Hidden Acres Ch. 00 – Prelude

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All characters are over the age of eighteen.


A sleepy little town, seemingly lost in time, Hidden Acres was located well off any highway and the only people who seemed to find it were travelers hopelessly lost. The locals were friendly, if standoffish, salt of the earth folks. It had it’s uppercrust socialites, blue collar workers and growing families like any other American town, but the people of Hidden Acres were drawn to a way of life modern people would recoil from. The tendrils of this primal force were long and patient. Even those who moved to this idyllic village late in life were eventually brought around, much to their delight.


Lydia had noticed a change in the way her son, Kyle, had been looking at her. His gaze lingered longer and she caught him more than once staring at her when he thought she wouldn’t notice. At first she chalked it up to her imagination. Why would an eighteen year old young man be looking at her, a forty two year old woman? His mother no less! It didn’t make sense, but the poor boy was not subtle and after a time she had to admit, he was checking her out.

Her first reaction was a twinge of pity for the shy boy she had raised and then she felt flattered. It gave her a warm feeling she carried the rest of the day when he stole glances at her. Unconsciously she did things to entice his gaze: swaying her hips a bit more, arching her back to push her full breasts out, bending over at the waist. When she realized she had been performing for her son she was embarrassed, but laughed it off as harmless fun.

Realizing that she had caught the eye of her son, a hormone fueled youth, she became aware that she had a similar effect on other young men. At the store she flirted with the boy who bagged her groceries, after church she stood very close to another boy her son’s age and ‘accidentally’ pressed her breasts against his arm as they spoke, and the paperboy got a good look down her loose blouse when she dropped her purse.

Watching their flushed faces as she gave them just the tiniest bit of attention was exhilarating for Lydia and she soon found herself craving their hungry looks upon her body. After a day of innocent teasing her pussy was aching for a good hard fuck and she’d jump her husband in bed. Frank was more than happy the first few times it happened, his suddenly horny wife attacking his dick with a crazed look in her eye, but his libido could not keep up with hers and after a couple of weeks began to complain how much sex she wanted.

Lydia, feeling rejected by her husband’s frequent refusals, began to masturbate regularly, something she hadn’t done in years. She had come alive under the lustful gazes of the young men she flirted with, but none more so than her son. Kyle was still her favorite target for her innocent teasing and she got the biggest rush by getting a rise out of him. It was a kind of drug for her and she couldn’t let it go.

It was so exciting, Lydia decided to push their little game a bit further by buying herself some new lingerie. The sales woman at the store was under the mistaken assumption that Lydia was trying to spice up her marriage and suggested lots of garments that would have seemed scandalous not so long ago. She bought push up bras, garter belts and hosiery, a bustier, and an assortment of panties. The more lace and sheer, the better! She even purchased some new baby doll nighties to top it all off.

At home she tried on all of her new treasures and with each pose in front of her mirror she got hotter and wetter. By the time she was through she couldn’t help but slide two fingers into her soaked cunt and rub her clit until she came. When she came down the room was fragrant with the scent of her arousal and wondered if her husband would notice later.

That evening she wore a close fitting blouse and left the top two buttons undone, leaving a tempting view of her cleavage and the hint of her black lace push up bra. She also wore a skirt that went to just above the knee, but had a generous slit and displayed the tops of her thigh high stockings and one of the straps that connected it to the garter belt. Even after jilling off she felt herself become aroused as she thought about her son’s reaction.

Kyle didn’t disappoint as he came home that evening.

“Hey mom, what’s for-” his voice cut off instantly as he turned the corner and took a look at his mother.

Lydia felt her excitement bloom as he stared at her stunned. The feeling of power coursed through her veins and she was drunk on it. A quick glance down showed that his excitement was real and she felt another bubble of erotic delight. Needing more than just a look though, she gave him a sultry smile and then wrapped him up in a hug, pulling him tight against her body.

She could feel the warm lump in his pants as it pressed against her tummy and knew that from his angle, Kyle could get a good view into her top. Her breasts ached as she hoped he was getting a good gander at them. When she broke ataşehir escort the hug, Lydia knew that her nipples were hard and were most likely making points in her blouse, but she didn’t care, this was too much fun!

