Florida Weekend

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Ashley Bulgari

My name is Mike and I’m a forty-three year old British business executive. I had known Anja, a forty-nine year old German lady, for quite a few years. She worked for one of my competitors. We were at an annual conference in Florida and I found the thought of getting Anja into bed was, again, on my mind. She had flirted with me but never gave me any encouragement when I suggested something naughty.

Anja was about five feet ten inches tall and weighed around 170 pounds. She had a good figure, if a little over weight, with large firm breasts and a big broad ass. She had long legs and her streaky blonde hair was cut to shoulder length. I told Anja I was staying over the weekend after the conference because I had a meeting in New Jersey on the following Tuesday morning. She said her flight back to Germany was on Monday evening and she was looking forward to spending the weekend in the sun before going back to the cold German winter.

“Anja, I’ve booked an apartment by a beach. Would you like to join me?”

“That sounds like a good idea,” she replied.”Can I think about it?”

“Sure, but I have to tell you, there’s only one bedroom!” I gave her a quick smile and a wink.

A couple hours later, I was sat in a quiet area taking a well earned rest before my next meeting when I saw Anja walking towards me. She sat down beside me then leaned over to speak.

“Mike, I would love to join you for the weekend.” Her voice was soft and husky. I felt my heartbeat increase.

“Great! Let’s meet at ten on Saturday morning in reception.”

“Okay, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend,” Anja said with a big smile on her face.

The next two days of the conference seemed to drag while I waited anxiously for the weekend. I saw Anja a couples of times and each time, she flashed me a wide smile.

This is going to be a good weekend, I thought to myself.

I checked out on Saturday morning then loaded my luggage into the hire car and sat down to wait for Anja. She appeared a few minutes before ten o’clock. She looked stunning dressed in red tailored shorts and a loose fitting blouse. Her large tits wobbled as she walked. I stood as she approached and we hugged when she reached me.

She kissed me on both cheeks and her body squashed against mine. Our embrace lasted a little too long for just being friends. I also had a great view of her cleavage. She wore a white bra, which was straining to contain her ample busom. A pair of white tennis shoes completed her outfit.

“Good morning, Anja. You look beautiful.”

She smiled. “Thank you, kind sir.”

The bellboy put her luggage in the car and we began the hour long journey. We discussed lots of subjects before changing the topic to our sex lives. Anja’s ex-husband had left five years ago and her daughter had only recently moved out to go to university. She had been celebate for five long years, but she felt it was time to move on and have some fun.

After we arrived at the apartment, we changed into beachwear and headed for the sea. Anja wore a black figure hugging one piece swimsuit whilst I wore swimshorts. As we strolled along the beach, I playfully stroked her ample butt and she pushed her ass against my hand. A little later, I felt her hand rub against my bottom then we shared a passionate kiss. My semi erect cock was squashed between our bodies as Anja ground against me.

“It’s been a long time since I felt a hard cock against me,” she whispered in my ear.

“It’s you that’s made it hard, Anja,” I replied.

“Do you want to eat out tonight bahis firmaları or should we eat in?” I asked.

“Let’s eat in then we can relax and enjoy each others company,” she replied.

By late afternoon, we’d made our way back to the apartment and collected the car to go shopping. We went to the supermarket for food and wine then Anja asked me to stop at the pharmacy. She bought a box of condoms and a tube of KY jelly.

“We will need these later,” she said with a broad smile and a seductive wink.

We drove back to the apartment and put the food in the fridge. I offered to dress the salad and Anja agreed to cook the steaks. I poured two drinks for us then we sat on the balcony. Anja looked stunning in her swimsuit as she sat there enjoying her drink.

“It’s a little early to eat,” she said. “I think I’ll take a shower.”

“Do you need someone to scrub your back?” I asked excitedly.

“More than my back!” she exclaimed as she took my hand and lead me into the bedroom.

Our lips met for a long, lingering kiss. I felt my cock harden immediately. She felt it too as she ground her ample body against me. She stepped away and let the straps of her swimsuit drop off her shoulders then rolled it down to her waist.

