Good Girl Gone Bad Ch. 02

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Binky sat back down on her chair and gave Marco a broad smile.

“Come on Binky, why the naughty look?’ Marco asked. ”What have you been up to?”

Binky took a cigarette out of Marco’s packet and lit it. “Let’s just say that your earlier “confession” made me a tad hot under the collar.”

Binky took a long drag of her cigarette and blew smoke rings into the soft July breeze. She crossed her legs and allowed her denim mini skirt to rise up her tanned, lithe thighs. She watched Marco’s eyes travel up her legs and looked down at his crotch. Yes, there was a visibly bulge forming. Binky contemplated whether she should just take Marco up into her bedroom, tie him up and suck him senseless until he exploded in her mouth. However, Binky loved the thrill of the chase and the tease and she knew that Marco was aware of too and she would hate to disappoint him, even when her insides were burning with desire. Plus, there was also the other blot on her horizon, her father. The last thing she needed was to be caught fucking Marco. Not that her father would have been especially bothered. Binky’s eyes momentarily clouded over at the thought of her father.

“Why did you find it horny?” Marco asked, as innocently as he could, briefly stroking Binky’s arm causing her tiny hairs to ping up in attention and instantly diverting her away from thoughts of her father and his fucked up way of life.

“Í don’t know.” Binky pulled her sunglasses down from the top of her head and covered her eyes, shielding them against the dazzling sun. “Older woman, sons friend etcetera, its taboo and therefore horny. Only you could do something like that Marco.” Binky shot him a wry smile and rolled her eyes.

“Well, you have fucked your father’s stable hand.” Marco raised his eyebrows and twisted his lips. ” If I remember rightly you weren’t complaining.”

Binky laughed. “Of course I didn’t complain and no matter what anyone says about you Marco, you are indeed an excellent stable hand.”

“You are too naughty my little Binky.” Marco sipped his wine before placing his glass back on the table and folding his arms. “So what’s your story?”

Binky frowned. “What’s my story? You know everything about me Marco you know that.”

Marco leant over and flicked Binky’s pert nose causing her to squint.

“What is your horny confession? You must have one.”

Binky stubbed out her cigarette. “Í have a few.” She tapped the side of her temple. “The question is, which confession I should divulge?”

Marco shifted in his seat. “Come on. I have confessed to you, it’s your turn.”

Binky reached across and briefly stroked Marco’s thigh before patting his knee.

“This is strictly between me and you okay? Under no circumstances do I want you to discuss this with my father. Heaven forbid, we both know he is perverted enough, he doesn’t need any encouragement.” Binky’s eyes clouded over and she was glad that her sunglasses were hiding this fact from Marco. Showing her vulnerable side wasn’t Binky’s thing, in any way shape or form.

Marco laughed. “I do discuss my conquests with your father Binky, but I swear on my Grandmother Maria’s grave, whatever you tell me is strictly between me and you.”

Binky gave a mock sigh, as if divulging her confession was a huge chore, when in reality she was already feeling horny again at the very thought of what she was going to tell Marco and guessing how he would react, it would invariably end with Marco sporting a huge hard on, with a cock big enough to do her some serious damage, just the kind of thing Binky enjoyed, a little too much if truth be told.

“Do you remember when I took off to Manhattan when I was nineteen for that ‘promising ‘reporter job?”

Marco frowned and shook his head. Binky waved her hand in dismissal.” It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I was mad keen on a guy who lived in Boston at the time. So, every Friday I would take the train to his apartment. escort ataşehir He was cute, treated me sweetly and was definitely from the school of ‘making lurve.”

Marco pulled a face in disgust causing Binky to giggle. “I know, but I was only young Marco and that was before I discovered rough sex.”

Marco raised his hands in surrender. “Í didn’t say a thing.”

“You didn’t have to.”Binky retorted, “your look said it all. This one particular Friday, I was shattered and really stressed and being stressed for some reason always makes me incredibly horny. By the time the train arrived at the station, I was already mentally in this guy’s bed.” Binky wrinkled her forehead, “Í think he was called James.” Binky’s eyes drifted away as she tried to remember this minor detail before giving up. “Ás the train left the station I was imagining his tongue running all over my body, because for all his ‘lets make lurve’ penchants he was very good with his tongue. As I walked up the aisle of the train I was trying to find a carriage that wasn’t empty. I never really felt safe travelling alone in America. Finally I found a carriage where this guy was sat alone. He was just drinking his beer and minding his own business, his legs outstretched and he looked so chilled out I instantly felt drawn to him, it was a bit weird really the effect he had on me.”

