Hot Texting Leads to Satisfaction

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Katie’s phone buzzed on her desk. She stopped what she was doing and looked at the text message. Her husband, Tom had been texting her all day. He knew that his suggestive messages during working hours got her worked up. Today was no exception.

“He must have woken up horny today,” she thought. First he had reached around the shower curtain and grabbed her ass. Then the messages started right after she arrived at work. She liked that he was still excited by her. She also liked the things he wrote about what he wanted to do later.

Katie often didn’t even respond to these messages. She didn’t want to unduly encourage him. Sometimes though she would add a thought or two about what they might do later. Once she had lost her head and sent him a dirty picture she had taken of herself in her office. “What was I thinking?” she wondered.

By the time she was able to leave the office she had been thinking about sex off and on all day. She had that ache that she needed to get fixed. Of course Tom knew this after all their years together. He was a master schemer. She drove home and tried to figure out how she could turn the table a little bit.

She was the first to arrive at home but she knew he wouldn’t be far behind. She stripped off her clothes (but not her high heels) and walked back to the kitchen. She poured a glass bursa escort of wine and leaned a hip against the counter and waited.

Tom walked in hoping that he could continue his games and with a little luck he could have Katie in the mood tonight. When he looked up he was dumbstruck. His beautiful wife stood in the kitchen in her heels and nothing else. She still took his breathe away. Literally in this case.

“Cat got your tongue, babe?” she purred. Without waiting for an answer she grabbed his tie and pulled him toward the living room. She pushed him down onto the leather chair he typically sat in. She knelt before him and slowly unfastened his belt. She allowed her hand to rest on his groin. He was fully hard already but she planned to torment him just a bit.

She leaned forward and bit his zipper and tugged it down. She made a production of unbuttoning his pants. She tugged his shirt out and kissed his skin. Tom’s breathing was now ragged and he was caressing her hair. He wanted her mouth on him so badly. She tugged his pants off and threw them aside. She kissed up the inside of one leg. Tom groaned loudly.

Katie stood and grinned and said, “no, no, no, after what you did today you have to do what I want.”

Tom groaned again and said, “babe?” Katie merely shook her head. She knew that he was going bursa escort bayan to enjoy this as much as her. She turned around and sat down on his lap with her back to his chest.

“Kiss me,” she hissed craning her head around. Her released his passion on her mouth. He reached around and squeezed her breasts. He knew just how to lightly stroke her nipples to drive her wild. After a minute of this she wanted him inside. She said, “take me.”

Tom effortlessly lifted her by the hips and she reached down and grabbed his cock, aiming it inside of herself. Tom slowly lowered her and felt himself slide inside. Felt the sensation of how warm and soft and wet she was. That first moment was always sensational for him. She was all the way down on him and he held her there just enjoying the moment. She was obviously ready for more because she placed her feet on the floor and started to move up and down on him.

Tom squeezed her ass and guided her up and down. He closed his eyes and allowed the feelings to spread throughout his body. Katie had her legs spread wide and was using her right hand to stimulate her clitoris while she rode up and down. She was lost in the passion that had been building all day.

She raised her eyes up to the wide window at the front of the livingroom and saw their neighbor Max staring wide escort bursa eyed at her. He was on the porch innocently walking to ring the doorbell when he saw this tableau. She felt the blush of embarrassment spread across her face. Her hand, however, continued it’s strum on her sensitive spot and she continued her rise and fall on Tom’s cock. She had never lost eye contact with Max and had a shuddering orgasm while her stared at her like that.

The power of her convulsions broke her trance and she closed her eyes enjoying the waves washing over her. She moved even faster now not believing how her body had reacted to another man seeing her like that. She had another strong orgasm as she tweaked her nipples and rode and rode. When she opened her eyes again no one was outside the window.

Tom sighed, “I’m going to come, babe.” Katie rose, turned and knelt again. She licked from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock. She did this a couple of times then took his swollen member into her mouth. She moved her tongue along the underside of his cock the way Tom loved. She bobbed her head in time with her hand strokes. Tom screamed something unintelligible and unleashed in her mouth. Katie continued to stroke until she felt he had reached the end of the flood.

“Is that what you had planned, babe?” Katie asked him.

“No this was way better,” he answered.

He pulled her up off the floor and back onto his lap. They kissed and he stroked her back and bottom. He couldn’t wait until he had recovered enough to carry her into bed and continue this night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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