For the first time, I saw her large tits and long dark nipples then she took off the suit. I thought she looked fantastic standing nude in front of me. Her bikini line had been waxed but she had a thick black bush of pubic hair above her sex.

I took off my t-shirt and swimming shorts. My cock was close to full size as I followed Anja into the shower. I turned on the water and adjusted to the temperature- not too hot, but warm enough to be comfortable. I found the bodywash and began to massage some onto her boobs.

Her long brown nipples were already hard when I tweaked them softly with my fingers. Anja started to wash her hair as my hands reached round and massaged gel onto the cheeks of her ample but taut backside. I pulled her cheeks apart and I ran a finger down her crack, coming to rest on her puckered hole.

I felt the soapy water from her hair run down my body as she washed out all the shampoo, then her hands massaged bodywash onto my chest. She toyed with the hairs she found there, then she gently squeezed my sensitive nipples. She ran her hand down over my stomach before I felt her touch my throbbing shaft.

Her long fingers wrapped around my rigid member and she began stroking. With her other hand, she massaged my balls. Anja quickened the pace when she felt my body tense. Immediately, my orgasm hit, my spunk erupting from my cock and landing on her belly.

My fingers found her cunt and opened her pussy lips. I pushed her against the wall as my finger slid inside the soft folds between her thighs. She gasped as my finger found the sensitive spot and I inserted a second finger into her hot, tight twat.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and she leaned in to kiss me while I finger fucked her. My thumb rubbed against the hard button of her clitoris and my fingers pressed on her vaginal walls. It wasn’t long before her juices were oozing all over my fingers as her climax hit her, sending tremours through her body. I could tell her knees were weak. I held her tightly against me while her orgasm subsided.

“Oh! I needed that!” Anja held me for just a bit longer while her breathing returned to normal.

Once she composed herself, I turned off the water and we stepped out of the shower. I patted Anja dry with a towel and she did the same for me. kaçak iddaa Anja slipped on a fluffy bathrobe and I tied a towel around my waist.

“Mike, if it’s okay, I’d like to eat now.”

“Sure, Anja. I’ll toss the salad and you cook the steaks.”

I set the table on the balcony and we were soon sat opposite each other enjoying our food with a glass of red wine. Anja’s robe was partly open and I had a wonderful view of her ample boobs with their long hard nipples. Enjoying the view, I felt my dick rise to life once more. When we had finished, we loaded the crockery into the dishwasher then returned to the balcony to finish our wine.

I leaned over and kissed Anja on the lips. My tongue darted into her mouth and my hands slipped the robe off her shoulders. I teased her earlobe with my fingers, kissing and nibbling on her neck. As my hand slid down to massage a breast, tweaking and rolling the ample nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I inhaled her womanly scent.

I nibbled gently on her ear. “Let’s go to bed, Anja,” I whispered.

She stood and allowed the robe to fall to the floor, then walked towards the bedroom. My eyes followed her ample rear as I stood and moved to join her. Entering the bedroom, I released the towel, exposing my rock hard shaft.

I pulled her close, sandwiching my throbbing shaft between us while we shared a passionate kiss. Anja rubbed her thigh against me while my hands rested on her fabulous bottom. She reached behind me, spreading my ass cheeks and seductively tracing the crack of my ass. I flinched slightly when I felt her finger rest near the furrowed hole.

We made our way towards the bed and laid down on the mattress. I continued to tease her nipples with my fingers. Positioning ourselves further on the bed, I held myself up on my elbows then replaced my fingers with my lips and tongue. I took the nipple between my teeth and nibbled gently.

Anja gasped and I felt her body tremble slightly as I ran my hands down her belly before coming to rest in the thick black hair that covered her sex. Slowly, I slid a finger into her wetness. I groaned at the heat I found there, feeling my cock twitch knowing she was ready for me. She reached between us and ran a finger along her own slit before finding my pulsating rod and stroking it.

“Let me ride you, Mike!” Without waiting for a response, she pushed at my shoulders and rolled me on to my back.

