Heart of Gold Ch. 02

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“Harder B, give it to me!” she whispered roughly as she dug her red polished nails to my back muscles. Her legs around my hips and her feet hooked on to each other pushing my ass more close to her pussy. Her tits bouncing up and down as I flick on each nipple.

Maya and I were supposed to head off to the Weston High Cabinet meeting but, as usual, (it didn’t start for another half hour), we had some pleasurable fun together, in the back room of the library. Like a jackhammer, I drove my cock mercifully on her pussy, wanting to always gain my pleasure from her. She didn’t mind, being Steven’s girlfriend and all.

“OH! Brendan, faster…come on,” she whimpered as I forced long deep strokes on her ravaged pussy. My balls were high and tight and I was going to cum any minute or two. Her wet pussy lips were giving my hard cock good sliding friction. “Yes, you know how to pleasure a girl, come on I’m wet.” I always get a surge of energy when she foul mouths during our love making.

I felt a ping of electricity jolt through me as Maya bites on my nipple, making my cock jolt to maximum and tap the shit out of her. She’s quite the masochist and I pull her hair and slap her tits as I pound my thick nine inch cock into her poor pussy and give her the best she’ll ever have. “Maya, I’m gonna cum,” after that I began to babble on, as I usually do when I’m going to climax.

Then, I felt nothing. What the hell? While Maya is displaying my powers of pleasuring women and saying Audrey is one lucky bitch for having this sex god, I for the life of me didn’t feel anything. Sure, I felt when I blew my load inside her, but I didn’t feel anything, no afterglow, no nothing as I usually do when I ride into town with Maya.

After we calm ourselves down and catch our breaths, Maya starts to put her on her pink blouse and demands me to zip up her boots. “That was fun…like always,” she added as she starts to button my shirt. Snickering at the bite marks she left on my left nipple.

“Let’s go cowboy, we don’t want those bastards, to start rumors about our constant tardiness,” she says as she pulls her thick auburn hair into a ponytail, making her look like an innocent school girl. But believe me, she is an example of not judging people by their covers.

While we strolled to the Cabinet meeting, I keep trying to figure out the reasons why I didn’t feel anything after that hot sex action with Maya. She knows how to please a man so for me not to have basked in the afterglow, was a serious problem.

When we finally got to the meeting, it was really amusing seeing Maya with a no nonsense attitude at everything that was brought up to discussion. I kept grinning and snickering whenever she talked

I stared out the window every time Maya began her twenty minute rant on the ethic codes for cheerleaders. The wind picked up again, giving me chills just thinking how Logan must be doing. Logan. All my mind was wrapped on was this simple blonde haired trash bag and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I didn’t even notice that we had a break when Maya popped the biggest question of 2009.

“Who are you thinking about…Logan Hoekstra?”

What? Now, I didn’t know how she saw right through me but she gave the world’s biggest shit eating grin. My face must have been pale as hell and my heart thumped three times as usual by the second. My mouth got dry as I tried to form something in my mind to tell her she is wrong. She saw through me, of course my current state wasn’t helping me much.

“During sex when you climax you start saying all these words out of thin air like ‘Maya, I’m gonna cum. Audrey, fuck my pole.'” She started to imitate me even to the point of mocking my facial expression when I climax. “Well, this time you started saying whispering Logan’s name.”

Heat rushed through me and I blushed like I had sunburn. I normally get vocal when I cum, half of the time I barely remember what I say. I usually do say either Audrey or Maya when I do them respectively, but I have never called out a dude’s name, much less a loser like Logan Hoekstra.

I just stood there quiet, I couldn’t lie to her. Her facial expression was not to ridicule or mock me but she had a coy smile. “You know, you can talk to me about anything. And don’t worry, whatever you tell me, I won’t tell anyone. You know that.”

“There’s nothing to say, I just saw him walking home today in the sheer cold and it’s been bugging me ever since.” I hope to God she buys it.

“Really, so let’s see you are feeling sorry for white trash like Hoekstra so much that you call out his name while we do the forbidden intercourse. I don’t buy it, you may be a softie when you feel like it, but even that has its limits.”

