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I travel frequently on business. Recently, I had to travel to another city for a few nights. I reserved a room at a well-known, mid-level hotel. On my last night at the hotel, I had to complete a report and get it emailed out by morning. Unfortunately, it was a Thursday night and a football game was on TV that night. Not having access to a DVR to record the game, I chose instead to watch the game and then pull an all-nighter to get my report completed and emailed out so my boss could have it in his inbox when he came to work the next morning.

I settled in to watch the game in my room in my boxers and a t-shirt. The game ended at 11:30pm and that’s when I began to work on my report. I had managed to get quite a bit of work done but at 1 am I had to procure some additional caffeine and sugar to power me through to completion. I had nothing left in my room and thus had to make my way to the vending machines down the hall. Given the lateness of the hour, I chose to make a quick run dressed as I was in my boxers and t-shirt. I grabbed a few dollar bills and left my room, using the safety latch to hold open the door to my room. I made my way down the long hallway, noting the lack of any noise, sound or activity.

I rounded the corner of the little alcove that contains the vending machines and there, bent over and peering into the snack vending machine, was a woman in red cotton panties. She didn’t notice my arrival but I noticed her. She must have assumed she’d be alone because her red cotton panties barely covered her very nice ass. A good portion of her back was exposed given the small red tank top she was wearing as well. I said nothing and let my eyes absorb the view of this woman’s very nice ass minimally covered by these red cotton panties. Her skin was quite tan and her platinum blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail. My penis took notice, as well, and stiffened slightly. A few dozen seconds must have gone by, allowing me to take in this fabulous site, before she stood up to make her selection. When she stood up, she must have seen my reflection in the plexiglass window of the snack vending machine because she immediately spun around in surprise.

“Oh my God! I didn’t realize someone was standing here!” she exclaimed. She must have then remembered she was minimally clothed. “I’m so sorry, I’m not covered. I really thought I’d be alone at this time of night!”

The first thing I noticed when she spun around was that her red tank top, with spaghetti straps, was cut very low with and did a poor job of covering or even supporting her large, D-cup tits. She was a very attractive woman in her late 40’s, I guessed. Her tan skin was a nice contrast for her platinum blonde hair, although her skin showed the effects of some aging as well as perhaps too much time in the sun.

Nevertheless, the entire package was quite sexy and her little red cotton bikini panties and tight little tank top only added to the sexuality of the view in front of me. Not only did my eyes enjoy the view, so did my cock which was now reaching a semi-hard state.

“No, no, no. I’m sorry. I literally just walked up.” I said, lying through my teeth. “No worries, I wasn’t expecting anyone either so I’m in my boxers. ”

Her eyes scanned me quickly, I guess to confirm that I was, in fact, attired in a manner similar to her. I slyly pulled my t-shirt down casino şirketleri to hide my semi-erect penis.

“Late night munchies.” She said cheerfully and then resumed making her snack selection.

“Yeah, I’m in need of sugar and caffeine to help me pull a late night for work.” I shared.

As she made her snack selection, I bought my soft drink. We then switched positions and I bought a snack and she grabbed a drink. She left the alcove and bid me goodnight. Just a handful of seconds passed and I began the walk back to my room. She was a few steps in front of me allowing me to take in the sight of her nice legs and her red cotton bikini panties. She had one of those walks that really made her hips and ass cheeks swing back and forth. As she walked, her panties rode up a little into her ass crack, exposing just a bit more of each cheek. No tan lines I noticed. My semi-hard cock stiffened a little more and I could tell from the sensation of cool air on my cock head that it was peeking out from the unbuttoned fly of my boxers. My hands full, I couldn’t tuck him back in so I walked quietly to my room, sure that nobody would see me, or him. As I walked towards my room down the long corridor, I realized we were both heading in the exact same direction.

She must have realized this, too, because she called out to me as she continued to walk, “Are you stalking me?”

“Yes, I’m after your snack.” I replied sarcastically.

