned, unable to hold back anymore.

“I’m cumming!” he growled as he slammed himself balls deep in Eleanor’s cunt. His cock twitched and began to spurt cream into Eleanor’s wet pussy.

Eleanor panted, her sizable tits heaving as her pussy continued to squeeze the hot rod inside her. Leo moaned as her cunt milked the last drops of his sperm from his cock.

“That was amazing,” Leo said, breathless. He braced himself on top of Eleanor as his dick continued to twitch. Eleanor flexed her pussy muscles to massage his flesh. Leo moaned again, then bit his lip. Eleanor continued to massage his cock until it softened enough to slip out of her well-used cunt.

Leo rolled over to flop onto the bed beside Eleanor.

Eleanor reached down to slip her fingers into her cunt. She was all orgasmed out. She was feeling too good right now but she knew she would be sore soon enough, but it was well worth it!

“Thank you, Miss Hewitt,” Leo said.

“Oh please, I just came three times on your love rod, you can call me Eleanor!” Eleanor said with a huge smile.

“Are you going to be ordering any more things soon?” Leo asked, propping himself up on one elbow to look at Eleanor. He trailed one hand up her stomach to rest on her tit, massaging it absent-mindedly. Eleanor grinned.

“Oh definitely. I’ll need you to test all the other toys with me!”

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