Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 06

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Andy and Jake walked through the door, away from the dreaded nightmare wheels. When they entered the new hallway the door closed behind them. The hallway that they were in was long, about two meters in width, and seemed to go on for a while. It was illuminated by TL lights on the ceiling. This time, the magnetism on their wristbands didn’t activate, much to the guys’ satisfaction.

For a moment, neither Andy nor Jake spoke to each other and walked through the hallway, wondering what they would encounter next. Andy noticed that Jake had a little trouble walking.

“You okay?” Andy asked.

“Yeah, I am fine.” Jake chuckled, “Just the after-effects from that machine, but I’ll be okay.” he said assuring.

Andy looked down to the ground, a little in shame, remembering how selfishly he refused to go in the machine and let Jake go through with it.

“I am sorry I freaked out back there.” Andy said, meeting eyes with Jake.

“Hey it’s okay, I get your point of view.” Jake said, “I am sure many other guys would say the same.”

Jake patted Andy on his shoulder and looked him in the eye.

“And hey…it’s over, we’ve done it, we received our points, we will get out of here.” Jake said.

Andy smiled, keeping silent for a moment. When he had gathered a little courage he asked, “How…how was it? having a dick in your ass?”

Jake was thinking, it was a little hard to describe in one word. “It was…it…well it started painfully and uncomfortable.” Jake started, “But after that…It…It was amazing! I had never experienced such a feeling in my life.”

Andy looked surprised at Jake, “Really?”

Jake nodded, “Yeah, I know that guys have a prostate that can be stimulated and all, but I never expected it to be that great!” Jake said, “You have to try it one time man!” Jake spoke with a wide grin.

Andy blushed and chuckled at Jake’s comment, “Err…What’s a prostate?” Andy asked.

Jake rolled his eyes and gave Andy a ‘bruh!’ look. “That’s what you get for skipping anatomy class.” Jake said.

Jake and Andy chuckled for a few seconds and looked at each other after a short moment of silence. Jake was in thoughts, trying to figure something out.

“Do you…do you remember bullying any gay guys at school?” Jake asked.

Andy looked a bit confused, but shook his head, “No, why you ask?”

“Well, we have to do all this gay stuff right?” Jake responded, “So I think whoever is keeping us here, is gay. (duh!)” Jake said.

Andy was digging into his memory, not only from college but also from high school. “Well, I bullied a lot of guys, also gay guys, but not…neccesarley because they were gay.” he said.

“How about that one guy…Nathan Miles, you called him a faggot a couple of times, right?” Jake asked.

Andy chuckled, “Come on man, he studies for beauty specialist, and he comes to school in girl’s clothes, he is asking for it.” Andy responded, but his smile faded and he started to look more serious. “Do you think he has us locked up in here?” he asked.

Jake shook his head, “No, well, our captors really know a thing or two about technology, and Nathan never struck me as the mechanical expert.” he said.

Andy snickered, “Yeah, It’s probably a big achievement for him if he manages to change the batteries of his vibrator.” he joked, and both guys laughed.

“But if it isn’t him…then who is?” Andy asked.

Jake shrugged and looked into the hallway ahead of them. “Maybe we’ll find some more clues along the way.” he said, while he started walking again. Andy followed him.

Cody and Valentine had entered the new hallway, the door shut behind them and forced them to go forward. The hallway was illuminated with TL lights in the ceiling, it was about 2 meters in width and very long, the next room was not in view yet. The magnetism on the wristbands of the guys was not yet activated, so the guys had a bit more freedom in their movements. Apart from some cameras, the hallway was empty and no sideways were to be seen, so Cody and Valentine made their way through the hallway.

“I’m sorry, I failed us.” Cody spoke softly, “If I hadn’t fallen down in the obstacle course, I would have finished first and we would still be in the lead.”

Valentine looked at Cody and laid his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself man,” Valentine spoke soothing, “You did the best you could, and hey, you lost against Andy, the beast of the Buffalo’s, that’s not a shame.”

Cody’s lips formed into a sly smile when he looked into Valentine’s eyes, “But still, you had to be strapped into that…thing… the entire time.” he said.

Valentine chuckled, “Oh, hehe, It wasn’t so bad, It actually felt…pretty good.” he said, with his cheeks growing red.

Cody’s smile grew wider, “Was it…was it that good?” he asked a bit surprised.

