Finding Myself and My Best Friend Ch. 03

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Welcome to Part 3 of my story.

So, I left it at the end of Part 2, with myself and Danny in the bathroom of my small flat in Glasgow. It’s the middle of the night, and Danny and I have just discovered that we have a big thing for each other.

The plan is to explore that a bit further, and see where things go from there.

As always, please enjoy.


The bath took ages to fill, so as I sat there, Danny went off to fetch a pint glass of water, which we shared together. A simple gesture like that, we’d never done that before, and for me it spoke volumes.

I just sat, smiling to myself, shaking my head as I put the glass down out of the way on the shelf behind me. Unbelievable night, I was thinking.

Danny smiled at me, and shook his head, lowering his head in his hands. “Fuck man, can you believe what we’ve just done?” he said, before he raised his head back up, blushing. He looked straight in my eyes when I looked back at him.

“I know man, but my ass tells me otherwise,” I laughed back at him, and Danny quickly joined me. He pulled me up to my feet again and approached the bath, which he started to climb over. He pulled me into the bath with him, even though the water was still flowing in. We hadn’t quite thought it through, but we took advantage of us both standing there in the bath, and kissed again.

He meant for me to sit in front of him, facing away, so I could lie back on him, between his legs. His legs lay either side of me, giving him free reign to touch my upper body. Before I lay back on him, I turned off the tap, and felt the wonderful feeling of my body being soaked in the warm water as I lay back and used Danny as a pillow. I rested my head on the right side of his shoulder, my forehead being at the same level as his mouth. He kissed my forehead gently.

I let out a loud sigh as Danny ran his hands over my upper chest, and we lay silently for a little bit, just enjoying each other’s company.

Danny eventually took some shower gel from the side of the bath tub, and started to lather the soap on my chest. It felt so good and it made me squirm. He took advantage of the moment and used his soapy hands to reach down to my semi hard cock and give it a good squeeze, making me hold onto his legs and squeeze them in kind.

“I love being with you like this,” I groaned into his neck, with yet another slight admission to him. I don’t know how many times we would say the word until we came out and said it the right way.

“I love it too,” he said back. “I don’t want tonight to end.”

“Neither do I,” I said back, but it stirred my thoughts a bit.

After a pause, I carried on speaking, “so,” I didn’t know how to start, it took me a few more moments. “What does happen when we wake up tomorrow?” I asked.

Danny didn’t reply straight away, but when he did he replied with confidence in his voice.

“I think tomorrow we wake up, we skip uni, we go out for breakfast together, we have lunch together, dinner together and we spend tomorrow night together,” he said, just making me feel so…well, I couldn’t explain how I felt, it was such a nice, nervous feeling, but it felt right. “And,” he continued, “we’ll have sex in between everything,” he said, kissing my forehead. I kind of fell into him, rubbing myself against him.

“Oh we will, will we?” I lazily said back, rubbing my head closer to him so he would kiss my forehead again.

“Yeah, I’m not letting you out of my sight, even if you need to take a piss,” he joked.

“We’ll see how long that lasts,” I said, feeling a poke in my back. It seems Danny’s cock was coming back to life.

“Fuck, hold on,” he said, “can you sit up a moment?” and I did what he asked. He reached his hand in and adjusted his dick, so it would be in a more comfortable position for him, and then he urged me to lie back down. “Ah, much better, babes,” he said, and I resumed the same position.

I could still feel him poking my back, but it was a gentle reminder.

“You know, I’ve fucked a lot of chicks, but I don’t remember ever just lying like this afterwards,” he said, “and I’ve had girlfriends and whatever, but I’ve never been this relaxed with someone before.”

He was gently stroking my chest as he said it, kinda teasing one of my nipples when he ran his hand over it, “I know what you mean, same for me,” I said. “This is so nice.”

I lifted my mouth up towards him, and kissed his neck, feeling his stubble against me. I resisted the urge to bite his neck. I lifted my hand and reached up to stroke his other cheek, feeling his stubble again.

“You know you annoy the fuck out of me at times!?” I said to him. Danny smiled back.

“Yeah, but I enjoy doing that, you make a really cute pissed off look, I’ve nearly kissed you a few times when you’ve done it,” he admitted.

I sat up in the bath tub, and turned round. “You’re such a prick,” I said to him, and he burst out laughing.

