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“Let’s go. 34. Up and at ’em!”

The familiar loud buzzer on the lock to his door flooded the small room. 34’s tall, lean frame unfolded as he rose to his feet. The door opened and the short, stocky attendant walked in with an attempt to make an imposing presence. 34 wasn’t impressed or excited in the least. He knew the attendant meant no harm and was likely power tripping. 34 only smirked. He knew he was the one that had the more plush existence. All this, the facility, the staffers, the wonderful meals, the boundless reading, movies and video games, the incredible athletic facility – it was all for him. Well, him and the countless others that were housed here. If he wanted anything he only need to request it and it was given to him. There were only a few rules he’d learned to abide by: do as your told, no talking to the staff. Otherwise, what he wanted he got. He was treated like a rock star when it came to fulfilling his wishes. All he had to do was ask for it.

The attendant walked to him and clipped the leash to 34’s collar. It was part of the routine, part of protocol, part of the process. It wasn’t needed. He knew what was expected of him and he was more than willing to oblige. The staffers that worked with him were accommodating and did everything they could to make his life here enjoyable and pleasurable. The staff knew a contented provider produced a higher quality output.

34 strolled down the hall with the attendant a pace or two in front of him. This was his production and he was the star. The shorter attendant lead 34 to the familiar collections room at the end of the concrete corridor and hooked his leash over the cable suspended in the room. The attendant waddled back to the control box and hoisted the cable up above 34’s reach. It was an act that gave a semblance of confinement and control, but 34 knew the collections staffer wouldn’t be long.

He knew from experience it was one of three possible staffers working this time of day. It was either the tall, leggy brunette staffer that was about his age and loved to wear all manner of makeup (she was always sporting a new look); the slightly older, experienced lady that had a slightly above average rack; or the shorter, new staffer that was still unsure of the whole collections process. He knew the new girl would learn over time, but it still made for some awkward experiences. 34 stood, staring at the blank wall mindlessly waiting for the staffer’s footsteps to enter the room.

He didn’t have to wait long before he heard the heavy stride of the older lady. Heavy may not be the right way to describe her stride. She wasn’t fat necessarily – “old sarge”, as he liked to call her, was fatter and far more rough and gruff with the providers. 34 didn’t care for “sarge” as much. No, this lady with him today was pleasant enough. She had a decent chest on her, she carried herself well, always looked and smelled nice, and was usually willing to do whatever it took to ensure 34 gave his best. She wasn’t necessarily the nicest of the bunch, but she wasn’t the rudest or most robotic either. Some staffers – the “nice ones” as they were known – seemed to really relish their job as much as the providers enjoyed … providing – yeah, those were the nice one. This lady was somewhere in between – not mechanical but not overly into it. What she was, was older and experienced. She knew her way around the providers the way a farmer knows his crops or a rancher knows their livestock. She knew what sort of biological tricks it took for them to give her their best. The whole process was very scientific to her. It wasn’t erotic. It wasn’t a personal connection for her. No, she casino şirketleri just knew her job and knew what tricks to use for her to do her job well.

34 realized long ago this was part of the equation. It was all a means to an end for him and the staffers, for the whole facility really. The entire enterprise came down to the interactions between staffer and provider right here in this room – day in, day out, day and night, all year long. If it meant living out his days in a quite blissful experience to give a little of himself every day, he was happy to do it. Some people sweat and toil so they can have a comfortable life. 34 did sweat at times, but his toiling was done for him – and in quite a pleasurable way. He may not have volunteered for the role when he first came here, but he enjoyed his role. It gave him satisfaction to know he had more control than he first realized. He realized he was a prized provider, and knowing all that helped him produce even better.

“Hellooooo, 34,” she seemed to sing out. “How are you today?”

“Man, she’s chipper,” he thought. He knew her question was rhetorical as he was forbidden from speaking out – either to staffers or attendants. He just grinned a half-grin and cocked his head to the side.

