Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven – Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

Edward’s lips on his were something fierce. Usually, Adrian would have had no problem getting any bottom boy to behave and curb his aggressiveness, but Edward was having none of it. As Adrian had thought and desired, only earlier that night, Edward was a man, a strong man who had no qualms about fighting him, which was exactly what he hoped for.

His body slammed down on the sofa, and Edward straddled his chest, resting his knees against the hollow of Adrian’s elbows.

“That hurts, you know,” Adrian said with a wince.

“I thought you were wild and a bit misunderstood, but in the light of recent events, I tend to think that you’re mischievous, too. And that is something I must drive out of you.”

“Mischievous? Like how? I just like sex,” Adrian moaned and struggled to move his arms.

Edward pushed his knees down a little harder.

“Is maiming me part of the plan? I don’t think I can feel the fingers in my right hand.”

“I just want to make sure you’re listening. I am terribly upset with you.”

“So you said. But I thought we agreed I’d fuck you first. Then, I’m all yours for lecturing me or whatever.”

“While you snore and dream of pretty bottom boys? I won’t have it.”

Adrian stared at Edward’s face. The guy seemed pretty serious. Also, there was something else, just as serious, going on for him. “You’re hard,” he pointed out and laughed.

Edward’s eyes thinned. “You are being a total brat, Adrian. How am I supposed to go about disciplining you?”

“It’s simple. You’re not.”

“That remains to be seen.”

Edward pushed himself up and went straight for the chair on which he had his clothes, neatly folded. Adrian jumped to his feet and caught him by one arm. “Are you jealous? For real?”

“Oh, please.”

There was a small flicker in the dark green eyes when Edward glanced at him that wasn’t lost on Adrian. Apparently, Edward was more thin-skinned than he pretended to be. Or it was all a game, but Adrian wasn’t sure anyone could be that great an actor.

Adrian hugged Edward tightly from behind. His lips traveled along the other’s neck, teasing gently with small kisses. “Since everything must be a negotiation with you, here is a deal I’m offering. Let’s fuck, and then you can do with me whatever.”

“Careful, Adrian,” Edward said quietly. “It’s not the first time you propose something outrageous.”

“It’s what you want, right? Put a leash on me, ride me like a pony, I don’t care. All I know is that I want to be deep inside your amazing ass, and fuck you until I lose my mind.”

“Are you trying to seduce me?” Edward’s small laugh seemed a bit harsh. But Adrian was getting used to the façade. Behind it, there was still a man, and that was something he could work with.

“Is it working?”

Edward turned toward him. “Remember that you offered me complete control. Now let me exact a little punishment for tonight’s shenanigans.”

“Aren’t we going to fuck?”

“You have a one-track mind. Don’t worry.” Edward took Adrian’s cock in his hand and rubbed it to full hardness before continuing. “I will allow you to fuck me.”

“I am honored, Your Majesty. Let’s get it over with that punishment you’re talking about. Just make sure you don’t incapacitate me for the dicking I’m going to give you.”

“Rest assured that it won’t come to that,” Edward replied. With that, he plopped down on the sofa, his legs parted, and his erection in full display.

Just for the record, Adrian sucked off guys sometimes as a means to an end. But, right now, as he looked at Edward’s cock, hard and stern, just as its owner, he licked his lips. “I so want to suck your cock,” he said in a heartbeat.

“If I let you, you won’t understand what punishment is. Come and sit across my lap.”

For a second, Adrian stared at Edward, unsure if he had heard correctly. “Wait,” he laughed, “do you want to spank me?”

“You’re getting off the hook easier than you think,” Edward warned him. “Don’t keep me waiting. Also, I should say. I won’t hold back.”

Adrian pulled at the lobe of one ear, a bit puzzled over Edward’s request. Could it be something as childish and cliché as that? Edward seemed above the usual kinkiness Adrian had the chance to experience or see. So a little spanking appeared a bit off. With a shrug, he moved and placed himself over Edward’s lap.

It took him a few seconds to adjust his position as his cock was still hard. Edward’s hand rested on his buttocks and, for a couple of moments, just remained there, doing nothing. Adrian was about to ask what was holding Edward back when the hand moved, and a hard slap broke the silence.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Adrian shouted.

“You appear no longer in the mood for laughing,” Edward said.

“You took me by surprise, that’s all.” Adrian squirmed a little, and the same hand touched the area it had just slapped earlier.

