Getting Wet

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***Special Thanks to Jarrod, Corey, and Dezi.. you were all a big help! Love ya!***

* * * * *

Angelique looked around, stretching slightly as she sighed. Her long, straight black hair hung at her mid back as she pulled it into a ponytail. She placed her books off to the side, adjusting her glasses on the end of her nose. She looked out her window upon hearing the familiar sound of a car pulling into the drive. A soft sigh came from between slightly parted pink lips as she stood up, stripping off her plain black skirt and her white blouse, letting them hit the hamper with a soft whoosh. Her sensible white cotton bra and panties followed afterwards, and she padded over to her dresser, pulling out the drawer and grabbing her two piece bathing suit. She stood in front of the mirror for a moment, admiring her lithe, tan body. Her hand trailed down over her taught belly to gently rub over the patch of neatly trimmed curls that hid her moist secret. A hot blush hit those cheeks, and she soon pulled up the sensible white briefs to her two piece, and tied on the modest white top. She grabbed a matching white wrap and pulled it around her body, padding down the hall and to the linen closet, grabbing a big, fluffy green beach towel and heading down the stairs and to the pool.

She padded into the kitchen as she came down the stairs, glancing at her brother, Daniel, and his girlfriend Deanna liplocked. His hands were caressing her rather exposed, creamy white breasts, and her hand was caressing the very obvious bulge in his pants. She rolled her eyes, huffing loudly as she walked past them, making a loud and obvious production of opening the door.

“You know, you two should really get a room!” She growled out, slamming the glass door behind her and padding out to the pool. She hung her towel over the back of one of the lawn chairs her father had placed on the deck, and, walking to the deep-end of their built in pool, she dove in with a rather large splash, taking a few laps around the pool.

Daniel sighed, hearing the phone ring. A soft growl as he picked up the phone, moaning quietly as he felt Deanna’s wide, wet mouth bobbing up and down along that thick, throbbing cock of his. The minute he heard his boss’ voice on the other end of the phone, he felt that massive erection die. Deanna’s cute whimpers and pouting did nothing to improve the situation, only frustrate him more as he hurriedly agreed to be at work in fifteen minutes to cover a partial shift for one of this coworkers who’d gone home sick.

“Look, sweetie.. I have to go to work. I’ll be home in a few hours. Till then, you can go swimming with my sister.. and be nice. You know how she is,” He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. He’d had Deanna bring her swimsuit in hopes of chasing Angel off from the pool so they could have some quality time together, but apparently that wasn’t going to be happening today. He gave her a deep, passionate kiss, before he left, grabbing his work shirt as he wandered out the door and got in his car.

Deanna pouted as she watched him leave, her blue eyes glancing over his body. Working at the car wash had really made her boyfriend’s already lean body get muscled.. and now she just loved to suck his cock even more, feeling those muscles as she bobbed up and down along the thick length. She shivered.. looking down with a soft blush as she found her hand cupping her warm, moist cunt, a finger playing up and and down that dripping slit. She shivered, walking to the downstairs bathroom with her bathing suit and pulling off her clothes.. sighing as she noted the wet stain in the crotch of her black lace panties. She folded her black mini skirt, placing those lace panties atop it and beginning on the buttons of her light blue blouse. She folded it neatly as well, before taking off that lacy black bra with a sigh, stretching and glancing over her pale, silken-skinned body in the mirror. She grabbed her brush from her purse and pulled it through her long, waist length blonde hair, pulling it into a bun atop her head. She looked at the full-length mirror her boyfriend’s mother had placed in the bathroom.. turning around as she looked at her trim body. Her figure was nice, even though she didn’t work out much. And she was no where casino şirketleri near as tan as Angel, she thought to herself with a sigh. But, she had firm, perky breasts that were big enough to make most boys drool, and she kept her cunt neatly shaven, smooth and bare. She giggled, seeing her own juices glistening on her cunt, and she stuck a finger into that dripping hole, pumping it in and out a few times with a soft moan, before she pulled it out, licking it off. She shivered a little, and grabbed her light pink thong, pulling it up and over her hips, giggling once again as the string settled in between her firm ass cheeks. She grabbed the matching top and put the small triangles to her nipples, tying it on where it needed to be tied, and walking out, grabbing a big blue towel on her way.

She wandered out to the pool, throwing her towel over a chair next to the one Angel had thrown hers over. Rather than diving right in as her boyfriend’s sister had chosen to do, she stepped into the pool using the steps, shivering even though the water was fairly warm. She grinned, seeing Angel bobbing up and down in the water. Deanna had always had a small crush on her boyfriend’s sister, but had never told Daniel or Angel. Her eyes carried their glance down below the water. Angel’s white two piece looked wonderful against her tan skin, and her breasts were more than enough for a handful, though nowhere near as big as Deanna’s. Her long, straight black hair looked silky and shiny even when wet, and sometimes she just wanted to run her hands through it. On top of how desirable Deanna found Angel to be, the other girl had bright, piercing emerald eyes that could look right through you if you let them. She sighed, having hoped the semi-cool water would cool the raging hormones of a fifteen year old, but it didn’t help. Instead, she felt her perky pink nipples getting even harder, in effect making a small tent in those tiny triangles of fabric.

