Hannah Halloween

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NOTE: All characters in this story are 18 or older and consenting.


John pulled up in front of the Southwest terminal and got out of the car to help his wife with her luggage. “Remember to stop at the store on the way home and pick up a couple of bags of candy,” she said as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, “Thursday is Halloween and you don’t want to be THAT house.”

He watched her ass wiggle as she dragged her roller bag into the terminal and disappeared from view. Even at 60, she still could rock her lululemons, which clung to her ass like a thin coat of paint. John rubbed the damp spot on his cheek where she left her kiss good-bye and sighed.

Throughout their almost 30 year marriage, they often took trips without the other. John would travel with his friends from college to an away game to see their alma mater play, and Lily would go on her yoga retreats.

Up until a few years ago, they would tear up the sheets on the eve of these trips, making sure the other would leave sexually satisfied, with a reminder of what would be waiting for them upon their return. Then menopause hit, and with it, Lily slipped into a depression.

John was a supportive and dutiful husband. He took on more of the daily household responsibilities and tried to give Lily the space she needed to get better. While the medication and therapy seemed to be helping, their physical relationship continued to suffer.

Lily was only two years older than John, but to him, it felt like twenty. While he wasn’t as fit and trim as he had been when they met, his sexual appetite remained unchanged. He loved his wife and appreciated how she kept her figure over the years. Now that they were empty-nesters, he had hoped to rekindle their love life, but instead, he felt like an art critic trapped in a museum, where he was allowed only to look, but not to touch.

The menopause brought on a chronic case of vaginal dryness, and the prescription creams and lotions contained hormones that conflicted with her antidepressants. Even before the official diagnosis, Lily refused John’s amorous advances so frequently that he just stopped asking. Lily agreed to anal a few times, which was heavenly for John, ever an ass-man. However, he knew Lily was just doing it to placate his sexual desires, and really wasn’t enjoying it as she had in their college days.

In fact, he couldn’t remember Lily truly enjoying much since the diagnosis.

John’s attention was drawn to the glimmering earrings of a young woman in a tight college tee shirt leaving the terminal. He watched the synchronized sway of her jean shorts as she pulled her suitcase behind like a hungry lion watches a young gazelle that has been separated from the herd. He quickly shifted his gaze to something else when her boyfriend ran up to greet her, lifting her effortlessly and spinning her around while kissing her.

Yeah, they’re going to fuck all night long, he thought to himself, which only made him sadder. Almost two years without sex had been increasingly providing motive, and a week with the house to himself offered an unbelievable opportunity. He genuinely didn’t want to be with anyone but his wife, he only wanted her to want him again.

He laughed at himself as he adjusted the stiffy provided by the lurid thoughts of the young couple and got back into his car. He knew damned well that nothing was going to happen over the next seven days, except him catching up on the new posts at his favorite erotic story site, and jerking off without having to hide in the bathroom.

John roamed the aisles of the grocery store, picking up his favorite junk food and food for the week. He made sure to grab the Halloween candy first, getting the full-sized candy bars rather than the variety pack of minis. Most of the kids in the neighborhood were his daughter’s age, which meant they were away at college, like Annie. There were a few families with younger kids that had recently moved in, but they rarely got more than a dozen or so trick-or-treaters down at their end of the street.

As he pushed his cart through the store, John played his favorite game of Is She Worth It? Every woman he passed, from 16 to 60, would be evaluated as to his odds of getting her in bed, and if she would be worthy of risking his near 30-year marriage. Tall or short, skinny or heavy, large-breasted or flat, every woman got to be a contestant, with the quality of their asses generally being the deciding factor.

There were a lot of NOs, a handful of MAYBEs and a couple that were stored in the memory banks for the jerk-off session planned later that night. But as always, there were no HELL-YESs. Ever the loyalist, John would play this game, but never gave serious consideration to cheating on Lily. He knew he’d be devastated if she ever did that to him, and as long as he had his right hand and an internet connection, he knew he could at least satisfy himself. John did not consider the young women with whom he chatted and role-played online to be cheating casino şirketleri on Lily. On the contrary, he justified those relationships as the very thing that was keeping him from stepping out on his marriage.

