First Meeting Pt. 02 – Losing Inhibitions

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Phase 1

It was not tricky to make fresh arrangements — Des’s job allowed for such things, while students were on vacation, and an urgent week-long leave of absence was arranged.

So it was that the next day, when Marnie and Maria re-arranged their flights, they began a five day extension to their ‘dream-world’, now thrust into harsh reality. The only issue was accommodation. Des scoured the internet, and eventually found a caravan to rent in the lower reaches of the Peak District, which meant they would all be together, and would be close to large centres of population, which would be more viable for their ‘project’.

Des and Maria wanted time to plan, and Marnie was content to have an afternoon nap, following the previous night’s exertions. They sat, facing each other, Des in shorts and t-shirt, Maria in halter neck bikini top and shorts. All things considered, Des hoped his body would not disgrace itself as their discussion about sexual activity progressed.

‘So’, he began, ‘we want sex. Not to objectify her, but where she feels good about herself, but needs to really let go. So no bukkake, gang bangs or S and M — but circumstances where she is safe and knows she is sexy as hell. Any ideas?’

Maria considered. ‘Well, maybe swinging. The two of us will be there for safety, but it’ll be a more charged atmosphere — at least one new person, maybe more.’

‘Good. Do we let the others know about the project?’

‘No. Never. It must be only us two. Otherwise, she might be seen as a charity case.’ Maria was adamant.

‘How about a photoshoot? Just us again, but more hardcore. Using toys, maybe some kinky stuff. Pushing beyond her current limits.’

‘And sex with us?’ inquired Maria.

He smiled. ‘Oh yes’.

Maria smiled as well. Then her face suddenly lifted, as she had another idea.

‘How about webcams? You said you knew a site where people watched. Let’s make her a webcam star.’

‘Oh yes,’ enthused Des. ‘But we should direct, not participate. Make her the star.’

‘Something else’, pondered Maria. ‘But what?’

While they had been chatting, Des had been idly scouring the internet, and suddenly, as if fate were guiding his hand, he hit on the perfect thing. He turned the laptop round to show Maria. She smiled broadly.

‘It’s perfect. She loves those things — and this time, she can be the star!’

It was a hypnotist, performing in a small club. Marnie adored hypnotism and was fascinated by the whole concept. The advert made it clear — ‘Mes Meric’ (interesting name) performed to adult only audiences. Further checks on his website made it clear that his show was very risqué, and invited contact from people with birthdays/stag or hen nights/other events to set up an individual. It couldn’t have been better.

‘I need to make a few calls’, said Des. ‘I’ll let you know how it goes’.

On the long drive to the Peaks, Des reflected on their plans. A photographic studio had been booked, with access to several different sets — Des had booked three — a medical set, a Victorian bedroom and a ‘wet’ set. It looked good, and he had booked four hours the following afternoon.

Next, he had looked up ‘swinger clubs’, and from the handful nearby, had chosen one which seemed reputable and had rules which ensured fun and safety. Having called and explained his situation (a man with two ladies might seem a little odd), he had been assured that they would be able to get in and, if what he said was correct, be welcomed with open arms.

Finally, it was the hypnotist. He had spoken to someone claiming to be ‘Mes Meric’s’ secretary (though he suspected it was the hypnotist himself) and explained that it was Marnie’s last evening in the UK, and he wanted her to have something to remember. He had been amazed at the detail requested — not just physical appearance, but the size of clothing, personal preferences, interests. It had been impressive attention to detail, but rather unnecessary.

After several hours, they arrived at the caravan park and checked in. The accommodation was far more Spartan this time — a double bed and twin fold-down beds — but it was adequate. While the girls settled in and unpacked, Des walked to the small site shop and purchased food and drink for their stay.

They settled to rest after the journey, and by the time Des awoke, it was dark — almost 10pm.

Student Fun

Outside, however, things were less quiet — he could hear talk and laughter from nearby caravans, and as it became louder, Marnie and Maria were both aroused.

‘Shall we go and join in?’ asked Maria.

Des considered, before responding in the affirmative. They changed quickly into appropriate clothing for the warm evening and headed outside, armed with a persuasive box of wine.