Letting Kyle free, she returned to fixing dinner, smiling triumphantly when her son decided to sit at the table and keep her company. Lydia caught glimpses of him adjusting himself when he thought she wasn’t looking and his eyes followed her intently wherever she walked. She hadn’t commanded a man’s attention like this in years and it filled her with a bubbly spirit.

Kyle sat mesmerized as she bent over at the waist peering into the fridge for no reason other than to give her son something to look at. She offered him her whip cream covered finger after she finished prepping the banana cream pie. His eyes were glazed over as she sucked on a finger from her other hand as he licked her finger clean. Her bright red lips were as alluring as a siren’s call.

Lydia could feel the wetness of her pussy easily now, wondering how soaked her black lace panties had become. She could detect a faint hint of her arousal in the air and wondered if her son had picked up on it. ‘My son smelling my hot cunt,’ she thought, sending shivers down her body.

“Are you okay mom?” Kyle asked.

“Never better,” she answered huskily.

The moment was interrupted when the front door slammed and they could hear Frank coming into the house. Kyle rushed out of the kitchen to avoid his father and his guilty conscience. When Lydia’s husband came in he gave her a long look and then dropped his bag on a chair and his coat over the back. He grabbed a beer and then went back to the living room and plopped down into his easy chair.

“Hello to you too, Frank.” Lydia called out, her annoyance obvious.

“Please don’t start,” he said when she came into the room.

Lydia felt deflated and left him watching the ball game and headed back to their room. Inside she took off her outfit and returned to her normal ‘mom’ clothes. She wiped the lipstick off her face and fought back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

Dinner was served in awkward silence, Kyle’s face sad and drawn as he looked at her with disappointment. The only conversation she could remember was when her husband was glad ‘she was looking normal again.’ After that she didn’t care what anyone said.

Kyle helped with the dishes, but they didn’t speak. Lydia felt silly she had gotten all dressed up, but forced herself to admit that it was foolish. Once the kitchen was clean she retired to her room and laid down. Her son knocked on the bedroom door and she heard it open, but she didn’t look up. After a while he must have gone to his own room, she guessed.

Frank came to bed smelling of beer and was quickly asleep with loud snores. Disgusted with him, she got up from the bed and changed out of her sweats and long shirt and into her normal nightgown. It was cotton, plain and utterly devoid of any erotic potential. ‘This is your life, accept it,’ she told herself.

She gathered up her clothes, intending to take them to the laundry room so that she could start a load first thing in the morning. The blouse, skirt, hose and bra were all there, but she couldn’t find the black lace panties. Turning on the bedside lamp, she cast about for it, but it wasn’t anywhere to be seen. How could she lose a pair of panties? Worried she would wake Frank, she shut the light off and then headed to the laundry room, the missing underwear in the forefront of her mind.

As she stepped quietly on the carpeted floor, she heard a slight whimper as she passed Kyle’s door. Stopping for a moment, she leaned close and listened intently. It sounded like he was tossing in his sleep. There was no light coming from under the door, so she twisted the knob and pushed it in slowly. Through the crack in the door she caught sight of something she had never thought to see and never would have guessed how it would affect her.

Kyle, bathed in the soft light of the moon streaming through his window, lay on his back, his right hand gripping his erect cock and stroking it slowly while his left hand held a small piece of black mesh to his face. Lydia instantly recognized the panties she had creamed earlier and knew without thinking that her son was pleasuring himself to the scent of her pussy. Her eyes darted back and forth between his face and his impressive shaft he was playing with.

All the teasing she had done up to this point had just been a prelude to this moment. Her excitement at seeing young men befuddled by her flirtations had only been a taste compared to the feast of her son masturbating with her panties. Her legs felt weak and shaky as she watched breathlessly, forcing her to lean heavily against the wall, her eyes staring intently through the crack of the door. An ache grew out of her stomach and crept up her chest until her nipples were stiff and her breasts tight with desire. Her pussy clenched in need, kadıköy escort becoming slick with the anticipation of welcoming the cock she was staring at.

Lydia didn’t know how long Kyle had been masturbating and she lost track of the time she watched him, but she had mesmerized the rhythm of his hand as it moved up and down. At last he began to jerk faster and then she saw the pearly strands of his seed come rocketing forth out of his penis, glistening in the moonlight like some kind of romantic erotic film. Kyle sucked in air through his panty covered nose, her scent fueling his ardor.