I tried for the life of me change casino şirketleri the subject at hand, but she wouldn’t budge.

“You know, if you are using him as a dirty little secret, you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone. You know that.” She had a sympathetic smile and rubbed my shoulder as a way of telling me its okay to tell her my troubles.

I mean, I always have told her everything, whenever I had a problem she was my right hand man to tell all my secrets and troubles. She has never told anyone and I love her for that. It almost breaks my heart that I may be hurting her, I know deep inside her loves me more than a friend.

I told her everything, from my parents forcing me to help out at the soup kitchen to the encounter we had there. “Do you think this is more than just feeling sorry for Logan or do you have genuine feelings for him?” Damn, she sure knows how to pop the question.

“I really don’t know, I have been thinking about him since Friday. He was so cordial, so nice and such a gentleman. That handshake he gave me still gives me the chills in my right hand.” I stared at my right hand and feeling that radiant glow when he gave me the handshake.

“Still, you should have been there, he looked so tired and ashamed of being there. He saw me and he looked embarrassed. He probably thought I was going to laugh at him and tell Steve and everyone that he’s so dirt poor he eats at a soup kitchen. He had this defeated look in his eyes.” I looked at Maya and she just stood quiet and listened.

“Behind the tired, embarrassed look in the eyes. I saw something else.”

“Love, attraction, feelings for you, is that right?” I didn’t say a word only nodded. “I don’t mean to push your buttons and I don’t want to be responsible for turning your life outside down but,” she bit her lip, her eyes away from my eyes “maybe you are bisexual.”

If she only knew half of what she said. I don’t like talking about and I certainly won’t tell her the single most important moment in my life that I was heart-broken. Maya’s ‘Hello Kitty’ timer rang, signaling the end of our break.

“Maya, thanks for listening to me. I…I needed that.” She nodded and gave me a warm smile and the committee resumed with the meeting, I though kept looking out the window.



After thirty minutes of trekking through cold gusts and snow, I finally arrived to my house. There was something odd though; my mom’s car was parked out on the driveway. She got a new job a week ago which required her to work from five in the morning to six in the afternoon. It was way too early, which meant the one thing I dreaded.

I unlocked the house and saw my mother; her head cowered down smoking a cigarette. She swore she would abstain from smoking now that she had a new job.

“Mom, are you hungry?” She didn’t respond. “Everything will be okay mom,” I assured her but her cynicism appeared and she gave me a mocking laugh.

“You’re eighteen.”


“I said that you’re eighteen. I received a letter a week ago that I had an appointment with Child Services today. It seems they stop giving out Food Stamps when the child turns eighteen.”

My heart plummeted, this happened once before, when they cut money for all Bridge Card users when I was fifteen. The following three months for us three meant going to soup kitchens, losing our electricity for about two weeks and losing our T.V. services for four months. I wonder what would happen now.

“I told the manager at the clothing factory I would be taking this day off. She never told me it was alright and now I may face getting fired.” I began to get a headache. At least I have a job, I could skip school on Friday so I could work overtime on that day, and it usually doesn’t change anything.

“Where’s Arthur?” I asked her, I don’t like getting my brother involved in these types of dilemmas. “He’s with his friend. Thank Jesus, I don’t like getting him involved either.”

“Was that him?” she asked me quietly.


“The tall kid passing out sodas at the soup kitchen. You kept on looking at him like he was Jesus reincarnated. Was that Brendan Houghton?” I couldn’t lie to her, I never could she always saw through me. I weakly nodded, and looked away in embarrassment. I wanted to cry but I persevered and looked at her straight at her silver eyes. “Yep mom, that’s Brendan Houghton alright. Fine piece of ass isn’t he?”

She just gave a small laugh and hugged me. That was it; I couldn’t hold the tears any longer. I felt like a little boy crying on her shoulder. “Go ahead; tell me I have my head in the clouds.”

“For the first question, I can see why you would pick him. Looks like Raymond Houghton gave birth to such a fine specimen.” I casino firmaları gave her a weak laugh. “Does this mean soup kitchens are in the future?”