This time, he steeled himself. Edward was good at playing mind games, and Adrian realized bahis firmaları he was holding his breath. Just as he exhaled, the second slap followed. And in the same place. Now that called for a little protest. “How about a small change? I’m completely willing to turn the other cheek,” he joked, to hide his embarrassment over feeling that slap quite hard.

“Feeling generous?” Edward teased.

The third slap landed on the same spot. Go figure, Adrian thought dryly, and much to his shame, he could feel his erection waning a little. Edward was putting his all into those slaps. The next moment, Edward grabbed his ass cheek and squeezed it. Playfully, he snuck one finger in Adrian’s crack and teased the tight entrance.

“If you thought this some prelude to your fucking me in the ass, you’re wrong. After this, I’m going to fuck you until you aren’t able to walk straight.”

“I’ve never been known for that. You know, walking straight,” Edward said, and his voice made him sound content.

“Gay from head to toes? That what you’re saying?” Adrian asked casually, keeping hard from pushing his ass up for a little more teasing.

Edward moved his hand again, but only to land another slap, although, finally, he chose the other cheek. All right, he only needed to brace himself for a few more, and that would be all, Adrian thought.

He ground his teeth as Edward suddenly increased his rhythm, and this time he didn’t stop, not even to allow Adrian the freedom to protest. In the end, Adrian started squirming. “The fuck! This fucking hurts!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Hell yeah, I want you to stop! My ass is on fucking fire!”

“Do you have honest regrets about what you did tonight?”

For a second, Adrian thought about defying Edward. Then, he reconsidered. As irking as the thought of obeying the sexy, arrogant asshole was, he needed to be considerate of his behind.

“I do! Fuck, I do! I swear I don’t need any sex parties in my life forever!”

Edward stopped abruptly. “That’s too bad, Adrian. I plan on taking you to many sex parties.”

Adrian looked over his shoulder. Edward was watching him closely. “Fine. You win. I won’t fuck around. Is that enough to convince you? By the way, that’s quite a heavy hand. What do you do in your spare time?”

“I am much interested in making you part of my spare time, so you will learn all about it. Do you think you had enough, Adrian?”

Adrian rubbed his ass and winced. “My dick is done for. I think you made a point.”

“So we’re not going to fuck, after all?”

Adrian loved the way Edward talked. It was like each word was chosen and spoken carefully. When Edward said ‘fuck’, it came out just as strong a word as it was. Many people used it casually, Adrian included. But if Edward said it, the guy meant it.

“Just give me a second, and I’ll be up for it,” he promised while getting to his feet.

Edward stood up, too, and went for his clothes again.

“Oh, come on, you’re not going to leave now, are you?” Adrian complained.

“I only wanted to take this,” Edward said and pointed at a rectangular box he held in his hand. “You’ll do me the pleasure of wearing this, right?”

Adrian watched Edward as he took out what looked pretty much like a dog collar. “You are into that pup play, after all,” he said out loud.

“I hate all that masquerading with masks and tails, and everything,” Edward said promptly. “But I very much enjoy the idea of having a pet that adores me and hangs on my every word and gesture.”

Adrian bit his lips, trying hard not to laugh. “Man, you should just get yourself a dog.”

Edward scoffed. “As much as I enjoy teasing your animal instincts, Adrian, I much appreciate your beautiful human shape.” To make a point, he closed the distance between them and began putting the collar around Adrian’s neck. “You truly look beautiful like this.” He caressed the collar, touching Adrian’s skin in passing.

“Whatever floats your boat,” Adrian said with a small shrug.

There was a small flutter in his stomach as he felt the leather rubbing against his skin and the coldness of the metal buckle. Edward was a big pervert, after all, and Adrian was just curious about how deep his perversions went. He had a feeling he was embarking on a true trip of discovery.


Jared jolted when he felt someone touching him gently on the cheek. He blinked a few times, chasing away the sleep still hanging from his eyelashes, as he realized where he was. The bedside lamp threw enough light for him to see Chris standing by the bed and caressing him.

“Oh, sorry. I have no idea how I managed to fall asleep so fast. What time is it?”

“I should be the one to apologize. It’s three in the morning.”

Jared remained silent for a moment. “I should go home then,” he murmured.

“You look good in my bed,” Chris said.