“Haha, that’s the one,” he said, and sat up too, grabbed my head, and kissed casino oyna me hard. He returned the kiss forcefully, and felt him reach down for my hard cock. He stopped kissing me again, grinned at me, before kissing me on the nose.

“Come on, time to clean up!” he said, grabbing a cup we kept beside the bath, and soaking my head with water. I did the same to him too, before both our hair was wet, and sticking to our foreheads.

Danny took hold of the shampoo, squeezed some in his own hand, and waited for me to be ready so he could pour some in my hand too. With that, we began to wash each other’s hair at the same time. Truly a night of firsts. We could have played around with the soap, tickle each other, or whatever, but what we ended up doing was actually cleaning each other, touching all over each other’s bodies.

Danny spent a bit too long on my asshole, and it still felt kinda sore, but I let him have his fun. He even ended up with a finger in his own hole, and I’ll admit I enjoyed it a lot. Danny’s cock went soft for a little bit, but soon came back hard again.

I took a lot of pleasure touching all over his body, but like I say, we didn’t do anything other than touching in the bath, oh, and kissing. How could I not want to do that?

We got quieter once we had rinsed off the soap, it was evident we were tired. Outside, the sun had started to come up, so I put my plans to try and fuck Danny to bed, and that’s where literally we went too.

We dried ourselves off, then with towels around our waist, went back to my room, switched off the lights, closed the door, and got naked once more, climbing into bed.

This time, it was my turn to spoon. I lifted the covers for him while he got in, and he quite happily snuggled in against my side. It wasn’t a big bed, but I think if we had a huge bed we would have still slept as close as we were now.

I put my arm over him, while I rested my cock between his ass cheeks, so it was out of the way. He pushed his ass back on me and gave a contended sigh.

“You know I love you right?” he said to me, as he pushed his ass against me again. He sounded very tired, and I opened my eyes brightly as the realisation came what he said. I kissed the back of his head.

“Yeah, I know,” I said, trying to sound like it was just something anyone said at anytime.

I tried to think of something special to say back, but all I could think of was “you know I love you too yeah?” It was actually perfect. He took my hand and squeezed it against his chest, against his heart.

“Yeah, I know,” he said back to me.

It was the last thing we said to each other, before we fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later, late morning, to an empty bed. I didn’t feel rested, but Danny not being in the bed kinda worried me. I was worried he would have a change of heart, the morning after guilt, or he’s sobered up and regretted what he’s done.

I just lay there quietly listening, and looked around the room. He must still be here, as his clothes were all lying around the room.

I got up and wandered out the room, still naked, which wasn’t like me, as Adok could have been home, but as I left the room I could see his door open, an indicator he wasn’t here.

I heard puttering in the kitchen, and peered round the edge of the door, to see Danny standing naked in the kitchen, except for one of my t-shirts, strangely.

I have to say, he looked sexy as fuck standing there, and I remember it often when I think back.

I continued to just watch him, before he spoke to me without looking round.

“Morning sleeping beauty, just making us breakfast,” he said, using a wooden spoon to stir what looked like scrambled egg in the pan.

As there was no point in hiding, I walked slowly into the kitchen, unsure what to say. Danny beat me to it, as usual.

He turned to face me at last, took one long look up and down my body, before staring at my cock for a bit longer. It was soft, don’t get me wrong, but Danny still seemed to appreciate it. He turned his body to face me a bit as he turned his head back to the pan to watch the food, and as he did so, he began to shake his semi hard dick in my direction by swinging his hips.

“Cheeky fuck,” I said, walking up slowly behind him, and putting my arms around him, resting my dick in his crack, just the same way we had slept the night before. As he was just a bit taller than me, I couldn’t rest my chin on his shoulder as I would have liked, instead I rested my head on the back of his and hugged him from behind.

I felt Danny’s free hand reach behind me and cup one of my ass cheeks and push me into him that bit more.

He had to nudge me slightly so he could dish the food onto a plate, but as soon as he returned the pan to the hob, he turned to look at me. I backed up to the cool wall, as he stood looking at me, still with just my t-shirt on, and nothing else. It was a bit tight on him, but fuck it looked good in all the right places, even more with his semi poking out from slot oyna the bottom of the t-shirt, and those furry balls of his.

