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“Good practice men. Now go shower up and get out of here.” Justin’s football coach said to the group of about 40 sweaty men that made up the football team of the college he attended. Once dismissed they straggled back to the locker rooms and started to undress and take their showers. This was always the worst part of practice for Justin, worse than any physical torment that the coaches could throw at them.

For you see, Justin was gay. While all the girls on campus almost threw themselves on him, he didn’t want their soft breasts or wet pussies. His mind was occupied with the hard muscles of a man, his cock dangling free between his legs, or even better, standing straight out at attention, aiming for his wet mouth, and of course, that delicious asshole buried between a man’s ass cheeks, like a treasure all for him. This made it unbelievably uncomfortable for him in the locker rooms and showers. All those hard male bodies, dangling cocks dripping soap onto the floor, suds running down the crack of the tight asses all around him was horrible torment for him. It was all he could do to not pop a boner right then and there and humiliate himself infront of the guys, no doubt suddenly becoming the target of ridicule and jokes.

With images of the most un-erotic things he could think of in his head and staring straight at the wall, fighting the urge to turn and stare, he was able to get through another practice undiscovered. Quickly donning his tight shirt and jeans and grabbing his satchel, he dashed out of the locker room, getting away from all of those bodies as quickly as he could; he checked his watch and smiled. It was time for him to go to his tutoring session.

He had first started meeting with the tutor a few months back when he was in danger of failing one of his classes, and in turn, being kicked off the football team. So naturally, he begrudgingly got a tutor. He went through a couple of boring, lifeless tutors before he found Eric. Justin knew he wouldn’t go to another tutor as soon as Eric opened the door to his off campus apartment. He was a skinny guy, but it was obvious that his muscles were well toned from the sleeveless shirt he wore and shorts. As his eyes roamed up and down his body, he could see that he had very little hair on him outside of his face and head. Infact…the only hair he saw was a little patch of blonde hair under his arms, everything else was shaved smooth. He couldn’t help but wonder if EVERYTHING was shaved. Eric smiled and brushed a lock of his long blonde hair that had fallen in front of his face and welcomed Justin in.

“Come in! Come in! You’re Justin right?” Eric said and extended his hand, Justin eagerly shaking it just to feel his skin. It was amazingly soft. He stepped into his apartment and looked around. It was nicely furnished and absolutely immaculate, not a stray pizza box or empty beer can in sight.

“Yup. That’s me. You must be Eric right? Nice place you got man.” Walking further in and looking for signs of a female, thinking, no college going male kept his room this neat. No straight college male that is.

“Thanks. It suits me. You want something to drink? Make yourself comfortable on the couch over there.” Eric sauntered over to the kitchen, fiddling around in there for a while. Justin sat down on the couch, his eyes roaming over the apartment and over at Eric’s ass as he bent over infront of the refrigerator. Just then something caught his eye, something that shocked him, but at the same time turned him on. Peeking up from Eric’s little casino şirketleri shorts was a black lace thong stretched tightly around his body, the thin fabric disappearing under his shorts, no doubt running between his tight cheeks and over his hot little hole.

Eric returned to the living room after a while, tossing Justin a beer as he cracked his own open, putting down a bowl of pretzels on the table infront of them. Over the next hour they went over the material, the two of them scooting closer to look over the one book and latest assignment that Justin brought. Not only was he drop dead gorgeous, but he was a good tutor, Justin starting to actually understand all this stuff that made no sense to him that morning. After they studied for a while, they found themselves just sitting there and talking. Justin decided to pry a little bit into his love live, trying to confirm his suspicion before he tried to make a move.

“So tell me man…you got a little lady to call your own?” Justin asked, smiling at Eric who just blushes at the question.

“No…no none for me. I live here by myself…haven’t had a girl over in a romantic sense in quite a long time.” Justin smiles as Eric said this, his suspicion getting firmer and firmer, as was his cock. Justin found himself shifting frequently, trying to hide his bulge.

“Tsk…that’s a damn shame man. If I were a chick…heh…” Justin quips, the two of them chuckling a little bit. They fall silent for a moment and Justin decides to go for it, “Actually…I’d like to go after you right now…you’re really sexy” he says softly, Eric suddenly taking a lot more interest in him.

