Glen Finds Trouble

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Glen did well for himself after he stowed away on the luxury starship cruiser the Phallic Explorer, while escaping from an angry Belinda’s ray gun. The ship’s medic, SB, had looked after him well right from the start. So from the time Glen’s sexual performance had been thoroughly tested, till now, Glen had nothing to complain about in the sexual satisfaction department. He was accepted as part of the Phallic’s crew. And even if a rather sheltered member of it, he had still entertained some of the bizarre sexual talents of the well heeled and phallicaly augmented passengers.

But now, after 2 weeks on board, Glen wanted a change of scenery. And the starship Phallic Explorer was nearing its first port of call.

“So can we get off at the next port?” Glen asked the medic.

SB knew that Glen was getting restless from being cooped up.

And though Glen had enjoyed the frequent and varied sexual demands being placed on him he was feeling just a bit drained. Also he was worried about what might be happening back on Earth. He was concerned that he had no idea what Belinda was up to, and hadn’t been able to access any decent news services on board the starship.

“Um. Do you want to?” SB responded drowsily his tumescent dick resting inside its favourite bed, Glen’s passage.

“Of course,” Glen replied, wiggling his butt automatically as SB’s cock stirred inside him,”I want to see something except the inside of this ship.”

“I doubt Prong will let you go down alone. But I can probably get you off for a few hours,” SB added frowning.

The medic wished he knew more about the man in his arms, the man who he was taking risks for. The man his cock was growing inside. Hm. He moaned as Glen arched back and their lips met and opened to each others exploring tongues. SB knew that Prong was already unhappy with the way he was keeping Glen apart from the rest of the crew and had limited other men’s access to him. But he didn’t care, he wanted Glen in a way he had never wanted another man before. A way that meant he was ready to fuck Glen almost any time the medic could get his hands on him.

But SB also knew virtually nothing about his lover. Apart from the fact that a ray gun blast had followed Glen’s last minute escape into the cargo hold of the Phallic, just as it was about to leave Earth. And also that he had a mind block. Not something any ordinary man had. Oh, and of course, that he was the best lover SB had ever had.


On the bridge of the Phallic Explorer Prong stroked his two cocks as he studied the charts for their first port of call. Both cocks were a good size, about 7 inches long and reasonably thick, emerging from his nest of black pubic hair,they were rooted just a bit apart and they were now hard, sticking up and revealing two large balls. Prong used his usual alternate pumping action to pound the two erect pieces, one hand sliding up on one cock, the other sliding down the second one. He always came from the right hand one first. It was his dominant side. In every way.

When he’d come from his right hand cock he would slow the action on the left one while he recovered. Then when he was ready again he would finish the other side. The two ejaculations took a while to happen. And that long drawn out coming, almost coming, and coming again, was what he loved best about having dual cocks. Timing, he decided as he looked vaguely at the charts, was everything.

Pangone 1 was being promoted as the new Erotic Dream World – Prong had laughed when he heard that – how many times had he heard that claim. But now the old Erotic Dream World had been closed after the natives got ownership back through the Galactic High Court, and everyone was looking for a replacement. So Pangone 1 was a new stop for the Phallic Explorer, for this tour anyway. And Prong actually had to study the approach. After a few minutes he grunted and yelled at his robot pilot and shut off the charts. It was an easy one.

He fisted his right cock faster and shot off a load with a couple of spurts, grunting with the release, casino şirketleri then he massaged the left one slowly as he moaned and mumbled before lifting the pace and shooting off another series of creamy spurts from his left cock.

“Yes,” he moaned, “Yes, yes,” As he collapsed back on to his couch, well spent.

The final approach was imminent and Prong set the orange warning buzzer off and pulled the body hugging webbing of the couch about him. His sensors were turned right down as he waited the required time before setting off the final red alarm, and the red light over his door began to flash.

He set his sensors for a voyeuristic series of gay orgy’s and settled back and drifted off as the ship began its last jump and the webbing caressed his body the way he liked it.


As soon as they were in orbit around the planet all who were going down to Erotic Dream World were getting ready to enter the Phallic’s shuttle for the journey down to the surface. But Glen and the medic arrived to find that they had been allotted to Culvers private landing shuttle, rather than the Phallic’s own. Of course Culver had demanded it, having taken a liking to the natural arsed Glen. And Culver Towns left when he was ready, so the rest of the passengers and crew were still organizing themselves when Culver’s shuttle separated from the Phallic and they began their descent. In the small, but luxurious cabin of the shuttle Glen had found the medic absent, and himself slotted in between the blond muscle-bound Culver and his companion.

