Happy Neighbours

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Daniel dried the sweat off his face with the towel as he got down from the treadmill. He had completed the workout routine, which he had done regularly for the last couple of months, ever since the pandemic broke in and he was stuck in her apartment. He was pursuing his doctorate at the local university, and thankfully the university had gone online. They still paid him his stipends and life went by quite comfortably, except for the boredom stemming from not having any physical interaction for months.

But he was grateful that his apartment complex contained a mini gym. Although it did not have too many equipment, it did have the bare minimums to get things going. As a bonus, not many people used the gym. In fact, he was the sole occupant of the gym for several months, before another girl started visiting more recently.

The girl caught his eyes the very first time he had seen her. He was instantly attracted by her caramel skin which complemented her long rose gold auburn hair nicely. She mostly wore yoga pants to accompany her off shoulder tops, that flaunted the tattoo in her upper chest nicely. It looked like some sort of inscription, but he could not make sense of it, although he could not deny trying for a couple of times.

He had not seen her before, so he was sure she had moved in recently. Although he was deeply infatuated by her, being the shy guy he was, he never made the move to actually have a conversation.

The girl in question was Priya, who was a first gen immigrant trying to make her career in the city. She was a Software Developer by day, and a freelance writer by night. Both paid off nicely and she led quite a comfortable life. Recently she had moved into the apartment, when she saw the advertisement mentioning an in house gym.

Priya had noticed Daniel, the rather cute man probably in his late twenties. To accompany his cute clean shaved face, she could clearly see his well built muscles in his tank tops. Not a bad one, she thought. Too bad he was too shy to start a conversation!

From the first day, she noticed him deliberately escaping eye contacts. However, she could always feel his eyes secretly devouring her body as she worked through her routine. It used to bug her a little in the beginning, but soon she started liking it a bit. After all, she had been alone for almost a year now, this bit of attention did make her feel better. She consequently started teasing him slightly, sometimes skipping her bras, or sometimes bending for a while longer when she was doing the downward facing dog. The sexual tension was evident in the room, and she could sense his lust for her curvy body, one that she was extremely proud of.

One Saturday afternoon, she had left her clothes at the laundry room as she went back to her apartment to get some clothes that she forgot about. When she came back, she saw the guy already using the machine. He looked back and blushed. “Sorry, I thought you would be gone for longer. I do not have much clothes. It will be done very soon.”

“Sure, no problem!” She replied as she extended her hand. “Priya, by the way. You are the guy from the gym!”

Daniel shook her hands feeling her exceptionally tight grasp. “Daniel. Yeah, we have been there for a while.” He replied as he tried to make sense of her tattoo, but could not.

“Yeah, sucks that we never talked. Looks like your clothes are done.” He looked back and started collecting his clothes quickly. Once he was done, he said. “Ready to go. Sorry for the delay!”

Priya giggled. “Not a problem, man!” She said as she started filling in her clothes. A cute gentleman, she thought to herself. He stayed while the machine ran for another ten minutes. They got acquainted meanwhile, getting to know about each other. When they took the elevator, they both found out that they were indeed neighbours.

Once she got back, she found out that one of her panties went missing. She went back and looked for it everywhere, but could not find it anywhere. She soon got busy with the new article she was working on, and forgot all about it.

Meanwhile, just a wall apart, Daniel was in ecstasy. He had secretly casino şirketleri snuck one of her panties in his pockets. Coincidentally, these were the ones she had been wearing in the morning session. It was covered in a mixture or her feminine emissions and sweats.

The panties currently occupied Daniel’s face, covering his nostrils, as she ran his hand up and down his shaft. As he deeply inhaled the scent, he imagined Priya sitting on his face. He stuck his tongue out and started licking on the panties, where her crotch had been. He closed his eyes as he continued licking and sniffing on the panties supported by one hand while he stroked his cock with the other. After a while he wrapped his cock with the panties and rubbed it rigorously. Soon he reached the brink and shot his load in her white cotton panties. He was spent after such an intense orgasm, and soon fell asleep.

The week went on slowly as usual, only this time there was no awkward silence during the gym sessions. They came to know more about each other over the week. They exchanged their social media account, and soon they were sending memes back and forth.

The gym sessions were more productive too, with collaboration helping them both. Priya was very adept at Yoga, and she helped him learn some of the poses. He had no objections following them, as he had a better view of her peach shaped ass, when he was following her lead in the yoga sessions. These sessions made him painfully hard every time, which did not escape Priya’s eyes either. He went back to his apartment everyday, jerking off to her panties.