He began undressing slowly, making a show out of it. Jared pushed himself up on his elbows and turned to have a good look at Chris. “You have an amazing body kaçak iddaa for your age. Ah, damn, sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

His words caught in his throat as his eyes landed on Chris’s manhood, stiff as a log. Again, Chris came closer and began caressing Jared’s cheek, his fingers touching his mouth and the thumb finding its way inside. Without thinking, Jared took it between his lips and began sucking on it.

“Oh, yes,” Chris said quietly, “you are so good at this, kiddo.”

Jared stopped. “Kiddo?”

Chris smiled fondly at him and leaned in to steal a kiss. “You’re the one who sees me as old.”

Jared pouted theatrically and then laughed. “I guess I could be convinced to wake up.”

“Good,” Chris said shortly and straightened up.

Jared’s laughed died out as Chris began nudging his cheek with his cock again. He looked up, and his eyelids fluttered as he took in Chris’s intense eyes, then his strong chest, and last his taut abdomen.

He used his hands to caress the tough planes of the body in front of him, pliant under his fingers, but only this much. Jared risked another look up and noticed the smile curling Chris’s lips. He had never met anyone like that. Chris knew what he wanted, and he was firm without being forceful. Anyone Jared had ever had sex in his life with paled in comparison, they appeared like nothing but clumsy teenagers, too reckless to stop and notice anything, too eager, and too hurried, only until the moment they reached their climax.

In front of him stood a man, a real man, and Jared felt he was getting into something he knew nothing about. But he was willing to discover it all. Unlike Adrian, he had never had a serious relationship, not for lack of trying, but for lack of suitable partners. So he had never truly felt, and he had never truly hurt.

He took Chris’s cock into his mouth and looked up from time to time, awaiting confirmation that he did well. Chris curled his fingers around the back of his head, moving only to play a little with the small leather tie keeping Jared’s hair in that proper ponytail to let it loose.

“Like this, kiddo, like this,” Chris encouraged him.

Jared loved being praised. He wrapped one hand around Chris’s cock and began moving his tongue and lips over the length. Feeling that strong cock in his mouth was more than what he had bargained for, though. It put a little strain on his jaw, as Chris was holding him in place, without allowing him too much freedom of movement.

But it was all good since he was willing to work for it.

“Yes, beautiful,” Chris encouraged him, his hand still firm on Jared’s neck.

Jared was discovering things about himself. He had liked sex, enjoyed it, before, but this was different. It was funny to think of it that way, but he put his soul into it this time. So he increased his rhythm, determined to show Chris his entire appreciation.

As a difference from other times, now he knew well, Chris was hard because of him and for him. With others, too often, he had experienced the feeling that he and his partner for the night were nothing but people found in a typical situation, horny and only with the present possibilities to solve that.

This wasn’t it, Jared thought. He could feel his erection straining inside his pants. As much as he adjusted his position to suck off Chris better, nothing was helping with that. So he just placed one hand over his erection, pressing down on it hard, while strange sounds made his throat vibrate as he couldn’t be convinced for anything to let go of the juicy bit in his mouth.

Bit wasn’t the right word. Jared found himself more and more enthralled with everything that was Chris, his smell, his cock, the wiry hair above it, the muscular body, the way he held Jared in place, stern and demanding. Never before he had ever thought of feeling so good about being used. But there was pleasure to be taken from pleasuring another, and that was all Jared’s mind was filled with, to the brim.

“I’m close, kiddo,” Chris whispered.

Through the haze of his arousal, Jared remembered Adrian’s warning, and he pulled the glorious cock out of his mouth, only to make it shoot all over his face. Chris grunted, and there was a sign of surprise in how he appeared to ground his teeth hard as he came.

Fuck. He should have talked about it before this, Jared scolded himself inwardly. And the worst part was that he hadn’t thought about how he could say it, without making it sound like an insult or an accusation.

Chris ruffled his hair, a bit too hard. “I thought you would swallow it all. All that, wasted.” He laughed, apparently not as upset as Jared would have believed him to be.

He touched his cheeks gingerly. “Um, can I have a tissue or something?”

Jared didn’t dare to look up, but he sensed Chris moving away. He kept his eyes down, so he was a bit surprised with the gentle touch on his cheek. Chris batted his hand away as he tried to grab the tissue, and he allowed his face to be wiped clean.

“It’s okay if you don’t like kaçak bahis to swallow. I was under the impression that you enjoyed it the last time.”

Jared just nodded and looked away. “Ah, it’s a bit weird, and I don’t know how to put it.”

Chris took him by the shoulders and then grabbed his chin, making him look up. “What is it?”