Valentine made a goofy smile and nodded, “Holy shit man, it was amazing!” he said, “Pretty scary at first but after a little while it was…just…just great! Never knew a dick inside me would feel so good.” Valentine said enthusiastically.

Cody casino şirketleri blushed, remembering how he fingered Valentine earlier. Seeing him sweat and twitch under his hand, it was the hottest thing Cody had ever seen. He could only imagine how his friend had looked taking all those fake dicks in his sleek, hot ass.

After a short silence, Cody spoke, “When we get out of here I…I…I want you to fuck me.” Cody said, surprised by his own words.

Valentine stopped walking, looked back at Cody with a confused face, he had never expected this of his friend. Just when Cody thought that Valentine would be angry and started shouting at him, Valentine stepped forward and pushed Cody against the wall.

Cody stood with his back to the wall, with Valentine just an inch away from him, his large strong arms surrounded Cody. “So, you have seen a few fake dicks and we kissed for a short while, and now you already long for my cock.” Valentine spoke, low and seductively.

Cody got goosebumps from Valentine’s talking, he laid his hands on Valentine’s hairy, muscled chest, feeling the heat radiate from it. “I have been a very bad boy.” Cody spoke, looking the taller man in the eye while rubbing his chest, “I deserve a hard lesson.” Cody smiled.

Valentine smirked and brought his lips to Cody’s mouth. “Let’s teach you how to behave,” he growled and kissed Cody on the lips.

The boys kissed each other passionately for a while, both of them surprised and aroused by their actions. Both guys were 100% straight, but this just felt so right, plus they were raging hard the entire time, so who could blame them.

Cody panted when Valentine placed his lips on his neck and started jerking Cody’s meat. “Valentine…please…please stop.” Cody said, “We have to continue this game.”

“But I want you so bad.” Valentine panted, stroking Cody harder, “Don’t be a cockblock now.” he said.

“No, please, don’t make me cum! We have to win this game.” Cody said. Valentine sighed but realized Cody was right. He stopped pleasuring Cody and released him. Cody came a bit closer to Valentine and laid his hand on his chest, “Once we get out of here, I am yours.” he smirked.

“I’ll keep you to that promise.” Valentine smirked, squeezing Cody’s tight, (still) virgin ass, as the guys walked further through the hallway.

After a little while, Andy and Jake took a turn to the right and another one to the left. They came to a dead-end in the hallway. They could see the door on the other side of the hallway, but the way to the door was blocked by a thick fence in the middle of the hallway.

Andy grabbed the bars of the fence, tensed his muscles, and tried to get some motion into it, but it was just a waste of energy. He did notice something though, on the other side of the fence was not just the exit door. On the right was a large steel door as well with a red dot painted on it, Andy looked at the wall on the left and saw the same red dot painted on the wall, at around his waist height.

“Hey look,” Jake said, “Another one of these.”

Andy turned around and saw Jake standing near the wall on the right of the hallway. 4 holes were to be seen in the wall, also at waist height, 4 dots had been painted above them. A red one, a blue, green, and yellow. Above the 4 holes, several small TV screens were hanging, each one showing some kind of room that they hadn’t encountered yet.

Andy and Jake turned around and looked at the wall on the left on this side of the hallway. A large TV screen was placed on the wall, that would probably show their time again, some camera’s in the corners, and another red dot was painted on the wall, at waist height. One red dot on this side of the wall and one red dot on the other side of the fence, also one on the side door on the other side. The guys slowly started to figure out what needed to happen, if they would stick their cock in the hole with the red dot above, the door would probably open.

“Welcome to your next challenge boys.” The voice spoke over the intercom again. “Before we begin we want to show you something, turn your attention to the large TV screen.” the voice said.

Andy and Jake looked at the screen where a video was being played. It was a match of football, Andy and Jake soon realized it was their team that was playing against the Red Tigers.

“The ball is in possession of the Blue Buffalo’s!” The commentator was speaking while following the game. “Andy Redfield passes the ball to Brad Jackson and…Oh! he didn’t catch it, he wasn’t even paying attention!”

Andy and Jake looked at each other, both knowing too well that this match had been a disaster.

“Jackson grabs the ball and runs, though he is short on time. Valentine Battaglia tackles Jackson…Jackson throws, just in time!” the commentator continued. “Jake Adams catches! But he has to decide fast! he passes the ball to Thompson…but…Thompson is surrounded, what is Adams thinking?! Owh! Cody Davids of the Red Tigers caught the ball! What a joke! Frank, I don’t know what the Blue Buffalo’s are casino firmaları playing, but it certainly ain’t football!”

