Getting My Boyfriend Back Ch. 02

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It had been over a week since my ex-boyfriend Max had met me for coffee and wild sex in the park, in my attempt to win him back from his girlfriend. We had chatted a few times on IM, with me providing different scenarios designed to get him off. Once while he was in a meeting at work we had arranged for me to send him diverting text messages, until my texts became too diverting and he had to shut his phone off so that he would not behave inappropriately in front of the boss (they tend to frown on blowing your load in the middle of a board meeting).

We were still being discrete so that his girlfriend, Janine would not find out, but we were talking about sex and I was getting him to think about me a lot. All part of my nefarious plan.

I felt like Janine did not deserve him. We had mutual friends, and their description of Max and Janine’s life was awful, to say the least. They had sex maybe three times a week, they never swung or shared partners, and the condom thing? Max was disease free. Why would Janine make him wear a condom to fuck her unless SHE was disease ridden? By all accounts, that was not so. It all sounded so vindictive! Then there was the emotional side of things. Janine hated Science Fiction/ Fantasy, and would, under no circumstances go to a movie or watch a television show containing elements of Sci Fi/ Fantasy. Why not? I wondered. Max would go to chick flicks, though sometimes under protest. Why would Janine not support a hobby that he loved?

The more I thought about this relationship the less I liked Janine. If Max was going to be with another woman, at least he deserved to be with someone who would satisfy his admittedly great sexual needs and who would support him in his various endeavors, not stunt his growth.

Max called me, requesting a meeting a week and a half after we had renewed our carnal acquaintance. I suggested that he come to my house for dinner and plan to stay the night, and he readily agreed. I knew that he was thinking about the condom I had kept from our last encounter, promising him that he could use it on my ass the next time we met.

Again, I paid careful attention to my preparations, cleaning my house, placing my new red silk sheets on my bed, lighting candles here and there, scenting the rooms with lavender. I had prepared a delicious meal consisting of some of Max’s favorite dishes, like Calimari and Pasta Primavera and a salad tossed with oil and Balsamic Vinegar dressing. The bread was crusty Italian rolls, served with olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar to dip it in. The wine was a fine white, perfect with the light taste of the vegetables. For dessert I prepared Creme Brulee, waiting until the last moment to fire up my butane torch and caramelize the sugar.

I paid equal attention to my appearance. I let my long brown hair air dry so that the natural curl was maximized, flowing down my back in ringlets. I carefully outlined my gray eyes with green eyeliner and shadow so that they would catch the color and appear green. I then carefully applied mascara to my long lashes before painting my lips vivid red. As I did, I imagined what the lipstick would look like streaked all over Max’s cock, and I felt myself begin to grow wet.

I had gone for a manicure and pedicure that day, so my toenails were painted a deep red. My fingernails, normally left natural or painted with clear polish were also painted red for the occasion. All my skin was soft and scented and ready for a night of intense pleasure as I prepared to show my man just how good I could be.

I dressed in an emerald green silk Merry Widow that encased my ribs and lower breasts, but left my nipples free. They attached to silken black stockings, and, knowing Max as I did, I put the matching thong on over the garters.

Over my lingerie I wore a green Chinese silk blouse that fell off one shoulder casually, then nipped in to accentuate my small waist. The pattern in the material was of Phoenixes picked out in golden thread against the emerald silk. The Phoenix is the woman’s emblem in China, so I was appropriate. My skirt was of black Shantung silk and hit me at mid calf. I rarely wore skirts longer than my knee, but this one was special, as it had been made for me in China. It had an underskirt which made it flare from my waist, making the outfit look old fashioned, and every time I moved it rustled sensuously.

To complete the outfit, I wore my black pearl necklace and earrings. I put half of my hair up, and I put on my 1950’s shoes. I looked the sexy, humble housewife, welcoming home her breadwinner.

Max arrived 15 minutes early and sat in his car waiting. I saw him on my security feed, but he did not know about that addition to my house, and I did not plan on letting him in on that secret. I merely finished my preparations and waited for him to ring my doorbell.

When I answered the door, he took one look at me and stepped back, almost stepping off the porch. We shared a laugh at that.

