Guy’s Night Out

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When I got my first job out of college I landed a really good job. But I was young and inexperienced, and simply didn’t feel like I fit in. I was far from home and didn’t know anyone which made it that much harder. I was also having trouble meeting girls. I was putting in a lot of hours trying to learn the ropes and simply didn’t have the time to work on a relationship. Of course this left me horny and frustrated. Fortunately I made friends with Dave. He worked at my office and had been there for a while. He took me under his wing and became a bit of a mentor. He was a good trainer, I have to admit and I got comfortable fairly quickly in my new role.

The odd thing was, after my training, Dave became…more friendly. He offered to take me to dinner and show me what the town was all about. I had heard that he was gay which made me notice things about him…like no ring, kinda soft voice, didn’t stare at the secretary’s ass when she walked by. But then again, I am a straight guy and I was comfortable with my sexuality so it didn’t really matter to me. We occasionally discussed things that turned us on and stuff on our breaks and I got a kick out of his responses to some of mine, but nothing that guys don’t normally talk about. So after turning him down on the dinner/drinks deal, one Friday I decided I would go with him. I don’t know why I said I’d go. I really just wanted to get out for a while.

It was early summer so I dressed light but nice. I was looking forward to getting to know Dave. I needed a friend already. Getting to know the local scene would certainly help me find a nice lady to spend some time with. I did some manscaping before he picked me up in case I met a girl at the bar, or where ever he took me. Plus it was due…I had been neglecting myself! Anyway, he picked me up at 7 and took me to a local steakhouse. It was nice, we had a nice meal and he made sure my beer never went empty. I was definitely feeling good when the check came. He was nice enough to pick up the check and that was my first clue that something was up. I had once told him how I’d like to be on the receiving end of the date for a change, not having to worry about the check, or the drinks, casino şirketleri or the door for that matter. And when he held the door for me on the way out I thought, ” Nah, I’m overthinking this”.

We went to a local bar after dinner. We parked way in the back of the lot. Considering Dave’s nice Mustang convertible I didn’t give it much thought. They had a few pool tables and dart boards. My kinda place. We were playing a round of pool when a coworker, Rick, showed up. He seemed surprised to see us but was alone and came over with a pitcher. We played a few rounds of pool and I thought I noticed them chatting, but really didn’t think much of it at the time. After 2 or 3 hours I was pretty toasted, not wasted but feeling pretty good. We all decided it was time to go.

Rick had parked next to Dave way out in the back of the lot almost as if he knew he would be there. I noticed how each of the took up a space and a half so there was a bit of room between the cars. I could understand Dave taking up two spaces…the Mustang was sweet! But Rick’s Camry was in a different class…it was a beater. We stood between the cars, just bullshitting. I was in the middle with Dave in front of me and Rick off to my right an behind me a little. I was surprised when a rope went over my head. I saw it and grabbed it as it went to surround my neck. “What the fuck??!!” I said as I held the rope with both hands just inches from my throat and Rick pulled me back against him. Dave came in and sandwiched me between them, his face just inched from mine. “Sshhhhh baby. Just relax. I’ll take care of everything.” he said. I didn’t know what he meant but it didn’t take long to figure it out.

He ripped my shirt open making the buttons fly off then he slowly rubbed my chest. His hands slowly worked their way down to my belt buckle where he quickly unfastened it and pushed my shorts down off my hips all the while staring me in the eyes. I was mesmerized! I couldn’t believe this was happening but the cool breeze on the freshly shaven balls made it quite clear it was real. Now, as he dropped to his knees his face was inches away from my freshly shaved cock. I squirmed a little trying to put up some resistance. casino firmaları The joke had gone far enough. But Rick put a quick stop to any fight I might have.

“Just relax faggot” he said in my ear. “Just relax and enjoy having your cock sucked.” Rick always seemed like such a nice guy at work. I knew he was married and didn’t understand his role in all this. Dave’s hand wrapped around my cock and sent shock waves through my body. I could feel my cock getting hard. How could this be? After a few strokes I felt his warm mouth wrap around my cock and I gasped. “Yeah, that’s a good little bitch” I heard in my ear. His breath was hot and his lips were right against my ear. I have to admit, it did feel good. It had been a while since I had gotten off, other than doing it myself which was just not satisfying anymore. “I’ll just ride this out” I told myself. “Not that I can stop it.”

Dave was slowly sucking me, coming off to lick my balls and nibble on my thighs. He was drawing this out, enjoying it, making it take a while. I could hear the faint sound of fapping and figured Dave was jacking himself off as I felt Rick squirming behind me. I still held onto the rope to keep it off my throat but there really wasn’t a lot of pressure on it at this point so my grip was light. This made it easy for Rick to yank my left hand off the rope and pull it down. He directed it right onto his thigh and quickly moved it over onto his cock! I instinctively grabbed it before I realized what it was.

“Mmmnnnn…that’s it you fairy, stroke my cock!” He held my arm and fucked my hand a few strokes. I had never touched another man’s cock before. It was very warm and hard with such soft skin. Dave was slurping away at my cock which made me squeeze the cock in my hand. Judging by the grunts I heard behind me, he liked this. I still held the rope off my throat with my right hand though at this point I have no idea why. I really wasn’t paying attention to it anyway. I was getting an amazing blowjob and was stroking a nice hard cock with the other hand.

Dave was picking up the pace on my cock. He was taking all of my cock down his throat, holding, then coming off, then coming back with güvenilir casino a few quick bobs. It was intense. Rick was still grunting and making more derogatory comments, calling me a fag, pansy, even a nance. Some of it I couldn’t make out. What I did make out was when he said, “Oh fuck yeah, keep jerking my cock like that you faggot and I’m gonna cum!!” It totally took me out of the zone I was in. He grabbed my arm and started fucking my fist again but much harder this time. Then it happened. “Grrrrruuugggnnnmmmm!” I could feel this cock throb as he shot off onto my leg. Even after he let go I kept stroking him, trying to milk out all his cum.

He was breathing heavily onto the back of my neck sending shivers down my spine when I felt my own body begin to tense up. It started in my toes and worked its way up my thighs. I grabbed Rick’s cock even harder as I unloaded into Dave’s throat. “That’s it, cum in his mouth you little bitch!” Rick said in my ear. I could feel Dave moaning as he swallowed my load. He was gently squeezing my balls and continued to slowly massage my cock with his tongue.

My orgasm finally came to an end. My knees were weak and my head was spinning. Dave licked the last of my cum off the tip of my cock and stood up, pulling up my shorts at the same time. I let go of the rope and held my shorts up. Dave looked me right in the eyes, grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me on the lips. I could taste my own cum on his lips. Rick didn’t say anything, he just slid away from me and got in his car. I was off balance a little but Dave had his hand on the small of my back to catch me. He opened the car door and I got in.

The ride home was quiet. I only lived about 5 minutes from the bar so it went quick. Dave kept him hand on my thigh the whole time, giving it a rub from time to time. “Sorry about your shirt! Hope I didn’t scare you off” he said as we got close to my place, “I’d like to do that again sometime. Would that be OK?” I nodded yes. He laughed. “OK baby, next time I promise not to be so direct!”

I got out at my apartment and he watched me go in. I waved as he drove off. I went inside and closed the door behind me. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked aloud. “Am I gay?” I really didn’t put up much of a fight…and there was that whole jerking Rick off onto my leg. And did I agree to do it again? “Holy Shit!!” I headed for the shower. What had I done?

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