Gold Digger Ch. 01

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23 year old Tyler Miller tried to keep the guilty look off his face as his roommate Dev Shapur unlocked the front door and entered the house. Well, more of a landlord really. Dev owned the house and Tyler had been renting a room for a year. They had met when Tyler went to Dev’s dental practice for a cleaning.

Dev took his coat off his long 6’4″ frame and stared right at Tyler. “What did you do? You look like a dog who shit on the carpet who hopes his master won’t notice. Did you use my credit card to buy dildos and jock straps again? Accidently text a picture of your butthole to your grandma?”

Tyler took umbridge with that and stood up from the couch. “No! I’ve stopped taking pics of my butthole. Though it photographs very well. And one of those dildos I bought was for you! A dildo back there would be more comfortable than the stick lodged up there.”

Dev looked down at Tyler’s 5’8″ body. He was just wearing a tank top and sweatpants. He tried not to linger on Tyler’s biceps. Tyler had been working out more to get “swole” as he called it. “Stop stalling. What did you do?”

“Um, I got fired,” Tyler said looking down at the carpet to avoid Dev’s intense stare.

Dev let out a sigh. “Why did Tina fire you? Were you late again? People expect assistants to be on time.”

Tyler looked up. “No! I have been early to work. Lately. Um, she might have caught me making out with her husband Chad a little. He made the moves on me! And this is really Tina’s fault. If she didn’t want people making out with her husband, she should have chosen an Adam Driver type. Marrying a 26 year old with a bubble butt is just asking for trouble if you’re a 38 year old woman.”

Dev quelled the urge to scream and calmly said, “Tyler, you can’t make out with married men, especially if they are married to your employer. What are you going to do for money now? Tina isn’t going to give you a good reference. And you still owe me this month’s rent. Also, I know we’ve had this debate before, but Adam Driver is hot in a quirky way.”

“I was hoping you’d give me a break on rent for a while. We both know you make more than enough to cover the bills around here,” Tyler said as he gave Dev his best puppy dog impression. “And we’ll have to agree to disagree about Adam Driver. That man’s face looks like a foot.”

Dev stifled a laugh. “So you just want me to be your sugar daddy without any benefits? Tyler, I took you on casino şirketleri as a roommate because it would give me more expendable income. Without rent, the only thing I get from having you is company and eye candy.”

Tyler grinned and reached up to stroke Dev’s beard. “You think I’m hot?” Tyler looked down at Dev’s big bugle. “You haven’t gone on a date in a few months. You must be really horny. Let me give you a benefit.” Tyler got on his knees and started undoing Dev’s belt buckle.

Dev squirmed nervously. “This is inappropriate. I just turned 30. I can’t get a blowjob from someone who doesn’t remember Windows 95.” Tyler threw Dev’s belt on the couch and pulled down Dev’s pants. He was instantly smacked in the face with the biggest cock he’d ever seen in person.

Tyler marveled at the huge, uncircumcised dick before him. “How big is it?” Tyler said as he took hold of the beast and noticed Dev’s large low dangling balls. Tyler licked his lips.

Dev moaned. “10 inches. I call him Sebastian,” he proclaimed proudly.

Tyler quirked an eyebrow. “So you’re the type to name your dick? Well, it is beautiful enough to warrant such a fancy name, but I think we’ll start with the balls first. You didn’t name those, did you?” Tyler held up the monster cock as he licked the hairy left testicle.

Dev moaned. “Oh, God. Yes. I mean, no. I haven’t, uh, named my balls. I’m open to suggestions. Fuck yeah,” he moaned as Tyler moved to sucking his right nut.

Tyler released the testicle making a “plop” sound. He spit on the enormous cock and worked the saliva over it with both hands. “If I suck your dick, will you do that dentist thing where you make small talk while the patient can’t respond because his mouth is busy?” Tyler asked as jerked the heavy cock.

Dev put his right hand on Tyler’s head and caressed his dirty blond locks. “Why don’t you find out?” Tyler smiled and took the head in and starting sucking while working the shaft with his hands. “Fuck. So how is the family, Tyler? Uhhh. Have you been flossing? Jesus. Have you met any dashing Indian men? I’m sure he’d love it if you took more of his cock in your mouth.” Tyler took the hint and started working more of the cock into his mouth. He took his hands off it and moved them to grip Dev’s firm, hairy ass.

Dev smiled down at Tyler taking about seven inches of long, thick cock down his throat. Saliva was running down Tyler’s chin casino firmaları and was all over Dev’s cock and balls. There was probably a mess on the carpet, but he didn’t care. “If you keep this up, I’m going to nut soon. Do you want to swallow or do you want it on your face?”

