Fist To The Heart

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Fist To The Heart
Chapter One – I Always Win
He walked through the crowd of shouting men, focused on the task ahead. That was something he chose to ignore, every time – the stench of those places. It was a rubbery smell mixed with male sweat and the excitement rising for the bloody fight ahead. If he were to inhale too much, he was bound to get dizzy. Maybe overcome with rage.
In a way, he was doing this to himself, if he were fair. But Johnny Bryne was not known to be fair, the least of all people to himself. That was maybe the reason why he was fighting these matches made in hell. Or perhaps he just loved to win against all the odds.
In the cage, he was the one in control. His opponents lacked something important, something they didn’t know they needed. Some underwent grueling training; others tried to fix the matches in their favors.
But no one dared to approach him and offer him a bribe in exchange for dropping to the floor and pretending to be broken enough not to get up before the count was done. Seeing how rigged and unlawful these fights were, it was a wonder he was allowed to have his fun like that.
Maybe they could sense it, the darkness that walked with him. They were clever men. They knew not to bet a losing hand against someone with a loose screw. Because he always won and that was not going to change. Ever.
He jumped into the ring and followed through the motions of what was expected from someone like him. At least, no one could blame him of being unable to throw a good show. There was no fun for the audience to see a man sent to the floor with just one punch.
Legal fights were not like this. But he wasn’t interested in walking the straight and narrow. He knew well on which side of the tracks he had been born.
Johnny Bryne had earned a proper nickname for himself. He knew how to dance around his prey, fooling the other into believing that there was an opening, only to dash his hopes in a quick, execution-style, move, not meant to take the opponent out just yet, but enough to make him aware of the simple fact that he could not win.
The announcer walked forward, grabbing the mike, and roaring the names of the opponents for the tonight match.
“Snake! Snake! Snake!” the audience chanted as they had done from the first moment he had walked through the door.
Johnny saluted, raising one gloved hand.
“You know the rules,” the referee shouted at them, as he touched fists with his opponent.
“No hit below the belt, no hit when the opponent’s down.”
No shit, Johnny wanted to say back. Everyone was paying to see these fights because they were dirty, without rules. It wasn’t even a sport. They wore gloves only because hand fractures took too long to heal, and no one wanted to risk a good fighter over a thing like that. It made some frustrated.
They weren’t regular boxing gloves, either. That had become a rule when some thought themselves clever enough to push metal plates into the lining, and not even the bloodthirsty audience had found it funny when too many fighters began leaving the ring looking like not even their moms could love them anymore. Rigged matches were one thing. Cheating in the ring with dirty tactics like that was also sanctioned by the lowlifes attending the games, no matter how hell-bent on throwing their month’s wages on a bet.
So hand wraps and simple, tight fitting, fingerless leather gloves were the only hand wear permitted. Johnny examined his opponent, as the audience continued to chant his name. No one was betting against him because they knew the outcome. But the bookies were resourceful people. They knew how to make people bet. On how long the Snake’s opponent was going to last, or how many times the unfortunate victim was going to try to get up from the floor for yet another minute in the ring. Whether Snake was going to be sent to the floor at least once. Johnny didn’t bother himself with details. The money was good, and that was all that mattered to him.
Tonight’s opponent was a super heavyweight. Well, maybe they had the costs for a new ring floor covered because he would make a dent after being dropped a few times.
The whistle caught him in a mid-air jump. The opponent’s jowls trembled when Johnny sent his first punch straight into his bovine-like face.
Ruslan was trying to get comfortably seated, but it appeared that ergonomics was not precisely the type of thing the organizers of this kind of event were known for. By all means, the entire audience seemed to prefer standing up to sitting. The collective roar from the men in the building was making the air crackle with electricity.
Ah, but this was something he terribly enjoyed. He could almost taste the testosterone exuded by the male bodies aroused with the promise of blood and victory. Maybe tonight he was going to grab some random guy and show him a good time. Although these weren’t his usual hunting grounds, he hoped the hook up he chose would not hold it against him that he had a dick between his legs. He had his means to be persuasive, such as a lean body that looked good naked, a wicked tongue, and, when his pleasing physical appearance was not enough, a fat wad of bills usually did the trick. Usually. He was not the kind to fight losing battles.
But, of course, tonight was all about business, and he needed to focus. Maybe later, he was going to call Yanis, see if he was back in town, and summon him for a quick fuck since it wasn’t exactly a good time to go cruising.
“Who is this Snake?” he leaned toward the other, as the audience was chanting around him a single syllable. He had to scream the words in the loud noise so that his companion could hear him.
“Our guy,” the old man replied. “We must make him sign with us. Rumor has it he’s unbeatable.”
