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I thought I would write in and talk about something that happened to me recently, because I certainly can’t tell anyone!

I have a friend from college who I used to sleep with. I can’t give her name, so let’s call her Christine. She is chubby, with really huge tits. Everyone around her thought she was little miss innocent, but she was always extremely horny, and the kinkiest women I have ever slept with. We continued to sleep together off and on after college, but stopped when she married a guy from Jamaica, call him Joe. I once asked her if she continued doing all the kinky stuff with her husband, and she said the most that ever happened was he went down on her once in a while.

I would see the two of them once in a while, and about a year ago I took a job close to their house, and started coming by more. I came over for dinner a couple of times, sometimes even when Joe wasn’t there, because he was working late. I asked Christine if it didn’t bother Joe that I was over, and she said “To tell you the truth, he thinks you’re gay.”

“What?!” I said. “Why would he think that?”

“Maybe because most of my male friends are gay,” she answered.

That was how things stood until one day Christine called me at work, sobbing. “You have to do me a favor,” she pleaded.

“What’s the matter, tell me what it is, and I’ll do it,” I said.

It turned out that she had been seeing another guy on the side, and Joe had found a used condom in their bedroom. Christine had told him that she had let me use their apartment to have sex with my gay lover over my lunch break. Could I just come in and back up her story? She would have her lover come in too, and we would tell Joe it was our condom.

I didn’t want anyone thinking I was gay, but I didn’t want Christine to get in trouble. I reluctantly agreed to come over that night.

Christine let me in. She whispered “It’s ok, my lover is bi.” She led me into the living room, where Joe was sitting on a chair and a tall guy, about 5 years younger than the rest of us, was sitting on the couch. I didn’t find out till later that his name was Ray. I went over and sat next to him. He put his arm around me, said “Hi sweetie,” and kissed me right on casino şirketleri the lips!

“Gross!” I thought, but I just smiled and said “Hi.”

Joe was looking pretty angry. “Well? I’m waiting,” he said.

“I’m sorry Joe,” I said, “we didn’t have a place in the neighborhood to meet up, and I was complaining to Christine, and she said we could use your place. We shouldn’t have done it without your permission, and I’m sorry we left, uh, something behind.”

“That is not what I am waiting for,” said Joe angrily. I didn’t know what he meant. “Come on,” he said. “Prove to me that you are gay.”

I looked at Christine in confusion. “Joe needs proof,” she shrugged.

I still didn’t really understand, and I looked at the guy sitting next to me. To my shock, he stood up and pulled down his pants. “I’ll never turn down a blowjob from my number one cocksucker,” he said. “Good thing I’m an exhibitionist!”

I looked from the stiffening cock inches from my face to Joe and Christine. “No way!” I said.

“So you’re not gay?” shouted Joe.

“He’s just shy to do it in front of us,” said Christine.

“This is how he likes it,” said Ray, and he whacked me across the face with his cock. “C’mon, suck it, you little slut!”

I looked over at Christine, begging me with her desperate eyes. “Shit!” I thought, and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

Ray stuck his cock right in my mouth and started pumping. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah,” he said. “You’ve got such a hot little mouth. Suck it bitch!”

The guy’s cock wasn’t as fat as mine, but it was really long, I’d guess about 9 inches. He held my head with two hands and thrust it in and out of my mouth. Unlike licking pussy, there was basically no taste, but I was surprised how smooth the skin was. I kept going back and forth between thinking this was sort of interesting and being mad. If this guy was bi, why wasn’t he sucking my cock? I didn’t even know his name! Here was this guy, fucking my mouth, and I didn’t even know his name!

“Do that thing where you lick the head!” he ordered me, so I pulled it out of my mouth with a slurp and licked furiously at the underside of the head of his cock. “Oh, fuck that feels casino firmaları good.” Ray grinned at Joe. “You ought to try it! My pussyboy loves to suck cock. Yeah! Lick my balls you bitch!”

