Eleni: The Game

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This is the third part of the Eleni series.

Part 1: Eleni – The Beginning

Part 2: Eleni: Secrets Revealed

* * *

My sister Eleni and I were back at our hometown Lesbos for the summer vacation. My door was locked and I was watching Eleni’s video, as I was waiting for a message from Kostas. I watched this video over and over again for the past two months, admiring Eleni’s fantastic body and I dreamed to be one of those lucky guys who had a chance to fuck her. Kostas promised me to create that chance for me.

* * *

“You should wait till the right time,” he said.

“How long should I wait?” I asked him.

“You have to be patient, my friend. Maybe a week, maybe a year… It’s completely up to her. I won’t force her to do anything against her will. She has to desire it. If I sense that she has the slightest doubt, I’ll never take the next step.”

“How about Vasilis?” I asked. “I know she hates Vasilis but you let him use her!”

“Do you think she doesn’t like being fucked by him? She has the most intense orgasms during and after Vasilis buried his cock in her pussy or throat. She enjoys being used by a man she finds disgusting.”

“Do you tell me that she likes being humiliated and agonized?”

“You know nothing about sex, my friend. Disgust, pain and humiliation elevate the pleasure to upmost level. I let her do things, which she desires deeply in her heart. I can tell what she wants to do or not to do, even if she can’t confess that to herself. So, trust me and do exactly what I tell you. No more, no less!”

* * *

So, today was the day for another step forward. Kostas sent me an SMS in the morning.

‘She is ready. Wait for my message on messenger after midnight.’

When finally the expected message arrived, I was already filled with lust and my dick was rock hard. The message simply said: ‘Now’

My heart was beating like a drum. I unlocked the door of my room and walked towards her room on tiptoe. Our parents were sleeping upstairs; therefore I had to be quiet. I checked the door; not locked. Slowly, I opened it, entered the room and locked the door. I stood there still for a while until my eyes adapted to the low light level. I saw her lying on the bed, with her nightgown bunched around her waist. One of her hands was between her legs and with the other one, she was holding her phone. A mild music was playing on her computer, probably to cover her noises. Then she placed the phone on the bed by her side.

“Did you turn the speaker on?” asked Kostas with a whispering tone.

“Yes,” she said.

“Good. Can you hear me, Aris?”

“I can,” I said.

“Approach your sister.”

I obeyed and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Open your legs, baby. Show him what you made to yourself.”

She spread her legs and offered me a great view of her treasure under the dim light. I could smell the pleasant odour of her aroused pussy.

“How does it look, Aris?”

“That’s the best view in my life.”

“Tell him what you want him to do, my love.”

“I want him to kiss my pussy.”

“Tell him!”

“Kiss my pussy,” said Eleni to me.

I leaned down and kissed her spread thighs and licked the sensitive skin at the hollow of her thighs. She moaned as I spread her pussy lips and inhaled her exciting scent. Opening my mouth wide, I covered her gleaming wet pink pussy flesh and slid my eager tongue down into her core. I don’t know what I expected, but she tasted delicious. I wiggled my tongue deep inside her, my lips sucking her juices out. The exotic flavour of her excited sex was like no other. The scent filled my nostrils. I savoured the taste, and the smell, of her sexual being that enveloped me.

“Oh, I am so excited, my love,” said Kostas. “Does it excite you, too? Letting your pussy sucked by your brother while your parents are sleeping upstairs?”

“Yesss,” she hissed. “So much!”

I probed her depths with my tongue, and wished it were three times as long, to plumb the depths of her pussy. She gasped when I mashed my face hard against her pussy as if to burrow into her. Her fragrant juices coated my face. I pulled back finally, and ran my tongue over and around her opening, nibbling on her pussy lips lightly. I slid my tongue upward, and brought it to the apex of her sex to lick her clit.

“They can hear you anytime… Maybe they hear you now. They can come downstairs suddenly and catch you committing the biggest sin!”

She moaned and her breathing became faster. Spreading her pussy lips with my fingers, I licked slowly up her pussy, hovering over her clit, flicking it gently but fast with my tongue. She moaned softly, her hands gripping the bedspread and her back arching slightly.

“How do you feel, baby?” asked Kostas on the phone.

“His tongue burns me inside, my love. Arghh, go on Aris. Suck my clit.”