“Really?” Ruslan quirked an eyebrow. “How come we’ve never heard of him? And, more importantly, how come he’s not already ours?”
“Apparently, he prefers to waste his time in this dump,” the old man replied, pulling his coat closer to his body as if he didn’t want to touch the worn seat too much.
Just like Ruslan, he could not seem to find a way to sit comfortably.
“No wonder he’s unbeatable,” Ruslan commented. “If all his adversaries are small-time thugs, it’s no surprise that the cleverest of the bunch manages to get on top. That still doesn’t qualify him for our attention. So, come on, spill it. What’s the deal with him?”
“Just watch,” the old man pointed with his chin toward the ring.
Ruslan took in the man already in the ring. He looked strong like a bull and probably weighed well over 275 pounds, and, unfortunately for him, most of those pounds were lard, not muscles. Yeah, he had cardiac arrest written all over him. But he did have a brute’s attitude, the way he was hunching forward, and he was tall enough to be considered a giant in his own right. Most probably he was dominating his adversaries by being a moving mass of such magnitude that no one could stand in his way.
“I don’t see why they would call him Snake,” Ruslan thought out loud. “Is that an inside joke?”
“That’s not Snake,” the old man snorted. “That’s Snake,” he pointed at the second man making his way into the ring.
Ruslan leaned forward to stare at the other combatant for the tonight’s match. Someone hurried to take the man’s robe, and he jumped a few times up and down, flexing both arms in the process, and then raising one to salute the audience.
Unlike the first one to get into the cage, this one was packing nothing but muscles. Ruslan had a trained eye. There was quite a critical weight difference between the two. This one probably weighed somewhere around 200 pounds or a bit less, but at his height, somewhere at 6.3, or 6.4, that was not a problem.
Definitely not a problem at all, Ruslan thought again, as he took in the man’s strong, anatomically perfect muscles. He licked his lips. Their target was eliciting his interest all right. From the first row, where he was seated, Ruslan could see the man’s face, although he would have liked to look a bit more closely.
Unlike his opponent’s brutish appearance, this one deserved his nickname. There was grace in the way he moved, and Ruslan could almost feel a familiar prickle in his fingers to touch those perfect muscles, and another sensation, equally familiar, in his groin.
Hmm, there had been some time since he had felt stirred by merely looking at someone. The man made a full round of the ring so that the crowd could see him and cheer him on a bit more. Funny thing, he didn’t seem a poser. His tanned skin seemed marred of few fading scars, save for several long, angry-looking, scars on his back. He wasn’t tattooed, like other practitioners of the so-called sport. Ruslan wondered; what kind of man was Snake?
His hair was shaved closely at the back of his head, but a few loose black strands in the front were almost getting into his eyes. With a casual, unstudied move, Snake pushed the hair away from his forehead. His dark eyes, shadowed by thick, furrowed eyebrows, scanned the crowd one more time, and Ruslan, without being able to look at them properly, somehow knew they were filled with apprehension. Anyone could say all they wanted that Snake was relaxed, waiting to score another win on his personal board, but Ruslan saw something else.
His face was probably far from what could be considered a classic masculine beauty. His mouth was large, with firm, yet full lips, and it was clear his nose had been rearranged on his face a few times, at least, one of the consequences of too many battles. Yet, that didn’t detract from his a****l magnetism.
Ruslan sighed. If the old man was going to send him to negotiate with Snake, he wanted to get into that man’s sports shorts. He only hoped Snake was at least a bit into dudes; with that kind of raw, fascinating masculinity, he didn’t look like someone who had trouble getting laid. Seeing that he was unbeatable, probably he had enough money, too. That was a tough call, Ruslan knew. He could convince a lot of horny guys to fuck him into oblivion, but usually, he picked men against which he could have a bit of leverage, be it his money or their horniness and inability to get a warm body to fuck somewhere else at that exact moment.
The referee barely blew his whistle, and Snake proved in a single powerful jump how he had come to get that nickname. Ruslan didn’t wince when the opponent’s fat jowls trembled under the direct hit. He was enthralled.
Were they trying to insult him? The fatso was so easy to hit that it was getting on his nerves. Maybe they had chosen him based on his endurance. By all means, any kaçak iddaa other opponent should have been on the floor, squirming in pain.
Hmm, maybe this was a new strategy, Johnny thought. To tire him out. He grinned, making the other man’s pig-like eyes flash with an understanding that this fight would be a loss for him. Johnny thought that he probably looked like a maniac. He counted on that.
Maybe it was the right moment to fake one of his so-called suicide moves. He intentionally made a clumsy move, to leave his opponent a small opening. Was the mass of lard in front of him capable of understanding what was offered on a silver platter?
