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I have written a few stories. Mostly I have received positive and encouraging response from the readers, but some have expressed their disapproval of my bad command of the English language. Living in a country where we have two domestic languages combined with the need of a third language not being English, the result is that there are some flaws in my English. Therefore I can only apologize for the mistakes I make. Still I like to write in English – isn’t that a way to improve your command of the language?

I’m now 24 years of age. I’m tall and handsome. Everything is fine.

My story goes a few years back.

At 18 I started early to read Playboy, Penthouse and other illustrated magazines where I could get acquainted with the most wonderful piece of arts, the woman. I carefully selected time and place where I in complete solitude could go over the pages with the most tantalizing girls in different postures. I preferred to be nude while enjoying the “literature”. Looking at the pictures, adding some fantasy it didn’t take long before my large rod was hard and protruding. It felt very good to grab it with my hand and caress my large “little friend”. I was always careful not to have an ejaculation too soon. As I had the feeling that I was close to coming I let it go and tried to think of other things to get the tool get softer. When this had happened I started the stroking again. Often I pressed down at the root with a finger to make the hardness as explosive as possible. I liked to watch as it got deep red with a bluish touch. After this I didn’t want to prolong the ejaculation any more and I let it fly into my bucket. I had a bucket in my room for my wash. That was my excuse that I had come up with at some stage. You could not always find a suitable target for your cum. To use a drinking glass was too restricting. Also towels or paper had their flaws. I of course did not want my family to know about my little hobby.

Some years went by. My problem started slowly. The erections did not come as easily as before. No matter how I added fantasies to the new and always more beautiful pictures in the magazines, it wasn’t enough to get myself excited enough.

My solution was to start dating, I thought.

My first date was with Alice, a pretty girl, known to be quite willing to adventures with nice guys. With went for a pizza and after that to a movie. We had some fondling going on watching the picture. My fingers explored the softness between her legs as we exchanged some kisses. I was glad that I felt secure. I had read everything one should know about petting, lovemaking and what have you. Alice touched my prick in a nice way, but it didn’t react. To soon I got worried. I felt impolite for not get it up.

Alice was quite wet as I held my finger at her cunt, carefully caressing her clit. Not to show my embarrassment I tried to give her the impression that I concentrated on the movie.

The film ended. We strolled out. I tried to sound very mature.

“Ok, your place or mine?” I asked.

“We could go to my place. My parents wont came home for several hours”.

We jumped in the car and I drew us down to their house.

We went in. We went to the drawing room and I was told to sit down in the sofa. Alice went to bring us some beer. She sat down beside me with a broad smile.

“Cheers” we said to each other.

The fondling and petting commenced.

We removed some clothes. Soon we were both topless. She had wonderful breasts.

I fondled and started to suck on her nipples. Alice fondled with my crotch.

“Perhaps we’d better go to my room, just in case” Alice said and stood up.

I emptied my glass and we collected our clothes and went to her room. It was a large room with a large bed. I was worried. Why was my friend still dead?

Alice removed the rest of her clothes and came to me. She started to fondle with my belt. Soon even my trunks were removed. My tool didn’t even stir. Alice took hold of my looming peter and dragged me to the bed. She was happy and nice. We kissed and fondled. I caressed her clit with my hand. Everything was nice except…..

Kissing and licking her breasts I started to move my head downwards. I licked her navel. Alice gave me all the positive feed back possible. Soon I was down licking and kissing her cunt and clit. Alice groaned with delight. She started to pull on me, gently trying to turn me into the 69-position. I ended on top of her, my head between her legs and my prick between her lips. Still soft. Damn, damn and damn.

She was sucking on my penis!!!! And nothing happened. What was wrong with me?

This went on. She came. I was soft. Catastrophe!

We continued. She came again. I was feeling stiff, my tongue that is. Nothing else.

We turned around. Now she was on me. She was pressing her love box against me by now almost sore mouth, at the same time sucking and fondling my softness.

She came a third time. Now I pushed her off me and she came beside me. She looked at me with a sweet expression on her face.

“I suppose this happens for everyone from time to ikitelli escort bayan time,” she said.

“Yeah, I don’t understand it,” I answered with embarrassment in my voice.