The staffer set her tray down, picked up the scanner and scanned the label on the cup and then the code on his collar. “There we go,” she said, returning the scanner to the tray. She carefully put on her gloves and picked up the cup and tube of gel. “And… so how should we do this today?” she asked aloud. She walked over to the control box by the door and lowered the cable and leash. 34 remained in place until told what to do. She walked back to 34, stepped in front of him, and removed his shirt. She took a moment to admire his svelte, handsome physique. She walked around him, stood behind him, and lowered his elastic scrub pants to his knees. “Kick those off, please.” 34 did as he was told and kicked his pants into a pile atop his shirt.

She walked over to the exam table in the corner where she usually worked with him except this time instead of telling him to get on the table, she sat on the edge of the table. “Come here to me,” she said. He took two steps toward her and stood in front of her. His thick tool beginning to awaken at the prospect of what was to come. His balls hung heavy with his product, ready for release. “Turn around,” she told him. He complied. She reached her gloved hands out and pulled him in closer by his shoulders. With her bootie-covered feet, she wrapped her legs around his muscular, athletic thighs to hold him close. Her arms wrapped around his chest and felt his well-developed chest. Slowly she glided her hands over his sensitive nipples and traced the outline of his muscular build.

He was a human thoroughbred. Well cared for, exercised and fed for peak performance, and scientifically bred to produce optimum offspring. While this was certainly just a job for her and not one that she got romantically or personally invested in, what was wrong with admiring such a beautiful creature? He was after all the very definition of peak masculinity and virility. Alas, it was her job to pleasure this creature in new and exciting ways that kept him happy, fulfilled, and eager for more.

With him locked in her embrace, she glided her hands down his strong abdominal muscles, cruised along his impressive V shaped path down to his sizable groin. Again, she never got attached to the producers, but they were remarkable. On the outside, she never saw any body as remarkable as his, certainly never at home in her bedroom. Down, down, down she explored until she casino firmaları reached her destination. His large, well-functioning testicles hung low. All his hair was removed as was protocol for all producers here at the facility so his sack was soft and smooth. The sizable balls filled her hands as she felt their mass. This was just the warm up to get this stallion going. His experienced phallus was certainly awakened now and yearned for attention. With one hand she traced a finger along the base of his balls, up, up and around to his thick, growing penis.

34’s eyes gazed downward and watched her expertly maneuver his body teasing out his sought after seed. Gently she rubbed the side of his shaft with the back of her fingers encouraging him onward to full size.

She let go to reach behind him and he heard the familiar sound of the lubricating gel so often used at the facility squirt into her gloved hand. He listened as she rubbed her mature hands together to warm the gel. It was just another way they took care of him. Every little action she did was done to encourage a full delivery of product. She hed been internally trained for this by the facility and was experienced in teasing out what things worked best with each producer.

She reached back around and 34 looked on as her gloved hands returned to his groin, ready to coax him to delivery. With one hand she smoothed the warmed gel along his shaft while the other gripped the head. She placed her chin over his shoulder. Close enough he could feel her breath. She began to whisper to him.

“Now, I’m going to need you to relax and let momma do the work here, 34. Okay?”

He nodded.

“This may take a little bit, but in the end it’ll be worth it, alright? You just relax, be a good sport and I’ll take care of what you’re after, mkay?”

Again, he nodded.

She continued stroking his member slowly, whispering to him and giving him encouraging moans in his ear. She was getting him to full size. He was still growing. He was almost fully erect when he saw another staffer walk in the open door. It was the tall, leggy staffer – the one with the makeup.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said.

“Not at all, honey. He’s my last one for the shift,” his attending staffer replied.

“Oh, well, go right ahead. I thought I was going to start with 34, but if you’re going to work him, be my guest.” With that she took a seat in one of the chairs in the room to enjoy a little unexpected down time. She pulled out her phone and began to check her messages.