Apparently, on the third attempt, the opponent seemed to see the only chance he had for a moment of careless triumph. Johnny pretended to gasp for air like he was too tired already.
Bingo. The opponent finally moved and sent Johnny to the floor with a heavy kick. Great. It was the perfect opportunity to rest a little, indeed. This kind of game wasn’t played in rounds. So, the combatants had to grab at any chance they had for a reprieve.
He remained on the floor, to make the fight a bit less boring than what it had been so far. Also, it was a good opportunity to steal a glance at the audience and gauge their level of interest.
His eyes fell on someone seated on the front row. Seated? While attending one of his matches? That wasn’t a good sign. The man was inspecting him with keen eyes, and, for a second, he lost himself in seas of blue.
Wow, he was a looker, Johnny thought. He was also apparently looking at him with unhidden interest. Somewhere, far away, he could hear the referee counting.
Well, there was enough time to indulge in admiring the male specimen in the front row. What was someone so well dressed, in what looked like a designer suit, matched with a coat most probably from the same collection, in a dump like that?
He was a perfect blond, and Johnny had a perfect soft spot for blonds. Of all the tasty morsels he had had in his life, the blond variety had been his favorite. And the stranger looked like royalty, with high cheekbones, perfect symmetric features, and deep blue eyes.
Johnny was dying to see more. The blue eyes blinked, and then their owner began showing him something. Johnny smirked when he understood that the pretty man was tapping his wrist, pointing at his watch. He winked and sent him a small kiss from the tip of his lips.
“Nine!” the referee’s voice boomed.
The entire room was shouting at him, delirious. Johnny pushed himself up. Playtime was over. He didn’t even need to look to realize where his opponent was. The asshole was already celebrating his victory against the unbeatable Snake.
“Hey!” he yelled. “I’m here!”
He opened his arms wide, fooling his opponent into another opening. When the bag of lard began marching toward him like a battery ram, Johnny jumped and caught the man into the chin with a perfect roundhouse kick. His opponent remained standing for two seconds, making everyone in the room hold their breath. The silence broke when he hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. The audience exploded. And this time, he remained there until the referee finished counting.
Johnny turned around, searching for the pretty man in the front row. But he was not paying him any attention at the moment. Instead, he seemed to lend his ear to someone next to him, some old dude dressed up to snuff just like him.
Ah, damn. Rich man’s toy boy. He should have known better. Well, he wasn’t one to cry over spilled milk. He was going to find a warm and willing body tonight that he could fuck until he could feel his legs no more while thinking of the perfect blond in the front row.
The couple didn’t look interested in other fights, as, when Johnny looked again, in the hope of catching another glimpse of that delicious stranger, they were already gone.
“I’m leaving this to you,” the old man put on his gloves, and looked around with scrutinizing eyes.
“Sure thing. I have this one in the bag,” Ruslan smiled.
It was his lucky night all right. Snake had blown a kiss at him and winked, so, in the universal language of flirting, that meant that he was interested in Ruslan. This was going to be both easy and pleasant. Seeing that he typically hated complications, things were going just as he wanted.
“Russy.” The old man patted his arm to draw his attention. “Snake deserves his nickname. He’s sly and slippery. Plus, he doesn’t like being owned. So, be careful, okay?”
“Sure thing, papa.” Ruslan leaned to kiss the man’s cheek.
“I mean it,” the old man added, caressing Ruslan’s hair with affection. “Play safe.”
Ruslan smiled. The old man had nothing to worry about. By the look in those dark eyes, Snake was probably hungry, and also in the mood to celebrate his victory, without a doubt. Ruslan just had the perfect tasty morsel to lure him in and then score the deal. Plus, this would surely be pleasant.
One thing about being the star of that dump was that he had a room with a shower, all his own. The short cold shower he took had calmed some of the battle rage and frustrated arousal over the pretty toy boy from earlier, but he still needed to go out and cruise for a piece of ass.
He stopped in the door of the bathroom, as he noticed there was someone in his room, seemingly fascinated with the displayed photos on the small bookshelf. So the owner of that dump had thought about letting the visitor in. That meant he was important enough to warrant such a thing. Usually, Johnny wasn’t crazy about visitors. He had nothing worth stealing, either. Not there, in that dingy room, anyway.
“Can I help you with something?” he asked roughly.
The visitor turned around, and Johnny made eye contact with the good-looking man from before.
“Are you lost, blue eyes?” he drawled and leaned against the door frame, crossing his arms over his chest.
He was only wearing a towel around his waist, and he was still wet from the shower. The visitor was eyeing him with interest. Excellent. Maybe he still had a chance with Mr. luxury toy.