“C…can you run that by me again?” Eric asked, a little shocked, never thinking for a moment that this beautiful football player was gay.

When Justin hears the surprise and shock in his voice, he knew he made a mistake. He started to get all his stuff together, blushing heavily. “N…nevermind…It was nothing.”

Eric places a hand on Justin’s thigh, saying softly and soothingly, “Please Justin…I’d really like to hear what you said…” Justin freezes, looking over at Eric nervously.

He swallows hard and repeats himself, “I…I think you’re incredibly sexy…especially with those panties you have on…”

Eric blushes heavily, but smiles the whole time. “You saw huh…” He says, Justin resting a hand on his thigh as well and nodding.

“They looked so wonderful…and I’d like to see more of them if you wouldn’t mind.” Justin says softly, his hand rubbing Eric’s thigh, getting closer to his cock, abandoning trying to hide the large bulge in his pants as he feels Eric’s starting to tent.

Eric just nods and stands up, unbuttoning his tight shorts and slowly unzipping them, the soft material of the thong slowly coming into view. He could tell that it was being stretched almost to its breaking point from Eric’s erection even before he slid the shorts off. Once off, Eric straddled Justin on the couch, looking down at Justin with his arms around his neck, his hard cock barely covered by the small thong. Justin moans at the sight of the material being stretched over Eric’s 7 inch cock, licking his lips as he looking up at the smiling face of Eric.

“What do you think? Do I look pretty?” He says in a soft, almost girlish voice, moaning softly as Justin, unable to help himself, gently running his fingers across the fabric, feeling the wet spot from his pre-cum, and then licking his fingers. His question from before was answered. This casino firmaları gorgeous man kept himself completely shaved below the armpits, not a trace of hair.

“You look…so gorgeous…” Justin responds, his hands caressing Eric’s thighs, leaning in for a kiss. Eric eagerly kisses him, opening his mouth for Justin’s tongue as it slides in, his hands sliding back to his ass, cupping his cheeks and kneading gently, Eric groaning in his mouth. Justin’s hands reach up and pulls Eric’s shirt off, breaking the kiss just long enough to get it off, Eric’s hands now unbuttoning Justin’s shirt as he runs his fingers across Eric’s smooth chest, finding his small nipples and flicking them gently, eliciting another moan. Eric unbuttons the last button, opening the shirt and being greeted by Justin’s hard washboard abs and tuft of chest hair. He leans in, taking a nipple in his mouth and sucking gently, making it Justin’s turn to moan as his hips thrust upwards slowly, his bulge rubbing against the soft fabric covering Eric’s cock.

Eric gets off of Justin and gets down on his knees between Justin’s legs, unbuttoning his pants and then slowly unzipping them, looking up at Justin for help. He lifts his ass up off the couch and Eric slides his pants around his ankles, slipping his shoes off and pulling the pants off completely, Justin’s hard 9 inch cock finally in view, standing up straight and throbbing, the head an angry purple from anticipation and desire. Eric leans in and spreads Justin’s legs, placing soft kisses on his inside thighs, so close to his peach fuzz covered ball sack. Justin moans and whimpers, Eric’s lips so close and yet much too far away from his balls. Eric moves over, inhaling Justin’s musk deeply, moaning at the aroma as he places a kiss on his balls, Justin’s cock twitching at his touch. Eric then takes one of Justin’s balls in his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue softly against it as Justin moans, Eric’s hand wrapped around Justin’s cock and stroking slowly.

“Yesss Eric…ohh god yes….suck my balls baby…yeah…” Justin moans as he gazes down, his thick cock covering up a large part of Eric’s face. He reaches over and pulls back on the thong, snapping it back against his skin, Eric squealing happily. Eric let’s go of the ball in his mouth, dragging his tongue over to the other one and then working that one for a while before pulling off, running his tongue along the entire length of Justin’s shaft, shivers running up his spine at the feeling of his wet tongue. He lets out a groan when he feels his cock being engulfed by the warm wet of Eric’s mouth and then the sucking sensation as his head starts to bob up and down slowly. “Fuck yesssss….that’s it baby…ohhh godd….” Justin moans, watching Eric’s head sliding up and down on his cock as his hand strokes what his mouth can’t get.

