He Knows

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My heart is racing as I drive to Rick’s place for our early morning rendezvous. Images of our past meetings stream through my mind. I can almost feel his body against mine. I park in front of his place and check for traffic before I get out of the car. It is 6:15 AM.

I walk to his door and try the handle. The door is open, just as he promised. I lock the door behind me and hear Rick upstairs in the bathroom. I undress quickly and quietly mount the stairs.

He is naked as he exits the bathroom and meets me at the top of the stairs. He hugs me. I wrap my arms around his neck and we kiss. Our tongues explore each other and circle one another in wet hot passion. He hugs me closely, quickening my pulse as I feel the masculine hair of his chest against my body. We kiss for some time and press our bodies together like lovers long parted. His strong hands glide over my skin and grip my ass. He pulls me in to him and our groins touch setting off a hot flash with in me.

Parting our hug he runs his hands up my chest and playfully pinches my nipples. He knows too well what a sensitive erogenous zone my nipples are. I scoop his balls with my hands. I let them slip from my hold and let my hands slide up his shaft. He is getting nice and hard.

I am achingly rock solid. He knows my secrets and how to drive me wild. He knows how to make me beg. He knows my body. He knows and knows.

Only with him (and occasionally his guests) do I reveal my lustful man passion. I have been seeing Rick for almost 10 years. He is my forbidden lover. When I first met him I was so horny I did not care that he was 15 years older than me. When we first fucked I would not kiss him. I just wanted his dick in my ass. Through the years I surrendered to passion and explored my most deep and hidden desires as he explored me. Now we make love…and then fuck like animals!

We make our way downstairs. He has a blanket on the floor. I pull him down on top of me. The weight of his body and the hair on his chest is electrifying. His warmth is delicious. We kiss. Although I did not like it before, I love kissing him now. I love how forbidden it is for me to kiss and writhe naked with a man on the floor. I love how powerful he feels. His tongue invades me and I surrender willingly.

Our cocks rub against each other within the hot pressure of our pubic bones. His penis is now fully casino şirketleri erect. I love making him nice and hard. I feel so sexy and desirable. I love the way he slowly and smoothly works his penis against my body. In my experience, only an older man knows how to make slow sweet love and erupt in to raw animal passion. He just knows.

I run my hands up his strong back and imagine I am a woman surrendering to her man. I grip his firm ass and press him harder against me. I roll him over on his back and lick his body down to his cock. Now it is my turn to drive him crazy.

I lick his balls in bold wet strokes. I circle them with my tongue. I kiss them. I suck them. I slather them with my saliva.

“Oooo Yes! Lick my balls you little bitch whore!” he moans.

A burst of lustful fire rips through my body. I love pleasuring him. I really love dirty talk. Especially when he calls me bitch, whore, slut, fuckboy, or cum-slut. Any variation of degrading dirty remarks that tells me he is making me his tool or his bitch. I love it!

He could probably cum from my ball licking alone but his dirty rantings have me in a frenzy. I lick up and down his cock. I circle his head and make his dick slick with saliva. I force his dick down my throat.

“Choke on it you fucking whore. I like watching you run your hot wet tongue up and down my shaft and suck my cum filled balls.”

I gag as I choke down his stiff dick. I release him from my mouth and smack his cock against my face in sexy fleshy thumps.

“Smack that dick on your whore face you dirty bitch! I am gonna breed your tight little pussy fuckhole with that dick. I am gonna mark your ass with my hot load so you know who your man is!

He is driving me crazy. I want to jump and top of his dick and milk the cum from his body in wild bucking flesh slapping thrusts up my ass. I grab the lubricant, put some in my hand, and lube my ass as I suck his dick. I work 2 fingers in and massage and stretch my anus to accommodate his girth. I work in a third finger and moan as I suck my lover’s cock.

The hard shaft of his cock feels wonderful against my lips. I travel the path of his engorged veins with my hungry mouth to his pubic hair. The spongy head of his penis is deep down my throat. I feel so sexy and dirty. My hands work my hole. I want a flawless penetration.

Usually I lube casino firmaları his penis but today I want friction. I want to feel the veins in his cock against my anus as his large thick cock invades and conquers me. I want to feel every one of his 9 thick inches as he takes me. I want to feel the great mushroomed head of his penis breech my lightly lubricated fuckhole. I stand up and pull him to his feet.