Her words got me even hotter and I took her clit between my teeth and gently flicked my tongue back and forth.

“Ohhh, that’s merter escort it. Mmhhh, Kostas. That feels wonderful.”

“Yes, baby. Cum for me… Cum in your brothers mouth!”

Soon, her body stiffened. She was moaning and panting as the spasms wracked her body. Kostas was whispering love words to Eleni. I kept licking and sucking, and finally her spasms slowed.

“Wow…” said Kostas. “You were wonderful, baby. I am so hard now.”

“I love you, Kostas.” Eleni said.

“I love you, pumpkin.”

As Eleni was still panting, Kostas went on speaking .

“Aris, thank you for your help, buddy. That’s all, for tonight. Sleep well, boy.”

I felt myself unsatisfied but said nothing and left her room, since I knew that I’ll soon reach my goal under the guidance of Kostas. Indeed, the same routine repeated four times in the following week. After receiving the sign from Kostas, I was sneaking in to my sister’s room, sucking her till orgasm and leaving back to my room to jack off. However, Eleni was still silent under the daylight. We never spoke about our oral sex sessions nor implied anything.

One night, I received the message from Kostas and eagerly sneaked in Eleni’s room again. She was lying on her bed in the same position; her legs parted, no panties on and her nightgown bunched around her waist. She turned on the speaker of the phone.

“Are you excited, honey?” asked Kostas.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Do you like what your brother does to you? Right under the nose of your mother?”

“Mmhhh,” she sighed. “I do…”

“The risk of being caught adds up to your pleasure, doesn’t it?”

“Yesss,” she hissed.

“Tell me how you feel, Eleni?”

“I am soooo aroused, baby.”

“Do you like to elevate your excitement and arousal to the next level? Do you want to do more dangerous things?”

“I… I don’t know,” she said.

“Aris, go down on her!”

I obeyed his order and lowered my face to her pussy and clamped my mouth over her rigid little clit. Eleni gasped with delight and arousal.

“How does it feel?” asked Kostas.

“That’s fantastic.” Eleni whispered.

I sucked Eleni’s clit into my mouth, nipping it between my lip guarded teeth and flicked the tip with my tongue, trying it softly at first, then harder. Soon Eleni was thrusting gently with her pelvis, unable to stop herself moving in response to each little surge of pleasure that my tongue produced.

“Are you close?” asked Kostas.

“Mmmh, I’m about to cum!”

“Good… Now stop, Aris.” He said.

“What? Why?” protested Eleni. “Oh, baby. Please let him finish. Please let me cum. I need his tongue in me… Honey, please!”

“I will let you cum, baby… And I will let you cum much stronger than ever. Do you promise to do what I tell you?”

“Yes… Yes, my love. I’ll do anything you want! I always do…”

For a moment, I thought that the time I longed for came. But Kostas had something else in his mind.

“Good. Now I want you both go upstairs and finish what you started in front of the door of your parent’s room.”

Eleni and I were both baffled.

“What?” exclaimed Eleni. “Are you crazy? What if they hear us?”

“Doesn’t that make you horny, dear? Oh, what a thrill! The risk, the excitement… Think about it, honey!”

I heard that Eleni started to breathe faster.

“Are you afraid, honey?”

“Of course I am.”

“But I can feel that your arousal is doubled. Doesn’t it?”

Kostas was right. She bit her lower lip and looked at my face.

“Remember, you promised to do what I asked you to do. You gonna disappoint me, honey?”

She remained silent for a while. I was incredibly aroused, pre-cum was leaking from my iron hard dick and my heart was pounding as hell.

“Let’s do this, sis!” I whispered.

She nodded after a short hesitation. I took her hand in my hand and helped her to stand up. Hand in hand, we slowly climbed the stairs with silent steps. As we arrived in front of the door of our parent’s room, she was shivering like a leaf. I placed my ear on the door, listened closely. My father was snoring and I could hear the deep slow breaths of my mother; they were in deep sleep.

I pushed my sister up against the wall across the room. I got on my knees and I pulled up the hem of her nightgown with one quick motion. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue across her clit. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it. I couldn’t hold myself and put my middle finger inside her pussy… That was the first time that I felt her pussy inside with my fingers. The warm feeling of wetness was driving me crazy. I started working in and out. Kostas was right; the risk of being caught was increasing the lust to a different level. Besides, what we were doing was not just pure sex. This was the revenge we were taking from our parents for a lost childhood. My heart was beating so fast and it was pumping all the blood into my cock. My cock was throbbing nişantaşı escort and I felt that I would cum just with a single touch.