34 was rather intrigued and grew harder. Usually it was just one of them in the room expertly doing their work but now 34 could take in the tall staffer while being serviced by the older one with nice hands. The tall staffer stared at her phone as if she was in a waiting room someplace and there wasn’t a naked, handsome stud just a few feet from her receiving a professional handjob from behind.

The older nurse continued her business working on him. She felt him surge with excitement when he realized the younger nurse was staying in the room. 34 was visually taking her in while the older nurse continued to whisper to him. “Uh-oh, 34’s got a little eye candy for today, doesn’t he? Does he like those long, young, smooth legs under that uniform? I bet 34 wishes he could have a go at her, doesn’t he?” She felt him as hard as he’d ever been. She could feel his guttural growls deep inside him. He wasn’t quite vocalizing them, they were somewhat involuntary. “Oh yeah, he does. I can feel it. I bet he’d ravage her with his big strong cock.”

“What would you do, 34? Huh? If you could have your way with güvenilir casino my pretty young coworker, huh?” she whispered softly in his ear. “Would you bend her over this table here? Would you take her on the floor or the counter? Maybe you’d make her moan uncontrollably while you sired her. Would you like that, 34? Are you my big amped up stud read to breed my coworker? Huh, 34? Is that was this cock wants? Some of that young pussy?”

She could feel his fiery passion building up as she smoothly and expertly stroked his hardon while he soaked in the lovely young woman before him. With one hand she grasped his shaft, the other was wrapped around him and fondling his balls. With the close embrace she had him in, she could feel his muscles tighten and relax, tighten and relax. With his cute buttocks nestled against her inner thighs in her embrace, she could feel his heat and clenching cheeks as she coaxed him ever closer.

When the younger staffer had finished with her phone, she looked up to see 34 being pleasured by her coworker; his gaze fixed on her. She stood up and approached 34 while in the midst of his build-up. Unlike the other staffer, this one enjoyed the attention. After all, the older producers like 34 were almost her age – she still had a couple years on the oldest. She basked in their attention and loved the control she had over the pleasures of the young men in her charge. She cocked her head to one side, seductively curled the tip of her tongue to her lip and walked beside the examining table. She picked up the cup the other staffer had at the ready and returned to stand in front of 34 with the cup and popped open the lid.

“Now, 34. You’ve been over here staring at me for a good while. Do you think you can be a good boy and fill up this cup for us? We sure would appreciate you giving us as much as you can.”

The older staffer felt his entire body stiffen as the other staffer put on for him and assisted with his build-up.

“That’s it, 34,” said the young staffer. “Get it out here for us to see. Let me have all that built up cum. Shoot that big load in my little, tiny cup here.” She tucked her chin and arched her shoulders back to accentuate her small but still tantalizing chest for his hungry eyes. “Give it to me right … here.”

The older staffer felt his urgency.

She hurried her pace and reached down to press on his taint to encourage a bigger load. She rubbed it in small circles while the other hand pumped his shaft to release his load. The younger staffer continued teasing and enticing him. She noticed his body tensing and the willing hands working his manhood to the brink. She cooed and seductively and encouraging moaned a little as she held the cup in position to catch his load as it rushed forth in strong, heaping ropes. His body was fully tensed. His buttocks clenched in the embrace of the staffer behind him. Before him, the object of his desire caught his load.

34 was one of the facilities biggest givers, producing about fifty percent more than the average. He didn’t fail to disappoint this day either. Having emptied his contents into the waiting cup at the encouragement of two females, 34 collapsed into the older woman’s embrace, woozy from the intensity of this production.

The tall, younger staffer gave 34 a smile and wink, snapped the lid closed, placed it on the tray on the counter, and walked out.

“Ok, up you go, big guy,” the staffer told him as she gave his bare ass a quick smack. She removed her gloves and threw them in the trash. “Put your clothes back on, the attendant will take it from here.”

She gave him a minute to get sorted out as she gathered up the things on the tray.

As she was walking out the door the short attendant walked to the door to lead the spent stud back to his room to recuperate. “Wow, that was a first,” he thought and hoped it wouldn’t be the last!

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