Fairy Gobblers Pt. 03

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Vince and Thomas set out to Vince’s hiding spot to visit the fairies shortly after lunch. They had told everyone that they were taking a long hunting trip and would be gone all for a few days. Everyone believed that they were hunting in areas away from the foothills so no one gave them a hard time about where they would be. Their plan was to camp for a few days near the clearing and let the fairy gobblers milk them dry night after night. It was Thomas’ idea to stay multiple nights. He told Vince that for every night that he camped and didn’t see a fairy, he would screw Vince’s sister. He pledged to stay an entire week and would make Vince watch him fuck his sister 7 times. Vince was getting tired of the constant reminders that Thomas wanted to fuck his sister, but he knew the fairies would be there so he tolerated it.

The two set up camp at the site where Vince has spent so many evenings enjoying his fairy friends. It was still early, so there were no fairy’s around to distract them or entertain them as they set up camp.

“Where are the fairies, stupid Vince?” Thomas goaded.

“Be patient, we have a few hours. Let’s set up camp, eat and go for a swim.” Vince replied.

“I don’t want to swim, I want to fuck a fairy. I want to fuck a hot one and make her have half human half fairy babies.”

“That’s not how it works, Thomas. They will come to us to eat, not for fucking as you call it. Just be still like I told you and let them do the rest. If you try to touch, she may bite you.”

“If it bites me, I’m going to fuck it in the ass and kill it!” Thomas barked proudly. “And when I’m done with it, I’m going after your sister to fuck her in the ass. That’s what you’ll have to watch for me getting bit.”

Vince was regretting bringing Thomas to the foothills. He knew Thomas was a bully, but was hoping that having an outlet for his pent up sexual frustrations would help him.

“Suit yourself. I’m going to eat and go for a swim. Go hump a rock if you want, but the fairies won’t be here for another few hours. Hopefully one will bite your dick off.” Vince said angrily.

Thomas knew he’d crossed a line, but didn’t know what he’d said that made Vince angry. He knew to stay quiet for a bit to let Vince cool off. They finished setting up camp, had an early dinner and went for a swim. Vince said few words until after they were back in camp, each laying on a blanket waiting for the fairies to arrive.

“You can have the first fairy that comes out. I’ll warn you again, keep your hands still and just let her do everything.” Vince said with a stern tone. Thomas knew to stay quiet. He still didn’t believe any fairies would come out but he didn’t want Vince to be angry with him any longer. He was hoping that by the end of the night it would be Vince sucking his dick and that the fairy story was just a way to get him to go camping.

They heard the bushes rustling and looked across the clearing. Ianaa peeked into the clearing but didn’t come out. She knew Vince was there but was wary of Thomas.

“Hello, Ianna, come eat.” Vince said gently.

“Thank you, fairy hungry” she said cautiously, “fairy safe, Vinsch?”

“Yes, you’re safe, this is my friend, Thomas. Friend. You can eat.”

“Thank you Vinsch, Thank you Tomsh.” Ianna said as she walked toward Vince.

“Me first!” Thomas demanded, frightening Ianna. She ran back to the edge of the clearing and waited cautiously.

Angrily, Vince looked at Thomas. Thomas knew Vince was not to be pushed when he was angry.

“Thomas, shut the fuck up, lay down and don’t move or say another thing for the rest of the night. I don’t care if you catch on fire. Do. Not. Move. Or. Say. Another. Fucking. Word.” Vince whispered. Thomas had never heard a whisper that had such an ominous tone. He escort bayan immediately laid down with an angry grunt.

“You said I was first.” Thomas mumbled.

“It’s OK, Ianna, this idiot means no harm. He has brain damage and may not make it through the night, but he won’t hurt you. Come eat.”

“Fairy not understand. Fairy hungry. Thanks Vinsh. Fairy not understand first, not understand.”

“Its OK Ianna. Thomas wants you to eat. Come eat.” Vince said soothingly. He motioned Ianna to go to Thomas to eat.

The little fairy moved cautiously to Thomas and Thomas stayed still except for lifting his head to watch her as she came closer. She was healthy and had a lean but well fed body from Vince’s many visits. Both Thomas and Vince could see the hunger in her eyes. Her breasts bounced and swayed hypnotically when she walked. Thomas opened his legs and she lightly touched his feet with each hand as she dropped to her knees and moved between his legs. Thomas pulled the blanket off his body and the fairy smiled when she saw how hard his tool was and saw the twinkle of pre-cum at the opening of his cock. She tossed her head and flung her hair so that it was off her shoulders and rested on her back.