I licked at his tight balls and pumped his long cock with my hand. I have to admit, my other hand was rubbing my dick through my pants. Not that I am gay, but it was so damn dirty!

“Ready to get fucked, slut?”

“What?!” No way was I going to let that thing up my ass!

“That’s when we use the condom,” Ray explained to Joe and Christine, and I knew he had me.

I gave him a warning look, and said “Go easy, I’m still sore from last time.” He put a condom on his dick and lubed it up with a tube from his pocket. Then he put some lube on his fingers and worked them up my ass. It hurt, but he started rubbing and it was doing something to my cock. I was hard as a rock!

“Does little missy want to get fucked?” he said. “Does my bitch want my big cock up her ass? Hmm?”

Damn, those fingers felt good! “Umm, yeah, fuck me. Slide your big cock up me,” I said, and I wasn’t really even putting it on for Joe.

I was kneeling on the couch, and he went around behind me, put one leg up on the couch and the other on the floor, and then I felt that knob pushing at my back door. He put a little more lube on it, and then he slid it in. “Ooooh yeah, uhhhh, ummm, oh, fuck me baby, fuck my ass!” I heard myself saying. He started slow, but sped up, pounding that long thing all the way up my ass. I had never had a feeling like that! The guy was grunting and groaning as he fucked my ass, and I was panting like a bitch in heat. I had forgot completely about Joe and Christine, until Joe suddenly appeared before me, wearing his shirt but no pants, and stuck his hard cock right in my open mouth!

I pulled my head back and looked at Christine. She had one hand pinching her nipples through her shirt, and another hand down her pants. “Go ahead, cockslut!” she called to me. “Suck my husband’s big black dick!”

I put one hand on Joe’s dick, it was really thick, and started pumping with my hand and mouth together. “Shit, now I even have to suck her husband’s dick for her!” I thought, but I soon forgot güvenilir casino about anything but the cock in my ass and the cock in my mouth.

“Let’s switch!” said Ray. They both pulled out.

“Condom!” I managed to gasp out. Ray ripped his off and handed a new one to Joe, and he put it on and started fucking my ass. His cock was too thick, and it hurt a bit. I would have asked them to switch back but I couldn’t because I had Ray’s cock in my mouth.

After a few minutes, Ray yelled “Here it comes, baby!” He pulled mostly back, so just his head was in my mouth, and held my head so I couldn’t get away. I wouldn’t have anyway. Then he started pumping cum into my mouth. I coughed, spraying cum on my chin and on his dick, but he was still shooting. When he finally pulled out, I had a huge mouthful of cum, and there was a strand of cum stretching from my mouth to his dick.

I didn’t know what to do with my mouthful of cum, but just then, Joe pulled out of my ass and ran around to my face, pulling the condom off as he ran. He stuck his dick in my open mouth, sending most of the cum down my throat. He grunted loudly, and also started to shoot. He was further in, and just shot down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could. When Joe pulled out of my mouth, he was grinning. He and Ray high-fived. “Ok, you proved it,” laughed Joe.

“What about me?” I whined.

“Lie back, semen-breath,” said Ray. I sat up on the couch and scrunched down a little. He wiped some of the cum off my chin with two fingers, and stuck them up my open ass. With the other hand, he pumped my cock, and leaned over and kissed me, fucking my mouth with his tongue. In about thirty seconds I shot my load all over my stomach. Ray licked it up, and then, holding his face about six inches over mine, let the cum drool out of his mouth into my mouth. “Damn, that bitch loves cum,” said Ray, staring into my eyes.

I asked to use the shower, but Christine told me no. “Joe and I have something to do,” she grinned wickedly, holding Joe’s hand against her crotch. I wiped as much cum as I could off my face and got dressed. Ray and I left together, and walked arm and arm to the corner.

Once we had turned the corner, Ray let go of my arm and turned to go. “Thanks for being my cock-whore,” he said with a smile.

“Wait!” I said. I swear I was blushing. He stood and grinned at me. “Um, could you tell me your name?” I said. “And, um, give me your number?”

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