“Care to share a shower with me?” he added, seeing that the other was too busy devouring him head to toes with his eyes to speak.
That seemed to bring his visitor back to reality. “A shower? It looks like you just had one.”
“Well, I don’t mean now. Later, after I’m done making you scream my name at least a dozen times,” Johnny began walking toward his different kind of prey for the night.
The stranger laughed. “Snake, right? Smooth, man, smooth, what can I say? Actually, I’m here to offer you a deal.”
“A deal?” Johnny frowned.
“It’s a fantastic deal,” his visitor began jabbering. “You fight for us; we pay you royally.”
“Who is we?” Johnny asked roughly, all thoughts of getting busy between the sheets with the man in front of him gone from his mind.
“Efige. We run the casinos on the west side of the river. We also offer a wide array of entertainment …”
“No deal,” Johnny said brusquely. “And since when is Efige getting into this kind of dirty business? You know what? I don’t need to know. See yourself to the door.”
His visitor opened his mouth, hesitated for a second, then his beautiful lips stretched into a wide smile. “I can make it worth your while,” he batted his eyelashes, cocking his head to the side.
“You guys have nothing I want,” Johnny replied harshly, now bent on getting close to the other just so that he could throw him out the door.
“Not we. I,” the man pointed at himself, “want to offer you something extra.”
“Like what?” Johnny questioned, looking the other into his deep blue eyes.
From up close, he looked even more delicious. He smelled great, of expensive cologne, but also of something else that must have been his natural scent. Johnny dug his nails into his palms. He wasn’t getting swayed so quickly now, was he?
“A blowjob,” the stranger smiled and said casually, “from yours truly.”
Johnny leaned in, now so close that his mouth was just inches away from perfect lips. The stranger was just a bit shorter, and, most probably, lean under that long coat. Just the right size, Johnny thought. Just how he liked his men.
“Nah.” He shook his head, and leaned in more, making the other force his head back, to keep eye contact. “Aren’t you that man’s toy boy?”
“What man?” Blue eyes blinked in confusion.
“The old dude buying you these nice clothes and the expensive cologne,” Johnny said.
A small laugh was the answer. “You could not be further from the truth. Now, that you know I’m not a toy boy, would you like that blowjob or not?”
“Add your skinny ass to that offer, and I might consider it,” Johnny grabbed him by the waist and pulled him close.
“Skinny ass?” His visitor seemed revolted by that commentary, and not by the indecent proposal.
Johnny felt the slender waist with both hands. “You seem a bit underfed.”
“I can assure you I’m not,” the other said crossly. “Now, now, play nice, I mean it about that blowjob. Let’s sit on the bed. I wouldn’t want to give you the satisfaction of kneeling in front of you just yet. There will be time for that later after you win a few matches for us.”
Johnny had to give it to the guy. He was sure of himself. Also, he knew how to push buttons, speaking so casually about blowing a prospective employee.
“Is this how you treat everyone at the Efige kennels? I guess I understand now why they all act like they found God and joined some cult once they start working for you. They’re all crazy about your sweet mouth and skinny ass.”
“Again with that.” The blond man rolled his eyes, but didn’t push Johnny away, and he didn’t seem insulted, either. “And I can assure you I am selective in my dealings. Only the ones who do an outstanding job receive special attention from me,” he added with a small chuckle as if he had just said a joke.
“That’s good motivation, Mr. boss,” Johnny grinned. “I assume you’re some kind of boss, right?”
“Some kind, yeah,” the other replied, his lips twitching in amusement. “So, are you ready to take me up on my offer?”
“Oh, I sure am ready to take you,” Johnny grinned, and without one second thought, he leaned in and kissed him.
He seemed surprised for a second, but he relaxed and opened his mouth, not too much, to be considered an easy victory, but enough to allow Johnny to have a taste. Oh, yes, the man tasted good, so good that Johnny instantly wondered how other parts of him would taste like. And he also knew how to be a little tease. The best kind.
It seemed that he liked to play around, because, after the initial surrender, he closed his mouth and pushed Johnny away firmly.
“Do we have a deal?”
“I told perabet güvenilir mi you. I’ll consider it if your skinny ass is on the table.”
This time, the guy pushed him away for real. With precise moves, a bit brusque, he took out his coat.
“Hold this for me?” he asked.
With a grin, Johnny took his coat and then unceremoniously threw it toward an undefined direction, directly on the floor. The beautiful eyes flickered with a tinge of annoyance, and he huffed, but Johnny could tell he was not put off by that. Instead of saying anything, he took out the jacket of his three-piece suit and this time, placed the garment on the back of the single chair in the room.
