fantasy and desires 2

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fantasy and desires 2
Hello everyone I come again with another story part two of asking for fantasy desire….
if you’ve been keeping up with our stories stories between NPHW and my self.. you know our history
what happened how and when where the before and after.. so to continue with this story in this case titled
“ THREE IN ONE ” involving my my “ NPHW ” hubby, Shelley and my self.. as you all know they had something going when he was very young such as we did and do now.. well as you know she came looking for him and well we had something for a weekend then he went back to see her and had something with her for a weekend..
now as you know if you read the last story. To pursuade him to agree with the fantasy i so much desired. I planed a romantic dinner for him and we made love, we got down and dirty and fucked.. so I could persuade him into allowing me to have a threesome with them to which I was fighting against the idea for a very long time but I couldn’t take much longer because rather then have someone else come in and have an affair with someone or having someone coming into our house and jeopardizing our relationship which is so perfect I thought that it woud be a great idea to have shelley come into the equation and involve her to this fantasy of mine. When the decission was made I was unsure of if she would accept or consider the proposal.
I looked her up on social media. Her profile was private I friend requested her, she accepted
when I happened to be online. as she was aswell..I messaged her.
A-N: hello shelley. How are you?
Shelley: i’m great how are you?
A-N: i’m doing wonderful thank you for asking.. the reason i’m messaging you is because I wanted to see you again..
Shelley: oh really.. what brought that on.. why is everything ok with jake…
A-N: yes he’s fine.. don’t worry.. no actually.. I had a questio, a proposition for you..
Shelley: ok.. what is it?
A-N: well… my gosh I don’t even know where to start..
Shelley: just saying straight out..
A-N: being that I know what happened between you and my husband “ nephew ”
Shelley: yeah.,
A-N: you and I had a weekend as well..
Shelley: yes we did and it was amazing.. who knew it would be…
A-N: well.. I have an idea.. due to that and well I know he loved it too.. I know my man.. and he loves me but I know that he is a man of course ( giggles )
well I have to be honest I have not stopped thinking about what you and I did and rather then looking for someone and cheating on him or risking someoen coming in and separate us.. I want you to come to LA and have a threesomeone with us.
Shelley: I see.. wow.. I don’t know what to say.. the naughty me says I get to have his dick in me oust and I get your pussy..on the other hand I don’t want cause any problems and come between the two of you ..
I must admit I love the idea I like women too as much as men…. thanks to you..
A-N: I hope you say yes because I do want yuu and I really don’t want to cheat on him and I love him with all my heart.
Shelley: I know you do.. I saw it in you eyes your head over heels for him.. I don’t blame you he’s a great guy.. well I don’t blame you anymore or judge you..
well I get to be with him and you….
A-N: yes I am….
Shelley: I’m in….
I’d love to join in double the pleasure….
A-N: ok it’s settled I’ll message
you with all the details….
Shelley: if you like I can give you my number so you can call me or text me anytime…
A-N: I think if that’s such a good idea…
Shelley: come on, don’t be silly…whats wrong with just having each others number just talking texting….
A-N: exactly that would technically cheating…
Shelley: nothing would happen that you wouldn’t want to…
A-N: i guess your right but I don’t know…
Shelley: oh come one here mine (###) ###-#### call me anytime or text me… day or night….
A-N: look i got to let you go… my jake just got home….
Shelley: ok gorgeous til next time say hi for me… bye smooches…
Nephew: norma Im home where are you babe?
A/N: in here babe.. in the kitchen…
I was preparing dinner when he comes from behind and kisses my neck and shoulder I turn my head and kiss him the lips….
tongue and everything…
Nephew: mmm smells good…
As he smacks my ass and rolls to the refrigerator to get a beer…
A/N: uuuyy tremendo, that was hard papi…
NPHW ha no te hagas you know you liked it..
As he rolls by me again and this time he squeezes my ass…
He goes off to the living room to watch tv…
A/N: I’ll be right there my hun let me just finish up..
When I came into the living room unexpectedly saw him jerking Off….
A-N: baabe couldn’t you have waited for me! Huh? Need some help with that you naughty bad boy you…
NPHW oh would I…..
A-N: well then let’s see what I can help with this nice cock of yours..
It was so hot that I wore silky like strapless dress High heel sandles. My hair in a tail.
A-N: your lucky I’m not wearing any bra babe….
Ok now let me take over this thick hard beautiful shaped cock that belongs to me anyways
As I bring the top part of my dress down flaunting my still voluptuous firm big breast exposing them to him… I got on my knees in front of him and
As I grab his cock from him and take over
But first I must spit in my hand
Before I jerk him off…
I start by holding his cock with a nice firmly tight grip seemingly squeezing tight but not hurting it just enough to awaken his dick to get him to feel like a heart beat and continued like this for a bit then I slap it a bit I feel a bit of firmness then I proceed to stoke it up and down with one hand with other I massage his balls Under him then i squeeze them too and slowly start to stroke rapidly fastening the pace little by little…
I look at him and he put his head back sign of enjoyment.
I hear him grunting…
A-N: are you ok babe? Do you like what I’m doing mijo?
NPHW uhuh….ooh yeah…..don’t stop….ingatu…