And of course Glen had experienced both their mouths, and other parts, yet again.

As soon as they were in transit the companion’s mouth had started working it’s magic on Glen’s cock, sucking it in a way that was more of a sucking massage, while deeply penetrating and fucking his slit in the most invasive and complete way possible with his thread like tongue. Meanwhile Culver himself had his fingers inside, exploring Glen’s numbed natural arse while fucking his mouth with his cock tongue. Glen had come twice before Culver finally filled his mouth with his sweet, watery, tongue cock cream.

Then it was Culver’s turn and the two men knelt to service his two huge cocks. The companion swallowing one whole huge pole, while Glen sucked the other huge cap briefly. But Culver pulled Glen back up and lying back in the transit couch again had him in a 69. But this time Culver’s tongue cock went straight for Glen’s tight natural arse. The feel of that tool sinking up inside his channel, then fucking him in a way no normal cock ever could, made it hard for him to satisfy Culver’s second cock. Glen was left still trying to bring that enormous pole to ejaculation long after he had shot another creamy load down Culver’s chest and felt culvers tongue cream flood his insides. When Culver finally came in his mouth Glen nearly drowned, the huge thick cock filling his mouth and trying to enter his throat, as it pumped out it’s load of hot cream.

Not long after that they were all webbed into their couches as the shuttle prepared to land. The landing was surprisingly gentle. But Glen lay for a few moments exhausted by the earlier activity and watched in surprise as Culver and his companion bounded up and exited, leaving Glen lying there.

SB appeared and grabbed Glen’s arm. “Are you alright?” the medic hissed, looking intently at him.

SB had accompanied them, but Culver had locked him in the air lock for the duration. Now he removed the sleeve from Glens channel and examined the over stretched passage and worked his healing magic on it.

“I’m fine,” replied Glen, totally satiated, “So could you give me a cock tongue?” he asked the medic, only half seriously.

“What?” snapped SB, “Do you want to be a freak? Do you know what having a cock tongue really means?”

Glen was feeling far too well fucked to think of anything else, “That I can fuck with my tongue,” he replied frankly, “And come with it.”

Glen had definitely liked the feel of the watery cum from Culver’s cock casino firmaları tongue flooding his bowel, and still felt he was swimming in it.

“Is that all you can think of?” the medic hissed angrily. “What about not being able to eat or drink? What about not begin able to talk properly or, or,. . ,?” SB waved his arms about in frustration at not being able to make his point as well as he wanted to. “You hot young studs never understand. Culver has to be tube fed, the same with his companion. And they have voice enhancers. You think you really hear them? Well you don’t. It’s all artificial, they mouth the words, that’s all. And you wont hear the companion say anything because Culver has turned off his enhancer; he said he was sick of listening to the man talking all day.”

Glen vaguely took in what the medic was saying and grunted. He had only really been fantasizing anyway. He actually had other things in his life, apart from sex, that required a fit healthy body with all its faculties. In top working condition. A cock tongue, however enjoyable, had limited use.

The medic had meanwhile dragged Glen off the shuttle and away from the Pangone spaceports arrival’s area into a small, greenery enhanced, rest area. Smooth flat topped rocks were arranged in small clusters, for seating. And larger hollowed ones stood among some luridly flowering shrubs, looking as if they were couches made to be reclined in. The sounds of gently flowing water and rustling leaves filled the small, apparently sunny area, which was empty apart from the two of them.

“What are you so worried about anyway?” Glen asked.

“Culver’s cocks can go to 15 inches long, they can kill a normal man. He wouldn’t care as long as he enjoyed the fuck.” SB replied angrily.

“I think I can look after myself SB, and the ride down was definitely a great fuck,” Glen replied, looking about, knowing he could look after himself and annoyed with the medic for behaving as if he had to look after him, and wondering too why he let him.

Glen looked beyond the rest area to see the Phallic Explorer’s own shuttle had landed and was just releasing the other passengers and crew.Then he dropped to the ground behind the smooth sitting rock next to him.


“Shit,” Glen said, suddenly on full alert.

SB looked down at him in confusion, “Wha. . . “

“Sit down,” Glen hissed, grabbing SB’s arm and pulling the medic down onto the rock he was hiding behind. “Just pretend you are . . . . resting” he added, peering out from behind the medics backside.

It was her, Belinda, undressed to kill. And pacing up and down as she watched the other Phallic passengers pass through the arrivals area and move off into the Pangone Pleasure Dome. She was hard to miss with her long flame red hair and perfect naked looking body glittering in the light. Glen knew there was only one augmented body that perfect, and only one way she could have got it there to Pangone before him.

