Enjoying the Storm

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Dusk, the world around us starts to get a bit darker. We sit on the couch, eyes locked, smiling, enjoying each other’s company. There’s a faint rumbling outside, and a brief flash of light from time to time. A rhythmic drumming on the window, as rain starts hitting the glass. We talk about everything and nothing at all. Sitting, facing each other, our arms stretched across the back of the couch. I move to slightly change my position, and my fingers gently brush over yours. The first physical contact…

Everything stops momentarily. I blush, smile, and quickly look down. I don’t know why I pick that moment to get shy with you, I’ve felt nothing but comfort, and ease since we sat down and started talking. I start feeling rather foolish for even getting embarrassed, which makes me blush even more. Just then, I feel your hand on my cheek. You’re lifting my face so I’ll look at you once more. “There’s that blush that makes you look so beautiful.”

All I can do is smile and quickly look away. I feel you moving closer. As your hand touches my face a second time, I bite my lip, and smile. You turn my face toward you yet again. Only this time, you’re not only turning my head, your pulling me closer. I lock my eyes with yours for a split second before closing them and surrendering to your pull. Just as my teeth release my lower lip, I feel your warm soft lips press against it. A gentle kiss for my lower lip, and one for the upper. Then, softly, slowly, your tongue traces every curve, every contour of my lips, before sliding between them, parting them with such ease. My tongue slides forward to meet yours. Our tongues start to dance as our arms wrap around us, pulling us closer. So close, we feel as one. Fingers, hands roaming, sliding through hair, over soft warm skin. Sighing, taking in each other, as we kiss harder, the passion in us grows.

We pull apart from the kiss, breathing heavier, our eyes lock again. We’re both smiling. We can almost see it in each other’s eyes, the thoughts going through our minds. The smiles pretty much turn to grins, no more words need be spoken. Wanting to make the next move, mainly because you made the first, I lean forward, and start placing little kisses, nibbles, bites and sucks all the way up the side of your neck. I can feel and hear your breathing change, which causes a grin to spread across my face as I continue up your neck, to your earlobe. One hand runs fingers through my hair, as the other makes it’s way down my back, and back up my side. I turn your face, and kiss your lips once more, before making my way back down your neck.

Just as my mouth makes it to your collar bone, I feel your hands slide up my shirt to my bra. I can feel your fingers fumble casino şirketleri with the hooks as I continue to nibble and suck on your neck and collar bone. “You’re not making this easy on me.”

I look up at you and smile, “That’s the entire point, my dear.”

“Pure evil. Damn! You ARE a goddess!”

“Indeed,” I kiss you again, and move to the other side of your neck. The softest moan escapes your lips. Hearing it sends noticeable chills over my body, which causes you to grin. You get the bra un-hooked, and slide it and my shirt off. I in turn, slide your shirt off, and we start kissing once again.

While kissing, you start pushing me back, laying me down. You begin exploring my body with your tongue, and lips. Kissing, nibbling, licking, and sucking your way down my neck, over my collar bone, down my chest. There’s a pause at each nipple, to pay extra close attention to them. Your hands join the exploration. One hand cups around the breast that’s being sucked, as the other drifts over to the unattended nipple, to pinch, and roll it. Heavy sighs and soft moans start to escape my parted lips, as my head rolls from side to side, my eyes closed. Your mouth moves over to the opposite breast, to give it the attention you gave the other. Your hand now pinching and rolling the other one.

Your hands start to trail themselves down my sides as you kiss your way back to the center of my chest. Your mouth starts descending down my belly, you can feel my tummy muscles tighten as your lips move slowly down, down, down. You pause at my belly button to lick a slow circle around it. You start moving further down, your hands undo the button and zipper of my jeans, and pull them open. I gasp as your mouth reaches the top of my panties. Your teeth grip it, and pull it down slightly. I open my eyes and lift my head to watch you. Your eyes lock with mine, I can feel the grin on your face. You don’t stop your actions at all. Your hands grip the waistband of my jeans and start sliding them down. I’m more than happy to help you pull them off. The top of my panties still in your teeth, you pull them down a bit further before letting them go. Your tongue darts out and gives a quick lick across the now exposed flesh, causing me to gasp again.

You lift your head, and look up at me again, “God, Jenna! If you only knew how beautiful that sounds!” (Again, noticeable chills over my body, as I bite my lip, and let my head drop back.)

You move down and start kissing, and licking up my thighs. My legs just instinctively start to part, my breathing gets heavier. Your tongue moves slowly up, up, up, to the crook of my thigh, teasing me mercilessly. All I can do is softly moan and sigh. You move to casino firmaları the other side, and back down the opposite leg. Making your way back up, you switch from side to side, kissing, licking, sucking. Instead of moving to the side, your mouth presses into the lace and the smooth soft warm skin of my lips.