The final aisle on his serpentine trip through the grocery store was always the cooler aisle. Milk, eggs, juice, and beer. The Halloween edition Miller Genuine Draft cans caught his eye and reminded him of when he and Lily first moved into the neighborhood. Annie was about to start first grade and the house was in the best school district in the State. He remembered a few of the older neighbors handing out beers to him and Lily to welcome them, as they filled Annie’s plastic pumpkin with candy. I guess I’m the older neighbor now, he thought to himself, as he lifted the case of beer into his cart.

When Thursday rolled around, John left the office early to be home for the trick-or-treaters. He knew the younger kids usually come around right after dinner, and a few of the younger moms were strong candidates for Is She Worth It?

He ripped open the packages of full-sized Milky Ways and Snickers and threw them in the decorative Halloween bowl. He thought he may have over-bought, but figured he could give away anything that was left to the older kids that usually come around 8 PM. He pulled the large cooler out of the garage and dumped the beer into it, covering it with a bag of ice. He set the candy bowl on a TV tray inside the front door of his house, and the cooler right next to it.

John went upstairs to change out of his work clothes. He remembered the costume he wore to the last Halloween party he and Lily went to about 5 years prior and dug it out of the closet. It was basically his red long-john set, that he used to wear for hunting and a clip-on set of red devil horns. John pulled on the costume, which was a bit snugger than he remembered. He used Lily’s eyeliner pencil to draw on a devilish goatee and grabbed the red trident.

Just as he bit into the first piece of takeout pizza, the doorbell rang. It was James and Emily from next door with their daughter Lori Beth, who was dressed as Elsa from Frozen. Both James and Emily gladly accepted a beer and John joined them as he dropped three candy bars in Elsa’s pumpkin. John was happy that they stuck around and chatted for a while because Emily’s ass definitely put her in the DISTINCT POSSIBILITY category for Is She Worth It.

When he turned to go back to the kitchen, he caught a glimpse of himself in the full-length mirror in the foyer and noticed that his semi-hard cock was fairly evident in the tight thermal bottoms. As he was contemplating running upstairs and changing into his jeans, the doorbell rang again.

“Trick or Treat” called out the two small superheroes.

It was Jeff and Lisa, who just moved in last month, with their twin boys Josh and Jeremy dressed as Batman and Superman. After handing out the candy, John offered the parents a beer, only to be told, quite indignantly, that they were born again Christians. John chuckled to himself at the irony of the Devil tempting them with alcohol and figured he wouldn’t be getting a Christmas card from the Wilsons next month.

There was a steady stream of ghosts, goblins and ghouls and John thought he may need to make an emergency run for more candy. As expected, however, the trick-or-treating died off around 8 PM, and by then, John had more beer than he had given away. He met a lot of new young couples from his street and the next block over and made some nice mental entries into his spank-bank, especially the lesbian couple, with their daughter dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was the beneficiary of his last two candy bars.

John stepped into the bathroom off the front entry to relieve himself. While pissing, he looked down at his cock and lamented his lack of pussy. He wasn’t hung like a pornstar or anything, but he always thought he had a nice cock, and never got any complaints from the women he was with before Lily. “Hang in there big guy,” he said to his penis as he shook it and tucked it back into his long-johns.

He grabbed another beer and settled into his recliner. He switched on the TV and tuned to NFL Network for the Thursday night game. The next thing he knew he was being woken up by the doorbell. “Shit,” he said as he realized he had never turned off the outside light, the universal signal for we’re out of candy.

He padded to the foyer still half-asleep. Four teenagers were standing on his front porch, three boys and one girl. Only the girl put any effort into dressing up, with a pretty impressive Harley Quinn costume, complete with blonde pigtails, choker, overdone makeup, fishnets, and hotpants. And of course the ever-present Louisville Slugger.

“Sorry kids, we’re out of candy,” John said while mentally calculating Harley Quinn’s Is She Worth It score.

“Then why is your fucking light on old man,” slurred one of the boys from behind a plastic clown mask.

“Be cool assholes,” casino firmaları shouted Harley Quinn to the boys, “this is my friend Annie’s father.”

“Hannah, is that you?” John asked, as his eyes traveled up from her ass back to her eyes.