“Now,” he said, “take a look at this and say ‘skinny’ one more time.”
Johnny watched as the beautiful man turned and put both hands on his ass. All right, so he wasn’t skinny, and his ass filled the designer pants nicely. His ass was pert and firm, by what anyone looking could tell. But Johnny was now in the mood to play.
“I don’t know, man. You might have some padding or something underneath those pants.”
The stranger looked over his shoulder, and this time, Johnny knew he was well aware that he was being played. The question stood: was he willing to play along?
“Just look at what you make me do,” he said, as he began unbuckling his belt.
Oh, this was going to be good, Johnny thought, as he got rid of the towel he was wearing and began touching his cock. The guy pushed the pants and briefs right down and held his crisp white shirt with one hand so that Johnny could get a good look at his ass.
“Do you see it now?”
“I sure do,” Johnny got closer and placed one hand on a pert buttock, kneading it.
“Did I give you permission to do that?” An annoyed huff followed.
“Well, you’re the one who wants something from me,” Johnny grabbed him by the waist with the other hand.
It was damn nice to fondle that firm ass. By all means, his visitor was enjoying the attention, as he bit his bottom lip and threw Johnny a look full of dirty promises.
“Now, I know a few things about asses,” Johnny said, “so I must test something else. Look at what you make me do,” he mimicked the other’s words from earlier, as he let go of the plump ass, only to push the middle finger into his mouth and give it a good lick.
The other was now looking at him with hooded eyes, and his breath was growing deeper. With all the act, one would have thought the visitor to be the master of making things happen his way. However, it was clear as day that he was fascinated with everything Johnny did.
He didn’t protest in the slightest when Johnny pushed his wet finger through the tight ring of his backdoor. He only hissed and closed his eyes, and Johnny took his finger out to add more spit.
Johnny wanted him panting and begging to be fucked, so he was willing to take longer than usual with the preparations. Plus, this was a prissy prince from the good side of the tracks lost in the woods and now face to face with the big bad wolf. So, he deserved all the attention and patience Johnny was capable of.
“Hmm, I wonder,” he whispered and bit one nicely shaped ear playfully. “You talk big, but the reason you’re only offering blowjobs is that your backdoor is tiny, right?”
“Oh, please,” his visitor moaned shamelessly, as Johnny continued to finger him unhurriedly. “I get fucked plenty.”
“I don’t believe you,” Johnny used his other hand to unbutton his vest, then shirt, so he could feel the lean chest, too.
By the small gasp he heard, Johnny was sure he was dealing with someone who liked fucking. Anywhere he touched, he reacted. It was like his whole body was sensitive.
“Well, I have a reputation,” he turned his head slightly so he could face Johnny, “to be not that easy to satisfy.”
“Oh, really? I barely touched you, and you’re ready,” Johnny grinned.
This pretty man was so full of it. “Oh, I’m no cold fish, I can assure you,” he smiled. “But many leave my bed satisfied, while they leave me, well, partially satisfied, at best.”
“You sure know how to make a man interested,” Johnny pinched one nipple and turned the finger inside that tight ass into a hook. “So, does it take you ages to come or something?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” a whisper was the answer.
Oh, sure thing he wanted to know, now more than anything, Johnny thought and released him, only to make him walk to the bed. He pushed his visitor on all fours, the pants still wrapped around his thighs. Johnny decided he would start with an appetizer, so he knelt behind him and placed his hands on the round buttocks to part them and take a good look at what they hid so well.
Hmm, just the kind he liked best, perfectly smooth, tight and of a pale pink that was making his mouth water. First, he attacked the tight opening with his tongue, pushing hard inside, so that the other could feel how serious he was about this. The man’s breathing was now becoming labored, peppered prettily with small moans and gasps. Johnny decided that it was not fair to neglect other body parts that were now begging for attention. So he dropped lower, making small circles on the taint with his tongue, slowly reaching the hairless balls, which he took in his mouth, one, then the other, making sure to lavish them with the attention they deserved.
“Oh, fuck, would you hurry already?” the stranger demanded.
“Hurry where?” Johnny asked.
“To fuck me,” he replied, obviously aroused and a bit frustrated.
“Hmm, maybe if you ask for it nicely? Say it. Please, Snake, fuck me good, with the cherry on top.”
“You can’t be serious,” the stranger whispered.
“I’m dead serious. C’mon, what’s a little begging, when you’re this hard?” Johnny laughed, and grabbed the guy’s cock in one quick move, and made it bounce by letting it go abruptly.
He was average in that respect, but it was just like Johnny liked his men, especially those lean and so willing to bottom. At the same time, his cock was hard as steel, and weeping helplessly, which told Johnny plenty of how much the guy wanted it.
