Ever Been Propositioned

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I worked in The Hague; after Luca returned to Italy to work in his father’s factory in Milano, Sundays were quite. This Sunday, for a change, I took a 30 minute train ride into Amsterdam. After arriving at Centraal station I walked in the general direction of Dam Square, where I was propositioned.

By being asked how much; ok it was a hot day, I was wearing rather short shorts; so was he. Taken by surprise; I asked what for/where (not a good choice of words). He said have fun at my hotel; it was an exclusive and expensive hotel. I said sorry. He said ok; how about a coffee we are both alone here. His English was perfect with a Nordic accent, turned out he was Swedish, his name Bjorn, 45 years old. I was approaching thirty at the time.

We went to an outdoor cafe for coffee and got chatting. I commented during the conversation on it being a hot day, he said his hotel had a swimming pool. Did I want to go and sit at it. I said yes. Don’t know why but I did. We went there, talking as we went, I mentioned that I did not have any swimwear with me. He said it’s ok he can arrange it. We arrived casino şirketleri at the hotel; he got his key and we went over to the hotel shop. The swimwear was their but was all rainbow patterns; it turned out it was an expensive but gay orientated hotel.

The shop staff came over, Bjorn told them what we wanted, and then the shop assistant’s started to measure us up. Never experienced that before when buying swimwear; quite an enchanting and exhilarating experience. A few minutes later they brought two pairs of matching swimwear, rainbow colour, and asked us to try them on behind the screens. We did they were a perfect fit. He charged them both to his room.

He then invited me to his room to get changed and go to the pool. I felt very comfortable in his presence. We arrived at his room, which had a private veranda and entrance to the pool area. We got changed together and were both standing there in our matching rainbow swimwear. He looked at me and gestured with his hand to join him in his big bed. Felt ok about it. Slipped off my swimwear, first, he followed; we both casino firmaları lay on the bed. Did a bit of exploration getting to know each other, he liked touching and had a nice way about doing it.

Time arrived for the next stage, not my favorite position but had done it a few times before. He fitted protection, pulled pillows in position for me to rest on, and applied warmed oil. Then slowly engaged with me, ever so gently, no pain only gentle pressure. Slowly he started to undulate, ever so gently, I really enjoyed it, him too, gradually he started to show signs of Cuming, and he did with two or three final lunges. We rolled over smiled and he gestured my turn.

We changed positions and I started, not as good as him, his experience showed; a few times he said slowly and gentle. After what seemed a long time I started to feel that I was about to cum too. I did. We both rolled over again, relaxed. We did it another time before going for a shower together, before going to the pool. We enjoyed the afternoon sun and a few beers as we sat there, very relaxed in each other’s company. güvenilir casino We noticed others were there, equally relaxed in each other’s company.

We went back to his room for another relaxing session. We showered together, again, afterwards, changed and went to the cafeteria for something to eat. He paid again; he insisted.

Later he walked me back for my train, nice night, handed me a hotel bag with my swimwear in it, the hotel had washed and dried them. Got my train home, looked in the bag the swimwear was their and an envelope with a thousand Swedish Crown note in it.

We had exchange phone numbers as he went to Amsterdam and The Hague on business quite often. We met once or twice a month to start with, sometimes at his hotel in The Hague or Amsterdam or my apartment; he also often stayed there at weekends when he could. No matter how many times I said no money; after he left I would find a thousand Crown note he had left somewhere.

We are still good friends, finally got him to stop leaving money, nice but embarrassing. Turned out he was a partner in a Swedish Tax Law firm contracted to the oil company I worked for. Apparently in Sweden this is tax deductible. Over the next two years we attended as a couple some high class public social affairs. They are stories unto themselves. Maybe one day I will write about them too.

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