Marco raised his eyebrows. “Was he good looking by any chance, as well as being as chilled as a penguin?”

Binky laughed. “He was hot as fuck. So I sat down facing him and took off my jacket because the heat was stifling. I leant across and opened the window and I think it was my tits that grabbed his attention, put it this way he was suddenly diverted from watching the country side pass him by and we started chatting. It transpired he was on his way to Boston as well. He was going to some music gig. The food car arrived and he grabbed a sandwich and another beer and he asked me if I wanted one so I agreed. The more we chatted, the more I felt myself warming to him in more ways than one. There was this instant chemistry. It’s hard to explain really.”

“Of course he was also attracted to you?” Marco asked a twinkle in his eye.

Binky put her head to the side and raised her eyebrows. “Really Marco, what kind of question is that? Of course he was attracted to me. I don’t know if it was the heat or the beer, or the fact that I felt like I was going to explode, but I decided right there and then , he was going to get a train ride he was never ever going to forget.”

Marco leant over and took off Binky’s sun glasses and placed them on the patio table.

“Hey, what you doing? I can’t see a thing with this sun.” Binky protested trying to snatch the glasses back before being stopped by Marco’s hand. He leant over and kissed her gently on the lips, his tongue dipping inside her mouth. Binky felt herself momentarily gasp before she found herself totally lost in his kiss. Gently, Marco took hold of her hand and put it on his hard bulge.

“I want to see your eyes when you tell me your confession and I want you to stroke my cock okay?”

Binky pulled her hand away. “Í can’t, what if my father returns? I know his morals are pretty loose but I don’t think he would appreciate it if he returned and I was stroking your cock. “

Marco unzipped his pants and took out his cock before pulling his chair right up to the patio table. He turned to her and smiled. “If he arrives he won’t see a thing. Pull your chair up.”

Binky felt a flutter in her stomach as she looked down and saw Marco’s cock. She had forgotten how gorgeous it was and a spark tingled through her. She did as Marco bid and pulled her chair up to the table. Taking her hand, Marco took her hand and placed it under the table. Binky ran her fingers up and down the shaft. Marco closed his eyes. “Mmm that feels gorgeous, carry on with your story.”

“Thanks for your permission Marco! kadıköy escort bayan So, there I was, all horny and hot and bothered…”

“What was you wearing?” Marco interrupted. “So I can picture it all properly.”

“I was wearing a blouse and a skirt.” Binky replied, feeling Marcos hands take her fingers and move them up and down his length at a slightly faster rhythm.

“What colour? What kind of skirt. Were you wearing a mini skirt? Or a denim skirt? Come on Binky. You need to paint the pictures in my mind if you want me to fuck you.”

“Who said I want you to fuck me?” Binky tried to take her hand away from Marcos cock but he held her fingers tight.

“You are such a tease Binky, that kind of protestation will only serve to ensure even more punishment than I already have planned.”

“My blouse was white okay? I was wearing my black pencil skirt and red high heels. My hair was pinned up because of the heat.”

Marco nodded his approval. “The picture is in my mind, carry on. I won’t ask you what underwear you had on, I am assuming you will get to that at some point in your confession.”

Binky could now feel her hand being moved down to Marcos balls where she stroked them before gently squeezing, something she remembered Marco loved.

“I needed the loo and excused myself. As I inched my way out into the aisle, the guy stood up and said he too needed the bathroom as he called it. So we both headed for the only toilet in the carriage. Being a gentleman he let me go first and once inside I just felt this overwhelming urge to have a quick play. I thought it was naughty. I’m in the toilet; he is outside waiting, not aware that I am bringing myself off at the thought of him fucking me. I took off my knickers and shoved them into my bag. I had a quick pee, dried myself and then started to play with my pussy, teasing myself until I could stand it no more. I inched my skirt back down and checked my reflection. I undid a few buttons on my blouse so there was a sizeable view of my cleavage. Despite the heat, I let my hair down and ruffled it a bit to achieve the sultry look and opened the toilet door and stepped outside holding the door for him. He was leant against the wall with his hands in his pockets. His face was an absolute picture because I had gone into the toilet probably looking all strait laced and I came out of there looking like some secretary in a porn movie. It was like he had read my mind or something because he pushed me back into the toilet cubicle and locked the door.”

“He didn’t read your mind.” Marco interrupted. “He took one look at you and smelt sex like I have today and he did what any man would do, nothing to do with chemistry or mind reading.”