Anja positioned herself over me, my cock resting against the crevice of her ass. Lifting herself up, she took my dick in her hand then lowered herself so it rested against her belly. While she did this, I could see her clit was fully exposed.

She leaned over and reached for the box of condoms on the night table. I took advantage of her position and teased her nipple with my tongue. Pulling a foil package from the box, she opened it with her teeth, then rolled the thin rubber over my engorged shaft. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock, taking an inch at a time then her muscles tightened around it as it went fully inside her.

“Oh God! That feels so good!” She moaned as her hips began to rock slightly. “Don’t move yet. It’s been a long time. Let me get used to it.” Her words came out in a breathless pant.

I let her set the pace while I reached up to fondle her ample tits. Her strokes were slow and deliberate. I arched my body slightly, pushing myself even deeper into her tight, wet cavern. There was a thin sheen of perspiration forming on our bodies. I reached up and gently wiped her brow.

Anja kaçak bahis pulled my hand from her brow and seductively licked my fingers, moving in unision with her hips. Her breath was coming in short bursts as she sucked on my fingers. Her pace quickened, her movements graceful as she slid up and down on my cock. My hands were constantly moving along her body, caressing her breasts, teasing her clit.

I reached behind her and grabbed her plump ass, parting the cheeks and pushing a finger just inside her opening. She stilled her movements briefly at the new invasion, then threw her head back and began riding me harder. Her body tensed, then shook violently as her climax rocked through her. Seconds later, I reached my own peak, my hot spunk filling the condom.

“I’ve waited five years for that fuck!” Anja slumped against me, completely sated.

“Yes, and I’ve dreamt of fucking you for all those years,” I replied, my own breathing staggered as I held her against me.

As we laid in each others arms recovering from our orgasms, my hands roamed over her large breasts. She leaned in, our lips met and I felt her hand reach for my flaccid member to remove the condom.

“Let’s see if we can get this hard again!” she wispered in my ear as she tied the condom and tossed it into the small trash bin beneath the night table.

Her long fingers wrapped around my cock while her other hand massaged by balls. I played with her taut nipples while we shared another heated kiss. My cock began to respond to her actions and was soon rock hard in her hand. With my free hand, I caressed down her stomach, my fingers stopping in her thick pubic mound. I slid a finger between the slick fold, feeling her hips jerk while she continued to stroke my throbbing shaft.

“I like anal as well.” A soft moan escaped her lips as she whispered those words seductively in my ear.

“Great! Turn on to your side for me,” I replied.

Anja lay on her side with me behind her. She raised her legs high to her chest. I parted her ample buttocks and ran my wet finger down her crack. As she relaxed, I moved down then ran my tongue along the great gorge between her ass cheeks. My finger replaced my tongue as I slowly pushed it into her hole.

With a gasp, her body tightened then relaxed while I moved in and out of her tight hole. With my free hand, I put a condom on my hard cock then coated it with lots of KY Jelly. I slipped my finger out of her and smeared more lube on the opening of her ass. The cold jelly made her wince but she soon relaxed.

She moved onto her hands and knees then pulled her own cheeks apart, giving me a wonderful view of my target. I moved so that my cock was at the welcoming entrance of her anus then slowly pushed the tip into her. Anja tensed then relaxed so I pushed further.

This process was repeated until my cock was embedded fully in her small tight hole and her muscles gripped my rod. I started to fuck her and she moved her fingers to stimulate her own clitoris. Her breathing was slow and loud as my penis moved like a piston in her anus. I caressed her breasts as I moved in and out of her ass.

“I can’t hold back!!” I screamed as my climax approached.

“Let it cum, Mike!!” she answered.

My hot semen filled the condom as I thrust deep into her asshole. She continued to massage her clit while my cock started to soften inside her. It wasn’t long before she was coming again and panting heavily. I let me cock slip out of her hole and kissed her on the back of her neck as my fingers brushed her sweaty hair from her face. She collapsed in a heap on the bed.

“Thank you, Anja, that was wonderful,” I said with a big smile on my face.

“My pleasure,” she replied “It’ll soon be time for another shower, I think!”

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