His Birthday Surprise

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As you walked in from work you noticed the mood setting right away. Lights down low, soft music in the background, a dining room table set for two with candles and a magnum of champagne waiting on ice. As you looked towards the doorway there I stood waiting for your reaction. The look on your face said it all…..your wicked smile was all I needed to see to know that you approved. My red-velvet and black-lace teddy left little to the imagination. The garters held up sheer stockings that went from my thighs down to my feet adorned with 5″ black leather spike heel pumps. The black sheer robe did little to cover the teddy.

My full breasts threatening to spill over the top. As I walked slowly towards you your smile widened and you dropped your briefcase and took your jacket off. I wrapped my arms around your neck and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek and felt your arms come around me and your hands go down to gently cradle my ass. You pulled me against you hard and I could feel your cock…hard in your pants pressing against my stomach. Your lips met mine with a passionate kiss that left me breathless. I then whispered into your ear for you to go and take a shower and that there was a surprise waiting for you in the bathroom. As you released me and walked away I looked back over my shoulder and knew that you would never forget this night.

When I heard the water turn off from your shower I poured you a glass of champagne. When you came into the dining room I became breathless. You had found the black satin robe and boxers I had gotten for you. As I handed you your flute of champagne I could not help but notice how your hair glistened with dampness. I had to reach up and run my fingers through it. You left the robe open so I was able to see from your chest down to the top of the boxers. Your body is so magnificent that I was getting wet just looking at you. When you started to speak I put a finger to your lips and told you to ssshhhhhh…..just relax and enjoy.

You sat at the table and I served you your favorite meal. Just watching you eat is so erotic. I could imagine you tasting other things…..and oh what a wicked grin it brought to my face.

We walked to the living room, each of us with a flute of champagne in hand…I waited for you to sit on the couch and I sat close to you and started to run a finger up and down your chest. I turned to you and told you that I had a surprise for you but you had to trust me completely. You had to do what I said for the next few minutes until your surprise arrived and not question me. Your face lit up with a very devious smile and you agreed. I leaned forward and gave you a brief kiss and stood up and offered you my hand….as you stood up you took my flute of champagne from me put it down with yours and pulled me into your arms. I could not help but look up into your eyes as you held me tight. I slowly closed my eyes as your head descended to mine….our lips meeting with the heat of a raging inferno, tongues dancing together, giving oh so much pleasure from a kiss.

I bahis firmaları pulled away from you and took your hand and led you to the bedroom, your gaze took in the red satin sheets on the bed and the camcorder on its tripod there at the foot of the bed. I turned to you and slipped my hands under your robe working them from your chest to your shoulders, making the robe slide off and fall to the floor in a shimmering puddle of satin. Leading you to the bed I quickly reached under one pillow and took out some fur-lined leather restraints and asked you to lie down and extend your hands above your head. You gave me a look of

Partial disbelief but mostly of anticipation. Once you were lying in the bed I restrained one wrist to a bedpost and walked around the bed and did the same to the other.

Looking down upon you helpless my own breath quickened. I went to the phone in the bedroom and dialed a number and said two words and two words only….” It’s Time.” When I turned back to look at you I let the most wicked smile cross my face and stepped to the camcorder and turned it on. I gently pressed the record button and knew it was a matter of a few minutes before the fun began. Looking at you laying there…. only your satin boxers on, with a very obvious bulge straining against the front, I was oh so ready. The doorbell rang and I started towards the door, I turned to look back at you and said that you better smile we had company. All you could hear was feminine giggles from the other room and I knew it was driving you crazy.

As we walked into the room I led the way. Your gaze was set on the doorway and you were looking at me with a bit of fear but oh so much anticipation. As I made my way in you saw the ladies behind me……the smile that crossed your face was priceless. Your greatest fantasy was about to come true. Four beautiful sensual women were going to have their way with you….and oh how you wanted that. You first looked at Chyna, the Asian beauty. Her short jet back hair framed the prettiest face and her petite frame was in an electric blue teddy. Her perky breasts had the largest nipples protruding from them…..making your mouth water…making you want to taste them. Next you looked at

Krystal, the bombshell brunette. Standing 5″11 she was a sight that brought many men to their knees. Her voluptuous figure was wrapped in a leather bikini….the gold ring in her belly button itching to be kissed. Lastly you looked at

Cheyenne, the redheaded vixen. By all means this lady was my favorite. She oozed sensuality and could melt you with one steamy gaze. Her full figure was in emerald green lace and satin….her breasts overflowing the top. I looked at you my dear and asked if you approved. You single line of “I could die a happy man tonight” made me giggle and was all I needed to hear. We all approached the bed and I told the ladies to do as they pleased with you. This night was for you and you alone…..

I went to stand by the camcorder and watched as the ladies approached you, I would kaçak iddaa join in when the time was right.