Angelique climbed out of the water, and she saw Deanna’s eyes following after. The twenty-three year old girl smirked to herself.. she wouldn’t be surprised if Deanna fucked everything that let her! Her opinion of the blonde-haired beauty was not high.. and this was demonstrated by the fact that she just shook her head and stretched out on her lawn chair, her long, tanned legs glistening from water in the sun. She grabbed her towel and began to dry herself, picking up her glasses which she’d set on the arm rest of the chair she was laying on. Her beautiful emerald eyes closed as she sighed, but for some reason she could not get Deanna out of her mind! The girl was attractive, she admitted that…but why couldn’t she seem to get her out of her mind?! She shivered, thinking on how she’d seen the blue-eyed beauty watching her through the water, the droplets of water pearling on those abundant breasts. And those nipples! They must be huge! She could see them hardening under the tiny pink triangles of the other girl’s “bikini”, if you could call it that! Another shiver ran up her spine, and she stood, laying the towel out on her chair and then laying down on her stomach.

Deanna swam around in the warm water, shivering every time the liquid hit her rock-hard nipples. Gods, it just was not fair that her boyfriend’s sister was so hot! She sighed to herself, and slowly crept out of the water, having assumed the other girl was finally sleeping. Her eyes were closed, anyway, and there was no more water glistening on her perfect tan skin. Deanna stretched a bit, and then blushed, realizing that while she’d been swimming those tiny triangles of fabric had come loose, and her stretch had let them linger at her waist. She went to tie them back up, when she had an idea. A mischievous smile came across her pink lips, and she stretched out atop her own towel, having completely removed her top. What a surprise this would be for Angelique the prude! She nearly giggled to herself, but instead, she made herself stay still, and she closed her eyes, waiting to see what Angel’s reaction would be!

Angel stretched some, sighing. Why had her brother’s boss had to call him in and leave her hear with his whore? She growled quietly, and then went to turn over…and about fainted from the sight of those creamy white casino firmaları breasts bare and in the sun! She blushed brightly…how could anyone possibly tan half nude, especially at their boyfriend’s home! With his sister right next to her! She got up.. still looking at those creamy white mounds, and lightly kicked the other girl.

“You know, you should really put a top on,” She huffed to her.

Deanna’s eyes opened slowly to look up at a very angry.. and flushed…Angelique. She let an angelic smile come across her lips, and she merely turned over, closing her eyes once more, letting her back get some sun.

Angel huffed quietly…what was she supposed to do now?! Well, since the other girl obviously was not concerned with being modest, she just laid back down on her own lawn chair, and fell asleep within moments, still a bit irritated with the fact that the other girl could be so brazenly immodest.

Deanna eyed Angel from where she laid atop her towel. She giggled quietly, hearing the other girl snoring, and began stripping down completely. After all, she’d shocked the hell out of her already..why not go further! She giggled again, her eyes roaming over the delicious form of her boyfriend’s sister…and then she had an idea! Why not make the other girl “happy” while she was sleeping? A grin formed on her pretty pink lips as she positioned herself over the other girl, her hands roaming over that taught, tan body. She slid her hands up to Angel’s tits, massaging them in the palms of her hands as she felt the nipples harden under her attention, before moving one hand around to the back of the top of her white bathing suit, untying and pulling it down.

She gently nudged Angel until she was sitting comfortably between the other girl’s thighs, leaning down to suck on one of those perky nipples, a soft tanned pink, her tongue lightly licking over the hardened bud a few times. Her hands wandered downward, until they got to the top of Angel’s white briefs. Her deft fingers pulled them downward until she had the other girl completely naked, and she backed away, her eyes going over Angel’s tan, lithe body. A soft giggle as she noticed how bright the white of her breasts, ass, and groin were, knowing that Angel would be far too prudish to even think about tanning nude. She purred at the sight of Angel’s neatly trimmed pussy, those curly black hairs clinging close to her very white skin.. and she giggled again, moving her kisses down from her breasts and over her tan belly till she got to that white triangle of skin. She moved her kisses even lower, lightly licking over the inner thighs of the girl she was about to eat out, nuzzling and kissing against her silky soft skin.

Angelique let out a soft sigh of delight, moaning quietly to herself in this wonderful dream. She was dreaming that someone with soft skin and a very soft tongue was kissing over her body, caressing her, and then she felt that tongue against her warm, wet cunt! She nearly squealed with delighted surprise, completely unaware that the girl giving her so much pleasure was her brother’s girlfriend! She moaned quietly, spreading her legs willingly as she felt Deanna’s tongue dive inside that warm, dripping hole, purring as she heard the quiet noises the other girl made as she licked up those delicious juices.