Vince was getting horny watching the little fairy getting ready to go to work. Thomas’ cock was throbbing and he couldn’t take his eyes off the fairy whose face was getting closer to his erection. His cock was so hard that the skin of the head was stretching and purple. He was so horny that he could feel his prostate starting to spasm and his anus was puckering almost painfully. The little fairy barely got his cock into her soft little throat before Thomas exploded his tension into her mouth. Ianna stayed still as wave after wave of cum filled her stomach. She was happy to have so much warm food in her stomach without having to work for it. She giggled a sweet little laugh as fairies do when they’re eating but Thomas was embarrassed at how quickly he’d cum and took insult to the giggle. He pulled abruptly away from her and covered himself with his blanket.

The sudden movement frightened her, and she jumped away and onto Vince for safety. Vince laid still and let her relax. He consoled her and told her everything was OK. The pretty little fairy calmed down quickly and sat on Vince’s leg .

“Thank you Tomsh, for fast meal. Fairy was hungry, fairy was tired.” Thomas said nothing.

“Are there other fairies close by, Ianna?” Vince asked

“Many fairies. Hungry fairies.” she replied

“Tell them to come eat. We will be here waiting. We will feed the fairies.”

“Thank you Vinsh, Ianna will tell.”

Ianna made some innocent and sweet chittering sounds. Thomas and Vince couldn’t tell where the sound was coming from, only that Ianna was making the sounds. She walked to the edge of the clearing and disappeared for a few minutes. There was more rustling, more chittering and Ianna came back into the clearing with another fairy. She was smaller than Ianna and was very thin from not eating as well as Ianna. Ianna was helping the fairy walk.

“Vince, this fairy hungry. Fairy tired. Can you feed? Fairy frightened of humans. Fairy hungry, fairy tired.”

“Yes. Of course.” Thomas said. He felt bad for the pretty new fairy and slid his blanket off to let her eat. Ianna helped her walk close enough and Vince reached out to help. The weak little fairy was startled, but Ianna made more chittering noises and the fairy relaxed and Vince pulled her to him.

Vince laid on his back and watched Ianna and the new fairy get comfortable. Ianna held the smaller fairy and scooped her hair back and held it in her hand. With the other hand, Ianna grabbed Vince’s cock roughly and pulled it to her friends mouth. Ianna was very aggressive in holding his cock and was more kocaeli escort bayan aggressive in pressing her friend’s mouth over the swollen tool. Vince enjoyed watching as the little fairy’s throat swelled around him and Ianna pushed her head down hard onto him. He could feel Ianna’s little hand tickling his balls and taint while the other hand held the other fairy’s head in place. Ianna knew playing with Vince’s balls and taint would make him release his seed faster so she rubbed her hands and little body on him as much as she could.

He moved to get a better view and could see the pretty fairy breasts pressed against him. He could feel the little hand scrubbing his taint and could see that the weak and desperate little fairy was trying to move her hands around to help get him off as quickly as possible. She moved her little hand over his balls and down his taint. Vince’s head rolled back. He loved having the tickle of tiny hands on his taint. He tensed his body and all of the cum that he had been saving for the last few days erupted into the fairy’s mouth. He could see the fairy’s little tummy swell as he unloaded into her.

The little fairy collapsed and fell beside Vince and Ianna moved to keep her head up so she wouldn’t vomit up the stomach full of semen. Vince gently helped move her onto the warm soft pile of clothing nearby.

“Ianna, what’s her name?” Vince asked “Poor thing is starving.”

“Fairy name Rittne. Fairy hungry, fairy tired.” Ianna answered.

“Rittneycan stay here and I will feed her again soon.” Vince replied.

“Other fairies here, hungry fairies.” Ianna told him.

Thomas and Vince looked to the edge of the clearing and saw three other little faces peering out of the brush.

Thomas was already hard from watching Ianna and Rittne feeding from Vince.

“Tell them to come eat!” Thomas bellowed, frightening all of the fairies back into the forest.

Ianna immediately started chittering again.

“Dumb Tomsh, loud Tomsh.” she scowled. “They come back. Tomsh stay quiet?” she asked.

“Dumb Thomas, loud Thomas will stay quiet or Vince is going to hurt Dumb Thomas.” Vince said with certain edge in his voice.