Jared could feel his cheeks getting red. Normally, with anyone else, he would have had no issues with bringing that up. But Chris was a different breed than people of Jared’s age, and he might take it personally. “You see, um, I don’t know you, and – Ah, this is harder than I thought!”

Chris kissed him gently. “Just say it. I won’t be upset if that’s what you worry about.”

Jared closed his eyes and then opened it. “If we’re to swallow each other’s cum, we should exchange medical information and stuff.” He had said it so fast that he had barely had time to breathe. Therefore, he inhaled deeply when he finished.

Chris’s silence was not a good sign. But Adrian was right, and Jared knew it. At least, it was out in the open.

“It’s not like I suspect you are …, ah, damn, I’m burying myself deeper, right?” Jared said and tried to move away from Chris.

“Wait.” Chris took him by the hand and pulled him close. “Actually, I think that’s a great idea. I didn’t know we’re getting committed here, but you have a point, and, as I promised, I didn’t get upset.”

Jared opened his mouth and then closed it, unsure if he could force his luck. In the end, the curious part of him won. “Are we getting committed?”

Chris laughed. “I think so. It’s the third time we see each other, and what do you know, the sex is as hot as in the beginning.”

Jared rolled his eyes and laughed, too. Chris took advantage and pushed him down on the bed to climb on top of him. “I thought young people today are more into fleeting hookups than into relationships.”

“Well, we’re not. We’re totally responsible. We don’t even say ‘hello’ to one another, and we ask each other when it was the last time we got checked.”

“That’s very responsible, indeed. But I wasn’t talking about that. I was thinking about you wanting us to become something more.”

“I do want it. I think. I do,” Jared replied, feeling more and more panicked now. Was Chris just teasing him?

“You better do because I am all for not using condoms at all.”

“Oh.” Jared relaxed a little. “I wasn’t thinking very far, I guess.”

Chris laughed again. “Well, you can’t take it back. Exchanging medical information is a pretty big step. And,” he said, as he moved one hand and caressed Jared’s lips slowly, focusing on them intently, “I really enjoy coming in your mouth, so any sacrifice would be too little for me to get to do that.”

“Do you like my mouth that much?” Jared asked.

“Mm, I think it’s delicious and that it looks absolutely amazing wrapped around my cock and pulling all the juice out of my balls.”

“You sure don’t mince words,” Jared replied.

“Am I coming too hard at you?”

“I was lucky I closed my eyes in time,” Jared joked.

Chris chuckled and kissed Jared deeply. “You know, I think your mouth is good in many ways. I can barely wait to enjoy your ass completely bareback.”

“Is there such a thing as a partial bareback?” Jared asked, grinning.

“As I said. Your mouth is something else. Now, until I get everything straightened out, how about I go search for some pesky condoms, put one on and fuck you?”

Jared nodded enthusiastically.

“Undress,” Chris ordered as he got up. Jared obeyed and began right away. From the door, Chris looked at him. “Just wait for me, sexy.”

Jared looked back. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

Chris rewarded him with another fond smile.


Mike was biting his nails and didn’t have the guts to leave the stall. Now he fucked up big time. He couldn’t call Jared and ask for advice, as it was too late, and most probably he was now with Chris, sleeping even, like normal people. Adrian, he didn’t dare to call. Also, he doubted Adrian even had his phone on. As Mike knew his other best friend, he was probably swimming in hot bodies by now.

That left him with nothing but his anxiety and utter panic as companions.

“Mike?” Someone called from outside.

It wasn’t Ryan’s voice, so Mike let out a breath of relief. Then, he re-became rightfully alarmed.

“I’m all right,” he replied loudly.

Jimmy came and knocked softly on the door. “Is it because of the booze?”

“No! I mean, yes! I think I got a bit fucked up,” Mike replied.

“Can I come in? I am pretty good at this kind of stuff. You know, because of my job.” Jimmy laughed good-naturedly.

“I’d rather sit here by myself and drown in my misery,” Mike said.

“Nonsense. There’s too little water in the toilet bowl to drown,” Jimmy joked and pushed open the door.

Mike stared at the cute bartender, hoping his guilt wasn’t transparent. Jimmy touched his forehead. “Have you managed to throw up?”

Mike just shook his head.

“I think you might feel a little better if you got some of what you drank out of your system.”

“No way. I can’t do that. It scares me to throw up because I feel like I can’t breathe.”

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