As I move a chair away from the wall he turns on the stereo to wash out the lustful outbursts that are soon to come. He knows me. I hear the ascended brass notes of the “Conga” leap from the speakers. He knows me well. I love to fuck him to this song. “Come on , shake your body baby, do the conga” Gloria sings as I push him with his back to the wall. I look him in the eye and quickly turn around, bend over, and part my cheeks. He teases me by circling the great head of his cock against my puckered man-pussy.

“Let your body feel the heat” She sings as I grab his cock and push back. The force of my thrust shoves him against the wall and my cheeks meet his body. His man meat is deep in my body. No pain, only a great filling of my empty cavity (Because his is so big I fast for 30 hours before I see him. It works. Trust me). The pressure against my prostrate is delicious!

I put my hand on my knees and work my hips. Round and round, back and forth, side to side, I work my body for him to the beat of the hot Latin music. I run my hands through my hair and dance with his cock in me. I have, deep with in me, what I can only call a g-spot. A place where pressure and movement pleasure me like nothing else. My lover is more than thick, hard, and long enough to rock my world.

“Feel the fire of desire, as you dance the night away…” Oh Gloria if you only knew.

“That’s it you bitch! Work that little fuckhole on my dick! You like fucking your Daddy’s dick don’t you ass-whore!”

I ram against him to force his meat deep in to my lust aching body. I impale myself over and over.

“Oh! I love fucking your dick baby! I love feeling you inside me!”

“Once the music hits your system, there’s no way your gonna stop”

He pushes me down on to the floor. I am on my hands and knees (my favorite position). He slides his cock in to me and thrusts in fast and furious strokes. I bear down for his thrust and relax for his recoil. I feel my balls güvenilir casino tense and I grab my cock and choke it. I don’t want to cum yet.

His strong hands grip my narrow waist and he works my like a tool. I let myself yield to his power.

“Ooooo Rick! Fuck me hard! Give me your cum! Make me your fucking dick-bitch!”

“Don’t you fight it ’til you tried it, do that conga beat”

“That’s right you whore. You are my fucking tool and I am going to work you and get off nice and good!” He says giving me a whack on my ass. The sting shoots through my body and mixes with the sensation of my “g-spot” to teeter me on the edge of orgasm. I choke my penis even harder.

“Oooo! Daddy’s gonna cum in you, you fucking bitch. Ooo nice tight fuckhole! Hunnnnnnngh!”

“Yes! Give me your cum baby! I want all your cum in me! Mark me your bitch!”

He shakes and gulps air as he fills my cum hungry ass with his load. I pant as I picture his semen spurting in to my bowels. I am filled with the joy that only getting my lover off brings. His thrusting stops and he rests with his beautiful cock still in my ass. I am waiting for him to catch his breath and for what he will do to me soon.

I feel movement behind me and I know he is busy with my next treat. I have let my cock go and a clear stream of precum oozes slowly from the tip. I feel a great void as he removes his penis from my ass. Slowly the void is filled as he works his gloved and lubricated hand in to my abused ass. My anus stretches willingly to accept his large and powerful hand.

Deeper and deeper his hand reaches in to me. He is wrist deep. He reaches further and my anus must be breached and stretched by his muscular forearm.

“Ooooooo God!” I moan when he hits my special place. He will go no deeper. He knows me well. He twists. presses, and flexes his hand in my bowels. He sends orgasmic trembles through my body. He pinches my nipples. I try to keep from Cumming. I want to last on this plateau of pleasure forever. The sensations of his hand in my ass and the nipple play send me over the edge.

“Oooooo Fuck Yeah!” I scream as the first spurt of semen shoots from my engorged cock.

“Whack!” he spanks me solid and rocks me with another pleasure pain mixture that follows another healthy spurt of cum.

“Cum for Daddy you slut whore! You fucking bitch! Cum!” He growls. My entire being orgasms. He pinches my nipple and violently twists his hand in my ass. He spanks me again as I continue to cum and cum. My body shivers and shakes in a quaking orgasm that only my lover can bring and I am lost in time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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