Filthy Slave

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I unlock the door to my apartment and slowly crack open the door, not sure of what I will find. You have been my slave in training for quite some time now, and although you typically obey Mistress’s orders, dearly afraid of the punishment you will receive if you don’t, on rare occasions the unruliness in you gets the best of you. Ah. And there you are. Still attached to the refrigerator handle via the thick leather dog collar and chain that has had you restrained for hours. The chain is wrapped around the handle several times so there is barely any room for you to move out of the hands and knees position I left you in without you choking yourself. My poor, pathetic little slave. You greet me with a look of such pleading desperation in your eyes like I have never seen before. See, this is the longest I have left you tied up alone in this position before, with only a bowl for water that you must lap up like a groveling, dehydrated dog. You’re naked, and the moment you lay eyes on me I see your puny little cock flex.

“Aren’t you going to greet your divine Mistress slave?”

“Yes, yes, Mistress, oh I am so happy to set eyes on you again!” you spill out like an excited little schoolboy waiting for a cookie.

“It doesn’t sound like it. Why, oh why, slave, after all of this time worshipping me, can you not manage to please me? For someone that worships the ground I walk on so much, you are sitting there like a worthless piece of shit who is too lazy to even notice my return!”

“Mistress, oh, I am so sorry! Please forgive me. I have been desperately waiting to serve and please you once again. Please allow me to make it up to you Mistress. Please, oh I -”

“Shut up you worthless troll!” I exclaim as I slap you across the face with my left hand, still wearing my latex gloves from earlier. I wouldn’t dare touch your filthy, disgusting body with my bare hands. I grab your face by the chin and mouth, yank your neck up to look me in the eye and I spit in your face. You wince and squint, trying to not get any of it in your eyes.

“I know you closed your eyes just so there was more of my delicious spit covering your face so that you can lap it up with your tongue. Stop groveling and start obeying. Now. I know you have been thirsty, so, c’mon, lap up my spit with your tongue. Clean off your face like a good boy.” You start licking your face, reaching your tongue as far as it can reach to try and get every last specimen of my flavorful saliva on your tastebuds.

In a patronizing voice I tell you, “There’s a good boy. Finally showing some enthusiasm when it comes to devouring anything that comes from his Mistress. I bet my saliva tastes sooooo divine. Almost burdur escort as delicious as my sweet, succulent pussy and ass tastes, huh? HUH!?”

“Mhm, yes, mhm, yes Mistress,” you mumble in the midst of still lapping your face up.

“I. Can’t. Hear. You. Tell me how good it tastes before I start to punish you!”

“Oh Mistress! Your spit is divine! I could drink it for the rest of my life! I love the way everything tastes from you!” You say with such energy. But I have seen more enthusiasm from you before. Such a disappointing, worthless slave. Why I even bother keeping you around and training you, I don’t even know anymore. Displeased with your lack of adoration, I once grab you by the throat and slam your head up against the refrigerator, taking my other hand and tilting it back so I can really begin to have you taste my spit.

“Open your mouth now!” You obey and I hack up and gather a mucous-y load of spit from the back of my throat and slowly drip the massive wad out of my mouth down your throat, spitting a second wad all over your face.

“If you like the taste of my spit so much, then you can gargle it so the scent of my mouth comes up the back of your throat for days. Gargle it, NOW!” You oblige and then swallow.

“Who told you to swallow!? Such a disobedient little boy today, are we? Well, you will just have to see what Mistress has in store for you if this is how you are going to behave. You disrespectful, worthless piece of shit. You call yourself a slave? Fucking pathetic. You don’t even deserve to lay eyes on me anymore.”

“I, I – I am sorry Mistress. Please teach me to please you better!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” I forcefully say into your ear. I unravel the chain from the refrigerator door, place the huge wad of chains in your mouth, grab you by the ear and drag you from the kitchen into the bathroom.

“It’s time for your real punishing to begin. Let’s see if you can manage to please your Mistress even just the tiniest bit you worthless piece of shit. Show me why I even keep you around! Show me who you worship!”

You drop the chains from you mouth and with desperation say, “Yes Mistress, I worship you Mistress. Everything about you, you are my goddess Mistress.”

Still on your hands and knees, I shove the heel of my 6″ platform leather boot into your mouth and start fucking your disgusting mouth hole with it.

“That’s right. Such a filthy, dirty boy who only likes getting dirtier. Clean the shit and dirt off of my shoes you atrocious being. I know you love covering yourself with filth. Maybe, if you do a good job of cleaning off my shoes, I will give you some of my filth later. C’mon, bursa escort suck it all off! I know you love sucking things my desperate little slave. Suckkkk it!” I pull my heel out of your mouth and shove the other one in before you can even take a fresh breathe. Once I am finished, I pull out and you say,

“Oh thank you Mistress. Thank you for letting me clean off your beautiful shoes. I love cleaning off your filth Mistress. Please, make me dirtier.”