“Well, next time you will enjoy it as well, I’m sure,” she said warmly. I liked her.

“Perhaps I should go home before your parents come home,” I suggested.

“Perhaps that’s better,” she agreed.

We clad and went for the door. At the door she asked:

“Can we meet again?”

“Sure, I would be glad to see you soon again. Can I call you?”

“That would be nice,” she said. We kissed and I left. At the car I turned around.

She was standing in the doorway looking after me. We winked and I stepped into the car and drew off. Oh how embarrassing this was. Shit!

Coming home I went directly to my room closing the door after me. I took out the bucket and my magazines and started to strip. Nude I stood bent over the pics fondling my poor dick. Nothing. “Do I have to see a doctor?” I thought.

Could I possibly meet Alice again after this terrible episode?

On the other hand, if the same happened with a new girlfriend, that would only double the embarrassment. No, better to try it again with Alice. She is nice.

Two days later I called her. We agreed on meeting next day. I knew that my sis and my parents would be away until late in the night. This time it would be my place and my bed. Perhaps that would help.

The next evening, after having a pasta meal at an Italian restaurant, we went to my house. Without too many preambles we were naked in my bed. The next two hours were a copy of the last time. Only this time Alice came four times. If possible my prick was even softer than three days ago.

“Have this happened to you before?” she asked.

“No, you are my first experience,” I confessed with a weak voice.

“Well, that explains it,” she tried to console me.

We talked about it. Perhaps that would help. We didn’t give it a new try that night.

I brought her home and we agreed to meet soon again.

When at home I repeated the trial with magazines and bucket. Nothing happened.

I heard some sound and understood that someone had come home. I put on my robe and went to the bathroom. I entered, locked the door, removed my robe and went to the shower. I pushed aside the drapery and there stood my sis, leaning against the wall, her feet apart and a dildo humming in her cunt.

We were both as frozen staring at each other.

Neither said a word. We were just taking in what we saw. She was beautiful.

Tremendous tits, not too large but perfect. Better than the ones in the magazines.

“I didn’t realize that you were at home,” she finally said.

“I didn’t realize that you were in the shower,” I said slowly bringing my gaze down to her crotch. The dildo was still humming. A red color covered her face. She didn’t move. Neither did I. We were both in some kind of a shock. In spite of the situation she suddenly started to shake. She was coming. And, would you believe it, my prick came to life. I could feel how it grew harder and harder. I finally looked down at it. It was large. Caddy looked down at my now wildly throbbing pole. She smiled.

“That was a nice compliment,” she said removing her dildo placing it on a shelf.

My legs wouldn’t move. She pushed herself from the wall and took a step towards me, still smiling at me.

“May I touch it?” she asked with a shy smile.

If my mouth had not been open yet, it now fell open. I didn’t say a word.

She took a few more steps and was very close to me. She reached out. She took carefully hold of the rod. I didn’t move.

“It feels good. I have never touched a dick before,” she admitted.

“How does it feel when I keep it in my hand?” she asked.

I still could not let out a sound.

She made some soft movements with her hand. It felt fabulous.

She looked at it with a curious smile, the turned up looking into my eyes.

My abdomen made some involuntary movements forth and back, thus getting her hand to perform a light masturbation. Sensing my movements she started to move her hand along my shaft. The feeling was fantastic. I was close to coming and thought that I should warn her. Not a sound came out from me.

I came, my cum flushing Caddie’s stomach. She didn’t move. She just continued the soft massage. The rod didn’t get softer. She continued. I brought my hand forward softly touching one of her breasts.

“That feels good,” she said.

We continued like this for another maybe five minutes. Then I came again. This time was less explosive. Now my prick was getting softer.

“Let’s take a shower together,” she suggested. I wasn’t to say no.

Caddy managed to drag me under the shower. Under the running water we quite spontaneously embraced. Suddenly Caddy put her hand around my neck and pulled my down, my mouth to hers. We kissed. I felt a stir between my legs.

I could feel how my member started to grow again.

“Let’s kartal escort bayan dry ourselves,” Caddy suggested.

We stepped out of the shower, and took our towels.

“You dry me, and I dry you,” she decided.

I began drying her. She didn’t move, just let me dry her. A bit later it was my turn to get dry. She went around my prick, which again was rock hard.