But the panties had lost its charm by then, as the scent faded away. He was glad Priya had told him she followed an exact routine for her laundry. He knew what he had to do next week.

Next Saturday, he left his apartment exactly at 5, knowing Priya would be out by then too. He offered Priya to carry her basket, which she agreed to. To his relief, her delicates were at the top and he was able to replace the panties from last week with a new one, as he followed her to the laundry.

Daniel followed his ritual like the previous week, congratulating himself on the successful plan. He thought he was so clever, but in reality, he was not. Priya was extremely careful to detail and she noticed it as soon as she was back home. She found her panties from last week, with a new one lost this time. She had a feeling Daniel had something to do with it, but she did not know how to be sure.

The next Saturday, the same pattern followed. Except that he got greedy and took one of her socks too.

Priya did not say a word about the incident to him during the whole week. On Saturday afternoon, they went to the laundry room as usual. He was disappointed to not see any of her delicates at the top. However, after Daniel had put his clothes in, Priya informed him she forgot some clothes and left the room. Daniel took the opportunity to rummage through her basket to find her panties. He was so occupied in the act that he did not even notice Priya standing just behind him.

“Looking for my panties?” Priya asked sternly.

Daniel immediately looked back and blushed, trying desperately to find some words.

“What do you do with them?” Priya asked.

“I am sorry, Priya. It won’t happen again.” He apologized.

“Answer me.” Priya commanded with her voice hinting anger.

“You won’t like it, Priya. Please let it go.” Daniel pleaded.

“Answer me.” Priya reiterated coldly, trying her best to keep her calm.

“Well, umm… I use them…” He mumbled, “I use them to masturbate.”

“What?” Priya groaned. “I have wore them last week!”

“I know, Priya. I get excited by the thought of it.” Daniel tried to explain.

Priya did not say anything, trying to process what she just heard. She silently collected the basket and left the room.

That night, Daniel apologized multiple times over messages. He called several times which she ignored. At some point, she turned off her phone and fell asleep. Next time, there was more awkwardness when they met at the gym.

“Priya, I am sorry. Please casino firmaları forgive me. It won’t.” Priya stopped him on track. “Shut up, Daniel. I thought you were a friend.” She said angrily. “You should shift your time slot.” She added as she went on with her workout routine.

From the next day, Daniel had moved his session to afternoon. However he had not lost his hope yet. He sent a long message to Priya explaining everything and apologizing sincerely. He added how he had become fascinated with that particular fetish in his teen. He added links to stories that had inspired him. He explained how he always felt submissive, but did not have the courage to pursue such a lifestyle. He claimed that this had led to his secret fascination for panties and socks.

Priya ignored the message at first. But soon curiosity got the better of her. She thoroughly researched the fetishes. She opened some of the stories he had sent and started reading it. As she read more, she found herself getting aroused by the thought. Soon her fingers found their way downwards. She took her vibrator out and turned it on.

Priya imagined him sniffing her panties and socks, begging to kiss her feet. She played with her round firm breasts while pushing the vibrator deeper. She wondered what other fetishes he was into. Soon she reached her climax.

As she lay there spent, she sent him a message. “Tomorrow after my gym session. Don’t reply to this message.”

Daniel was delighted when he received the message, at the same time anticipating what she had in mind. He could not sleep all night in excitement. When the time finally came, he went to meet Priya at the gym.

Priya was sitting on the couch, when he entered the gym. “You are late.” She said coldly. “I don’t like delays.”

“I am sorry, Priya. It will not happen again.” He apologized.

“Sit down.” Priya motioned to the floor as she started taking off her socks. As Daniel sat down on the floor, she threw them on his face. “Show me.” She ordered.

Daniel blushed, but decided it would be better to comply. He held both of the socks with his hands and inhaled deeply.

“Is that all you do with them?”

Daniel shook his head.

“Show me!” She ordered again. “Take those pants off.”

“Please, Priya. Can we go somewhere private?” He pleaded.

Priya sounded impatient. “I don’t have all day, Daniel.”

Daniel slowly pulled his pants down and took his cock out. “Look at me.” Priya ordered as he wrapped his cock in her socks. He looked at her eyes as he started rubbing his cock up and down.

“Do you want to be the guy in the story that you sent last night?” She asked.

“I am not sure, Priya. I like them in stories, but I am not sure I want this in real life.” He replied.

“And yet, you are here, on your knees, masturbating with my socks!” Priya sounded annoyed. Daniel blushed as he felt his cock growing harder. He was not going to last long. “Priya, I am going to cum.” He pleaded.

