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The room is dark, lit only by flashing light and the music is loud. I can feel it resonate in my chest. There are women dancing, kissing and touching each other. The way they are turns me on and I know I’ve made the right decision to come here to fulfill my fantasy.

I sit at the bar watching and waiting for her to arrive.

You see, I arranged to meet her on a chat site, she would be here soon. I drink my second drink quickly trying to dissipate my nerves. I can do this I tell myself with more confidence than I feel.

Her name is Suka and I see her approach me, her eyes filled with lust. She stands before me and says nothing, she leans in and kisses me gently. Taken aback by her actions I step back, but only for a second, I lean back into her and kiss her and that is our introduction. Lips pressed together, tongues seeking the other. It’s so passionate, onlookers would think we were already lovers.

She pulls away and takes my hand, “Come!” She says and leads me from the bar. She nods knowingly to the staff behind it as she takes me through a door into a darkened corridor.

Excitement builds within me as we walk down the corridor. She stops in front of a door and opens it. The room we enter is just dimly lit and in its centre sits a beautiful ornate bed. She turns to lock the door.

I am stood in what she asked me to wear, a basque, short skirt and stockings. casino şirketleri She comes to me and leads me to the bed. I follow and allow myself to become lost in the feelings of right now and not to think too much about it.

She reaches her hand up to my face and caresses my cheek. I lean in and close my eyes. Her other hand is stroking my bare shoulders and the tops of my heaving breasts. My breath hitches as she does.

She kisses me once more and this time I hold her face as she does.

Her hands travel down my torso and rest on my thighs at the top of the stockings. She lifts my skirt and fingers trail the inside of my thighs. I break the kiss as I throw my head back in pleasure.

“Mmmmmm!” She murmurs.

She unzips my skirt and it pools at my feet. I kick it off along with my shoes. I stand before her in my basque and stockings. My shaven pussy on show as I have no underwear on.

She undoes my basque with my help, so apart from the stockings, I am completely bare to her. She gently pushes me so I fall onto the bed. I lie on my back, anticipation builds within me and already I feel my excitement between my legs. She seductively removes her clothing so she is also naked. I run my eyes over her beautiful body, her nipples have hardened and her body is voluptuous and I can not wait to have her.

She stands and runs her hands over her body, pulling casino firmaları at her nipples and dipping between her legs and rubbing her pussy. My breathing quickens and I find myself mirroring her actions.

She comes on to the bed and sits astride me, I feel her wetness on my thighs. She bends her head and kisses me, my mouth welcomes her tongue and she entwines her hands with mine.

It feels so natural to kiss her. She releases my hands and she moves down my body, kissing me as she goes. I gasp as she takes my hardened nipples into her mouth. She sucks and bites them, causing me to arch my back. Her hand trails over my skin and I feel it between my legs. She rubs my slickness over my clit. Then I feel her fingers delve into my pussy. She moves herself down the bed and her head is nestled between my legs. I feel her tongue lap at my juices and her mouth surround my sensitive clit, sucking it. Her fingers are still buried deep inside me.

The sensations I feel are overwhelming and I can’t help but take my breasts into my hands and pinch and pull at my nipples. I moan as she continues to pleasure me beyond belief. I feel the build up of my climax and I cum hard all over her tongue and fingers.

She moves back up over me and kisses me, I taste myself on her lips. God that is so good. She leans towards my ear and whispers “It’s your turn now. Make me cum!”

She moves güvenilir casino to lie next to me on the bed and I move to sit astride her. I slowly kiss her mouth, her neck, over her chest and take each of her nipples into my mouth and suck and bite them hard. She moans beneath me.

What I am doing feels right and natural as I move my hand down to feel her excitement for me. My fingers find her clit and I rub it gently and then I dip them into her pussy. She arches her back as I push them deeper inside her. I move lower over her delicious body and bend my head down to use my tongue on her sweetness. She tastes so good. Her excitement is making mine build again. She takes hold of my head and pushes my mouth onto her.

I remove my fingers and move my mouth over her sweet opening. I taste her with my tongue and slip it inside her.

“Oh god yes!” She whimpers. I can sense that she is close, so quicken my pace with my tongue as my fingers have found her clit once more. She moans and fidgets beneath me. Her release comes quickly and flows all over me, as it does, my own build up releases once more. Oh fuck that was fantastic.

She pulls me up and kisses me hard, our hands continuing our exploration of each other. We bring each other to climax again and I collapse breathlessly beside her. Our limbs tangled together, the sheen of sweat covers our bodies and the taste of her still on my tongue.

I thank her for giving me my fantasy and she replies by kissing me. I wonder if we will ever do that again. She turns to me as if she can read my mind and says “We will do this again Jane, soon!”

“Yes Suka!” I say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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