One of the frightened fairies came out and after some chittering from her and Ianna, she went to Thomas and began swallowing his cock. Rittne crawled from her napping place back to Vince and knelt between his legs. The two little fairies went to work trying to milk the humans. The two men lay there enjoying their second orgasm of the night and watched the fairies work. When they were done, they said goodbye to the humans and walked away with full bellies.

Thomas and Vince lay still gasping for air and sweating from the orgasms they’d just had. It was dark now and they were exhausted. They drank some of the cheese and bread that they’d saved, and Thomas produced some wine from his pack. They rested and ate, content and happy.

“I think I have one more in me, then I won’t be able to cum again for a week. One more hungry fairy and I’m going to sleep” Vince said with a yawn.

“Me too.” said Thomas. “I hope the next one has big boobs and can say my name right.” he complained. “It will take big boobs to make me cum again. After that I’m done until tomorrow morning.” he boasted.

“There won’t be any fairies in the mor..” Vince stopped when he saw two new fairies walking into the firelight.

Vince had never seen fairies this tall and well built before. They were lean and strong with thicker legs and arms than the other fairies. Their stomachs were flat and hard. They carried small spears and shields. Their breasts were small but perfectly shaped. They had the faces of beautiful, but angry angels. Immediately they knew that these fairies were warriors kocaeli escort and were the best fed fairies in the tribe.

“Fairies hungry.” one of the fairies announced with authority. “Humans friendly?”

“Humans friendly.” both answered. They were a little frightened themselves now, despite being much bigger than both fairy women.

The two fairies set their shields and spears down nearby and tossed the blankets off the humans. They looked at the only slightly engorged cocks and knew that it was going to take effort to get a meal.

“Humans tired?” one asked sharply

“Thomas not tired.” Thomas said looking to both of the beautiful powerful newcomers. “Humans can feed fairies all night.”

“Thank you human.” the other replied and chittered.

The fairies sat on the ground between them men’s legs and started pulling the soft penises into their mouths. The fairies sucked and swallowed forcefully to get the cocks hard again. Slowly the blood started filling the shafts and heads and the warrior fairies’ jaws dislocated slowly with a soft pop and they filled their mouths and throats with cock. The warrior fairies slammed their heads up and down on the cocks to get their reward as quickly as possible, but the humans were slow to deliver after a night of being sucked off by other fairies.

They didn’t have interest in pleasing the men and only wanted a meal. They didn’t want to expend a lot of energy for the calories but were putting in the effort to get fed. Vince could tell that the sounds coming from his partner were sounds of impatience. Thomas knew the same. Vince opened his legs to allow for more space for his fairy to work. He laid back and though about his last time with Toric and how she looked laying on his belly with her legs spread in front on him and her smell as he slammed into her throat. He could feel one of the tiny hands rubbing firmly but gently on his anus and the sensation was more than he could handle. He looked up in surprise at this new sensation.

Thomas was having a difficult time maintaining an erection cumming as well. The night had exhausted him. He was holding onto his blanket and pressing upwards into the fairy’s face. She was becoming more impatient and more aggressive.

Thomas and Vince were enjoying this increasingly rough treatment when they heard the two warriors making their chittering sound to communicate. They didn’t know what was being said but they could tell that there was impatience in the sounds. The sounds stopped and both fairies pressed their faces hard into their partner’s crotches.

Suddenly both fairies swallowed hard and the humans felt the fairies tiny fists penetrating roughly into their asses. The fairies were driving their fists and arms in and out of them like pistons. The fairies knew where the prostate glands were located and were punching into them with each stroke. The fairies got what they wanted and the humans groaned loudly into the night as the last of their energy and the last of their cum was drained from them.

Having always been well fed, the fairies didn’t hold the cocks down waiting for every drop of semen. They took the majority of the load and when the spasms and ropes of jizz stopped, they stopped. They tore the cocks out of their mouths, picked up their spears and shields and walked back into the forest.

“Thats kind of… gross.” Bec said with a sly grin on her face. “Did you just make that up, ya perv?”

“Nope, that’s how the story was told to me. I am just repeating what I heard.” I replied.

“Your aunt told you a sex story about two guys getting fisted by fairies? Your aunt? Told you this?” Bec asked. “You have a f’ed up family, telling things like that. Hahaha!” Bec laughed.

“No, that part of the story was told to me last night by the old guy at the pub after you went to sleep. He was a funny old guy. He warned me to stay out of the foothills. You still want to go?”

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

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