A/N: I won’t babe…. I’m all yours….
I start to give small pecks on top of the head of his hard cock..hen I lick it from bottom to top, top to bottom…
Then suck on it tightly like a popsicle all the way tuzla escort bayan down taking him in deeply into my mouth…
Making loud slurp gagging sounds too..
slllurrrmmmmmpopmmmsluurrrpopmmmpop..slurr.. mmm yumyy
He was breathing hard had his hand holding my head by the hair as I was bobbing up and down sliding his cock in my mouth in and out….
A/N: your cock taste so freaken good babe, it’s delicious mmmm I love it…
You want me to ride it…
NPHW: (Grunt) yes please do…. oh yeah.. uhuh…
A/N: i’m going auntie mode again babe.. i know how much that excites you.. i’m going to be your auntie norma la puta.. your puta babe..
NPHW: really… is that right?
Come Sit on it…. let me see how much of a puta you can be
A/N: vas a ver.. your mine cabron… (giggles)
I stood up letting my dress fall completely off of me took of itty bitty tiny panties
And stood before completely nude extended my hands to grab his hands and sleathering them all over my body from my neck shoulders to my breast my tummie my hips my thights.. moved them to my pussy..
A-N: are you ready babe… you know I’m ready to sit on the big cock of yours….
NPHW: Im always ready and willing….
As I stand there in front of him completely naked I take off my bun off my hair letting it fall down then I run my hands through my hair I hold my breast with both hands Push them against each other sleather my hands down to my crutch area my legs spread open I bend down as I gaze into his eyes I hold to his chair and shake my breast in front of him and brush my breast against his face
He kisses them. I spin around and proceed to sit on him I give him a nice lap dance I slide frontward and backwards on his package my ass pressing rubbing slowly on top of him his skin feeling my skin, as I’m caressing my breast I arched back alittle bit looking at him seeing him so excited looking attentively at me not missing a move. I kiss so soft slowly yet so deep passionately our tongues met played united as one.
He then reaches down holding his dick In hand I stood in front of him bent a bit with my ass open letting him slide in his already harden thick cock.
I feel his hard cock sliding through my tight ass slowly little by little reaching in feeling wonderful. as he’s sliding his cock in me. he holds me with hands from the waist and i start to move up and down slowly with my body little by little fastening the pace along with his..
You could hear the wheel chair making squeaking noises my ass cheek banging against body against his testicles and cock making loud clap noises as his banging me..
My breast jumping up and down.
Grunting heavy breathing…..
A/N: ha, yes babe… uhuh…uhuh….oh yes babe….uuuwww babyy…. Yes baby… fuck me…fuck me… fuck me…
Si asi que rico papito… ay me encanta tu pito…. que rica verga….. si….cojeme asi… así… cojeme….duró mi amor duro.. duro… así..asi… siii…asiii!!!! Ay no mames….cabron!! NoomAmes…hijosu oh my gawd yes…..baabyy!!
Fuck me hard,
fuck me baby….
God damn your amazing….smack my ass, smack ass….
Smack it again papito smack it
Oh dios que rico
Damn babe you got going crazy….me encantas I love it I love it I love it!!!!!!
Culeame… culeame..culeame…..

