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Author’s note: This is a short story written for a competition elsewhere. The rules required 1,000 words or fewer, so it’s fast paced and, well, short. Enjoy!


One of my more lucrative clients was a small trade association, which had an out-dated membership system, one that I knew very well.

I had been coming on-site one day a week, to keep their old system running until they can replace it with a new Salesforce application.

The staff called me The Maytag Repairman because my day mostly comprised of waiting for something to go wrong with the old system. At least I hoped that was the reason, and not because of my grey hair and my 50-year old spare tire.

When the decision was made to migrate to the Salesforce app, the Executive Director fired the entire IT staff, except for Gina. She was a shy, mid-20s Latina whose expertise was with Salesforce and keeping the servers running.

Gina was a classic computer nerd, glasses, simple straight hair pulled back into a ponytail, and carrying a little extra weight on her tall frame, most of it packed inside of her bra.

I met her the first day on-site when she came to get my laptop connected to the WiFi network. Her smokey brown eyes caught my attention and even though she had no idea of her sensuality, I could see through to her inner beauty.

Despite our age difference, I flirted with Gina relentlessly. Her shy demeanor, ankara escort lack of self-confidence, and curvy body made her a perfect target for this dirty old man in a sexless marriage. While she never reacted beyond blushing and smiling, we developed a bit of a friendship.

So when she showed up at my desk near the end of the day, I was pleased to see her, although she had a very serious look on her face.

“To what do I owe this pleasure,” I asked with a wink, as she nervously bit her lower lip.

“I’ve got something serious to talk to you about, John, can you please come to my office?”

She turned toward her office. I quickly got up and followed behind her, admiring the way her rounded ass swayed within her khaki pants.

She closed her office door before taking the seat behind her desk. I took the guest’s chair opposite her. “Why so serious,” I asked, hoping to cut through the tension in the room.

She slid a printout across her desk. I picked it up, scanned the entries, and recognized all of the highlighted websites. As I said, I had a lot of unscheduled time while on-site, so I used it to keep up with my favorite porn story sites.

“Thanks for the recommendations,” I joked, “but I’m already familiar with these sites.”

“This isn’t a joking matter, John,” she said with an empathetic look, “I’d hate to see your contract terminated.”

“How do you know it’s me?” I asked escort ankara playfully, gauging if she was up for debate.

“C’mon, John, it started six months ago, and those sites are only visited on Wednesdays.” She folded her arms across her ample chest, proud of the research she had done before confronting me.

“And how do you know the content is inappropriate?”

The confident look disappeared from her face as her cheeks flushed and she looked down at the floor.

“Oh My God! You read them!” I watched her caramel skin turn a deeper shade of red, her eyes still glued to the floor. Her arms dropped to her sides and I could see the impressions of her nipples poking through her blouse.

I stood up and walked around her desk, making it to the side of her chair before she looked up. I pulled the chair away from her desk and swiveled it to face me, stepping forward between her legs and placing my hands on the armrests over hers.

I leaned down and whispered in her right ear, “Did you enjoy the stories about those naughty young girls fucking those nasty old men?”

She winced when I used the F-word, and she shook her head. However, her protruding nipples belied her wordless response.

I leaned closer and kissed her neck and felt her grip tighten on the armrests, but she left her head tilted, inviting me to kiss her neck again.

“Has an older-man, hell, any man, ever treated you ankara escort bayan to the pleasures in those stories, Gina?”

Her eyes had a pleading look, but I couldn’t tell if she was begging me to stop or continue.

I moved my hands off hers and unbuttoned her blouse. She could have stopped me, but she kept her firm grip on the armrests. I pulled her shirt open and admired the mounds of flesh that spilled over the plain white front-clasp bra.

I knelt in between her legs, snapped open her bra, and sucked a hard nipple into my mouth. She finally moved her hands off the armrests, wrapped them around my head, held me firmly to her breast. Gina whispered, “Be gentle with me, John.”

I pressed my hand between her legs and felt the wet heat emanating from her crotch. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair as I rubbed her through her pants and sucked on her turgid bud.

I stood and pulled Gina out of her chair, turning her to face her desk. Reaching from behind, I unsnapped her pants and pulled them down to her knees, along with her panties. With a gentle push on her back, she rested her torso on the desk compliantly.

I couldn’t resist pressing my face into that glorious ass, smelling her arousal and tasting her wetness. While she moaned in surprise, I stood and released my cock and slid into her tight pussy. I’m no porn star, but the groan of satisfaction she let loose made me feel like one.

While I fucked her from behind, I chuckled to myself, as her face was lying on the highlighted report. I knew my time at this client was limited, but I also knew I was going to enjoy the remaining weekly visits to the fullest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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