Outside, they happened upon a camp fire, with eight people sitting around. They introduced themselves and were invited to sit and join the ‘party’. Names were exchanged and instantly forgotten, and there was an easy flow of chat as wine or beer was drunk and joints ankarada yeni escortlar were circulated. It transpired that their companions were students, from a local University, gathering for fun and a ‘blow out’ before returning. There were two who identified themselves as couples, and four singles — two male and two female.

As the party progressed, the atmosphere became increasingly hedonistic, until one of the young men stood up and shouted ‘spin the bottle’. This was met with a ragged cheer — clearly it was something which this group did when drunk — and one of the girls turned to Des to clarify.

‘It’s what we do. We get drunk, we play spin the bottle. The dares get more… er… challenging the more drunk we get. If you don’t want to play, we’ll understand.’

‘Count us in’, exploded Maria. Marnie seemed unsure, but knowing that she was safe with us, and that this may contribute to her therapy, she joined in.

So, they sat in a circle, all ten of them, and the game began.

So experienced at the game were the students, that they had ‘dare’ cards printed and ready, and the game proceeded.

Essentially, the dares were rather juvenile. Kissing one another, singing silly songs, downing drinks in one — nothing challenging at all. Des and his companions joined in, feeling rather childish, but having fun all the same. A change came when two of the student girls were required to kiss. Their kiss was long, sensual and their bodies pressed together as they clearly relished the moment, breaking apart gasping and with nipples plainly erect.

After this, one of the single girls was required to kiss one of the ‘attached’ men. This time, it was not just nipples which became erect — or partly so — and the young man’s cock was plainly engorged. No time was lost commenting on this, and his girlfriend, far from being upset, seemed delighted, and massaged him to full hardness through his shorts.

‘Time for the ‘special’ dares, I think’, suggested the girlfriend of ‘Mr Hard-on’.

The cards were gathered in and replaced.

‘Hang on,’ said one young man — good looking in that ‘lanky’ way which young men seem to carry so well. ‘Let’s explain the rules for our guests. It’s simple really. Either take a dare, or lose an item of clothing. If you refuse a dare, lose two items. If you’re naked, either a dare from the cards or from the person who spins.’

‘Excellent’, said Maria.

Once again, Marnie looked reluctant, so the young man spoke up again:

‘It’s ok if you don’t want to play. We understand. You can drop out any time.’

Marnie steeled herself and nodded.

Des had been intrigued up to this point — these were students like the ones he lectured — he wondered if his students got up to these antics in their private time. He was quite sure they did — such a shame he never got to join in! He suddenly decided that things needed to move on before the younger participants were too drunk to play.

‘How about we skip the dares and just lose an item of clothing each spin? Then we can have naked dares later.’

Apprehensive looks were exchanged, and for a moment it seemed that one or two of the students were getting cold feet. However, Kayleigh, an attractive brunette who had seemed ‘up for anything’ suddenly spoke up.

‘I’m cool with that — but can we have our usual rules — no fucking, sucking or hand jobs. We always say that so it doesn’t cause a problem for those who are together.’

‘Of course,’ agreed Des, ‘seems very sensible. What about kissing and stroking yourself — that sort of stuff?’

Kayleigh, in her role as self-appointed spokes-person, looked around the group, who each signalled their assent.

‘Sure — it’s how we’ve played before, on a few very drunk occasions — like the infamous wanking race’, she giggled, before the whole group started to laugh.

Des and Maria both knew that this was another phase of ‘Project Marnie’ — getting naked with, and possibly performing sex acts with a group of strangers. This was a non-threatening group, only after fun, and in many ways would make a nice stepping stone before the swinger club.

So, they began. The bottle spun and clothes were lost. Maria was first to actually expose anything of interest, losing her bra and bearing her breasts for the appreciation of the group as a whole.

This may have been a good thing, as Kayleigh and another of the girls in the group were next to go topless. Des had almost forgotten how young breasts were different to their fully mature counterparts, and although Kayleigh was fully developed and revealed a fine, firm pair, with erect nipples pointing darkly upwards, her friend (Chell or Bel) was clearly a later developer. Her swellings were moderate, and her nipples possessed the translucence which would be lost as she aged. Des almost felt it was wrong to look, but after reminding himself that this girl was at least 18, and maybe a year older, he gazed confidently, enjoying memories of his teenage years.