“You look incredible! bahis firmaları I was expecting… well, I was expecting ‘Normal Renee,’ but instead I have got ‘Sophisticated Role Play Renee,’ or am I mistaken?”

“Well, not entirely. This is kind of normal for me. I realize that a year ago when we were dating I wasn’t wearing makeup unless we were going out, but now I pretty much wear it every day. The clothes are special. I got them when I went to China for the New Year. So, you see, I have changed in a year. Experienced new things. New places.” I took his hand and drew him into my house, which was lit primarily with candles. I led him toward the dining room.

“You redecorated.”

“China,” I replied. “It had a profound influence. You go there and see things that are hundreds of years old in a culture that is thousands of years old and you can’t help but be changed. I brought back a lot of stuff. Just wait til you see the bedroom.”

Max looked at me with one cocked eyebrow, and I could read his expression: he was willing to skip all the preliminaries and go right to the bedroom. I, on the other hand, was unwilling to do so. The waiting would only make him want me more.

“Sit down and have some wine, Dear. Kick your shoes off and make yourself comfortable. I will be right back with dinner.”

I walked in to the kitchen, slid the homemade pasta into the boiling water and let it cook for a few minutes. I then drained it and added the exquisite sauce which included many Spring vegetables and a creamy sauce. After plating the main dish I picked up the salad with my other hand and quickly turned to head into the dining room. I almost ran into Max in the doorway.

“I thought I asked you to sit down and relax!” I protested as he removed the dishes from my hands.

“First of all, I could never relax while a gorgeous woman was toiling away in the kitchen. Second of all, I love watching you work, and always have. Third of all, if you are playing ‘happy housewife,’ don’t I even get a kiss?”

I had been too flustered to even remember that detail! How could I! He placed the dishes on the table and I wrapped my arms around him.

“Welcome home, Lover.” I raised my lips to his, intending to give him a chaste kiss, but he moved his hand to the back of my head, holding me there for a long, languorous kiss where he nibbled my lips until they parted, then our tongues dueled in a mating dance until I was breathless. When he finally let me go I was forced to cling to him, because my knees did not work for a few moments.

“I have to get dinner on the table, Max.” I reluctantly pulled myself from his arms, hurrying to the oven to pull out the warm bread and transfer it into a bread basket. As I walked toward the door I shooed him, saying “Lets go. It’s time to eat.” I knew that, if I let him get behind me all hope for dinner would be lost and we would, instead, probably varnish the dining room table.

As I entered the room I contemplated the offending piece, briefly. I would not be adverse to polishing it with Max, I just wanted to have a nice dinner first. And my bed was so nice.

I shook my head, trying to concentrate on what he was saying.

“And then we will all jump in the river and drown,” Max continued.

“WHAT?” I asked.

“Finally you pay attention. There have been flying monkeys and grand fuckings and all kinds of things, and you have only now joined the fun! Where were you? You looked far away.”

“Honestly? I was on the dining room table.”

“REALLY. Well, if you insist…” Max made as if to climb onto the table.

“NO, don’t you dare. It’s an antique. It was my great grandmother’s. The one who hated Mom.”

“I see. In that case, I guess we can’t break it. After all, she did leave you lots of cash.”

“And a way to not depend on my parents. I don’t care about the cash. It’s Mom and her vindictive streak.”

“Right. Not caring about cash. Not something I can do,” replied Max. “By the way, it is a good thing I went in and saw you make this pasta, or I would have thought it was takeout. This is really good.”

“Made the Nonni way. That’s why she liked me. I was the only kid who paid attention to her.”

Max took a fork full of pasta and vegetables and slowly slurped them into his mouth. I removed my shoes and with my right leg traced up his pant leg to the juncture of his thighs. I felt his cock there get harder as I pressed my foot against it firmly.

I took a fork full of food and slowly chewed, ignoring the expression of bliss on Max’s face. Slowly I moved my foot up and down his hardening cock, my toes massaging every inch of him. I felt my toes reach the top of his zipper and wrapped them around it to tug it down, one excruciating centimeter at a time.

