Fun in the Tub

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After a typical Saturday of working out and running the kids around, we find ourselves alone. Sensing that tonight might be a good time to enjoy a long sensuous evening, I suggest a nice warm bath instead of a shower. Of course I have something in mind that I’ve wanted to do for a long time — but not tipping my hand right away, I ask you to run a bath with plenty of luscious bubbles — while I light up plenty of aromatic candles. The aroma of vanilla & cinnamon candles permeates the air.

Slipping in the tub I wrap my arms around drawing you to me and cupping your beautiful — ample breasts. I notice your breath quicken as your nipples respond to the bubbles and a deft touch.

Sensing receptiveness, I whisper in your ear — “Up for something new?” But you express concern that the tub may not be the best place to relax. “No, not that, not yet”, I respond. Then I flash my razor and inquire “May I do the honors?” Your response is just what I wanted to hear “Only if you’re very careful!”

Placing a robe over your shoulders, you find a comfortable spot and offer me your right foot. Resting it my knee, I apply a liberal layer of shaving gel and carefully begin my labor of love! The vibrating blades easily remove the hair — and have the unexpected effect of sending a tingle straight to your clitoris — initiating an aching anticipation — sending the silent message — ‘Hey, get that vibe up here where it belongs!’

Upon completion of both legs, I apply the scented oil to sooth the skin left sensitive by the blades. Starting at your ankles, I slowly massage my way to the top — careful to avoid your “hot-button” — which is aching for attention — but I opt to wait a bit longer to amp-up the küçükçekmece escort pending crescendo!

I can barely contain my excitement as your knees invitingly spread open granting access to your most erogenous zones — your normally pink lips have turned crimson — pulsing with anticipation.

Rubbing the gel over your now engorged vulva — I’m careful to avoid your throbbing inner folds. As I lay the buzzing blades to your quivering skin, moans of passion heightening the moment for both of us. Carefully stretching the sensitive skin taught, the vibrating blades slice easily through the short hair removing and exposing you to the ultimate sensitivity of freshly denuded skin.

Sensing that I’m not quite done — without a word — you turn your back to me and expose the last little bit of work left for the buzzing razor. Resisting the almost irresistible temptation plunge my tongue between your luscious cheeks — I’m spellbound as your hands reach back spreading yourself wide to facilitate the final few strokes of the buzzing razor.

But the view is too breathtaking to rush — I slowly spread the shaving gel while drinking in the sights and smells of the moment. Adding in the slight buzz of the razor causes an involuntary pucker as your exposed rosebud seems to wink at me! Carefully working around the sensitive tissue, your freshly cleaned cheeks glisten in the soft candlelight.

No longer able to hold back, my cool wet tongue meets your hot pulsing rosebud with electrifying effect as subconscious moans emanate from both of us. Keeping my tongue in motion, I lay a thin line of cooling saliva along the deep crevice of smooth skin. But it isn’t kurtköy escort long until I return to your pulsing red rosebud and begin gently pressing forward — I feel your initial resistance melt allowing my wet tongue to gently open your tight rosebud.

As my tongue gently continues probing my thumb finally strokes your hot-button adding intense new sensations to the mix.

Backing away I gently puff a bit of cooling air on your engorged skin and fill my hands with a copious helping of oil. Both hands bathe your vulva — soothing and stimulating the whole area. Then I gently lay the waterproof vibe along your vulva and bring your hand up to take over — as I refocus on your beckoning rosebud.

Opening the lube, I turn it over and allow a generous amount to cascade down between your cheeks to mingle with your already moist vulva — then rubbing the lube into all the right places.

Realizing that we are both water-logged, you suggest that we move to the bed. Arising to face each other, I nearly orgasm as I press against your sensual smooth skin.

After a long embrace, you lay your head on the pillow and raise your hips into the air exposing your rosebud — silently inviting me to join you. As a follow I hear the gently buzz of your favorite vibe as I contemplate my next move.

Taking in the breathtaking sight, I gently caress your hips and vulva with a fresh coat of oil — working around and feeling the gentle buzz of the vibe — which gives me an idea!

All of the blood that has flooded to your pelvis in response to the sensual assault, has dimmed your other senses, — so when you hear the second buzz — it doesn’t immediately register maltepe escort what might be in store! But as I liberally apply more oil, I can see your rosebud pulse in anticipation the unexpected. “Relax” I advise “It’s small and smooth.”

As I press the well oiled vibe forward, the taper gently — almost easily presses you open. The smooth texture and gentle vibes work their magic, in response you turn off your vibe and focus on the new and unique sensations spreading through your body. I gently move the vibe forward as you relax to allow the vibe to enter. As the taper increases, so does the intensity of the vibes — suddenly you feel yourself contract around the vibe pulling it into place — where you experience the full intensity of the vibes. With the vibe firmly in place, my hands are free to massage your vulva and hot-button to intensify the building sensations.

It seems we now both ready for the ultimate orgasm, I begin to gently remove vibe that is held firmly in place. At first your rosebud holds tightly to the vibe — then as you relax, I gently withdraw the vibe. The sight of your engorged & pulsing rosebud beckons me.

As you feel my well oiled member at your rosebud, I stop as you press back. My mind reels as your heat sears my cool skin. The sensations intensify as you slowly press back to engulf me.

When you pause, I can feel pulsations of your rosebud caused by your heavily beating heart — and wonder if you feel me expand slightly as I throb inside of you!? Then in unison we begin to gently rock our hips — building towards a fast approaching climax. As we rock hear and feel the vibes you’ve added as you restart the vibe firmly against your clit — the combination pushes us both to an orgasm with exploding force.

Weak kneed, we fall to the bed embracing as nested spoons. As we slowly emerge from the glow, we realize the need to shower off the copious oil covering us both — and who knows, are the batteries still good in that waterproof vibe? After all, we’ve got all night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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