I moan a little louder, my hips roll forward, my legs spread further. Then your tongue drags along the lace. Gasping, “Oh God,” comes flowing out of my mouth, as one hand reaches the back of your head. Your tongue presses harder, and moves slower. You move to the side, and your tongue pushes the lace out of the way a bit, so you can feel the soft, wet, hot, velvet skin you’ve been tasting through it. Sliding your tongue under the lace, you begin to trace the outside of my labia. Every now and then, as you get close to my clit, you hear my breathing get heavier. I gasp as you flick your tongue across it.

To give you better access, you slide my now soaked panties off. You come up, and kiss me quickly before going back down to venture more between my legs. Your tongue slides around the outside of my labia, down to the bottom of my opening. Your tongue slides inside. You feel my walls tighten around it, before you slide it out and further up my slit. Your drag it agonizingly slowly up my slit. When you finally reach my clit, I feel you press down harder. Then your hook your tongue under my hood, and with a slow firm lick, pull it briefly away from my clit and let it snap back, causing me to moan harder.

Your hands decide they want to explore too. Two fingers push inside me, and start probing along my upper wall, searching for that sweet spot. Once it’s found, a third finger slides in to join them. You start rubbing the spot, firmly in a come hither motion. This causes my hips to start pumping. Your other hand slides up my body, and starts playing with my nipples. Your tongue continues to dance along my wet hot skin. Your fingers pressing harder, moving faster inside of me, as you see, feel and hear me climb toward my peak. Your other hand pinches each nipple rather hard, before moving down and resting on my belly, just above my pubic mound. The hand on my belly presses down firmly, as your fingers work that wonderful spot inside of me. Your mouth, and tongue continue to play over my clit.

My moans become louder and longer. My hands fly up and start to push on the arm of the couch, pushing me onto your hand harder. My hips start bucking hard and fast. No words can be formed, only loud moans. My hips begin to spasm every now and then, which only drives you to pursue harder, and faster. My moans turn to yells, I start trying to wriggle away from you, but you won’t let me. I try güvenilir casino to form words. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, it seems right now. Finally, “I….. I, I, I…..I need you…..*long loud moan* to fuck me NOW, Kyle!!”

There’s a pause, as you slide your pants off. You make your way up my body, kissing and licking. Your cock, so hard, slides between my lips, not penetrating yet, but it becomes coated in my juices. You kiss me, letting me taste my wonderful juices on your tongue, and lips. Then you move to my ear, your cock still sliding up and down between my lips, not letting it dip in yet. Your teeth just scraping my earlobe, your breath hot and moist on my ear, as you whisper, “You want me to fuck you, Jenna?”

“Oh God, Kyle, YES!”

“You want to feel my cock inside your pussy, Jenna?’

Moaning hard, “Yes, Kyle! Please fuck me. Fuck me NOW!”

“How badly do you want me to fuck you, Jenna? Do you want me to fuck you hard? Tell me, Jenna. Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you.”

Moaning and whimpering, “Oh God, Kyle! I need you to fuck me! I need to feel your cock inside of me. Kyle, please fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me NOW!!” My nails dig into your back. My eyes lock with yours. You can see the craving in my eyes.

With that plea, you slowly slide your cock inside me. Inch by inch, letting me feel every bit of your cock as you enter me. My head falls back, and I let out a long loud groan of pleasure. You slowly slide it back leaving only the head inside of me. Again, you slide it slowly inside me and slowly back out to the head, this time pausing right there. My eyes open once more. You’re smiling, “Tell me again, Jenna, how badly do you want me to fuck you?”

My hands immediately move down to your ass, my nails sink into your flesh. My eyes lock with yours. As I start trying to pull your hips into mine, my voice like nothing you’ve ever heard before, I demand, “FUCK ME NOW, KYLE!”

With that, you drive your cock into me hard and fast, slamming your hips into mine. My head flies back and I let out a loud groan. You start a rhythm, fucking me hard and fast, our hips grinding. All I can do is moan, yell, bite your shoulder and dig my nails into your flesh.

I feel your hips start to move faster, and more furious. Suddenly you let out a yell, and bite my shoulder. Your hips start spasming as you explode inside of me. When you release my shoulder, I grab your face and kiss you hard, my hips still pumping slowly, as you expel you last bit of sperm into me. We hug each other tight, as we come down together. After catching your breath, you pull out, and move down to lick me clean, tasting both our fluids mixed inside of me. I, in turn move down and lick you clean, enjoying the beautiful taste we make together. I then, move up and kiss you, so we can enjoy our tastes together. We wrap our arms around each other for a warm hug, lay down and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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