First Time with John

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I was anxious as I drove into the driveway. Scott and I had played together before and he pretty much rocked my world. He was a travel nurse so he was out of town a good deal of the time, so when he was in town we tried to get together. We met on a Mississippi gay/bi chat room. Oddly enough, he lived a couple blocks over in the same neighborhood.

Tonight was a bit different because Scott had invited John to join us. I didn’t know John, hence my angst.

I opened the front door and walked back to the bedroom. Scott was standing naked, by the bed, with a hard-on.

“Well hello,” I said.

“Hey Travis.”

I walked to him and gave him a hug and a kiss.

“Listen,” he said as we released our embrace.

“There’s something you should know about John.”


“He works for the state agency that regulates your job. He’s concerned you may know him.”

“Why should that concern him? Aren’t we both going to do this?”

“He’s not out!”

“Ok. That’s not an issue. I’ll not tell anyone.”

I was a little put off about this conversation when I heard some one coming up behind me. I turned to see a dick enter from the bathroom. A full two seconds later John entered. “My word,” I thought. “That’s a big dick.”

“I’m John.”

“Travis.” I went straight to my knees and took his cock into my mouth, much to his and Scott’s amusement, thus ending any doubt about me. Scott walked up behind me and leaned into John and kissed him. I wish I had had a camera at that point. Quite the 21st Century Norman Rockwell moment.

We moved over to the bed and ended up in a pile. Three sums take a few minutes getting into a rhythm but once that awkwardness has passed, the real fun begins. A lot of sucking, kissing, nipple nibbling and asshole fingering. All good fun.

After a while, we took a break for water. Scott went to the kitchen and John lay across my chest, slowly playing with my cock. No talking, just a quiet moment. Other than his enormous dick, John was a pretty average guy, even though casino şirketleri his hair was prematurely grey.

Scott came back carrying three bottles of water and we sat around making small talk while we all stroked our cocks. I put my water down, took off my glasses, rolled over and took Scott’s dick in my mouth, playing with that soft, sensitive underside. I felt a mouth on my ass. Things were about to get serious. John was licking my asshole and gently easing his tongue inside me. Being the whore that I am, I raised my ass so he could get to it easier. Scott leaned over and asked: “Are you going to let me fuck you tonight?”

Without missing a beat I looked at him and said, “Yes. Yes I am.”

“Me too?”

I took Johns cock in my hand and looked at it.

“Yes. I’ll give that a try,” knowing that it would be the biggest cock I’ve ever had.

We continued to suck and nibble for a while, before I felt Scott between my knees. My chest down, ass in the air. I felt the warm lube as he applied it to my waiting pussy. And then the moment of truth. I felt the head break through the tight opening. It no longer hurt like it did the night Ken took my virginity. A certain amount of pressure, yes, but no real pain. Inch by inch he pushed deeper into my ass until he hit my p-spot.

“Yes,” I quietly moaned. Scott got in a rhythm and, on most strokes, grazed my prostate sending me into that euphoric zone. Faster. He smacked my ass. I smiled. I tried to give john’s cock some attention, but it was difficult to multi-task at that moment. Another smack on my ass. I loved that. John and Scott were deeply locked in a kiss and I could feel his cock hardening, twitching.

“I’m gonna cum. In your ass?”


As his ejaculate shot to the end of his condom, I felt it hit my p-spot, causing my dick to jump and sending a chill all through my body. Scott pushed as deep as he could and with his hands on my hips, ground it until he fell, spent, on my back. Our heaving in rhythm. As his cock softened, it slowly withdrew from casino firmaları my ass. I collapsed onto the bed with Scott still on my back.

After recovering, I drank some water and looked at John, giving him the look. I put a pillow under my ass and offered it to him. Applying the condom like the studs in porn movies do, he stretched it out and covered his cock in one motion.

“No lube. I should be pretty juiced up.” I placed my heels on his shoulders, not feeling real confident I could handle his monster. Maybe monster isn’t the proper term as I’ve seen much bigger ones online, but to me, it was a monster.

“Are you ready?”

I laughed. “Has anyone ever been ready for that?”

“It’s a good thing I went first,” Scott said.”

“Uhh…” a couple inches…”You’re no slouch yourself. Ooooh…” He pushed deeper. “

“Are you ok?” John asked.

“Oh yeah…”

Deeper. I’ve had long ones but never anything this thick and I felt like he may rip me apart. Deeper still. Scott put his cock in my mouth and I did the best I could with it, but big boy had most of my attention.

John kept pushing. And then there it was. His cock was all over my p-spot and his hips still hadn’t hit my ass. “More to come,” I thought. And I was right. I let out a little whimper as he pushed the rest of the way in.

“Just hold it right there for a bit. Let me get used to it.”

I lowered my legs and draped them around his back and interlocked my ankles. He moved his hands from my hips and rested on his elbows. He leaned in and kissed me. Softly. Ours mouths opened and our tongues slowly did that seductive dance. He began to pump. Slowly,like a mighty hydraulic piston.

“Damn, you feel good, boy.”

There it was. My magic word. Boy. I now wanted him more than ever. I began to move my hips side to side and pulled him to my chest. We kissed and he pumped. I took Scott in my right hand and moved it up and down. He was hard and ready. I felt badly that I had neglected him, but big John was now going all out. I tightened güvenilir casino my legs around his waist as tight as I could go. He was lifting me off the bed then slamming me back down, each time making me whimper, grunt and more than a few times, scream. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. My dick was hard and with John on top, the motion was driving me crazy.

“I don’t know how…much…more I can take.”

“Not yet boy. You can cum when I do.”

Man, there it was again. He was dominating me. I was his submissive.

“Yes sir,” I whispered. Now we both knew it.

“Scott, grab this boy’s nipples. Yeah that’s it. I think he likes a little torture.”

I jumped into overdrive the instant Scott twisted my nipples. Big john held my arms down as I bucked all over the bed. John hung in there all the way. He was beginning to sweat as he grabbed my hips again, driving me into that rare pleasure zone. Where everything disappears. Everything but his cock and his sounds as he gets closer and closer. Scott grabbed my dick and gave it a few quick pulls. John’s balls were ready to blow.

“I’m cumming in you, boy.”

“Yes sir. Please!”

“Aaagggghhh…his dick jumped and pumped and I felt that hot goo hit my prostate and shot a rope ending up on my chest and face. John was still draining his balls when I felt another burst of warm jiz hit my face. Scott’s cock was dangling over me so I took it and cleaned it up, all the while John was finishing dumping what must have been a quart of spunk in my ass.

We all lay there for a few minutes, Side by side by side, with me in the middle. John removed the condom and said, “This is for you since you’ve been such a good boy.” He dumped the condom on my body, spreading it all over me.

“Now get dressed and go home. I have some unfinished business with Scott.”

I looked for a towel. “Oh no. Get dressed and go.”

I did as I was told walking to my car with their DNA in my hair, my goatee and even running down my legs. I drove the three minute ride home with a smile on my face until I turned the corner and saw a car in my driveway. I pulled up and it was Jason and CJ.

“Where’ve you been? You look rough. Is that cum in your hair?” It was CJ.

“You boys come on in. I have a story to tell.”

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