The video stopped, the screen turned black again. Andy and Jake looked down at the ground, ashamed that they had to be reminded of this humiliating loss.

“Such a horrible play by you guys, no strategy, no setup plan, no mutual communication, you were just…doing something.” the distorted voice said.

Jake rolled his eyes, “Well, thanks for the lecture, but what does this have to do with our current situation?!” he asked mad.

“The reason for this video is because we are going to put these skills to the test.” the voice continued. “You guys should know that during a match, everyone needs to know what is going on and what he has to do, even if you can’t directly communicate.

Your main concern is getting that fence open, so you can go to the next room. I’m sure you have seen the 4 holes in the wall, each one of them has a different colored dot above them. The dot above the hole dictates which door will open. For example, the red hole opens up the crawl space in the wall and the door on the other side of the fence.”

Andy and Jake looked at the red dots that were painted on the wall, one on their side of the fence and one on the other side. Also, they remembered the red dot on the side door.

“The side door leads to a room with various other doors that you can open by sticking your raging cocks into the right hole.” the voice continued, “However, for the doors to stay open, the hole must stay filled with your meat. If you pull back, the appointed door will close.”

Jake looked at the holes and to the red dots on the wall, hiding the crawl space. Now it started to make sense to him, this challenge was designed so only one of them could go behind the fence and the other one had to stay behind.

“One of you has to go through the crawl space and enter the other room, while one stays behind to operate the…control panel.” The voice said, “I am sure you have seen the screens above the holes. When one of you is in the other room, the other one who stays behind can see him on screen. But keep in mind, the cameras do not show the color of the doors that need to be opened.

And I shall spoil one thing more, the cameras in the other room don’t transfer sound. So the one staying behind will be able to see the other one on the screen, but not hear him. And remember that also the doors are made of soundproof material, so you’ll need to find other ways to communicate. At the end of the room, you will find a lever that will open the fence and allow both of you to continue. You have 900 seconds to complete this task. Good luck guys.” the voice said before ending the message.

The number ‘900’ appeared on the screen and was counting down. Before Andy could say anything, Jake looked at him. “You’re going into the crawl space,” he said, “You owe me one for taking those dicks.”

Andy sighed, “Fine,” he said and walked to the red dot on the wall. Jake stood in front of the 4 holes and placed himself in front of the red one. He grabbed his cock, aimed it on the hole, and shoved it in in one go.

The insides of the hole massaged Jake’s cock, the supple, moist material made kneading movements over his meat. At the same time, the crawl space had opened, it was a round hole, about 30 inches in diameter. Andy’s eyes widened when he looked at the crawlspace, it was filled with pink, flexible looking material. There was a large seam in the middle of the material that was about 25 inches in length but very narrow. All of this looked like a Pink Lady fleshlight, only then in a huge size.

“Andy what are you doing? Crawl in!” Jake said, realizing that Andy still hadn’t moved a muscle.

“In here?!” Andy asked a little uncertain, Jake looked back and saw the Pink Lady crawl space with his own eyes.

“They will put us through more fucked up shit!” Jake moaned from the sensation that his own cock was receiving. “Hurry up, you’re wasting time!” Jake said.

Andy realized that Jake was right. He placed his hands in the seam and tried to push it further open, which went surprisingly well. The silicone-like material felt soft, flexible, and supple and adjusted to Andy’s movements rather fast. Andy stuck his head and his upper body in and crawled into this weird Pink Lady crawl space.

Andy was halfway in the crawl space, he used his arms to crawl forward. The material was sleek, moist, and even warm, each time Andy moved his arm, he took threads of lube and slimy goo with him. The inside of the crawlspace was a little illuminated into a pink light. Andy was a rather large and bulky guy, but the insides of the crawl space adjusted perfectly to his large frame. Despite this, he moved slowly, it was not very easy crawling to such a surrounding. It also wasn’t helping that this crawl space felt wonderful on his aching boner. Each time Andy moved, his dick rubbed over the soft, wet, and warm material of the crawl space.

“Andy! Can you hear me!?” Jake yelled in the direction of the crawl space.

“Loud güvenilir casino and clear!” Andy yelled back and crawled further, he noticed he made a turn, so he guessed he was halfway there.

“How are you holding up?” Jake asked.