“Haha, oh, how I thought you would never ask. Just confirming what a filthy, rotten boy you are. Only good for dirtying up aren’t you? Well, in that case…”

I turn around, hike my dress up and shove your face between my legs. Guiding your mouth straight to my pussy lips and shoving your nose straight into my asshole.

“Is that what you’ve been waiting for slave? Huh? Mistress’s filth… mmm I bet it tastes soooo good. Shove your tongue inside my pussy! Good boy… Now take it out and glide it up and down my clit. Oh, I know you’ve missed my sweet, succulent juices. And that sweet little booty hole of mine probably smells so delicious. Mmmm, good boy. Keep fucking my pussy hole with your tongue. In and out, in and out. That’s it. Start pleasing your fucking Mistress!”

I pull your head away from my holes, having grabbed you by the hair, and you breathlessly exclaim, “Oh, Mistress! You taste like heaven! I can never get enough of your juices and holes. Please, smother me with your cunt and asshole more!”

I shove your head back to my parts, this time, with your tongue on my asshole. I pull the dog chain through my legs so I can slightly choke you as you begin to penetrate me with your already filthed-up tongue.

“That’s a good boy. I want you to be covered in my scent for days. All I want you to smell and taste is my juices from my pussy and ass. I know you especially love when I cover your tongue with my shitty ass spit so I can really make you the dirty boy that you are. I don’t even wipe, that’s what I have you for, huh? I bet I taste so good, right little slave? Tongue fuck my ass HARDER! I know you can do better than that… Act like you want it!”

I pull the dog chain harder so your mouth and face is completely smothered in my asshole. My dirty little lap dog you are. You drill your tongue into my ass, penetrating it as deep as you can. It’s about time you finally attempt to please me. You are kneeling now and I can feel my pussy juices and your messy saliva dripping from my cunt down your chin and off your chin onto your pathetically rock hard cock. I’m getting bored with your weak attempt at ass fucking me and I realize I have the strong urge to relieve myself.

I çanakkale escort rip you out from under my holes, turn around, slap you across the face twice, and proclaim, “You pathetic, filthy piece of shit. What a weak attempt at pleasing my holes. All you were worried about was tasting any last pieces of filth inside of me instead of pleasing me. Such a selfish prick. If that’s your best your going to give to the Mistress you claim to worship, it’s time you really get covered in my filth and fluids.”

“Yes Mistress. Whatever you want Mistress. I am here to please and worship you Mistress. Please, please use me as your filth bucket,” you beg, desperately craving anything else from my body.

“Lay on your back. NOW!” I demand. You try to put your hand on your throbbing cock, but I throw it back on the ground and step on your wrist so it cannot move. I do the same with your other wrist, with you completely unable to move your upper body. The leash is in my hand and I am crouching over your torso, tempting you with what I am about to do next. I linger for a while, spitting on your face and torso, stepping harder on your wrists as you squirm.

“Please, please Mistress… I can’t take it any -” you begin to whine and with your mouth open I begin to aim my hot stream of steamy piss into your mouth down the back of your throat. I shoot it all over your face, down your torso, and finish my last squirts on your dick. Ahhh, what a relief.

“How does that taste, huh my digusting toilet bowl? That’s what you are. Not even a slave anymore, just my toilet. Who I use and abuse anytime I please. How does it feel to be covered in my urine? Is it a nice reminder of how much I own you? I own your worthless ass and this is all you are good for. Soak in my filth!”

“Oh Mistress, you taste divine. Thank you for covering me in your filth!” you manage to mutter between licking the sides of your face and trying to reach your arms and torso for more tastes. I step off of your wrists and tell you to get on your hands and knees again. I step behind you and tell you to start lapping my piss off the floor.

“Look at the mess you made me make slave. Clean it up! Do your job! You love devouring my filth so much, here it is! Lick up every last drop off of my floor! Now!”

You hesitate, so I give you several swift, firm and hard spanks across your ass and I shove your face down to the floor.


The minute you start licking ferociously, I grab your cock and stroke you fast and hard. You cum quickly and hard, squirting your pathetic sperm all over the floor, making more of a mess for you to clean up. You collapse onto the floor after such a hard ejaculation, laying your body in my piss and your cum, moaning continuously.

“Ohhh, ohhh, thank you Mistress. Oh thank you, I am forever indebted to your goddess self.”

I place my heel on your back and dig it into your skin.

“Keep lapping.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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