Forcing herself to move from his door, she sprinted through the dark to the laundry room and braced herself against the washer. Her fingers were a blur between her legs as she held up the hem of her plain night gown. She came quickly and fiercely, biting down on her tongue to keep from screaming with all of her voice.

What she needed was to be loud, to be a she devil proclaiming that her lover had conquered her and to have her voice echo off the hills. She needed to be heard. Lydia was forced to experience the most intense orgasm of her entire life in muted, chained silence.

In the morning Frank was off early for his Saturday golf game. Lydia stayed in bed as he got ready, barely grunting at him when he said goodbye. When the door closed and the sound of his car drifted off into the distance she got out of bed and removed her nightgown. Pulling out a new one she had purchased the other day, she admired herself in the mirror. She applied lotion to her legs, making them shiny and smooth and topped it all off with perfume she hadn’t worn in years.

Frank might not appreciate her efforts, but Kyle certainly did. And while the husband was away, the handsome son could look all he wanted.

Once more Kyle was struck speechless when he saw his mother. Lydia felt positively electric when her son was looking at her and his dumbstruck gaze as he came into the kitchen for breakfast was a one point twenty one jigawatt boost to her self esteem. Her nipples hardened immediately and she knew they were obscenely obvious in the cream colored silk baby doll nighty she wore.

Excitement bubbled in her stomach and her pussy, but she tried to act as if nothing were out of the ordinary. She smiled cheerfully and gave him a hug before she ushered him to a seat and patted his behind as he sat down.

“Let mommy get you some breakfast,” she gushed as she grabbed a plate and loaded it with bacon and eggs. Sitting the plate down in front of him, she took a seat across from him and sipped at her coffee.

“Any big plans today?” she asked. Lydia gazed at her son lovingly and she could see the confusion in his eyes, but she kept up her charade.

“Oh,” he coughed, “maybe some basketball with Jordan.”

“Jordan?” She didn’t remember any of Kyle’s friends having that name.

“Yeah, he just moved here. He’s living with Dot Tenant in that crazy house of hers. He’s starting college in the fall.”

“Living with Dot Tenant? What a lucky young man,” she said with a wink. Her breasts swayed as she spoke, the feel of the silk rubbing against her nipples adding another sweet thrill to her already burning skin. Lydia knew that her son was having a hard time concentrating and she didn’t mind at all.

“Yeah, seems we have a lot in common.” Kyle said absently.

“I see, well maybe I should have a talk with Dot if he’s as cheeky as you.”

Lydia had to get up from the table and turn away, Kyle’s face had turned as red as a fire truck with embarrassment. She didn’t want to ruin their little game, but she couldn’t keep herself from taking the easy shot. Besides, if Dot was anything like her, a young man masturbating with her underwear wouldn’t bother her so much. In fact, it did wonders for one’s mood!

Kyle had finished eating but seemed unwilling to get up from the table. Lydia hovered nearby, absently cleaning, making sure her ass wiggled and her tits jiggled beneath the silky material of her nightgown. His eyes were glued on her and she knew that it was causing his cock to become hard. Now he was trying to figure out how to get out without her knowing.

“Well you better get going, don’t want you wasting the day in the kitchen. Stand up and give me a hug.”

Kyle gulped and stood up from his chair when she put her arms out. Lydia couldn’t see the tent he was making in his loose shorts, but she felt the heat of his erection as it pressed into her skin. She held the hug longer than usual, just enjoying the sensation of his excitement and the knowledge that she had caused it.

The smell of her son’s body was overwhelming to Lydia. She had forgotten how good a man can smell and being this close to him while her body was hungering for his touch made her keenly aware. His strong, warm arms were wrapped around her and held her close, breathing her in as well.

At last she pushed him away and shooed him out of the kitchen. Kyle gave her one last look before bostancı escort bayan he turned the corner and she felt herself turn to mush once again. ‘Oh this is crazy!’ a part of her mind screamed, but she just smiled and ignored it.

That evening Frank was nicer, though Lydia did not dress up for him. He’d had his chance and she was still pissed at the way he had ignored her. Kyle was out late, eating dinner with his new friend Jordan and Dorothy Tenant. When he returned home at 10:30 she was waiting up for him, reading a book in her chair. The bright smile he gave her when he saw her was a spark to her excitement.