as I move my ass circular motion and upwards downwards forward backwards.
NPHW: fuck yeah…(smack)
A/N: aaahhh!!!! yes baba!!!! uuww my goodness I’m caliente right now.. hijosu.. no chingueesss..
My goodness….yeeeess!!..yes..yes..yes.. yes…oh god yes!!!!
No pares sigue sigue no pares sigue sigue sigue!!!!
I throw my self back leaning against him I turn to kiss him
Running my left hand through his hair…
A-N: oh my….
I get up off top of him and go behind his wheel chair..
A-N: chinguesu.. babe lets take it to the room so you can culiarme more comfortable and you can eat my pussy.. you look alittle hungry
plus you got me pussy ache throbbing like hell… pulsing.. I definitely need to be eaten…..vamonos..
speeding off we went.. ofcourse once in our bedroom I help him transfer in bed.. took off his pants and his shirt.. as fast as I could eagerly wanting him to eat me completely out…
NPHW: calm down.. i’m not going anywhere..
A-N: oh hush.. ( giggle) i’m in charge now (smile)
now he’s completely naked and I throw him backwards to the bed I get on the bed aswell climbing over him I brush up on him uniting our bodies his dick feeling my pussy..i start to scoot up exposing my pussy to his face.. I hold him by his head approaching it to my pussy..
A-N: are you ready babe.. lick that pussy… aching for your tongue.. yearning for you to eat me completely out..
at first I was just trying to help him out I wanted him to fuck my brains out..
i through him back and i crawed on all fours got kissed him then i stood up before him looking down at him over his head then i dropped to my knees slowly so i would’t hurt him..
A-N: ahora si.. eat my wet pussy babe.. work that tongue…
ate me real good.. after that i scooted down and I reached out to his hand and located it in my pussy y started to touch softly at the beginning with the tips of his fingers touching the vaginal lips then finally three fingers found my orifice then started to penetrate his fingers he had magical hands he was a fast learner even at young age he was great with his hands (wink)
my legs were bending of pleasure I had to sustain my self against his chest.. which was so muscular so strong.. so athletic…
I could feel his dick fully errected again as it was twitching close to my buttocks…
A-N: uuuwww baby someone is excited….
Nephew: yess!!!
reached down to his dick I rubbed it with my clítoris then finally put it into my pussy letting my body fall and his penis penetrated me completely all the way inside my ass touching his thighs I screamed of pleasure I moaned I got him by his shoulders and started to ride him over and over again i’d go up and down his dick slided in and out it was marvelous feeling his cock fully veined inside my pussy.. w both moaned out of pleasure we’d scream…
Nephew: oh orhanlı escort bayan norma.. norma… norma!!!..
A-N: oh jake… babbyy.. amoorr!!!..ssiii.. eres un cabrooon..
he came inside of me he flooded me completely of his milk.. I couldn’t feel that warm milk trying to escape my pussy I couldn’t stop riding him my ass crashed with strength agains his inner thighs over and over again I couldn’t contain my self finally I was left with out air and everything went to a blur and I felt dizzy and with a scream of satisfaction I came all over his dick..
there was complete silence I let my self fall over him laid there exhausted finally whe I recuperated my self I left up and give him a pressed my lips over his and sliped my tongue to his mouth and we laid in bed fell asleep completely forgot about the news of the threesome..
next morning woke up.. a little dazed of exhaustion but a very nice exhaustion he still slept…
I tried to not wake him up but he woke up anywake..
A-N: im sorry babe I didn’t mean to wake you up..
NPHW: no it’s ok.. thank you for a magnificent evening I so needed that..
A-N:you were marvelous.. your very welcome my love..and to think I was just helping alittle then I wanted you to eat me up and look how it turned out.. well we can continue today…
A-N: oh you bad boy you.. im always up to fuck my my sweet nephew.. would you like some breakfast my love…
Nephew: yes please.. maybe some desert later on…
A-N: see what I mean.. your bad babe… well as you can see im all ready.. haha..
( wink)
and with that I kiss him passionately.. ok ok we have to eat first haha..
NPHW: thats what im trying to do…
A-N: food silly..
Nephew: ok I guess…..
A-N: come on… after you eat i’ll help you with your bath..
Nephew: ok I guess you know I can bathe all by my self right I’ve done for a long time now….
A-N: I know that….but I want to help you.. it’d be my pleasure…
NPHW: and mine….
A-N: baaabe….stop!! behave you bad boy you….. muah
I hold his face to kiss him…
A-N: ok so do you want to eat first or bathe and do you want me to help ?
NPHW: I think bathe first don’t like bathing on a full stomach…
A-N: ok let me go change so I can help you….
A-N: are you ok.. i’m almost done getting the bath ready..
NPHW:: i’m ok dont worry.. take your time..