Maria and Des had kept a careful eye on Marnie, knowing her apprehension. bayan escort elvankent However, as they looked at her, there was no question that she was becoming more wide-eyed, living a scene which she had possibly fantasized about many times while playing on line strip poker — and with the safety net that she would not be required to perform sexual acts — simply to get naked.

It was one of the young men who was first naked — sliding off his boxer shorts confidently, exposing a semi-erect penis of perfectly acceptable proportion. Like many young men, he had few taboos about nudity, and made no effort to hide himself.

A couple more spins — Des was in boxers, Maria panties and Marnie still in t-shirt, bra and panties. Their friends were now becoming increasingly exposed — all the girls now topless, two lads naked and one in boxers — in fact, the girls were having a pretty good time so far.

Next — Bel or Chel lost her panties. She had a slim, almost boyish body, and her auburn hair dictated that her pubic her would be sparse. It was, and the fine slit between her legs could easily be seen — although she kept her legs together to ensure that there would be no better view — at least — not yet.

The third girl in the group then lost her bra — she was a bigger girl all round, and her breasts flopped low as she exposed them — her areola diffuse, almost blending in to her breast with a barely discernible nipple crowning them.

And then, luck changed — Marnie lost first one, then another spin, and it was time for her to lose her bra. The tension was almost palpable — everyone had noticed how beautiful she was, and everyone had been desperate for this moment, and as she reached behind, she hesitated, feeling every eye gazing intently at her. She fiddled with the bra clasp, her hands shaking, before undoing first one, then the other clip. Feeling massively self conscious, she slid the bra from her shoulders, and, unlike all the other girls, tried to cover herself with her arms.

‘Go on,’ chided Maria, ‘Show them’.

Slowly Marnie moved her arms aside to reveal her awesome physique. All the students made sounds of appreciation, and Kayleigh was quick to summarize their view:

‘Babe, if I had boobs like that, I would want to share them with the world!’

A few more spins, and people started to be naked, the guys waving erections around openly, while the girls became coy about the unruly bush of pubic hair, or neatly trimmed or shaven triangle between their thighs. This time, when Marnie lost, she seemed less self-conscious — maybe because of the wine, or just because the small piece of fabric which covered her was really not significant, and it was hardly as if there was much to see — just the top of her small, neat slit.

The dares started, and it was soon clear that they would be far from extreme — kissing, licking, stroke for a minute, lick or suck for a minute. The only real surprise was that in such a rather staid group of sexual experimenters, same sex contact was not taboo.

First Maria, then Marnie, found themselves being licked by girls and guys who had previously been strangers. Marnie was tense, uncomfortable, but needed just gentle chiding to move ahead with the game. Des also found that he was to have his first experience of oral sex with another man.

First, he found himself dared to lick a cock from balls to tip 50 times. For the first time, his love of exploration almost failed him — but if Marnie saw him back out, it would undo all their hard work. So, he looked at the 7 inches of erect flesh just centimetres before him, and leaned forward. He licked up and down, encouraged loudly by the girls, and surprised that he had actually quite enjoyed it — the smooth texture of the glans especially.

As the game progressed, he also experienced being sucked by another guy (surprisingly pleasant, probably because guys know exactly what how they like to be stimulated), and taking a hard penis into his mouth, working the sensitive head with his tongue, while sliding his lips up and down the shaft. His enthusiasm to do this, he rationalized, was because he always wanted to give pleasure — no matter who the recipient might be.

He was, however, relieved that he was not too good. Although he had, on occasion, licked his own semen off the body of female partners, he was not feeling ready to receive a mouthful of warm cum from someone else. Maybe, he reflected later, it was something that could happen in the future — especially with a ‘no holds barred’ swinging evening planned.

Maria leaned against Des, deliberately pushing her naked body against him provocatively:

‘Where’s all this leading?’ She whispered.

‘By the looks of it, nowhere,’ replied Des, ‘God alone knows how anyone’s going to finish when all the dares stop after a minute, max.’

Maria nodded. ‘What say we give it five minutes, and if nothing else happens, we can go and finish off together.’

Des nodded — they were both rather bored with student games, and tired after escort bayan etimesgut the drive.

However, there was no need for any uncomfortable exit. The students were, it appeared, also becoming bored.

