Heather Fucks her Neighbor

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Heather Fucking the Neighbor

One night I was designing some toys with my computer so that I can print them with the 3-d printer that I ‘borrowed’ from work and I could hear my neighbors fighting in a loud argument. By the sounds of it, it was over money. I knew that my neighbors Jackie, and her boyfriend Scott were having a hard time. After about 15 minutes the argument subsided and I could get back to designing my toys.

The next day, after work I was at the store getting some things for dinner when I noticed Jackie in line a few people behind me, I said hi and let those behind me to go ahead so I can talk to her. I noticed that Jackie had a nasty black eye, I assume that it was from last night’s fight.

I asked, “You ok? That’s a nasty black eye you got there.”

Jackie replied “I’m fine. I, I just fell at work. Thanks for asking though.”

It was then I noticed a bruise on her arm. I knew she was lying

I told her “Bullshit! You didn’t fall. Did Scott do this to you? Come have dinner with me tonight, we can talk.”

Jackie hesitantly accepted. When we got back to my place Jackie saw the 3-d printer in my living room next to my computer that I had left on with a rendering of a large dildo on the screen.

She asked, “What’s that next to the computer?”

I replied, “It’s a 3-d printer, It prints things in 3-d out of plastic. I work for one of the leaders in 3-d printing technology.”

Jackie followed me into the kitchen and we made dinner. As we were cooking dinner we talked about the fight she had with Scott last night. She told me that Scott loaned $12,000 to his deadbeat, drug addicted brother to help him buy a house across the bay in Oakland knowing that every cent will go to his nasty drug addiction and he will never pay back the money. As she told me that, all I could do was to give her a hug. As she hugged me I noticed that her nipples were erect. I didn’t say anything but it really turned me on. I had been fantasying about fucking her for the last month and she moved in.

As we ate dinner in the dining room, the phone rang and I excused myself to take the call in the other room, as I was on the phone with a co-worker talking about the missing 3-d printer, I took out the finished 10 inch dildo out of the 3-d printer and hid it in the bedroom along with some other toys including a strap-on and s double ended dildo .

After the phone call I returned to the dining room and finished my dinner with Jackie.

“I’m going to leave Scott for what he did to me last night. Would it be possible to stay here until I could find a new place? I’m willing to pay rent.” Jackie hesitantly told me.

I replied, “Scott hit you. Your safety is at risk. Yes, you can stay here. And you don’t need to pay me any rent.

Jackie smiled and said “Thanks!” I don’t have work tomorrow so I’ll move my stuff out when he’s at work.

As we moved to the couch I asked, “What are you going to do now?” she replied “I don’t know. All of the guys I meet turnout to be assholes.” Then she joked, “Maybe I’ll start dating girls.”

I smiled and asked “Have you ever been with a girl?” as I sat closer.

“No, but I was kind of, kidding.” She replied.

“I have, and it’s amazing!” I told her as I leaned in and gave her a short passionate kiss.

“That was the softest kiss I’ve ever had” she said and smiled.

I then gave her a longer kiss. Jackie casino şirketleri did what was expected of her, she kissed back. As we made out I put one of my hand on her breasts, and her erect nipples. As I did, her kissing began to intensify. I could tell, she was getting turned on. I pulled off her shirt and took off her bra. Exposing her wonderful breasts. Jackie then took off my shirt and was surprised that I had no bra. I smiled.

“I don’t wear bra and panties, unless I really have to.” I told her. “It make it easy access when I meet somebody I want to fuck.” I continued.

Before she could say anything I pull her mouth to my nipples and told her to suck on my nipples. Her mouth on my nipple felt unbelievable! Her tongue made my nipples fully erect in a second.

I told her “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Jackie replied “Ok, let’s go.”

We got up and started to walk to the bedroom. But in the hall way I pin her up against the wall and continue to kiss her. I un-snap her and take off her pants exposing her sheer panties soaked in her pussy juices. Jackie then pushes me to the other wall and takes off her panties. I go back to her and drop to my knees putting her legs over my shoulders and I started to eat her pussy making her moan loudly. I quickly made her cum in a powerful orgasm covering my mouth in her cum and pussy juices.