“Okay,” the man huffed. “Please.”
“Oh, what was that?” Johnny pretended to have trouble hearing the other.
“Please fuck me, Snake. Don’t make me say that other bull crap.”
“Good enough,” Johnny swatted the pert ass playfully. “Just wait for me to get the rubber.”
Ruslan could not believe the nerve on the guy, but he was willing to let him have his fun. After all, he was going to walk out of that small room with a gentlemen’s agreement and, if he was lucky, and Snake was just as handy with his cock, as well as with his tongue, also with a well fucked behind.
He arched his ass to allow Snake to penetrate him with lubed fingers and sighed in contentment. He had expected a guy like Snake to be rough and impatient in bed, but so far, he had been the embodiment of a master of seduction. His rimming technique was at least on par with his ability to send his opponents to the floor in the ring.
“Ready for me?” he heard Snake asking.
Snake could play cool all he wanted, but his voice was strained right now.
“Hurry and do it,” Ruslan said over his shoulder.
“Don’t mind me if I do, pretty.” The other’s chuckle was low and dangerous.
Ruslan gasped and grabbed the sheets with needy fingers, as he felt Snake moving and going straight for the kill. Great thing that he had taken his time with the preparations because he was definitely big. Well, size wasn’t everything. Snake moved behind him and drove back into Ruslan’s ass with every bit of intention to prove his point.
“Motherfucker,” Ruslan protested, but he was pretty sure his voice sounded pleading at this point.
“All good?” Snake laughed and repeated his move, making Ruslan shake with all his body.
This announced to be good. Better to make the best of the situation; Ruslan hurried to grab his cock and began to rub it. His moves had a desperate quality to them, mostly because Ruslan had had his fair share of unskilled lovers in the past. Many were too excited to last long, those who did last tended to be a bore and knew only one way of fucking, like sort of a rut, not to mention the egoists who thought their pleasure was all that mattered.
And none had ever seemed to give him what he truly wanted.
Of course, there was a solid exception to the rule, as were a very few lucky encounters. But Yanis, the only guy who knew how to take care of Ruslan’s appetite, had a woman at home to satisfy, and, as much as Ruslan wanted to think Yanis still liked his friend’s ass more, he was well aware that he was losing that competition.
Now Snake was going to be categorized and placed neatly in the league that he was most deserving of, as far as Ruslan’s sex escapades went. The beginning had been more than promising. The way Snake was grabbing and ramming into him was above average, too.
Still, he needed to be fast, and get at least one orgasm out of this. There was always the novelty factor to enjoy, as much as the guy’s attitude that had made Ruslan’s inner pervert and sucker for being put down a little, quiver with excitement.
“Damn fine ass,” Snake praised him. “I wouldn’t trade it for all the blowjobs in the world.”
“Thanks,” Ruslan threw over his shoulder. “Now don’t come too fast,” he demanded, as he continued to rub his cock.
“Are you k**ding me?” Snake laughed. “I always take my time to enjoy a fine piece of ass like this one right here.”
Snake’s thumbs dug deep into the dimples above Ruslan’s buttocks, kneading. He was doing a good job of keeping his partner in place, and Ruslan enjoyed feeling Snake’s strength, and willingness to dominate and use.
The fighter moved fluidly now, his thrusts well timed, sending wave after wave of pleasure up Ruslan’s spine. Seeing that he was good at what he was doing, Ruslan would have liked to last a little more, but, burying his face into the sheets, he began coming, voicing his pleasure in a low soft moan.
The ripples of release shook his body and made him slack.
“Wow, you came?” Snake asked, slowing down. “I knew you were talking shit.”
“One time is never enough,” Ruslan mumbled, still too wrecked by his climax to protest too much.
“All right then, challenge accepted,” Snake said joyously. “Let’s see how many rounds you last.”
By all means, that should have sounded boastful and entirely void of substance, but Snake’s cock was pulsing inside his ass, so Ruslan didn’t need another proof of the man’s promised prowess. He was also moving very slowly now, his cock halfway out, giving Ruslan time to recover.
“Good to go again?” Snake asked.
“Get your rocks off,” Ruslan replied, arching his ass, to let the other know, tipobet through body language, that he was more than ready for deep penetration once more.
“Gladly,” Snake said, and Ruslan could say that he was damn sure of his resilience. “So, am I the biggest you’ve ever had?”
“Not sure,” Ruslan said lightly but chocked on his words as he could feel Snake driving that thick spear down to the hilt into his ass. “But I’m certain I’ve had no one with an ego this big.”
Snake chuckled. “I’ll take that. Now let’s see how you do.”