She nodded gravely, her eyes watery. “Well, instead of the usual 500 dollars, it’s 250 dollars. But, you know that I will always thank God that he has brought me two great sons. I don’t care if you are gay, as long as you are successful with what you do and find that special one in life, than that’s all I care about.”

I hugged her tightly for a few minutes. I always loved it when she hugs me. She makes me feel loved, safe, and protected some things I am not fond off.

After our emotional discussion, my mom went to pick up Arthur and decided to buy some pizza. I was too tired to tag along so I stayed at home. I all but threw myself to my bed and sighed, hoping to fall myself to sleep but there isn’t much comfort on a thin bed when I heard a bang on my window.

“Hey dude, open up.” My heart was beaming, it was my only friend and trusty companion Rich. He goes to Weston as well, though he doesn’t go as much, although more economically stable then me, his personal life is a mess. His dad is a raging homophobe who is always on his case and his mom is an alcoholic. He says he is so lucky he is an only child. He didn’t want another child to be miserable like him.

I opened the window to let him in. He takes of his ski hat and his unruly, shaggy blonde died black goes all over the place. He isn’t that tall only about 5′ 8” and has the whole emo look on him. The thing that strikes me more about Rich is his metallic eyes. They are large and are a deep blue which are surr surround with eyes shadow, although at the moment one of them was swollen and black.

“Jesus! Rich what happened to you!?” I hugged him deeply, reassuring him that everything will be alright. I know better than to say that, but it relaxes him. “Was it your dad,” I whisper to him, the last thing I want to do is to weaken his spirit.

“Forget it, just hold me. Please, I don’t ask of anything else.” I do just that, who knows how long I was holding him. “Please, don’t fight me. I need this.”

I was going to ask him what he meant when he grabbed me by the hair and planted a rough kiss on me. Part of me told me to punch him but the other feeling lust for Brendan gave me the go ahead. Guess which one I listened too.

I thanked his surprise kiss with an open tongue kiss from me, trying to pry his mouth open with my wet tongue. He welcomed my tongue with equal passion and we laid ourselves on my bed. I began to unbutton his shirt while he took my long sleeved off.

We began to stroke each other’s body; I had the great pleasure of tweaking his rosy nipples. Knowing that always gave him extra pleasure and a dose of horniness. We continued our tongue kissing while he stroked my hair, and I squeezing his very lovely ass.

“You always know how to treat me right Logan,” he told me in between tongue kisses. He gets really feisty when he is horny and starts pulling my hair. I on the other hand pull down his pants and really grasp that beautiful ass of his.

He has a cute butt. His hairless, pale, and pear shaped butt always gets me off. I slide my finger through the crack of his ass and I began to probe my finger into his hot, pink, hairless little hole. “Yes, finger fuck me, do it Logan. Work my hot little hole.”

We increased our tongue kissing and our touching. Our tongues dueled like two swords as our hands stroked each other’s bodies. Rich unzips my pants and pulls them down to my knees.

“Oh god, Rich,” I groan as he starts to suck my dick. I have a decent 7 inch cock but we both, and someone else by the way, know that he is a big cock slut. He starts bobbing his head up and down as I see my cock appear and disappear. I was in full ecstasy and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

He abruptly stooped his oral work and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. “Fuck me Logan,” he said as he completely took of my pants and straddled my cock. He holds his ass cheeks apart while I push my cock through his puckered asshole.

He slowly but surely lowered himself onto me until all I could see was his balls resting on top of my pubic hair and his pearly white ass resting on top of my slightly hairy balls. He first is adamant but realizes that my mind would probably come back home any minute now.

It is me who initiate this, by hooking my hands on his shoulders and I adamantly start to fuck him. “Fuck me Logan,” he groaned as began to flex his ass whenever my rock hard cock hit his prostrate. Rich laid his hands on top of my sweaty chest and began to pinch my nipples, making my cock surge while hitting his hot and tight hole.