“Fuck him, I’ve got the munchies,” said another one of the boys as the three of them took off down the driveway.

Thwack, thwack, thwack. The sound of the eggs hitting the house was unmistakable.

John stepped out of the house. “You pricks better run,” he shouted after the boys.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Sherman, I’ll come back tomorrow and clean that off your house.”

“Jesus, Hannah, you’ve been here enough to know that if I had anything I would have offered it to you.”

“How about one of those,” she said meekly, pointing through the screen door at the cooler of beer.

“You trying to get me arrested,” John said with a laugh.

“Well, I’m certainly not going to hang around with those losers anymore,” she said as she leaned on the bat and swayed her hips gently, “and I’ve got nothing else to do.”

Hannah had been a fixture in the Sherman household ever since she moved in with her grandparents in the condos on the town line. Her parents split up when she was 12. Her mother moved to Tulsa with her trucker boyfriend and her father had been in and out of detox.

Annie and Hannah met when they were both in the school play and became fast friends, even though Hannah was two years younger than John’s daughter. Annie took Hannah under her wing and helped her acclimate to a new school. John and Lily were very proud of their daughter for extending herself to the new girl, and the Sherman house provided a sense of family and normalcy for Hannah that she never got at home. She actually considered them surrogate parents, to some degree.

John had watched Hannah grow up over the years, and when she started to develop as a young woman, he watched even more intently. She had a round face, modest chest, and carried a little extra weight than most of Annie’s other friends, but she had also had green eyes, a very captivating smile, and of course, a killer ass.

That killer ass had been the object of John’s attention over the past several years. Whether in jeans, yoga pants, and especially when Annie invited her to the Junior Prom. That ass had always been prominently on display. John did not have to consult the family photo albums to pull up images of the royal blue prom gown flowing over the rounded globes of her derriere, as they have been permanently imprinted on his brain. He never could decide if she was wearing a thong or was going commando, but he was sure there was nothing but a thin layer royal blue material between him and the sweet white flesh of her ass.

And now the lower third of the cheeks of her ass were hanging out below the legs of the overly tight hotpants of her Harley Quinn costume, contained only by the fishnet stockings, like two fresh wheels of whole milk provolone hanging in an Italian deli. John’s mouth went dry and his long-johns got snugger as he debated inviting in his daughter’s friend in for something to drink, while fully appreciating the way that costume hugged her body in all the right places.

“Promise you won’t have me arrested?” John asked as he held open the screen door for her.

“What happens at the Sherman’s stays at the Sherman’s,” Hannah replied with a giggle, crossing her fingers over her left breast under the ripped white Daddy’s Lil Monster shirt. Hannah grabbed two beers out of the cooler as she entered the house, and handed one to John. “You were always the coolest dad,” she said, as she took a sip of her beer and plopped herself down on the living room couch, “that’s why we always wanted to hang out here.”

“I’m a little concerned with the crowd you’re hanging out with now,” replied John, as he returned to his recliner across from the couch.

“Those guys are fuck-heads,” she said and drank more of her beer. “I’ve kind of been out of sorts since Annie left for school. I really miss her.”

John looked over and noticed the sadness on Hannah’s face. While her friendship with Annie had helped her transition to the school and the neighborhood, it was evident that Hannah did not have any friends her own age. “She’ll be home for Thanksgiving break,” John offered, in an attempt to cheer up the young girl.

“You and Mrs. Sherman always made me feel so welcome, like part of your family,” she said, pulling her legs up and crossing her feet under her butt. The action caused the small shorts to pull even more tightly over her crotch, resulting in a camel toe, a development that did not escape John’s notice. She took another sip of her beer, then added in almost a whisper, “And you always made me feel so pretty.”

“Excuse me,” said John, and he shifted a little in his chair.

“The way you always looked at me…made me feel very desirable…and loved,” she continued. “I know you didn’t think I noticed, but I did.”

“Oh honey, güvenilir casino I’m sure you’re mistaken,” John stammered. “Of course you’re a very beautiful young woman, but I’ve always thought of you as a daughter.”