The way I was looking at him, I didn’t hide for a second that I was admiring his body; in fact I could feel my dick getting hard. By the time Dan reached me, his cock was solid too, and he pressed it right up to me as he kissed me hard, and feasted on my mouth.

He pushed his whole body against my own, crushing me and covering me with his body. ‘Fuck, he smells good’ I thought to myself, not sparing a thought for the fact I still hadn’t brushed my teeth from the night before. Danny certainly wasn’t complaining.

He pulled away from me, forehead to mine just as it was yesterday. “I love you,” he simply said, and I said it back. He took my by the hand, and sat me down at the table, still bare assed, and now with a leaking hard cock making a mess. Why we didn’t care that Adok could be back anytime didn’t even spring to mind.

He put a plate of scrambled eggs in front of me and a glass of fresh ice water, and did the same for himself, sitting right beside me. Before last night, he would have sat across from me. I grinned and started giggling, which made him blush. “What?” he asked, looking genuinely concerned.

“Nothing, it’s just this, it’s like, what I’ve always wanted, and can’t believe I’ve got it,” I said, feeling slightly giddy. Danny stroked my cheek again. “And now you’re making us breakfast! You’ve never once done that before.”

He continued to look bashful, and take a bite of his food, then made a face at me. “I won’t do it again if it’s that bad,” he said, and I held my hands up in the air.

“You can do this for me as much as you want!” I conceded, and as a way of saying thank you, I grabbed hold of the t-shirt he wore and pulled him towards me. I gave him a peck on the lips, and then let him carry on with his food.

I ate some of mine for the first time, and it tasted great, with a bit of curry powder in them for a bit of a kick.

“So how’s your ass?” Danny asked me, and it was my turn to blush.

“Tender,” I replied, “but ok I think, I haven’t really been near it yet.”

“I’ll make sure I kiss it better for you in a bit,” he said, and grinned at me with a mouthful of food, while I pushed him and his arm away, rocking him slightly on his seat.

We continued to talk and eat just as we always did, except this time there was the added dimension of us pretty much being naked, and a bit more touching.

We finished eating, and put the dirty dishes by the sink, before we wandered through to my room, “Hey, why are you wearing my t-shirt anyway?” I asked him.

“Cos it smells of you,” was all he said, which made me blush. He turned round and looked at me before grinning.

I had no idea what we were going to do next, but when we got into the room, Danny first went over to our pile of clothes; I think to pick up his trousers.

When he did, I had the most perfect view of his ass, with his balls hanging low between them. I was in awe of his bubble butt, which had to be the most perfect ass I had ever seen. He bent over just a bit further, meaning I was now able to see his hole, looking at me, begging for attention.

I walked across the room, silently, before Danny even noticed me behind him. I got down on my knees on the floor, took hold of his hips, and pulled Danny’s ass right into my face, without hesitation.

I buried my face, as much as I could, right between Danny’s ass cheeks, my tongue went straight for his asshole, and I began to rim his ass with Danny bending over right in front of me.

“Fffffuck, Pauly!” Danny said, catching his breath, “holy shit, what the fuck are you doing to me?!” Danny braced himself on the side of the couch to help hold him up, as I buried myself right where I’ve been dreaming of for almost as long as I’ve known him.

Danny opened his legs slightly further for me to be able to get in a bit deeper, and I felt his free hand now on the back of my head pushing me in further.

“No one’s done this before, fuck baby, it feels so good!” he said, “God, it’s so weird having a tongue in my ass!”

I pulled away from his ass, grinning madly at him, “you taste amazing!” I said, getting onto my feet again, and pulling him back to the bed.

I took charge this time, as I pushed him onto his back along the side of the bed, similar to where he sat yesterday. He let me have the lead, and let me open his legs wide, and lift them slightly. I pulled him by the legs to the edge of the bed, and pushed his legs towards his head, meaning I had a perfect view of his cock and balls, and more importantly his asshole, still wet from the bathing I’d given it.

I got on my knees again on the floor, and teased Danny by licking the precum from the end of his cock, and sucking on his bell end. My own cock was so hard too, I jerked it a few times as I sucked in as much of his cock as I could, then withdrew his cock while I worked on his balls for a minute with my mouth, before I decided canlı casino siteleri I wanted his ass again.