“You are invited to my chambers,” she said finishing the drying-process.

She put her towel on a hanger and left. Stunned I followed.

In her room she sat down on her bed.

“Come closer,” she ordered. I obeyed.

Standing in front of her my dick protruding at her face, I said nothing.

She took hold of the rod and brought her mouth to it. She took in the glans in her mouth, simultaneously making soft massaging movements with her hand. I felt that my dick was bigger than ever before. Soon I was on the verge of coming again.

“Careful, sis, I’m just coming,” I warned her. She didn’t react, just went on.

I exploded.

She swallowed more or less all of the cum.

After a while she let go of my tool and fell down on her bed, her feet still on the floor.

She spread them apart.

“Please, lick me,” she begged. She didn’t have to. I was down on my knees before she had finished the sentence.

She had a beautiful cunt. I licked and sucked on her clit. I pushed my tongue into her wonderful hole as deeply as I could. Then I sucked on her clit again. She came with a soft cry.

“Fantastic, Charles,” she panted.

“Time for a discussion. We’d better put something on before we go down. Mom and Dad should soon be home,” she suggested.

We went down to sitting room. I fetched some beer. We sat apart in the sofa.

“You have saved me,” she started.

“What do you mean. You have saved me,” I replied.

“That’s interesting. From where shall we start” she said with a smile.

“If you start. I suppose you have an easier confession to make than I have.”

“OK. For years I have been yearning for experiencing sex. I haven’t found a guy with whom to fall in love with. Knowing what kind of a name you get if you lie around without a proper relationship the thought of testing it out with some friend has for me been out of the question. So far you are the nicest guy I know plus, you are the only one I can fully trust. I have been contemplating how we might happen to come together like we just did. I got the first samples of sex. It was fantastic. Of course there is a lot more to experience. If you are interested, then am I. This was of course incest. That doesn’t worry me at all. The pure thing is that you have sex with somebody you love. I love you. Dad could have been the other solution, but that would be so wrong towards Mom. I’m so happy that this happened.”

“I’m flattered. I love you too. I must admit that on several occasions I have been fantasizing being together with you. But I never thought that could be really possible.

You don’t know how happy I am for what happened.

About Dad, do you think that he would have agreed to help you out?”

“From what I have read and heard there are only a very few guys in the world who would say no to a sex-experience with a young good-looking female. I think he would have, but of course I can’t know for sure.”

“I would be extremely happy to experience all there is in sex with you. That’s a dream come through,” I commenced.

“When have you been fantasizing about me, when masturbating I presume?” she asked.

“Right,” I confessed bluntly.

“Oh, how happy I am,” she said. She stood up.

“I’ll fetch some more beer for us,” she explained.

I had a hard on again. She returned with two bottles and sat down, looking at my pants. She smiled. She touched her left breast.

“I see that you would be ready again. So would I,” she explained.

“So now, in what respect did I save you?” she asked.

I explained to her about my problem with the impotence, about my two first attempts and about my embarrassment.

“Perhaps it is because you didn’t love her when you started seeing her. Your intention was to get laid. You were afraid that your earlier impotence would continue when trying the first time. Because you were so anxious to perform, you couldn’t,” Caddy contemplated. Of course she was right.

“Are you going to see her again?” she asked.

“No, now that we are together I wont,” I answered not knowing whether I was lying or not.

“Wrong brother, our relationship is something different. We can’t build our lives on that. We must lead a normal life. We just have an extra spice to our sex,” she decided. It was easy to see that she was one year older than I was. More mature.

“Let’s see then what happens,” I finished the topic.

Our glasses were empty. My cock was rock hard.

“Time for bed. Come to my room when you are ready. We can chat for a while,” she said.

We brought the bottles and glasses to the kitchen and went upstairs. I stripped, kadıköy escort bayan took a shower and went nude to her room. On the way the cock stood up again. She was lying on the bed, also nude. She was lying hands spread to the sides, her legs far apart. She was astonishing.

“We will hear when the parents come home. Where would you like to stick that pole of yours” she added.

“So you want to try it all the first day,” I said climbing on the bed between her legs.

“Please, make it tenderly. In spite of my dildo experiences I don’t know how the first penetration by a male pole will come out,” she warned me.