“It’s okay!” Andy yelled, “A little hard to move in here but it’s okay!” he said while crawling through the pink slimy silicone tunnel.

“What’s it like in there?” Jake asked curiously.

Andy chuckled and moaned as he felt his body and cock rub over the pink material, drenched in the warm lube. “So fucking good!” Andy replied, “It’s a fucked up weird thing, but it’s amazing!” he moaned.

While Andy crawled further through the slimy, slippery crawl space, Jake was struggling to keep himself from cumming as well. He had to keep his cock in this weird hole, or else the crawl space would close, and he didn’t want to do that to Andy. Though it wasn’t in any way easy, the inside of this thing just felt amazing. Just like the one he encountered in the first room, only this time he had to keep his dick inside.

A sound on Jake’s left was to be heard, behind the fence. Jake looked to his left and saw Andy’s arms stick out, a few seconds later his head. Andy gasped for air and pushed his body out of the Pink Lady crawl space, pulling thick threads of slime and lube with him that stuck on his body. It had a weird resemblance to childbirth from Jake’s perspective.

Andy slid out of the crawl space on the other side of the fence and fell on the ground, sweaty, drenched in lube, and super horny. “Oh god! That’s over.” he panted while laying on the warm floor.

Jake took his dick out of the red hole, which made the crawl space and the red side door close. Andy stood up, and Jake walked to the fence while looking at the large screen, ‘761’ seconds remained and still counting.

Andy looked at the closed side door with the red dot and walked to the fence. “You need to open that door man, I need to go to that other room, remember?” Andy said when the guys were facing each other with the fence separating them.

Jake shook his head, “Hang on just a minute, we can’t just rush in, we need a plan.” he said. “Remember what the video showed us, we lacked strategy and communication. When you are in there, I won’t be able to hear you on camera, so I will not know which door to open next.” Jake said.

Andy looked at his friend, he had a good point, but he wasn’t really the man with the plan himself. “What would you suggest I’ll do?” Andy asked.

“Well err… do you know sign language?” he asked, on which Andy replied with a firm shaking of his head. Jake was thinking hard while the seconds passed by, this task could be very difficult without a proper plan.

“I’ve got it!” Jake said after a little while. Jake made a step back and raised his right arm in the air. “When it is a green door I’ll need to open, you do this to the camera,” he said, he dropped his right arm and raised his left. “This one for yellow.”

Jake raised both arms, “This one for blue,” and Jake stretched both arms sideways, “This one for green.” he finished.

Andy seemed to understand the plan and repeated the signals in his head, “Alright, I got them.” he said and looked at the time screen, ‘697’ seconds remaining. “You’ll open the red door, I have to make haste if we want to win this!” Andy said.

Jake reacted quickly, he stuck his cock back in the red hole, and the side door opened. Andy didn’t waste any time either, he ran through the door, into the next room.

“What do you see?!” Jake yelled. He still had his dick inside the red hole so the door was still open, allowing communication.

Andy looked around the new room. It was 2 by 2 meters, but no other door was seen. There was a narrow pathway on the other side, Andy guessed he had to squeeze through it. “No door here yet!” Andy said back. “Get your dick out, keep yourself from cumming! Keep your eyes on the screens, I’ll sign back when I’ve found the door!”

Andy walked into the room and the door closed behind him. He inspected the pathway in front of him, it was about 15 inches wide, and it seemed to be filled with the same material that was in the crawl space. Andy turned his body and moved sideways into the pathway. As the crawl space he was in earlier, also these walls adjusted to his body, and also felt warm, moist, and slimy.

Andy moved through relatively easy because he didn’t have to crawl and the wall was rather flexible. But keeping himself from cumming was hard, with this supple Pink Lady material sliding over his over sensitive dick. With every step he took, Andy felt the soft, moist wall touch his sensitive flesh. He groaned lowly from the weird but amazing sensations.

Andy inhaled and smelled something familiar, he smelled the aroused scent of a woman. His eyes widened a little, ‘How the hell am I smelling this? How did these guys add this to their little game?’ Andy thought. But honestly, he wasn’t complaining, he loved the intoxicating sexual scent of women. Andy stood still, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply, the smell made his head spin and increased his arousal big time. He wanted nothing more than to stay here and dry hump this weird wall, but he remembered that Jake was waiting for him and the clock was ticking. Andy gathered his mind and moved further through the pathway.

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