“Do it!” Priya commanded. He shot his load into her socks immediately. Priya did not say anything. She silently put on her shoes and left the room. Daniel was left there, holding her cum covered socks.


Priya avoided him for the next couple of days, as she went through more and more stories. Finally, on Saturday, she decided to make her next move. “I am a bit busy today. Can you do my laundry?” She texted Daniel. Daniel responded almost immediately, “Sure, no problem!” He collected her clothes, and returned half an hour later.

Priya invited him to come inside which he accepted gladly. She was wearing a short skirt along with off shoulder tops. Daniel admired her butt as he followed her in.

“So, did you take any of my panties this time?” Priya asked suddenly, sitting on the couch.

“No, Priya. I will never do that again!” Daniel replied. “Without your permission.” He added after a short break.

Priya giggled as she stared at him standing in front of her. Using her middle fingers, she motioned him to sit on the floor. As he sat down, he could clearly see her panties gaping at him güvenilir casino from between her thighs.

“You have been a good boy.” Priya exclaimed as she ruffled his hair. “It was a test and you passed it. So I will reward you accordingly.” She moved her butt up and took off her panties in one swift motion. Then she threw them at Daniel’s face, which he caught excitedly. “How do I smell today?” Priya smirked.

“You smell heavenly, Priya.” Daniel responded as he inhaled deeply.

“Now get up, take those pants off!” Priya commanded. Daniel promptly stood up and took his pants off.

“Put on my panties.” Priya commanded again.

Daniel hesitated for a while.

“Put them on!” Priya commanded again.

“I am not sure Priya. I don’t think I want this.” Daniel muttered.

Priya beckoned him closer using her middle finger. As he inched closer to her, she held her head strongly and pulled him closer. “Can you read what my tattoo says?” She whispered into his ears.

“Yes, Priya. It says carpe diem.”

“Do you know what it means?”

Daniel shook his head.

Priya grabbed hold of his cock and started rubbing it slowly. “It’s a Latin saying, Daniel.” She whispered into his eyes. Daniel moaned as she kept rubbing his cock gently, while her warm breath blew over his ears. Priya continued, “It means seize the day. Live for the present. Don’t worry too much about the future.” With a firm squeeze on his cock, she finally let go of his cock and hairs. “Do you know what I mean, Daniel?” She asked as he stood straight.

“Yes, Priya, I get it.” Daniel replied. Maybe he was thinking with his dick, but he decided to see where this thing leads to. Without any further consideration, he slowly put on her panties. He could feel the silky fabric running over his cock, which made his cock leak a bit.

Suddenly he felt something on his cock and looked down to see Priya’s right foot pressing on it. Priya ran her feet up and down along his hard cock, with the silky fabric providing additional friction. He felt his legs give in as he descended to a kneeling position. Priya’s other foot found it’s way towards his face, which he eagerly welcomed with both hands. He gently kissed all over her left foot, while it’s right counterpart rubbed and squeezed all over his cock. “I won’t last longer, Priya.” He moaned heavily.

“Do it!”

Daniel shot his load in her panties immediately. He continued to kiss both her feet gratefully for a while, before she finally withdrew them.

“You can leave now.” Priya said nonchalantly.

Daniel was a bit confused. But we have not…”

“I don’t want that now.” Priya said sternly as he cut him off.

Daniel moved to get his pants back, but Priya snatched it away. “Nuh-uh. You are sufficiently clothed.”

Daniel blushed a bright shade of red. “Please, Priya. I can’t let anyone see me like this.” He pleaded.

“Then, be quick about it!” Priya responded as she moved to the kitchen, not giving him any chance to protest further.

Daniel slowly moved to the door, looked outside to make sure nobody was there, then quickly went to his apartment.

“Thank you so much, Priya.” He sent her a message later that night, to which he did not get any reply.

As he lay there, still wearing her panties, he rubbed his cock while thinking of Priya. He did not understand where this was going. But he could feel that she had absolute control. She had already made him cum twice without even taking off her clothes.

Although he did read a lot of stories about dominant females, he was not yet sure whether he wanted one in his life.

The first concern was that such dominance could easily be exploited, when in the wrong hands. But then again, Priya seemed like a nice lady and she seemed to be gentle with him in their sessions.

The other and the more obvious concern was the non traditional role he would be playing. He felt like he would be looked down upon if anyone came to know.

Although his head was filled with philosophy, his cock was speaking a completely different language altogether.

As he rubbed her panties on his cock, he imagined what life might like with her. He imagined himself kissing her feet like he had done earlier that day. Soon he came again.

“Carpe diem,” he thought to himself as he lay there, exhausted by the two massive orgasms.

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