Justin’s hips start slowly pumping his cock in and out of his mouth in time with Eric’s bobs, his cock going in deeper. Eric begins to suck harder, swirling his tongue around the head as the lewd sounds of his slurping fills the room. Justin can feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming, so he reluctantly pulls Eric off of his cock, moaning when he sees a thin trail of spit connecting his lips with Justin’s throbbing cock.

“What’s the matter? I wasn’t doing a good job?” Eric asks in that girlish voice. Justin just smiles and leans in, kissing him deeply, tasting his cock and pre-cum on Eric’s breath.

“Baby…you were fantastic. But I don’t want to blow my load güvenilir casino before I get a chance to feel how tight that ass of yours is.” Justin says, his foot reaching up and rubbing Eric’s cock softly.

Eric smiles again, standing up and helping Justin up, leading him towards his room. Eric hops on the bed, pulling his thong off and getting on his knees, putting his ass up in the air. “There’s lube in the top drawer of the nightstand” He says, wriggling his ass at Justin as he stares hungrily.

Justin quickly opens the drawer, throwing the stuff out in a desperate search for the lube. He smiles when he finds a half empty tube of KY, getting on the bed behind Eric, caressing his ass with his hands. He leans in and spreads Eric’s cheek, seeing his little pink pucker and kissing it softly. Eric groans when he feels Justin’s tongue snake out and circle his hole, pressing up against it firmly sporadically. “Oh god Justin…mmm…please fuck me baby…please put that big cock in me…” Eric moans, clutching his own ass and helping to spread the cheeks apart. Justin pulls back and drips the lube onto his hole, rubbing it in with his fingers, slipping them inside his ass and spreading the lube inside him, Eric crying out in pleasure when his fingers push in. Once his ass is all lubed up, he puts some on his hand and spreads it all over his cock and balls, then tossing the tube aside.

First he rests his cock on Eric’s lower back, right at the tip of his ass and pumps gently before sliding it down between his cheeks and aiming at his ass. With a slow thrust he starts pushing into Eric’s tight ass, the two of them moaning in unison as Justin’s cock steadily sinks into its tight hole. When he’s balls deep, he starts sliding in and out of him slowly but steadily, Eric moaning as his ass is filled to the brim then emptied repeatedly.

Justin maintains his slow pumping for a while before picking up the speed, pushing into Eric faster and harder, pushing his face against the sheets with each drive inside him. Justin reaches around with his lubed hand and starts stroking Eric’s cock, the other hand on Eric’s hips, guiding him. Eric’s moans get louder when his cock is stroked, humping back towards Justin as he thrusts inside him, helping his cock get even deeper. Justin keeps picking up the pace and fucking harder and harder, Eric grunting with each hard piston inside of him. Their balls slap against each other as their bodies connect, their flesh hitting each other as they both moan and groan, each getting closer to their climax.

Justin’s thrusts get more and more erratic and even harder, Eric squealing in pleasure from each powerful ram inside. Justin’s head falls back and he lets out a loud groan as his cock starts spurting cum deep inside of Eric. Eric’s body shudders and he cries out in pleasure when he feels his bowels being painted with Justin’s cum, his own cock starting to spurt it’s cum onto the sheets. Justin is holding his cock as deep as it will go in Eric’s ass as rope after rope of thick cum floods his insides, their bodies glistening in a thin layer of sweat, their breaths heavy as they both come down from their respective orgasms.

Justin slowly pulls out of Eric’s ass, a stream of cum dribbling out afterwards. Seeing this, Justin leans in and licks it all up greedily, Eric letting out more soft moans from Justin lapping up the cum. Getting off the bed, Justin extends a hand to Eric and helps him up from the bed, pulling him close to his body and holding him. Their wet cocks rubbing against each other as they kiss, Eric sucking on Justin’s tongue softly as Justin runs his hand through Eric’s luxurious hair.

Eric, his breath heavy, softly says in Justin’s ear, “I think I’m going to have to tutor you at least three times a week.”

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