I slid my tongue up and down her clit, applying as much pressure as possible. My finger was working in and out of her, fast and hard. I felt her knees began to buckle a bit and I supported her with my left arm. She was panting and having a hard time trying to remain silent. I removed my finger from inside her and pushed my head completely between her sexy legs. I slid my tongue deep inside her as my finger found her clit. I slid my finger up and down her clit while my tongue was penetrating her. I applied pressure to her clit with my finger and ran it in a circular motion. I felt the muscles inside her tighten on my tongue. I knew her orgasm was nearing. Suddenly a coughing sound came from our parent’s room. The snoring of our father stopped. We froze.. We even stopped breathing and listened to the sounds coming from the room. I was filled with excitement and fear; the feeling was so intense that I felt that my legs shaking. I felt my heart pounding as if it were going to burst through my chest. Suddenly, cum began to ooze out of my dick. I was cumming hard in my pants without touching my dick because of the combined effect of lust and fear. That was the most powerful orgasm I ever had.

When my orgasm subsided, I heard my father snoring again. I pushed my tongue back inside her pussy as deep as possible and wiggled it around. I put both arms under her legs and hold her up while I allow my tongue to explore inside her. I felt her body tense and heard her quiet moans. She was biting her own hand to prevent herself from screaming as she was having a strong orgasm. I pushed my tongue deeper inside her and stopped there. I felt her pushing down on my tongue as she was taking a deep breath and everything went silent for a moment. She couldn’t carry herself anymore and all of her weight fell entirely upon my arms.

I held her up while she rode out her orgasm on my face. Her body fell limp in my arms. I slid myself out from under her and stood up with her in my arms. I carried her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed. I put a small kiss on her soft lips. This was my first kiss with her… Actually, this was the first kiss with any girl in my life. I left her there exhausted and went back to my room. That night was the best night so far in my life.

The following week went on without any incidents. Till that morning…

* * *

I woke up to the sound of my door opening. What I saw when I opened my eyes was my sister Eleni standing at the entrance of my room in her white nightgown. She took a few steps forward and then suddenly pulled up the hem of her nightgown, exposing her shaven pussy… I enjoyed this magnificent sight, as she approached the bed with her nightgown bunched around her waist. What a perfect way to start a new day!

“Are we alone?” I whispered.

She didn’t answer and crawled up onto the bed. My cock swelled immediately.

“Where’s mom?” I asked again.

“She is downstairs,” she said as she was carefully moving herself to my face.

“What? Are you insane? What if she comes up?”

As she came down on her knees, she faced me, with her legs spread over me.

“Relax,” she said.

“At least close the door!”

She didn’t respond. Her shaved pussy was only inches away from my face. The sweet scent of her dripping cunt filled my nose as she drew closer to my face.

“Why are you doing this?”

“That’s my task for today,” she answered and covered my head with the hem of her nightgown. Our mom being downstairs and the door of my room being open, I was extremely nervous but extremely excited at the same time. Her smell was sweet and the aroma of her made me hungry for a taste. My hands slowly wandered down to her hips, pulling her to my lips, parting over the pink swells of her flesh. I found that the taste of her was intoxicating. Stretching out my tongue, I glided it up her soft, wet lips of her cunt. My body shivered with hers as I tasted of her sweet wetness. I worked my way, drilling my tongue in to prod her hole.

She arched her hips towards me as I brought my hands up to part the hole of her. I circled her flesh with my tongue as I parted her pussy with my fingers. She lowered herself even farther, almost sitting fully upon my mouth. I pressed my lips into her sweet hole, snaking my tongue against her inner walls. I searched out the folds within her as I probed my tongue deeper into her opening. I pressed my face deeper into her as she began to ride my face with ultimate desire. I could feel her juices increase as they flowed into my mouth.

Suddenly deciding her clit needed my attention, l licked up to swirl it around her clit. Her moans came as a low rumble from her lips. Eleni started working her hips to rock on my tongue. Her sapping wet juices filling my mouth with her cream. It made me hungrier for her. I slid one hand up her back, pressing ortaköy escort her forward on my face. She moaned, her hands grasped my head as she rocked faster on my face.