“You don’t have to wait up for me, mom,” he said as he crossed the room towards her.

“Nonsense,” she answered as she stood up. Her normal house robe coming undone and her lacy white nightgown peeking out. “I’m your mother, it’s my job to worry about you.” She loved the way his eyes were roaming over her partially hidden body. ‘If he only knew what he was doing to me-‘.

They hugged and she kissed his cheek and then her nose scrunched up as she caught a full whiff of him. ‘Did I think men smelled nice? Oh my god, what was I thinking?”

“Do I need a shower?” Kyle asked sheepishly.

“Yes! Oh my god, did you eat dinner at Dot’s smelling like this? Please tell me you sat down wind.”

“Well we did cook out. Some burgers is all and we ate outside.”

“Thank god,” she huffed. “Otherwise I would never hear the end of it. Go take a shower and then come back and tell me all about it.”

Lydia watched him go and then heard the shower start. Checking on Frank, she found her husband zonked out and still snoring. Every now and then his sleep apnea would make her heart freeze, wondering if he would ever start breathing again. Then he’d snort, take a loud breath and her heart would resume beating again. More than one night she’d been forced to take refuge in the guestroom to get any sleep at all.

Returning to the living room, she shrugged her robe off and sat on the couch waiting for her son. A few minutes later he returned drying his hair, his usual loose, white shorts on, but no shirt. Patting the couch, she beckoned him to sit next to her.

“So how as Dororthy?” she teased.

Dorothy, Dot to her friends, was a gorgeous woman with the kind of curves men and boys found very exciting. She had pillowy breasts and an hourglass figure. Never married, she kept to herself after returning to Hidden Acres a dozen years ago. Lydia had made her acquaintance a few years back and they had become casual friends. She knew that her son had a bit of a thing for Dot, as most men did.

“She was fine,” Kyle said bashfully. His eyes were once again caressing Lydia’s body and the sheer material didn’t hide a lot, though it wasn’t too scandalous. The lace through the bodice was mostly opaque, though it couldn’t hide the bumps her nipples made.

“Oh come on,” she said, placing her hand on her son’s thigh innocently. “Even I like to look at Dot, you have to tell me more.”

“You like to look at her?” Kyle asked, surprised.

“Well why not? She’s beautiful. Even your old mom can appreciate a sexy woman.”

“You’re not old, mom,” he said quickly. “In fact, I think Dot is older than you.”

“You are so sweet!” She squeezed his thigh and could feel him tense up. The butterflies were in her stomach now as she imagined sliding her fingers up higher, taking hold of his hardness and stroking him the way he had done the previous night. With a quick glance down so she could see that his shorts were already showing a lump.

“Go on, then. Does this Jordan have a thing for her?”

“Oh yeah,” Kyle said enthusiastically. “He talked about her a lot while we shot hoops. She’s driving him nuts and he can’t decide if she’s doing it on purpose or if he’s just imagining it.”

“Why doesn’t he just ask her?”

“Well, he’s living there while he goes to school and she’s his mother’s friend, so he’s like in this pickle. If he’s wrong and Dot freaks out, his mother will find out and then his whole world could go to shit.”

“Well, I don’t think Dot would freak out.”

“No? Why not?”

“Well any woman would be flattered that such a handsome young man finds her attractive.”

“How do you know he’s handsome?”

“Well,” Lydia suddenly felt flustered. “Well, you are handsome and I just assumed that he would be too. That’s all.”

Kyle smiled slowly at her, sitting up straighter and pushing his chest out at her compliment. ‘Well, it seems flattery works both ways’ Lydia thought to herself.

“Well there is one more knot in all this,” Kyle whispered conspiratorially. “I think he might have a thing for another, older woman.”

“Really? Who?” Lydia loved gossip and Hidden Acres was a never ending supply of it, it seemed.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think it’s someone back at Jordan’s home, someone close to him.”

“Like an aunt or something?”

“Something like that,” Kyle agreed. “Isn’t that wild?”

“Oh my,” Lydia said, fanning her chest like a southern belle. The idea of relative relations had been bubbling in her own mind these last few weeks and the events of last night had certainly done a lot to break through the flimsy barriers she’d had.

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