Ruslan would have had something to say, given that verbal sparring was something he enjoyed, but Snakewas now working his ass with languorous moves, knowing when and how to angle his cock to brush over Ruslan’s most sensitive spot.
“Oh, fuck, yes, right there,” Ruslan moaned.
“I’m on it,” Snake confirmed and continued to apply his skillful technique.
Ruslan was quick to recover, and the constant stimulation to his inner pleasure bud was making his arousal soar once more. “Yes, yes, yes,” he chanted, as he moved his ass to meet the other’s thrusts.
“Faster, now?” Snaked asked.
Ruslan confirmed with a loud moan instead of words. He was sure he was rubbing his cock raw, but this was way too good to pass. Snake knew how to fuck. And Ruslan had a lot of appreciation for guys who were good at that. With a bit of luck, maybe Snake was willing to repeat the experience after tonight’s rendezvous.
He had no time for making plans at the moment, though, as both his body and mind started to get flooded with endorphins, and the second orgasm shot through him, most probably making a mess on the guy’s sheets.
“Two?” Snake asked, reducing his pace again.
“Yeah,” Ruslan breathed out.
“Nice,” Snake said with satisfied pride. “Now turn,” he urged Ruslan, while he withdrew. “I need to see the third one to believe it.”
Ruslan was not exactly a fan of the position that involved him on his back, as the doggy style was the only guaranteed to work without fail for him. But seeing that he had already come twice, he was willing to acquiesce to the demand.
He was pulled roughly toward the edge of the bed, and he winced at the thought that all the sperm he had sprayed on the sheets was probably going to leave some hard to explain spots on his waistcoat and shirt, which he still had on. Who was he k**ding? He would be a mess anyway. Snake was quick to undress the bottom part of his body, and Ruslan took a moment to admire him. He definitely looked in top shape. Ruslan was going to drag this one to the Efige’s rings if need be. His eyes fell lower, and he smirked. Snake had, indeed, a nice big cock, too. Wrapped in the thin latex foil of the condom at the moment, but big and ready for action.
“Oh, wow,” he managed as Snake pulled his hips off the bed, and practically dragged his ass into the said cock.
Snake was looking straight at him, and his dark eyes made Ruslan shiver.
“You’re using me,” Ruslan said with a small smile. “Like a fuck toy.”
The dark eyes became darker. “Says the guy who just came twice. And I know your type. You love being used.”
Ruslan turned his head slightly. Of course. Snake must have had plenty of bed partners. Nothing surprising there.
Your type. Ruslan knew his type well enough. To some degree, he knew he was twisted inside. He wasn’t doing relationships for that matter. Yanis and casual encounters were sufficient for him.
He allowed Snake to take him, making his body slack and turning off his sensations. Or at least trying to. He closed his eyes tightly and sensed the other stop.
There was no time to protest as rough hands caught him, one cradling his head, the other busy to turn his chin, as equally rough lips closed over his. The rocking of the bed resumed, as did the ramming of a stiff hot rod into Ruslan’s ass.
The tongue in his mouth was firm and determined. Ruslan thought it would have been better not to moan like the slut he was while being handled like that, but it was too damn good. And he didn’t care anyway.
“I like your type the best,” Snake said, as he let go of Ruslan’s mouth.
The dark eyes were honest, and Ruslan smiled. This guy was a keeper.
“Let’s see about that third time, shall we?” Snake cooed, and Ruslan was happy to nod.
He didn’t have to do anything, either. Snake was quick to wrap one of his hands around Ruslan’s cock. He was skilled in more ways than one. His hand was calloused, but the way Snake moved it, making sure that Ruslan was getting impossibly hard again, was everything to write home about.
He resumed his moans, using his free hands to pinch and pull at his nipples.
“Man, you’re so freaking hot,” Snake praised him. “Now let me hear you call my name.”
He could barely keep his eyes open, and he could feel them moist from too much stimulation. At least, he hoped Snake understood that his bed partner was glaring at him.
“C’mon, it can’t be that hard,” Snake reduced the rhythm on both his hand and the movement of his hips. “Say it.”
Ruslan licked his lips. This sounded a bit silly, but, well, Snake was giving him a good fuck to last him for a few days, at least, so he could act a bit silly for the man’s sake.
“Snake,” he whispered.
Even to his ears, that sounded … sexy. His voice was low, ragged, filled with the expectation of the third orgasm.
“More.” Snake began to speed up again.
“Snake,” Ruslan moaned.
It was kind of strange, but hearing himself like that was making him feel the arousal growing higher. Soon enough, he was chanting the guy’s name, just like the audience at the ring.
“And here comes your third reward,” Snake joked and moved faster.