“Shit,” Glen said again, pulling his head back. “SB,” he added quietly, “I am afraid I have a problem.”

“Oh God,” the medic said, looking down into the handsome irresistible face of the stud below him, feeling his heart miss a beat.

“No, a woman,” Glen replied smiling, as he slid a hand over the medic’s package and squeezed it gently and gazed into his eyes, hoping the man still felt like looking after him.


Belinda knew that the Phallic’s passengers were too well heeled and connected for even her to mess around with them. And Captain Prong and the Phallic’s security were also too highly rated to be approached, being used to ejecting even very high class, well connected tour groupies, of all sexual constructions.

So Belinda paced and fumed as the passengers floated, walked and rode by her, on their way into the Pleasure Dome.

Damn Glen, she thought with annoyance, as the last of the Phallic arrivals disappeared. “The bastard must still be up on the ship, hiding out,” she mumbled. “Well we’ll see about that, Grinner,” she added for her accomplices güvenilir casino benefit, knowing he would be monitoring her. She was smiling as she strode off into the arrivals hall and disappeared to meet up with Grinner and make the next move – one she thought she would enjoy.


In the rest area Glen was peering around the medics backside and massaging SB’s package while he watched Belinda walk away and disappear.

“She’s gone,” he said, releasing SB’s engorged tool and standing up.

SB immediately stood and pulled Glen’s hand back to his cock, and planted his mouth on Glen’s as he ran his arms about his neck. Glen felt the medic’s need and led him to one of the stone couches and lay him back in it. He knew it was time he showed SB he could give it as well as he took it.

The medic whimpered as Glen bent to suck him. SB knew he would do whatever Glen needed him to do, if he really was in trouble. But where that would lead he had no idea. He opened his legs and grasping Glens head pulled him back up needing to see his face as he was possessed by him. Glen continued stroking the medic’s tool as he kissed him. Knowing what was going to happen and wanting it desperately, SB came quickly, his cream landing on both their bellies. And SB was still panting as Glen straddled the couch level with his arse, smiling as he began to work his long fingers into the medic.

Stroking them over the medics twitching entrance had him whimpering again,

“Yes,” SB was saying, “I want it all,” he gasped. “Yes .”

“And you’ll get it all,” Glen said agressively, surprised by how much he wanted to fuck the man.

Glen hadn’t touched the medic’s entrance before and took his time, aroused as much by preparing SB to take him as he would have been by having him suck him. Getting one finger in past the rim he made the medic jump and give little squeals through his parted lips as he panted with excitement. Glen used his other hand to stroke the medics hard belly and his torso, up to his nipple’s.

SB began to beg him, “Fuck me, fuck me,” he said in a murmur, his eyes fixed pleadingly on Glen’s as more fingers spread him and opened him.

When he was ready Glen lifted SB’s hips, so the medic could see his erection completely and watch it enter him. The Medic moaned and held his legs back as he watched the cap being fed into him, but then he was arching back and his eyes were glazed as he fixed them on Glen’s. Glen smiled at him and began to slowly fuck himself in deeper, taking possession of the one person he knew he could rely on to help him.

The rock looking couch was quite soft and conformed perfectly to their bodies, making the fuck extremely easy to work to shallow and deep, and hard and slow.

Soon the medic was lost in it and moaning and gasping, “Yes, oh, deeper, faster, slower, oh yes,” as Glen also lost himself in a display of expert cock work and stamina.

Glen finally came inside the medic and remained in there as he subsided, leaning forward to take the medic’s mouth in a deep kiss as the medic embraced him and wrapped his calves about his hips, holding him inside.

The medic broke the kiss first, “I ‘d have helped you even without the fuck,” he said.

“I fucked you because I wanted to, it was time,” Glen replied honestly, resuming the kiss.

It was a while before they separated, and when they did Glen wiped the cum that dribbled out down the medic’s inner thighs, marking him invisibly.

“So what now?” the medic asked, looking up at him. “She isn’t your wife, legal partner, whatever, is she?” he added frowning.

“No,” Glen replied, laughing at the serious look on the medic’s flushed face. “Certainly not, nothing like that SB. She’s just trouble and a danger to Galactic peace,” he finished, frowning himself.

Real trouble, and she has company, Glen thought.

“Do you know any way that we can get off his Pleasure World, apart from on the Phallic?” Glen asked casually.


This piece can be read alone.

But it is also the Fourth part of Glen’s Galactic Adventures.

Part 1 is Glen Joins the Phallic Explorer

Part 2 is Glen passes Inspection

Part 3 is Exploring Glen’s Inner Spaces.

Thank you for being interested in Glen’s adventures.

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