I pushed his legs back a bit further and resumed looking right at his ass again. “Babes, you have the cutest asshole, you know that?” I didn’t give him a chance to reply, I buried my tongue straight in his asshole as far as it would go, after the lubing I gave it just before.

Danny helped me by putting his arms behind his legs, keeping himself open for me, moaning loudly. His legs were almost resting on the bed behind his head, he was so far back. I used my now free hands to spread his cheeks as far as they would go.

His ass had a light covering of hair, so soft; I loved it, and the same with the hair around his asshole. I gathered as much saliva as I could and continued to make his hole as wet as possible, before I decided to go in further and pushed my middle finger into his asshole.

“You are tight as fuck!” I said to him, as I pushed my finger in as far as I could, and gently pulled back out.

I could see Danny grimace slightly, “fuck I can tell,” he said, but he didn’t complain otherwise. I stood up so I could lever my finger in and out of him better, and played with my dick while I did that. Danny opened his eyes to look at me, and stared down at my dick. He knew what I planned to do, I didn’t have to tell him.

I worked my precum over the edge of my dick, and wet it up well, before I pulled my finger out from his wet hole. “Move round on the bed,” I said to Danny, and he moved round so he was lying with his head on bed, throwing the pillow out of the way. I lowered myself between his legs, my face level with his, and kissed him.

“I love you Danny,” I said to him, and kissed him before he could reply. I got into a deep kiss with him, rubbing my full body on his, feeling his hard cock between us. I would have thought his cock would have gone soft with the fingering, but he still felt so hard against me.

God, it felt so good just rubbing my body on his, and I would have happily continued to bring myself off like this, but I wanted more, and I could tell Danny was expecting more from me. He looked at me with apprehension as I lifted myself up on one arm, while I used my other to adjust my cock lower.

Danny helped me. He lifted both his legs higher and braced his legs with his arms, just as he had done when I was rimming him, and now he was doing it so I could breed him.

I loved thinking about it that way, about filling his ass with my cum, and taking it for my own. I was looking forward to seeing my cum dripping from his ass hole.

Both the cheeks on his face were rosy red; I don’t think he was used to being in such a submissive position with another guy.

I rested back on my knees, and moved the arm that was supporting me to his chest, my palm against his left pec. I could feel his hard nip under my fingers, and I gently rolled it between my fingers. I was surprised to see him react; it seems he has sensitive nipples.

He was an amazing sight, lying there on my bed. Ass presented for me, his hard cock and balls begging for my attention but they would have to wait. His eyes moved from staring at my cock to staring into my eyes. God, the thoughts he put in my head.

I rubbed my cock at his ass hole, and gently pushed forward. Danny grimaced, and it looked like he was making himself tense up.

“Relax baby,” I said, and squeezed his nipple a bit harder between my fingers. “I’m just gonna work my cock at your hole for a little bit, it feels really good rubbing against me,” I told him, and did just that. It was like I was wanking my cock against his hole. He rested one of his feet on my shoulders so he could free up a hand, and he began to tug on his own dick too.

As I was wanking, I would gently push my dick into him a bit more, and his hole was opening nicely for me. I was so wet, and I’d rimmed him well before.

I pushed in a bit further, which caused him to stop wanking briefly, and deeply breath in, rolling his head back with his eyes closed, “oh fuck, mate, that’s…ffffuck!” he said. My bell end was almost passed his ring.

I decided not to pull back, “Just hold on a second, I’ve almost got my bell end in, just nice and slow, your ass is so tight, I’m amazed your able to get me in this far.”

“No shit,” he exclaimed, and I was about to pull out, when he lifted his head up, and pulled my mouth to his. “Kiss me, I need you to kiss me man,” he demanded.

We kissed passionately as I tried to keep my cock at his hole, and gently pushed in further still, until we both could tell my bell end was inside him, and he moaned at the same time I did. We were finally passed the barrier.

I stopped moving to let him adjust and catch his breath. I watched his eyes intently, but they were still shut, and the hand on his cock hadn’t moved again yet, in fact it had gone partially soft. He nodded his head, “ok man, go slow,” he said.

That’s what I did. I slowly pushed my cock in further, then pulled back slightly, then back in again, gentle fucking motions on his ass. My head fell back. “This is fucking unbelievable!” I confessed, “Yours is the first ass I’ve ever fucked, it’s so tight! And warm too, god its good!”

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