Getting Wet on a Rainy Day

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It’s been raining all week and this Saturday morning is no different. While you’d rather be out enjoying a nice long ride on your motorcycle, the weather has other plans. Instead you’ve spent all morning playing around with graphics, you’re only vaguely aware of me turning off the shower and wandering into the bedroom.

“Adjust the brightness, just a little more contrast…perfect…Honey! come look at….”

You sense me standing behind you but before you have time to turn around I pull a scarf over your eyes and turn your chair around to face me. You can’t see anything but a small sliver of light leaking through the top of the blindfold, but you can make out the faint sweet smell of my soap from the shower. There is no sound other than the rain pouring down on the roof and my soft breathing.

Gently I take your wrists in my hands and guide your hands up to my face. You gently slide your hands over my face as I teasingly nibble and suck on your fingertips. You smile to yourself, you’re not sure exactly what will happen next but you kinda like where this is going. I slowly guide your hands down my neck and over my collar bone. You feel my breath quicken slightly as I guide your hands over my full breasts, my nipples poke into the palm of your hands for a moment before I push your hands further down over my stomach and around over my hips. Your cock starts to grow hard inside your pants. Ok you definitely like where this is going. My skin is so cool and smooth against your strong hands.

I lean down and istanbul rus escort gently kiss you, running my tongue lightly over your lips. You try to pull me to you, but I quickly slip out of your reach. You hear me giggle softly from the direction of the doorway and then my soft footsteps down the hall. You make your way to the door as quickly as you can, attempting not to knock things over in the process.

You suddenly sense me standing in front of you again, you’re slightly surprised but happy that I’m not going to make you come find me like last time when you tripped and knocked over a lamp. I slip a few fingers of each hand into the waist of your pants and pull you to me, standing on my tiptoes to kiss you again, this time gently biting your lower lip before I pull away. I giggle and grab your wrist to pull you into the bedroom. Still blindfolded I help you undress, letting my hands wander over your naked body before I lay you down on the bed.

You hear me rustling around with something under the bed. Wondering what I’m up to this time you reach for the blindfold, but I catch your hand and put it back at your side. You try again, and again I put your hand back at your side. One more time, ok you got the hint. You feel me set something down on the bed but the feel of my knees on the bed on either side of your chest interests you more.

Again I grab your wrists, but this time you feel the smooth warmth of my lips at your finger tips. You notice that I must’ve shaved kadıköy escort while I was in the shower while I drag your fingers back and forth across my lips, spreading them open gently. The further between my lips your fingers reach the more wet they get. You take over from there, slipping first one finger into my soaking wet pussy, then another before I pull your hand away and you feel me move up further on the bed to straddle your face. You eagerly lift your head up to run your tongue across my wet lips. I slowly lower myself onto your face while your tongue makes gentle circles around my clit. A soft moan escapes my lips as your tongue pushes up inside me. You eagerly lick my lips, loving the smell and taste of me.

Suddenly I get up again, you struggle to pull my pussy back to your lips but you feel my hands grab your wrists firmly and pull first one then the other to the bedposts with smooth leather straps. You hope this bedframe holds up to this better than the last. I quickly move down and tie your ankles to the bottom bed posts, before climbing back on the bed to kiss you, tasting myself on your lips.

Slowly I kiss my way down your neck, nibbling and licking giving you goosebumps. You feel me kissing my way down your chest, pausing only to lick and suck gently on your nipples, then continuing down your stomach. You feel my warm breath on your rock hard cock and you squirm in anticipation, letting out a soft groan when you feel me kissing your inner thighs. You hear me kartal escort giggle softly before the head of your cock is suddenly in my mouth with my tongue swirling around it.

I use my hand to stroke your cock gently while I suck on the head. I know how much you love when I do that, and you know how much I love the feeling of your cock throbbing against my tongue. I reach up and push your blindfold off so you can watch me sucking on your cock. Bobbing my head up and enthusiastically while looking up into your eyes. Occasionally pushing my long blonde hair out of my eyes.

You wonder how much longer you can stand this just as I stop and climb up on top of you, straddling your cock. I slowly slide your cock inside of me and you feel my pussy gripping your cock tightly as I start sliding up and down. I look down at your and smile as I lean back and spread my lips to give you a nice view of your cock stretching me open. I use my other hand to rub my clit while your cock pushes deep inside me. You tug on your restraints. I lean my head back and moan as I slip a finger inside with your cock, rubbing your cock inside me. I start sliding up and down faster, rocking my hips from side to side slightly until suddenly you feel me cum around your cock, my pussy spasming around you.

While catching my breath I untie your wrists and ankles, twisting so I can keep your cock inside me. As soon as you’re free from your restraints you flip me over and start shoving your cock into me fast and hard. I tighten and relax my pussy around your cock as you thrust in and pull out. You feel the tension building inside you and you thrust harder into me. Finally you can’t take it anymore and you push all the way inside me, your cock pulsing as you explode. Catching your breath you collapse into my arms.

What a way to spend a rainy Saturday.

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