Deanna moved her hands up, caressing the breasts of her new playmate as she licked at her delicious cunt. She moved one hand down slowly, till she had it positioned above the other girl’s warm mound, and her thumb gently caressed her clit in slow circles, even as her tongue dived in and out of that delicious hole faster and faster, loving the sound of Angel’s moans as they got louder the closer she got to her orgasm. She giggled to herself, gently squeezing each of Angel’s breasts, twisting her nipples between her finger and thumb lightly as she began to suckle on that clit.

Angelique started to wake up slowly.. that delicious sensation of a tongue on her most private parts pleasuring her nicely as she whimpered and purred, her hands running through Deanna’s wet blonde hair. Her deep green eyes slowly opened as she was nearing her orgasm.. her panting and moaning becoming heavier and louder as her cunt juices flowed even heavier, güvenilir casino her walls closing around the other girl’s deeply placed fingers, her pink, throbbing clit pushing against the tongue that was licking over it so quickly. She gasped, screaming as she finally came, her clear, tasty juices running out of her cunt and over Deanna’s tongue and cheeks, her body trembling as she panted. She looked down to Deanna, blushing brightly as she looked down.. her hands grasping her lover’s wet, blonde hair.

Deanna giggled and got up.. pulling off her bathing suit as she stood. She bent over, her tongue dancing over her boyfriend’s sister’s lips as she kissed her. She was soon straddling Angel’s tan waist, kisses pressed to her lips and returned eagerly as they tongued each other rapidly, Angel’s hands wandering down and over Deanna’s firm, pale, creamy ass, her fingers pressing against Deanna’s soft, tender asshole.. the tip, wiggling in slowly against the tight little hole while her thumb rubbed over her lover’s throbbing, hot clit. Both girls moaned, their bodies rubbing against each other, Deanna’s hands rubbing over Angel’s breasts and down her tummy while Angel fingered her asshole and played with her clit, their nipples pressing against each other’s breasts.

Deanna moaned loudly as she felt Angel’s finger invading her tender hole… her body trembling against it. She pulled away slowly, moving till her cunt was over the other girl’s face.. her voice coming out as a soft growl.

“Eat me out like a good little whore, Angel..” She said, pushing her hips against Angel’s mouth more firmly. She felt Angel moan against her cunt, vibrating the wet mound, her fingers moving down to spread her lips, the tip of her index finger rubbing over her clit while she felt Angel’s tongue snaking out slowly and timidly to lick at the tight, wet hole in front of her. A shiver went through Deanna’s body, along with a rather loud moan as she arched her back, her hands coming up to play with and caress her own nipples as Angel’s tongue started drilling in and out with a more firm and confident action. Deanna started to tremble… she’s gotten so, so hot from eating Angel out! She wouldn’t be able to last long at all!

She ground her hips against Angel’s mouth as she spoke, the words coming out strained as she whimpered and moaned, feeling her walls already starting to convulse around the tongue that was giving her so very much pleasure. “That’s it you little whore.. fuck me with your tongue… oooh.. god.. don’t stop.. yes.. eat my cunt.. you’re such a slut.. god.. please.. don’t stop…ooooohhhhhh…” She whimpered loudly, feeling her body tremble as she got ever closer to her needed orgasm.. her nails digging into the creamy white flesh of her breasts as she bounced lightly against the other girl’s mouth, her words continuing as Angel brought her closer and closer with her delightful virgin tongue. “Yes.. god.. you’re such a little slut.. I bet you dream about this every night… don’t you stop.. oh.. ooooh… suck on my clit and finger me.. you silly little cunt.. god…” She whimpered out.. shivering as she felt Angel follow her instructions.. her mouth closing over her clit firmly as she sucked on the erect little nub.. shoving three fingers deep inside Deanna’s cunt as she felt the other girl orgasm, her walls closing around her fingers tightly as her clit throbbed against her mouth. She pulled her fingers out, licking and lapping up the juices that flowed from Deanna’s yummy cunt, shivering as she did.. panting and purring as Deanna continued to bounce against her face, riding out her orgasm.

Deanna shivered as the last of her orgasm rocked her body, trembling as she collapsed atop the other girl. She moved till she was facing the other girl, soft kisses pressed to her lips as she caressed her body slowly and soothingly, her voice sexy and sultry now as she spoke.

“Mmm… you’re such a good little cunt eater.. I bet you’d be a very good cock sucker, too. Maybe sometime we could try that…” A wide grin came over her lips as she nuzzled the other girl’s ear.. her tongue snaking out to lick over her earlobe.

Angel brushed brightly, wrapping her arms around her new lover’s waist.. and then giggling as she heard her brother’s truck pulling into the drive. She spoke as well, shivering some as she did.

“Perhaps it would be with my brother….?”

Both girls giggled then, continuing to caress each other as they heard Daniel coming up the walk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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