“How about protection?” I asked bringing my throbbing cock to the gate of heaven.

“Taken care of. Don’t worry. Fuck me brother,” she retorted with a lovely smile.

I found the way on first attempt. She was extremely well lubricated. I went in deeper and deeper. Lying down on my elbows I managed to get hold of her lovely breasts. I pushed and draw back. The feeling was fantastic. She put her hands on my buttocks and indicated the rhythm she found the best. I was in heaven.

“Kiss me,” she ordered. I did. Thanks to the resent orgasms I didn’t come at once, which I certainly would have otherwise.

Caddy came first, I followed soon after.

I lay down beside her panting from the joyful effort.

We heard the door open downstairs.

“Perfect timing,” caddy said. “See you tomorrow, stud”.

I kissed her good night and slipped to my room. I lay awake an thought about the evening. How could it be so wonderful?

An hour later, still awake, I took my gear, the pictures and the bucket. No erection.

Perhaps I had had enough for one night.

At breakfast the next morning we were as normal as we could. Looking at Caddy I got an erection under the table. Very nice but now it was a different kind of embarrassment. How could I stand up from the table? Would Mom and Dad notice my predicament? I started frenetically to think about my lectures that I was to attend. Slowly it helped. I could stand up an leave for the university.

The next evening was a torment. My lovely sister around looking sexier than ever, but there was nothing I could do. I went early up to my room. I took my gear and tested my “condition”. Nothing. Had I become a sister-addict? I had to see her. I could hear my parents talking in the adjacent master bedroom. I waited. Soon it was silent in the house. Then I could hear some snoring. At least Dad was asleep.

Very carefully I crept to Caddy’s room. There she lay, nude without a blanket. I moved beside the bed. She was asleep. My pole got hard. Carefully I moved Caddy’s legs apart. She stirred but didn’t wake up, at least I thought so. Again very carefully I moved my head between her legs and started to lick her cunt. I could sense her wonderful smell. No, make it aroma. She started to rhythmically move her abdomen.

She came in her sleep, or was she asleep. I couldn’t tell. Silently I put her under her blanket and returned to my room. I still had a wonderful erection. I took out my bucket and masturbated a large load into it. After this I was able to sleep.

The next day I met Alice at the university. She looked sweet.

“Hi, Charles,” she said smiling.

“Hi, Alice. How are you,” I answered with the best smile I could produce. I was still feeling quite embarrassed in her company. She knew it all.

“Would you like to come over tonight, my parents are out?” she asked.

I considered the question for second. My hesitation was enough.

“Don’t worry about the problem. We have time,” she said.

“OK, that would be nice,” I decided.

“Come at 8 then. See you,” she invited and turned around and went to her class.

At dinner at home I learned that Carry and Dad intended to go to a movie. Being invited to join, I declined. Caddy gave me a meaningful smile. Did she know?

At 8 sharp I stood outside Alice’s door and I ranged on the bell.

Alice opened the door clad in a see through nightdress. Very sexy.

“Come in, Charles,” she invited. I stepped in.

“Let’s have a beer and watch some TV,” she suggested, closing the door after me.

“OK, that sounds nice”.

“I borrowed one of Daddy’s video movies,” she explained sitting down beside me and pouring us some of the beer. She came very close to me, but she didn’t touch.

She switched on the video player. Very soon I realized that it was a porn movie.

“Is this educational meant for men having problems with impotence,” I asked.

“Take it as you like. It can’t hurt, can it,” she explained.

It didn’t. Actually it was quite a good one. It was not one of the kinds with brutal straight banging. This had an almost sophisticated foreplay and the following acts were filed with taste. The regret was that nothing happened in my pants. I was getting nervous. Would we have a repeat of the two first tries?

My Nokia rang. It was my mother.

“Charles, they have had an accident…. With the car. They are in the hospital,” she explained in panic.

“I’ll come and fetch you. Be ready,” I said. I explained the situation to Alice and that we should continue another time, and left.

At the hospital we learned that Dad had a concussion and that Caddy had broken a leg. They would both be hospitalized for an undefined time. Otherwise nothing was too serious. We went to see them. We decided that I would go to see Daddy first and then switch.

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