Finally his cock was free of his pants, and it sprung out of there as if it were a jack in the box. I began to work his beautiful, hard member up and down with my toes, letting him feel the seam of kaçak iddaa my stocking and feeling the silky smoothness of them myself as I worked his hard cock between my big toe and the next.

Max had stopped eating by now, and all he was doing was sitting there, head rolled back, napkin in his lap, panting for breath. I was growing very wet as well, just thinking about turning him on. This was the best foreplay we had ever engaged in, because we could not touch any part of each other except those two minuscule areas. I rubbed harder at his cock, surrounding him on three sides with my foot and toes. I swivelled my foot so that there would be constant stimulation on all sides of his cock. He was starting to move now with the strokes. He was fucking my foot!

I moved my toes down, tickling his balls with them, then moved back up and continued to hump his cock with my talented toes. He groaned, pushing away from the table a little bit, and when he came little white droplets sprayed the table. I giggled, then asked if he needed more cream in his pasta.

“No, I have quite enough. I am eager to get dinner over, though, so that you can show me the rest of the improvements you have made on this place. I believe you mentioned some in the bedroom?”

“Yes, but before we finish the tour of the house I think we should head into the Parlor, where we can have coffee and dessert.”

“Dessert?” Max liked the sound of that word, I could tell.

I walked into the kitchen and, while the espresso brewed I fired up the butane torch and caramelized the Creme Brulee. I frothed the milk for cappuccinos and placed everything on a tray to bring to the parlor. When I turned around, again, there was Max, watching my every move. He stepped up to me and removed the tray from my grasp.

“Do you know how incredibly sexy it is to watch you torch that Creme Brulee?” He asked. “I could hardly stand to keep my hands off of you.”

“Well, considering that I was working with flame, it’s probably good that you restrained yourself,” I said, as I lead the way to the parlor.

Max stopped in the doorway, apparently transfixed. Things had changed since he had been here last. I took the tray from his fingers and let him look his fill.

The parlor was painted and papered in muted colors so that any colors I chose to decorate in would show off well. On the floor was a hand made silk rug I had purchased in China. On the walls were various Chinese scrolls. Various jade sculptures decorated the room as well. A gas log burned merrily in the fireplace. There were various silk screens around the room, depicting scenes from China. A large black chest sat on the far wall, with enamel figures on it. Above it hung a mirror with the same motif. A black enamel rocking chair with cream colored upholstery sat close to the fire, as did a fainting couch of crimson velvet and black enamel. A cream velvet couch completed the ensemble, with a black enamel coffee table between the three chairs, which is where I had placed our dessert. It was an eclectic gathering of furniture and artwork, some having been handed down from my grandparents who had traveled to China before the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960’s, some having been purchased during my own trip earlier during the same year. Some of the furniture had been purchased in the States. Regardless, having it all in one place made quite an impression.

“You took your grandfather’s stuff out of storage.”

“I finally had a setting to place it in. It needed more pieces to balance it out.”

“I remember that chest and the mirror, and some of the other things when you took me to the shed, but really, wow. You have really done a lot with this place.” Max was still standing in the doorway, looking around at the various artifacts and artwork displayed.

“As soon as you are done ogling, we can drink our coffee. If you take too long, it will be cold.” It was not a subtle hint, but it was all I could think of to get his mind back on track. I had known that he loved all things oriental, which was why I had taken him to my storage shed. I had not realized that he could go from orgasmic to– okay, I guess he was still orgasmic, but I wanted his attention on ME.

We sat on the velvet couch, and he looked at me with admiration.

“So you decided to go ahead with your trip to China,” he began. “Even without me? Did you take someone, or did you go alone?”

“I went alone. I actually got in touch with one of my old college friends, Li Ping, and she helped me with the translation when I was in her area. She also introduced me to others who could do the same,” I answered. “Actually, my biggest problem with China is that they were so sexually repressed! I mean, most of Li Ping’s friends were in college, so maybe that is why, but seriously, they don’t have a whole lot of sex there. I corrupted quite a few men.”

“If not you, then who?” Jeff laughed as I told my tale of woe.