We then continue down the hallway until we enter the bedroom then I throw her on the bed and takes off my pants that are soaked with my pussy juices.

“Jackie said impressed “Wow! You really don’t where any panties! I got on the bed and squated over her face and she started to kiss around my soaked pussy.

“Eat me.” I told her

“What?!?” She asked

“EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!!” I yelled as I pulled her mouth to my pussy.

Jackie stuck out her tongue and started to lick my clit. Almost making me cum in an instant. I pushed her head deeper into my pussy and told her to lick me faster. Making me cum in a massive orgasm seconds later covering her mouth with my pussy juices and cum. Jackie wipes off my cum and pussy juices with her finger and licked it off.

“Yummy! You taste really good! This is the best desert I’ve ever had.” Jackie says with a big smile on her face.

“You taste good too Jackie. But were not done yet. In fact were just getting started baby.” I told her with a devilish smile on my face.

I picked Jackie up and carried her to my sound proofed room off the bedroom, kicked the door closed and threw her onto the bed. Jackie sits on her knees rubbing her pussy and asks, “Do you want seconds?”

I said impressed, “Wow bitch! I made you a really horny lesbian, didn’t I?

Jackie confessed, “Yes, you did. I really like this experience. I don’t think I’ll fuck another guy.”

“Get ready for round 2 bitch! I’m going to make you cum until you beg me stop!” I told her with a devilish smile.

I climb onto the bed, and push Jackie onto her back. I start sucking Jackie’s nipples and start to finger Jackie’s pussy. After a minute of sucking her nipples, Jackie starts to push me down her body kissing all the way to her bellybutton. I lick her bellybutton, while I was playing with her bellybutton ring. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer I do one long lick from her bellybutton down to her pussy making her entire body shake with passion.

Jackie’s pussy tasted wonderful, taking my time licking up all casino firmaları of her cum and juices. I could only wish Jackie was as patient as I was to making her cum, I was. I pushed my head deeper into her pussy and took my time to make her cum again. So I started to lick her slow making her beg for it. Then I started to lick her clit faster as my fingers went into her pussy. She started thrashing about in passion cumming for the second time in a powerful orgasm, more powerful than the one in my bedroom.

“Wow! That was amazing! I loved that!” Jackie said in excitement.

“Were not done yet. It’s your turn. Eat me till I cum again bitch.” I told her.

I rolled on to my back, spread my legs and braced myself. Jackie started with a long, powerful, passionate kiss, then licked her way down to my breasts and started to suck on my nipples. I couldn’t wait any longer, I guided her down my body with her kissing all the way down to my pussy with a series of several kisses with one last short kiss on my pussy just to tease me.

“Eat that pussy baby. I want you to eat me so much!” I told her.

Just then Jackie stuck out her tonged and quickly licked up all of my juices and cum before making me cum again. After cleaning up the mess from earlier, Jackie started to lick on my clit sending my head spinning. Jackie quickly made me want to cum again, but I held it back wanting to make this orgasm squirt all over her face. But that didn’t last long, After a minute of Jackie’s licking I unleashed the most powerful orgasm I have ever had covering her entire face in my cum and juices and leaving some on the bed.

“OH, MY, GOD! THAT ORGASM WAS A FUCKING EXPLOSION!” She said with a surprised look on her face, still covered in my cum and juices.

Jackie wiped off all the cum and juices off her face and licked it all up and then collapsed next to me. We were both clearly worn out, and in much needed of a break. We just lied there cuddling together and exchanging a kiss or two, every now and then. Too exhausted to fuck, but neither of us wanted to sleep.

After an hour of small talk, I warn her “Get ready to cum again.” I rolled on top of her, gave her a kiss, and took out the dildo that I printed with the 3-d printer out of a drawer next to my bed. “This is my newest toy, I printed it last night. I want to test it out on you.” I then reached back into the drawer and grabbed some lube. “You won’t need that lube.” Jackie said as she grabbed the dildo, put it in her mouth, and started sucking.