A-N: ok.. be right there..
moments later.. I returned to our room..
I changed into a very skimpy outfit leaving very little to the imagination.. It took me a while because my was playing with my nipples for a bit to make them nice and perky, well perky they were…but to make them nice and hard make them stand out..
I love squeezing them pinching them…
Ok ok back to the story….
A/N: are you ready babe??
NPHW: let’s do this…..
I helped him transfer into the chair sense he was going to take a bath no clothes needed…
I have to admit I wanted to fuck him right then and there but I knew it was going to happen in the shower anyways
That’s why I wore this skimpy outfit
Later on I’ll post a picture of how it looks but not of me to maintain my privacy sorry everyone…..
Ok so I pushed him to the bath room i removed his foot wrist from both sides then help transfer by left his upper body my bare breast rubbed against his back that made hot the feeling of his skin against mine felt so good i know he could do it on his own but i was delighted to help
He positioned him self in his bathing Chair and I turned on the water handed him his shower hose with the water temper he likes. He lets the water run down his head to his big strong shoulders to his chest I was just admiring his big broad shoulders, couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.
I get a hold of the bar of soap and sponge I start with his neck, his shoulder, his chest, his stomach, his arms, hands, his legs, inner thighs, then slightly over his package under his testicles, I grabbed a hold of his penis i start to rubbing on it with my hand then I began to squeezed it
For a bit to wake him a bit then I start to slap him against my left hand but not too hard just want wake him not hurt him.
A-N: sabes que babe Im going to get in the tub with you so I can give you a better bath So we can both enjoy it together..
🙂 (smile)
Let me just remove my clothes
Off and I’ll clean you off and make you feel soo good…
hey babe i have an idea…
how about i give you a preview of what it would be to be with shelley and my self at the same time..
NPHW: oh wow.. really.. mexican and ebony..sounds like fun.. are you sure you can do it.. are you sure you can handle it..
A-N: i can try..any thing for my sweet gorgeous nephew…
NPHW: ok let do it..
A-N: ok great…. let me call shelley in. Shes outside waitingo to join..
Shelley… come in and join us…
A-N as shelley: well hello there.. what do we have going on in here.. looks like fun..
Uuwwww!!!! Girl you got him nice and thick down there
A-N: well i’m helping my baby with his bath.. care to join us..
NPHW: yes please joins us.. the more the marrier…
A-N as shelley: Well then let me take everything off….
NPHW: I like what you’re wearing by the way….
A-N as shelley: Thank you luv I wore just for you sweetheart….
As you can see I didn’t put on much….just a very small skimpy bikini suit I saw it on some other female on Pinterest and look hot! What do you two think…it was tagged or under Chocolate, Delicious Chocolate, Black Beauty, Ebony Beauty
A-N: girl you look amazing I love it….
A-N as shelley: How aboutchu my luv…. what do you think….
NPHW:: yeah you look good I like it…
A-N as shelley: okay…
and off it went…she “ puts one leg at a time into the bathtub standing behind ” jake…
Arms over his shoulders to his
Down to his chest pecs…
A-N as shelley: uuww girl he’s he’s buff…. nice…..
A-N: (laughter) I know right??? My nephew is a hunk …
A-N as shelley: Yes he is… he’s delicious….yummy!! May kiss your delicious yummy
A-N: go right ahead….
Leaning on him leaning down as he throws his backwards looking at me shelley…
We kiss beginning with pecks slipping tongue in aydınlı escort bayan his mouth slowly passionate kissing then deeply passionately as Im running my hands down his upper body down to his waist down his harden dick as I’m standing behind him my breast brushing against the back of his head..
I begin to stoke him while we are kissing…
A-N: damn girl look at you eating my nephew like no tomorrow…
A-N as shelley: Mmmgirl sorry muahxxx…he’s a great kisser muahxxxmmmmmuah…
A-N: I know he’s my nephew slash hubby…
A-N as shelley: sharing caring girl, don’t be greedy…
A-N: uhummm…yeah ok….
A-N as shelley: can I have that dick in my pussy….
As he remains in complete silence…
A-N: go right ahead by all means….
A-N as shelley: I’ll tell you hun today he’s getting all pleasured up and then is you and ok …
A-N: I’ll hold you to that….
A-N as shelley: ok…now you my dear get ready I’m going to ride that dick like a cowgirl
But I’ll tell you what let’s take this to the bed room..
I get out of the tub and neared his wheel chair. we are both naked and wet.i Helped him transfer
And off we went….Once we got the room and helped transfer to
Bed then he as he lays on his back while I faced away from him i kneel down as i sits on his dick and start rides him like a stallion Cow Girl … in Shelly character:

positioning my self on his dick, i eased down gently on jake and started a slow rodeo ride up and down back and forth, around and around circle motion picking up the pace of the ride as i felt everything inche of his dick.

As he slaps my ass..


NPHW: ride that cock!

He slaps my ass again harder, making me go harder. Yeah thats what i like baby i love that dick!”

he slaps me again in the ass..
yeah shelley…” yeah thats what i like.” he exclaimed excited.

A-N as shelley: oh fuck yeah baby.. thats what i love… you spanking my ass,”

up and down on his dick i went.. rising up to the top of the it just to drop right back down on hard ” yeah,

A-N as shelley: Oh my god i love that dick.. ”
she eased off and began to devour and taste the juice from his dick. “mmmmm i love sucking on you baby.’

grabbing on me… jake kissed me roughly, sucking my lips. I flipped over again for him so he can give to me through the ass… he slapped my ass with each thrust..

NPHW: mmmm, you feel soo good and tight.. love it shelley..

A-N as shelley: aaaaaahhhhh, you giving me all that stick jake Dammit,”

Yeah, it may be connected to me, but who’s dick is it, Shelley!?
He asked,

giving me a hard slap in my ass…

A-N as shelley: Aaaaahhhhh shit! This is my muthafuckn’ dick… all this is mine dammit!
Fuuuuuuccck Jake i feel you in my stomach sheesh…”

i chanted grabbing the sheetings leaning foward out of desperation of satisfying pain..

NPHW: im going too nut shelley (growling)

placing his hands over me while digging in my ass real deep.

NPHW: this is mine.. all mine..

A-N as shelley: yess baby yes.. this ass is all yours fuck.. cum in this baby, cum for me. Please dont stop fucking me…”

mmm, thats right… get t his ass jake! Dammit you getting this shit, sweetie!!! please baby please! I’m cumming! Jake don’t you dare stop fucking me ass, i’m cuming!!!!! give me that nut jake. Give it to me!”
“Ahhhh shit! Damn, i love how you hit this shit, babyyy!!! i’m cummning!”

aaahhhh fuck, jake!!!! i fucking love this muthafucken dick!!!!”

listening to me i guess made him dig one more last time before i completely collasped foward with his dick inside my ass..

as soon as i was able to regain composure after the deep drilling he gave me turned around and laid over him with his arms wrapped around me now as aunt norma.

A-N: so what did you think of my preformance babe?

NPHW: wow…. i didn’t know you had it in you.. i mean to be shelley at the same time.i wish you could have broken character and be you..

AN: i know but i wanted you to feel to have two in one.. oh which brings me to great news..

NPHW: whats up mi cielo..

A-N: well, i friend requested her. She accepted and seeing as she was online at the same time i was messaged her and so i went straight to the point asking her if she would be willing to join us in a sexual encounter experience with the both of us.

She sorta hesistated but i managed to convince her. She didnt want to come between us. I told her we both are in mutual agreement of fullfilling this desire i have and that it would only be one time thing.

NPHW: i see. Well if you really want this and she’s willing.’ Why not.

With that i kissed him passionately putting my arms around him and from there couldn’t contain my self and well fucked him again.. as norma…

A-N: mmmuuuuuaaahxxx thanks babe.. your the best.. i’ll make sure you enjoy it as much as i fact give me that cock…
i’m going to reward you and fuck the living shits out of you..

right away i got on top of him spread my legs wide open got a hold of his cock started to slide it in between my legs as far in as possible.

He held me from the waist i started to move up and down slowly backwards forward at times spanking my ass i started to moan of how good i felt he grunted.

NPHW: (grunt voice) oh auntie norma your such a slut…

A-N: oh yes daddy i’m you slut….

i was moaning screaming out of pleasurable pain.. his cock is so big and thick that it pleases me but pains me as well..

A-N: oh god your killing me babe with fucken cock of yours.. but i love it!!!

he pushed more and he opened my ass more little by little, i could phically feel every centimeter of his cock in my ass…

A-N: (screaming) slowlly babe, it hurts.. out of no where he got me tight from the waist and pushed in more and i screamed out of pain…

A-N: baaabe.. it hurts slow down gently pleeeassee…

NPHW: (grunt voice) its all inside of you and it feels grreeat!!!

i continued to move my ass as he moved his low body. He was fucking me so nice i felt like i was dreaming…

NPHW: your such a slut..
yes babe… i’m your slut.

I start to moan and scream as he fasten the speed like a wild stallion.

I got off of him then i tittie fucked him. He immediately started to scream..

NPHW: i’m cumming, i’m cumming.

He filled me with his cum on breast then i sucked his cock to clean it all.

A-N: damn babe. You fucked so nice..muahxxx i love you babe..

to be continued..

treesome takes place

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