“Speaking of corruption, I have been kaçak bahis wanting to do this since before you got here!” I dropped to my knees beside the couch and pulled down Max’s fly. He was wearing no underwear, obviously in anticipation of our sexual hijinx, so his semi hard cock slid out of his khaki pants very easily. I undid the top button and pulled them down enough to extract his balls. I then looked up at him with a smile on my face and licked him like he was my personal lollipop. I had refreshed my lipstick in the kitchen, so the moment he was fully hard I took him in my mouth, rubbing my lips down his hard shaft, then up again in a swirling motion. I looked down and saw the streaks left on his cock and groaned as I lowered myself onto his cock yet again. This time I took him all the way in my mouth, enjoying the curvature of his cock in my hot, sweet mouth. He groaned as I swallowed, convulsively, with him in my throat, and I tasted the pre-cum. I groaned again, getting even wetter. My thong was soaked through and moisture was running down my legs to my hose.

I pulled up off of Max’s cock, then tongued the under side of it, followed by the head of it, then licked and suckled at his balls while my hands rubbed his cock, increasing the pressure gradually. “Max, I want you to cum in your mouth, but I also want you in my ass. How much have you got, Lover?” I queried, eagerly lapping at his cock as I asked.

“I have two more in me. Try for three and you will have to call the PARAMEDICS!” The last word came out an octave higher and much louder, as I not only took him in my mouth again but stuck a well sucked finger up his ass. I felt his balls tightening and started to move my finger slowly as he began fucking my face, completely out of control. Sure enough, pretty soon he came in my mouth, shooting his sperm into the back of my throat. He held my head still for the first shot, then realized what he was doing and that I could not breathe and let me up, fucking my mouth with only the head of his cock as he unloaded into my mouth.

I moaned my pleasure. I was so turned on that if he had even touched my clit at that point there would have been orgasm after orgasm… Instead he pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked at me.

“That was incredible for me. But what about you? I just came twice in a row, and you got nothing. That hardly seems fair.”

“Life isn’t fair, Max. I like getting you off. Besides, you have the rest of the night to make me cum. I expect I will catch up. I usually do, and then some.”

We finished our dessert and I led him to the bedroom. Silk sheets, silk comforter, silk filled pillows, silk bed hangings on the canopy, my room would be the envy of any sultan or emperor. My California King sized bed could handle any kind of adventures I wanted to put it through. Ah, the tales it could tell.

I reached for the remote on my bedside table and turned on the sound system in my room. While the music during dinner had been soft instrumental to keep the focus on the food, this was a mix of his old favorites and played slightly louder.

Max led me to the bed and kissed me deeply. He could taste himself on my tongue, and I knew it was very erotic. He felt for the zipper at my waist, pulled it, and pulled my blouse over my head in short order. He looked with appreciation at my exposed nipples which were bared by the Merry Widow and were also very aroused.

“Wow. Just- wow. How is it that you always manage to surprise me with incredibly erotic lingerie?” He leaned down and took one rosy tip between his lips, brushing his thumb over the other gently, then, as I threw my head back and groaned he sucked hard on the one while he twisted on the other.

I unknotted his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, then thrust my fingers inside to caress his slightly furry chest, raking my fingernails down to his abdomen, dipping one into his belly button which caused him to gasp.

“No fair. Your belly is covered.” He took me in his arms to look for the fastening on my skirt. As he fumbled (it was fastened on the side instead of in back, where he started looking), I managed to remove both his shirt and his pants.

Finally he got my skirt off and he stepped back to admire the view. The view from my side was not bad, either. Max’s cock was recovering fast, and he was semi-erect already. His beautiful body glimmered in the candle light. He moved toward me, his intentions clear, and I met him half way. We shared another passionate kiss, and another, and another. My head was spinning by the time we came up for oxygen.

Max picked me up and laid me on the bed, stripping back the top sheet and the comforter as he did. He then stripped me of my panties and kissed and licked me on each upper thigh, building the tension until I thought I might scream. I didn’t have to, though. Max knew my body better than anybody else. Just when the tension got to the breaking point, he brought his ministrations to my clit. He licked my clit slowly, lapping at it rhythmically, then added finger play in my vagina to the mix. He slowly sped up, increasing the pressure and frequency of flicks my clit was getting while increasing the number of fingers in my wet cunt.

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