Binky moved her hands from Marco’s balls and placed them around his shaft. She was now so horny she felt like she was going to explode. She started to wank him slowly as she continued her story. ”Once inside the cubicle, he pressed me against the wall, pushing himself against me and it was even more pleasurable than usual because I wasn’t wearing knickers so his rubbing was really hitting the right spot. He undid the buttons on my blouse and leant over kissing my neck, before his tongue traced around my ear, my neck and throat before moving down to my cleavage. I didn’t have the time or the inclination at this point for all this sexily undressing each other business. Plus I was aware this was a public toilet, public being the operative word so someone could turn up at any time and spoil our fun and I was too determined to achieve my goal for that to happen. I tugged at the button on his jeans before sliding down his zip finding his cock. To be honest it wasn’t the biggest I have ever had but what he lacked in length he certainly made up in girth. I took it out and took off my blouse because by this point I was hot enough to melt. I knelt down and licked the tip of his cock before moving down the shaft, leaving escort bostancı enough lubrication to ensure that when I placed his cock in between my tits I would be able to pleasure him easily. As I moved my tits up and down his cock with every upward thrust I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue and I knew I was hitting the spot because suddenly I could see the familiar glisten of his pre cum and as you know Marco that always turns me on.”

Binky grinned at Marco as her fingers moved up to the tip of his cock and she felt a tear drop of juice leak from the end. “He must have decided that he couldn’t wait any longer to fuck me. He pulled me up and unzipped my skirt pulling it down and he looked over my body like he was appraising it before he took me. His eyes lit up when he saw that I was wearing stockings and suspenders and no knickers. He pulled my leg up and put it on the sink before kneeling down in front of me. Luckily for me I had been waxed to perfection the week before so my pussy was as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. He took my pussy in his mouth and sucked on my lips before spreading me wide so my whole pussy was exposed to the heat of the cubicle. He started to lick me until I could feel myself begin to shake and he pushed his fingers inside me and started to move them in and out whilst licking the mound of my clit. As the orgasm started to build inside me I grabbed his hair as I felt myself explode. I rubbed his face into my pussy so he could smell all my juices and taste them. I arched my back, my pussy exposed, begging for him to fuck me and he didn’t disappoint me. He pushed himself inside me so hard I felt breathless. He pulled my hair so my head was on one side as he ploughed himself into me, harder and harder, kissing and biting me until I felt my mind blank out to some other world completely. I could feel with every thrust that he was building up to coming and the fast, desperate sex was totally mind blowing. As he reached his climax, he pulled out of me and shot a short spurt of his cum on my pussy before pushing me down into kneeling position so he could shoot all over my face and my tits. It was awesome.”

“I have to admit, that does sound amazing.” Marco murmured before taking Binky’s hands away from him, putting his cock back in his pants before pulling his zip back up. A flash of disappointment crossed Binky’s face. She at least would have thought that Marco would have wanted her to bring him off even if it was just by wanking him.

“What’s the matter?” Marco asked. He leant over and stroked her thigh, his hands moving up until he reached her knickers. “Did you take his telephone number then, seeing as you were both staying in Boston?”

“No, don’t be silly. It was definitely just a one off, which is what made it so exciting and horny” Binky could feel herself tingle as Marco’s hand slid into her knickers.

“I think we should re-enact what happened Binky, what do you think? Come on, let’s sneak up to the bathroom now.”

Binky closed her eyes, she couldn’t have imagined anything she would want more but she knew to fuck Marco in her fathers bathroom would be a huge risk. “I am not fucking you Marco in my father’s bathroom.” She murmured as she felt his fingers move inside her before stopping as briefly as he had started. He pulled his hand away and stood up. Binky was momentarily confused and angry, how dare he tease her in that way and stand up to go? Marco looked at her and smiled before taking hold of both her hands and pulling her up out of her chair. He moved a stray hair out of her eyes.

“Come on, its time for the horses feed and you can help me. Plus we have a few things to do as well and time is pressing on.”

As Binky opened her mouth the protest, Marco put his finger over her lips to silence her. “Don’t you dare protest Binky. I want to take advantage of your sudden flush of nostalgia.”

As Marco led her out of the garden and across the courtyard to the stables, with her spare hand Binky adjusted her knickers that had slipped uncomfortably to the side. She knew very soon that wouldn’t be an issue and she felt like she was ready to explode with the sheer anticipation of what Marco had in store for her.

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