All of a sudden his ass began to spasm and güvenilir casino he started to cum vigorously all over my stomach and chest, a glob of cum hitting my cheek. He dropped his head while I drilled my cock all over his vice grip of an ass.

“Oh fuck, Rich, I’m gonna cum. Get ready,” I say with a rasped voice as I now go on a full force attack on his beautiful ass. I lunge my whole pelvic region inside his bunging asshole. I scream of the top of my lungs in satisfaction as I literally explode with glee inside his ass.

He sighed contently and wiped the sweat of his forehead. He had a coy smile and also wiped the sweat from his right eyes. I wanted to ask him who gave him punched his left eye enough to leave it him swollen but I didn’t want to scare him away. He is a very fragile person.

“If you’re wondering who punched me it was my boyfriend,” he said as he laid his head on my damp shoulder, lazily stroking my nipple with his index finger. I KNEW IT!!

Ever since we started junior year in high school, Rich all of a sudden stopped hanging out with me less often. At first, I assumed it had something to do with his parents’ psychological abuse. It wasn’t it. I was beginning to get frustrated. I confronted him after school when he was waling home, since he lives a few blocks away from school.

He told me he was jealous that I wasn’t paying attention to me more and punched me in the gut. We stopped hanging out for about three months. During those months, he went less frequently to school. I was getting really worried of him, but I didn’t want me to get involved. That changed one faithful night.

I was at home doing my AP Calculus homework when he called me out of the blue. He said if I had a chance to talk to him and wanting to apologize. At first I rejected him after the way he treated me. That all changed once I saw him at school. He had a deep cut on the side of left eye and his nose was broken. I approached him before school started and broke down telling him I was sorry for rejecting his offer.

He told me that what I did was right after the way he treated me. I asked him who did this to him but he didn’t tell me. He did tell me that he had a boyfriend but the other guy decided it to be more of a hot fuck session than a real relationship. He was a dirty little secret but he was fine with it. He says he was always in love with the guy since he was in the seventh grade and his wish has come true.

I don’t want to invade or persuade to ending this abusive relationship. He says he can’t do that. Rich tells me that the guy has a soft exterior and genuinely does love him but has a hard time showing it. Sure he loves him, if receiving black eyes, broken ribs and a broken hand counts as love. He always tried to find a way to change about talking about him.

I always assumed he must have money or someone with great physical capabilities, probably one of the elite in the school. How else can a fragile guy like Rich get treated so cruelly and still be with such a prick. That’s why I vowed to never fall in love as long as I’m in that school when Rich told me he was basically a dirty little secret. Now that’s a big fucking fail.

I kissed the top of his forehead and held him tightly reassuring him that everything would be okay. I felt hot tears strike my shoulder blade, I knew at the end it would never be okay. I worry about his sanity, I feel he may be falling into a suicidal path with the way his life is. He knows though that he has me and nothing bad will ever happen.

I hear my mom’s car park in the curb and I immediately jump. “Shit dude, my mom’s here,” I whispered to him. We both rushed as fast as we could to clean ourselves up with the extra towel I keep under my bed and put our clothes on.

I was going to rush out the door when Rich grabbed my hand in haste. “Will your mom mind if I stayed here for a while?” he said incredulously. “I don’t think she will mind.”

In fact, she didn’t she was more than happy to have someone who could always bring a little cheer to the house. Rich always has a sick sense of humor but my mom adores it and my brother thinks nothing of it. She got the standard five dollar pizza, but we all quietly ate it all.

This day didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would be. While Rich and I stayed at my room watching some T.V., Arthur was surfing the internet through the old beat up computer my mom got at a trade center five years ago. My mom was worrying and had cell phone in hand in case her boss called. She was nervous and worried as hell but tried not to show it for Arthur’s sake.

When the phone did ring, she took the call outside in the bitter cold. She came back in ecstatic and I knew everything would be okay. It looks like good luck is finally coming our way

With that good news, I looked happily over the sunset falling over the horizon. Its yellow-orange rays cascading through the little town, giving it almost like a beautiful glow.

I wonder what Brendan is doing right about now?

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