‘How about a skinny dip in the river?’ suggested one of the young men.

‘Yay, skinny dip,’ repeated one of the girls, and they stood up, almost as one, and started to run towards the sound of gently running water in the background.

Maria, Marnie and Des remained seated, despite Kayleigh almost begging them to go. They were tired and wanted to get to bed, once their sexual tensions had been dispelled.

Des and Maria looked at Marnie.

‘Well? That was fun, wasn’t it — you’re lucky — any of those girls would have killed to look like you.’ Maria suggested.

Marnie looked uncertain for a second, then nodded and smiled. They all knew that the days of playing stripping games on line had been fun, but fear of moving to real games had always restricted them from finding out the true pleasure of being looked at by virtual strangers, naked and unashamed. For some, reality caused more trauma than pleasure — for these three, reality had just been fun and pleasure.

They returned to their caravan, and agreed to finish together, watching one another. So Marnie and Maria lay back, heads together, thighs spread until their knees touched, and carried out their own quick masturbation — tapping and rubbing the lubricated slit between their legs, breathing increasing rapidly. Des knelt above their faces, rubbing vigorously, wanting to cum on their mouths and faces.

As Des ejaculated his warm semen in spurts and globs, then trickles and drips, both girls reached their climaxes, crying out, red faced and sweating. He offered his twitching member to each in turn to suck the final drops from him.

Ultimately, after quickly cleaning themselves with tissues, they reached the silent consensus that the night was over, and settled together, lovingly entwined, for the kind of sleep which can happen only after total satisfaction.


The following morning, they slept late, slowly rising for breakfast. They all ate naked. It was an intriguing step, as previously Marnie had always seemed to equate nudity with sex. That she was content to sit naked, along with Maria and Des showed her growing self-confidence and lowering inhibitions. One at a time, they took showers in the shower block.

Des and Maria took their one to one time with Marnie to prepare her for the shoot. She was aware that this was not going to be a nice, safe glamour shoot, that she was to be part of a very adult experience, very intimate, and if not hard core, certainly amounting to porn. She was clearly apprehensive, but, once again, the reassurance that she would not be hurt or abused, and her determination to unlock her sexuality and make her personality whole made her grit her teeth and nod.

Marie and Des made preparations of a different kind. A quick check on the internet had shown a sex shop in the nearby city. It was part of a major chain of such shops, and stocked some of the items which would be used to take the photoshoot into new territory for Marnie. They discussed their own roles as well — as photographers and participants.

Without question, they knew they would need to take part — mostly to involve Marnie in real sex acts — but also because they knew that they would also be incredibly horny — indeed, during the discussion, Maria playfully reached under the table, to find a rigid cock, which sent her into a fit of giggles. Des in turn felt her well-lubricated hole, easily inserting two fingers before she wriggled away.

‘Not now,’ she gasped, ‘save it for later’. She was right, of course — Des needed to be ready and full of cum for the shoot. ‘I’m going to finish myself, though’, she grinned, reaching down inside her robe and rubbing.

‘So unfair,’ moaned Des, watching, erection on display, as Maria rubbed, her breath becoming shorter before a final gasp.

‘Always nice to rub out a quickie,’ she smiled, closing her robe and looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, as she licked her juices from her fingers.

‘Yes — I’d love to,’ replied Des. ‘Now sod off and get shopping’.

Laughing, Maria went to get dressed, and was just ready to leave on her ‘shopping trip’ as Marnie arrived.

It was almost 2 hours before Maria returned, during which, Des and Marnie talked. Marnie still did not have her full voice, but would whisper simple responses to Des’s questions. It was clear that she was trying, but the words stuck. Her brain would short circuit, and her frustration was evident, as she stammered and stuttered to reply in anything but a whisper. Her face became red and flushed and her hands balled into fists.

It was at this time that Des saw clearly how there was a need to complete the circuit — to drag the words from her kicking and screaming — and in this case, it was her inhibitions which were holding her back. Once broken, once she had experienced sex in an open and uninhibited way, she could reform her fears based on her new experiences, and not the disasters of the past. Essentially, as a young woman, she was going to experience teenage fantasies. Then, she could use those to develop her own sexual identity and express herself as she wanted to.

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