“And I’ve always thought of you as a father, Mr. Sherman.” She paused and bit her lower lip, choosing her words carefully, and working up the courage to continue. “Thing is, I’ve never seen any of my friend’s fathers look at their daughters…the way you look at me…like you’re looking at me now.”

“Hannah, if that’s the impression you got…trust me…it was purely unintentional.”

“Then why are you hard?”

John looked down in horror at the lump in the leg of his long-johns. He simultaneously tried to hide it and explain it, and failed equally at both. “Oh this…ummm….Mrs. Sherman left this morning for a week in New Mexico, and I guess I’m missing her.”

“Oh, so we have the house to ourselves,” asked Hannah with a grin. She stood up from the couch and pulled her tee-shirt over her head, untangling it from her pigtails, as she walked over to his chair. Her bra blended in with her pale complexion, the soft pink hue of her areolas visible beneath the white cotton. When she reached his chair, she stood between his knees and turned slowly, then pushed her ass back and sat in his lap. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, as she shifted on his hard cock until it was wedged between the soft cheeks of her ass. “Can you help me get out of these shorts, Mr. Sherman, they’re kind of digging into me.”

John’s hands instinctively when to her hips, ostensibly to pull her off of him, but they didn’t lift. Instead, his hands pulled her more tightly to him for a moment, before he said, “Oh Hannah, we really shouldn’t…this is wrong.”

She pulled his hands off of her hips and felt him breathe a sigh of relief underneath her. Then, while looking up at the Rockwell-esque portrait of the happy family-unit that hung above the mantle, she pulled his arms around her and placed his hands on her breasts. “Ironically, that’s also the thing that makes it feel so right.”

John felt the turgid nubs of her nipples under her bra and lost what little resolve he had left in him. Having an attractive young woman grind herself on your lap would be too much for any man to handle, let alone one who has been subjected to almost 24 months of celibacy. John’s brain was short-circuiting between his core values of honesty, loyalty and trust, and the unbelievable moist heat that was emanating from between her legs. Before his mind came up with a conscious decision on how to proceed, his hands were kneading her breasts and his hips were pushing up into her bottom.

“The shorts, daddy,” Hannah moaned breathlessly, “the shorts.”

John begrudgingly moved his hands down her torso and located the snap of the shorts below the soft roll of her belly. He unfastened the snap moved his hands around to the swell of her ass. His fingers pinched and groped the two soft hemispheres and then he gently pushed to raise her off of his lap. He tugged the small shorts down below her knees and then pushed her forward until her hands hit the floor, putting her in a downward-dog position.

He slipped forward out of his chair and knelt behind her. Hannah gasped as he ripped a hole in the fishnet stockings where they covered her ass. He picked the string of her thong out of her ass crack and buried his face between her two heavenly flesh pillows.

Hannah moaned as his warm, wet tongue explored her nether region. His hands continued to squeeze and rub her ass cheeks as he pushed his tongue as far up the object of his long desires as it would go. Hannah moaned and pushed herself back on his face. She wanted to touch herself but needed to keep both of her hands on the floor for balance.

As if reading her mind, John pushed one of his hands between her legs, seeking out her clit. He marveled at how wet her pussy was as he searched with his fingertips until he found the elusive bundle of nerves. “Yes, daddy, yes,” Hannah moaned. She wiggled her legs until the shorts fell to her ankles, then flung them off her foot and across the room. She widened her stance which provided more room for John’s full-scale assault on her vaginal and rectal regions.

He plunged two fingers of his left hand into her pussy as his right thumb continued to strum her clit, all while rimming her asshole as if his life depended on it. Her legs started to shake and her knees buckled when the orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave. She collapsed on her elbows and knees as she came, but John moved with her, never losing contact with her clit, pussy, and rosebud.

Thank God it was Halloween because the blood-curdling screams of passion that were coming out of her mouth would have activated a militia on any other night.

John leaned back on his heels and admired his handiwork. Hannah’s head was buried on her forearms and her glorious white ass was still high in the air, with John’s saliva and her own juices dripping down the insides of her thighs. He pushed his long-johns down to his knees and lined up his long-neglected erection with her dripping pussy. He rubbed the swollen purple head up and down between her labia to coat it with her juices before pushing in.

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