Ruslan felt delirious, as he was moving his head to hide his face, voicing his climax once more.
“No way.” Snake reached for him and turned his face so they could stare at each other. “Tell me who’s ever screwed you the best.”
He grabbed Ruslan’s jaw and caressed his bottom lip with one rough thumb.
“You,” Ruslan admitted, and the next second, he felt his eyes rolling in his head, as the hand on his cock brought him to completion.
The pretty man was quick to respond to stimulation, Johnny thought with satisfaction. But now that he had gotten him where he wanted, it was time to focus a little on himself. So he let the other’s head drop back on the sheets, and he began to pump his cock into the tight ass with renewed strength. Nothing made him hornier than seeing his partner come first.
The stranger was a beautiful mess, sprawled on the bed, his smooth chest and abs covered in sweat and cum, his nipples erect and a bit darker than before from too much abuse exerted by no other than their owner, his lips moist, and almost bitten through, and his face shining with happiness in the aftermath.
That was the best thing for him. Nothing else mattered. He could feel his cock twitching, growing harder, to the point that the rubber was probably going to pop. He withdrew hurriedly and took out the condom in one fell swoop.
Grabbing his cock, he directed the white stream to the other’s balls, still pulled and tight after the last release. That was also something he liked. To come all over the other guy’s cock and balls.
He growled as he pushed his cock and body to the limit and squeezed down to the last drop. With a long, satisfied groan, he rubbed his cock against the stranger’s balls, spreading his jizz all over.
“Oh-ho,” he shouted, feeling even more victorious that moment than earlier in the ring.
He dropped on the bed, next to his bed partner, and looked at the closed eyelids, took in the way he was breathing. “So, ever had anyone make you come three times?” he asked.
The pretty man opened his eyes and stared at him. “Yeah,” he replied.
Hmm, and Johnny thought that he had just set a personal record.
“What about four times?” he questioned, now the satisfaction over his performance waning a little.
“Yes,” the reply came again.
Johnny frowned. “All right, now you’re just pulling my leg. I’m talking about the times you came in the same round, not a whole week.”
“I know what you mean,” the other smiled. “And I’m telling the truth.”
Johnny grimaced. “Four times, huh? Now that’s a man I’d like to meet. Or how many guys are we talking about here?”
“One,” the other replied. “And to save you from tormenting yourself more than it’s necessary, four is the record. And it only happened twice.”
“Still,” Johnny said, a bit miffed. “It’s clear. We need to fuck again,” he threw one arm over the lean body next to him.
“Oh, not tonight. I still have a business to run,” the other said, although he made no move to push Johnny’s hand away. “But, of course, now that you’re signing with Efige, we’ll see plenty of each other.”
Johnny removed his hand on his own volition. “I’m not signing anything.”
“What?” the pretty man pushed himself up on his elbows. “Didn’t you give your word or something?”
“I remember clearly that I said that I would consider it,” Johnny said with a small grin.
Now the stranger pushed himself up on his ass. “And? Did you consider it? I doubt you had time for that,” he said, and by all means, he seemed pissed.
“Oh, I had plenty. Sorry, your ass is gorgeous, and you’re sexy as fuck, but no’s still no.”
“Fuck.” The stranger looked down, his shoulders hunched. “What a fucking waste of time,” he added, but he seemed to be speaking to himself now.
“What can I tell you, man? You can put a leash on a dog, but you can’t collar a snake,” Johnny said. “And, really, a waste of time? You look like you enjoyed yourself. Three times, man,” he emphasized his words by showing three fingers, his pinkie curled underneath the thumb.
“Ah, well,” the other shrugged and pushed himself up to his feet and began fishing his clothes from the floor, completely ignoring Johnny now.
Hmm, so he was earnest about Snake signing with that casino across the river. Johnny hadn’t even thought about it, because that was what he did; he never signed with anyone. He was no one’s monkey or lap dog. And he had hoped the pretty man had just used that as an excuse to get his rocks off and enjoy Johnny’s horizontal sparring techniques.
“Hey, what’s your name?” he asked, realizing that he didn’t know how the sexy man was called.
“Suck my dick,” the stranger flipped the bird at him and grabbed his coat from the floor.
“Next time, I will,” Johnny promised, as he stood up from the bed.
He caught the other with the hand on the door handle. He now reeked of sweat and sex, and that was almost making Johnny feel his spent cock stir again. He placed one hand over the other’s and pushed down the handle, but used that small distraction to turn his head and kiss him again.
“You know where to find me if you want to get fucked good again,” he said with a smirk.
The stranger still looked pissed, but there was the ghost of a smile right there, on his lips, as he walked away, and Johnny ceremoniously held the door.

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