I couldn’t help it but to think that I turned Jackie into a sex crazy, pussy hungry, bitch. Thinking that, just turned me on more. I maneuvered down to her pussy and started licking. After a few moments Jackie handed me the dildo and I carefully put it into her pussy making her let out a loud moan. I continue to lick her clit as I fuck her pussy with the dildo. I could tell that Jackie has an orgasm building by how intense her moans are getting, and that makes me go faster. A few seconds later Jackie had the biggest orgasm of the night with her cum and juices flowing out of her pussy like a river.

“It’s your turn now.” Jackie said with an excited voice, as she reaches in to the drawer and pulls out a vibrating dildo.

“Ok. Turn that dildo on!” I said as I rolled onto my back and spreading my legs.

Jackie turned on the dildo onto high speed and put it in my pussy, the vibrating made güvenilir casino my whole body twitch. As she fucked my pussy with the dildo, she started to lick my pussy almost instantly making me cum. I grab the back of her head and pull her deeper into my pussy and tell her to fuck me faster. A few intense seconds later, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and unleashed an extremely powerful orgasm twice as powerful as my last covering Jackie’s face in my cum and juices for the third time tonight, but I don’t hear her complaining. Jackie again wipes off all my cum and juices and licks it up as I retrieve the double ended dildo from the drawer.

“Now we’re both are going to cum at the same time!” I told her with a big smile on my face.

“THAT’S HUGE!! THAT’S NOT GOING TO FIT IN MY PUSSY!!” Jackie said shocked.

“Just relax, one end will be in me. Now turn around and get on all fours.” I told her.

As soon as Jackie turned around and got on all fours I put one end of the dildo into her pussy making her let out a really loud moan, and making her to bite a pillow. Then I turned around and got on all fours too, and put the other end into my pussy. As we fucked each other I instantly felt another orgasm building. A few short seconds later it hit, but I kept on fucking. A minute later we both came in 2 powerful, squirting, intense orgasms. I then pulled the double dildo out of us and started licking it off of each other’s cum and juices.

After taking a short rest, and looking at the clock which read 10:45pm I said, “Ok we got time for one more, because I got to get to sleep because I got work in the morning.” I reached into the drawer, and pulled out the strap-on, and anal gel. I told Jackie, that I wanted to fuck her asshole. Jackie’s eyes got big as I started to put the strap-on on.

“I’ve never done anal.” Jackie said nervously.

“Well you’ve never fucked a woman until tonight. Look at you now. Do you trust me?” I asked.

“I trust you. I really do love this experience; this is the best sex I’ve ever had. Go on, I trust you. She says hesitantly followed by a short passionate kiss.

Jackie got into her favorite position, doggy style which happens to be my favorite too. I apply some gel to the strap-on, rub some gel onto her asshole, and some on my index finger that I put in her asshole making her let out a moan before putting in my plastic cock making her let out a loud moan. After waiting a moment letting Jackie get used to the feeling of my rubber cock in her ass, I start to fuck her tight ass.

“Oh, Heather. Fuck me a little harder.” Jackie begged.

I started to fuck Jackie a little harder. Just as I did, Jackie started to rub her clit. After a minute I start to fuck Jackie even harder making her cum squirting onto the bed. I then started to fuck Jackie even harder increasing in speed every time she moaned. Soon I was fucking her as fast as I possibly could making her cum again this time her orgasm was extremely intense flooding the bed with her cum and juices flowing out of her pussy like a dam had burst. I pull out of Jackie, allowing her to turn around and give me a long passionate French kiss.

“Thanks for this Heather. This was AMAZING! I loved this. Thank You… I love you.” Jackie said.

“This really was amazing, and I love you too. I replied, giving her a powerful kiss.

In the morning, I got up around 5:30 to get ready for work, and by 6:30 I was out the door with Jackie still asleep. When I got home after work, I found Jackie waiting for me naked in the bedroom with all my toys cleaned and ready for another night of fucking. I don’t think I’ll ever let my bitch Jackie move out.

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