Cheyenne leaned over and caressed your hard-on through your boxers….you closed your eyes and hissed. Your cock was straining against the satin…. aching to be free. Chyna and Krystal crawled onto the bed and grabbed the boxers on each side at your waist and began to pull down. You raised your hips to accommodate them. When your cock sprang free of the boxers the ladies smiled in delight. The beauty of your 8 1/2 inch cock was a wonderful sight to them. Standing proud and erect they knew the pleasure it could bring. Both Chyna and Krystal leaned over and started to kiss your cock, their tongues dancing together over it.

Cheyenne smiled and then slid her teddy off, her full breasts falling free and looking oh so lickable. She careful climbed on the bed and leaned over you and put her breasts to your mouth. Your lips latched on to one of her nipples and you started to suck wildly. The moans coming from her told me you were doing a great job as her eyes closed in passion. I could see you arching your hips up to Chyna and Krsytal’s mouth…..wanting them to take your cock in. Krystal took the hint and I watched the head of your cock disappear between those luscious lips….as I looked through the viewfinder of the camera I found myself

getting very turned on at the site before me. My man in bed with 3 amazing women taking him anyway they wanted.

I let my robe slide to the floor and then slowly peeled off my teddy, my breasts bouncing free, my nipples hard. I walked over to the bed and got behind Chyna and softly ran a hand over her cute ass then leaned over and placed a gentle kiss. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM skin so soft and sweet.

She immediately got the hint and lies next to you on the bed, causing you to look and see me crawling between her legs.

I was going to dip my tongue into that precious Asian beauty’s pussy and you were going to watch. Cheyenne had other plans for you as I watched her slide up and straddle your face. I could see the look of anticipation on your face as her pussy came closer to your mouth…..you wanted to taste her sweet juices. I knew from experience how talented your tongue was and I knew she was in for a special treat. Krystal was wasting no time either as she stopped sucking on your cock and started to straddle you. I was so amazed to watch your cock slide into another woman’s pussy. The cock that had been in me the night before. Throwing her head back she started to ride you with total abandon….her hips gyrating and grinding her

pussy against you. I watched as you pushed your hips back up to meet her…filling her with every inch of your shaft.

I started to lick Chyna’s pussy like a starved woman and she responded like an animal. Grunting and groaning and pulling my head further into her pussy with her hands.

Cheyenne started to hiss like a she cat and I knew that your tongue was driving her wild. Just the noises she made told the whole story. Her kaçak bahis hips started to move back and forth on your face, grinding her pussy into your mouth. I heard a loud yell and then a moan and I had to look up. Krystal had cum all over your cock and was slowly sliding off of it. Your cock glistened with her cum and I just had to taste it. I leaned over and took a small taste, oh the sweetness of nectar. Cheyenne slid back off of your face and went straight to your cock, placing your head at the entrance she slammed her pussy down onto it and starting riding. I motioned for Chyna to straddle your face so she could experience your talented tongue….she smiled and slow went over you and lowered herself.

Your tongue extended waiting for that sweet honey pot of hers. I smiled and slid off the bed and went to the camera to make sure it was still focused and taping…I didn’t want to miss a minute of this. I started to rub my clit while standing there and Krystal came over and asked if she could do that for me and I agreed immediately. I moved my hand and made my way back to the bed and lay next to you…..she immediately got between my legs and started fingering my pussy…grazing my sensitive clit and sending heat waves through my body. Cheyenne was riding you like a woman possessed. Her breasts heaving every time she grinded her pussy against you. I could see Chyna loosing control as your mouth worked on her pussy….she started to grunt and groan and grabbed the headboard of the bed as she forced her pussy against your mouth and filled your mouth with her cum.

You lapped up every drop of it and she slid off your face. My level of passion was growing ever higher as I felt Krystal slowly keep adding finger after finger into my wet hole. She was smiling wickedly and looked at you and said that she was going to fill my pussy with her hand and fist fuck me and there was nothing that you could do about it except watch. Cheyenne started making animal like noises and so did you. I saw your eyes close and your hips driving up and knew that you were close. Cheyenne screamed like a wild woman and started to cum at the same time my orgasm was washing over me. Krystal’s hand pushing me there oh so fast.

As Cheyenne slid off your cock all 4 of us went to your cock…I started stroking it long and hard, just like I knew you liked it. I told you to open your eyes and watch us all share your cum, watch us lick up every sweet drop that you gave to us. The groaning and moaning you were doing led way to you releasing a primal scream as the cum spewed out of your cock. All of us leaning over trying to get a taste. As we kissed and shared the taste of your cum I glanced over at you. The look on your face was one of total and complete happiness.

I climbed off the bed and took your restraints off and massaged your wrists. The ladies all sat around you on the bed and you looked from one to the other and smiled at all of them. I sat next to your shoulder and leaned over and gave you a gentle kiss on the lips. As I sat back up you whispered a soft thank you. I said it was all my pleasure to give you this fantasy. You looked at all the ladies and asked who was ready for round two and we all laughed together with you… but round two is another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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