Tyler pulled off. “Why not both?” He moved his hands from Dev’s ass back to stroking the huge cock.

Dev grunted and grinned. “Okay, dirty boy. Let me tell what you I what I tell my patients: Open wide.” Tyler happily stuck out his tongue in anticipation of the load coming his way. He started working the shaft faster. Dev moaned like a dying animal as the first large shot of cum came out forcefully right onto Tyler’s tongue. The next shot hit his nose and cheeks. The third blast hit Tyler’s hair. The last dribbles hit his chin.

Tyler swallowed the load in his mouth. “Thank you. I’ve been wanting to mess around for a while. It’s kind of odd that it took two gay men living together a year to suck some dick. By the way, you might want to consider getting waxed. I know a waxer nearby named Olga. She doesn’t charge that much.”

Dev waddled over to the couch with his pants around his ankles and sat bare assed on it. “I should be thanking you. Wait. You want me to show some random Ukrainian woman my butthole? Nope! Some gay men like a hairy man.” Dev sighed and rolled his eyes. “Since you just blew me, I’ll take it under consideration. Do you want to drop your pants so I can return the favor?”

Tyler got up from the floor. “Nah. That was a treat just for you considering I’m going to be freeloading for a bit. I’m going to take a shower and then I’ll make dinner. I think we have chicken legs in the fridge.” Tyler took a finger and wiped some jizz off his cheek and sucked on it.

*** Dev took another bite of the juicy chicken. “Fuck me.”

Tyler smirked. “I told you I could cook. Speaking of fucking, what do you say often we make what happened today a more than once occurrence. I’m not saying we should be a couple or anything like that. We’re two attractive gay men who live together. If both of us are horny, why not use each other?”

Dev swallowed the bite and tilted his head at Tyler thoughtfully. “It makes sense. I don’t really like dating, so getting sex here would be convenient.” Dev turned his attention to the kale salad Tyler had made.

Tyler pondered that. “Why don’t you like dating? You are tall, handsome güvenilir casino with a big cock and good credit. You are a catch.”

Dev put his fork down. “It makes me nervous. I have no trouble talking with patients or Becky the grocery store clerk with a dead tooth that you can’t help staring at, but dates are different. You are trying to fuck that person, so I babble and make it so awkward. The last date I went on I ended up talking about season two of The Wire for 30 minutes to a guy who had never seen the show. It only stopped because he faked an emergency to get out of there, which I couldn’t blame him for. If he had stayed I probably would have talked about my problems with Buffy season six.” Dev sighed. “Let’s stop talking about my pathetic love life. I forgot to tell you, but Nick Donovan is getting a cleaning tomorrow. Everyone at the office was pretty excited when his assistant made the appointment.”

Tyler’s jaw dropped. “Nick Donovan from the show Vigilante? I knew the show had moved production here for the tax credits, but wow.” Nick had come out as gay four months ago to little backlash. Straight white girls on Tumblr love a hot gay guy and Nick is hot. Standing 6’2″ with short brown hair and rock hard abs, Nick was one of Tyler’s most fapped to celebrities. Nick also made $125K an episode for Vigilante. Dollar signs started spinning around in Tyler’s head. He could get a hot guy and not have to fetch coffee ever again. Then again, if he needed a sugar daddy, Dev is right here. Tyler swatted that thought away. Dev deserved better than him.

“Yes, that Nick Donovan. Wait. I probably shouldn’t have told you about a patient. Oh, well,” Dev said shrugging. “I’m going to have to bite my tongue about telling him how I felt about seasons three and four. That relationship with Felicia really took the show off track. Her crying all the time and show taking itself so seriously. It’s a comic book show!” Dev looked at Tyler apologetically. “Sorry. I really need to control my TV show rants better.”

“Can I go to your office tomorrow and meet him? I’ve never met a celebrity before and getting a selfie with him could really increase my Instagram followers.”

Dev made a reluctant face. “I don’t know. That would be really unprofessional of me to foist a fan on him.”

Tyler went into full persuasion mode. “Nick is probably used to meeting fans where ever he goes. And I’ll just be in the waiting room. I’m not asking to come in and watch his cleaning.”

Dev nodded. “Okay, but you have to be good.”

“Oh, I’ll be on my best behavior,” Tyler said with a cheshire grin.

Next chapter: Tyler meets Nick. Dev goes on a date.

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