My hands settled on her ass, squeezing the cheeks together, kneading her taut skin. Her grip in my hair tightened, as I flicked my tongue over her swollen bud, feeling her raging orgasm about to splash forth. My mouth closed around her cunt to suckle greedily, begging it to fill my mouth. Mercifully, her release came with such a cry that it made me arch with my back. My breathing was ragged as I suckled her sweet nectar. Her thighs quivered against my cheeks, as waves of pleasure rippled through her. Slowly she slumped over my face, softly wiggling her lips away from my mouth. Then she stood up, straightened her nightgown and reached my hand to pull me towards the edge of the bed.

Without saying a word, she sat down on the floor and in one swift move she yanked both my pants and my briefs off. She looked me in the eyes. Her hands kneaded my thighs; her fingers were inches away from my balls. I let out a gasp when her nails brushed up against my balls. Then she reached up into my lap and started to jack me off. If mom suddenly decided to come upstairs and saw us in that position, she’d definitely have a heart attack.

She roughly spread my legs far apart. She spent some time kissing my thighs, getting closer and closer to my balls as she did this. I let out a loud moan when she put one of my balls into her mouth. She swished it around inside her mouth and then she switched to the other one. She was also stroking my thighs with her hands. I started breathing hard when she managed to put both my balls into her mouth at once. She tenderly licked my balls while warming them up with her mouth. She used her tongue to move them all around; her lips were completely enveloping my entire sack, up to the root of my cock. Her hands began to stroke my cock.

She removed my balls from her mouth and licked its shaft with the tip of her tongue. She drenched my lap with her saliva. Starting at the root, she worked her way up to the sensitive underside of my cock, right under the head. She gave that area some licks and then teased me a bit with some long slow licks up and down the shaft. She finally put her lips around the whole head of my cock and began to gently suck me off. Fondling my balls with her hand, she slowly lowered her mouth over my entire organ, getting it deep inside her mouth.

She slowly bobbed her head up and down on my lap, getting her hands under me and squeezing my butt. My breathing was getting heavier; I was deeply enjoying my first blowjob. I began to buck my hips up and down as she stroked the root of my cock with her hands and swallowed my shaft again. Swirling her tongue wildly around the underside of the head of my cock, she drove me mad with desire. I kept groaning and moaning with pleasure as she became more firm with her sucking.

She swished my cock inside her cheeks, getting it as deep into her throat as possible while breathing through her nose. She was buried into my lap; my cock completely inside her mouth, my thighs pressed up against her cheeks, her nose in my lap. Her eyelashes brushed up against my pubic hair. My groans were getting louder and my breathing more desperate. She firmly grabbed my dick with strong suction from her mouth as she fondled my heavy balls. She sucked and licked me lovingly, while stroking my balls. My eyes were tightly shut, and my hands were by my side on the bed. She reached my hands and placed them on her tits.

“Oh, sis… I’m gonna come soon, I can tell. I can’t hold it much longer…”

She didn’t answer me verbally; she just sucked me faster and made moaning noises as she prepared to finish me off. Her pace and intensity grew with each trip up and down my organ. She made loud slurping and sucking sounds with her mouth. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. The contractions began, and my erection flexed. Then the explosion came. She bobbed her head up and down and forced herself to quickly swallow it up, not wanting to lose a drop. I grabbed her boobs tightly. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot down her throat. She was able to gulp most of it down quickly, but some of it oozed out of the corner of her mouth. She kept my rock hard erection in her mouth after the main part of the orgasm ended. There was drop after drop of cum still dripping out of the head of my dick even though the huge spurting phase had ended.

I completely collapsed, spent. She lovingly stroked my thighs; my cock was still in her mouth, but she had stopped stimulating me. She slowly let me withdraw, and gave the head of my cock a soft little kiss, licking off the last remaining drops of fluid. Then she stood up with a lovely smile on her face and left the room.

Baffled, I laid on my bed for a while. That was new and quite unexpected. My sister, who even never talked about our night adventures during the day, came to my room, first thing in the morning, to let me suck her pussy till climax and drain my cock in her mouth. Obviously, that was a task for her given by Kostas. So I decided to give him a call.

* * *

“You like my surprise?” Kostas asked.

“Very much indeed.” I replied. “Thank you so much, pal. I can’t describe how happy I am. So what’s coming next?”

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