She slowed down as she reached the alcove leading to her hotel room and I realized our rooms were next to each other. She was my neighbor! She turned to see where I was heading and chuckled when she realized my room was next to hers. Our doors were in the same alcove, slightly hidden from the corridor. As I approached my room, door propped open, she put her drink and snack down on the ground and turned to face me, her back towards the alcove wall.

“So, what’s keeping you up so late?” she said.

I turned to face her and began explaining my work deadline and how I had put it off to watch the game. As I spoke to her, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her fabulous tits, barely held in place by this skimpy, red cotton tank top with little spaghetti straps. I would have snuck a few peaks at her panties but that would have been a bit too obvious. As I spoke, I could feel my semi-erect penis stiffen further and push the head out of my boxers. There was nothing I could do — my hands were occupied holding my snacks and, even if they weren’t, I didn’t want to draw attention to my now fully hard penis. While finishing my explanation, I was planning in my head how I would return to my room, grab the free hotel lotion and jerk myself off.

As I was finishing my response, I noticed her eyes again scanning me up and down. I could tell by her facial expression — a widening of her smile and her eyes – that my hard-on was no longer a secret. “It looks like somebody wants to come out and play!” she said playfully.

And with that, she reached out her right hand and, ever so lightly, stroked the head of my penis. My cock twitched and stretched to its full 6 1/2″ length, reaching out to her for some more of her soft contact.

“Ooh!” she cooed, “So smooth and thick!”

And with that, she began stroking my cock with her hand. Her touch was soft and felt fabulous. Up and down, she worked the entire cock casino firmaları from tip to base. I reached down to drop my drink and snack and she resumed her stroking. She smiled widely and gazed right into my eyes. I was so turned on, with this sexy stranger slowly jerking me off in the hallway of a hotel.

“You have a really nice cock!” she said.

“Thank you.” I replied. “Would you like to come in my room and get better acquainted with him?” I asked slyly.

“No, I want to stay right here. I get turned on by fooling around in public.” She said confidently.

I nodded my head in approval and, knowing her comfort with the situation, reached out and slid the straps of her tank top down around her arms. Her fabulously large tits sagged free and I reached out and began massaging them lustily. Her nipples were erect and straight. Needless to say, I was filled with lust and couldn’t wait to cum for her, to show her how much she turned me on.

For a few minutes, I massaged her nice tits while she slowly rubbed my cock up and down with her bare hand. We said nothing but just smiled at each other. She’d occasionally look down at my cock. She then pulled her right hand up to her mouth and filled her palm with a liberal amount of saliva. She returned her hand to my cock and lubed it up completely. Then, she began jerking me harder, faster.

“Oh God, that feels really good!” I said.

I reached out my right hand and slipped it insider her little red cotton panties. She spread her legs a little wider to give me better access. I quickly found her slit and smiled upon noticing her pussy was damp. With two fingers, I began to stroke her clit. At first, my pace was slow but then I picked up the pace and began to rub her now-swollen clit harder. I made sure to reach into her snatch and spread the moisture from her slit to her clit. Her breathing picked up. With my left hand I massaged one large tit, taking care to play with the nipple as well.

“Yeah, I like that a lot.” She said lustfully.

There we stood, in the alcove of a hotel hallway, she jerking my fully erect penis and me, with my hand in her panties, stroking her clit. Her large tits hung out freely and I was highly aroused and let her know.

“I think I’m going to cum soon!” I informed her.

“Really? Where do you want to cum?” she asked. She then began jerking my cock furiously.

“I want to cum on your little red panties!” I announced.

“Oh, you’ve got a panty fetish do you?” she teased. “Do you want to cum on the front of my panties or the back?”

“Front!” I said. “Oh god, here I go. I’m going to cum on your little red panties!”

I pushed her back and she leaned her shoulders against the wall, pushing her pelvis towards me. By doing this, the target was now perfectly positioned. My right hand stayed inside her panties and, as I felt the cum leave my balls and ascend the shaft, I shoved the two fingers all the way up into her wet cunt, as far as I could reach and sensed her warmth and wetness through my fingertips.

“Cum for me, cum on my panties.” She encouraged.

My left hand massaged her big tit and my right hand kept two fingers in her snatch as she jerked me furiously. She pointed the tip of my cock, now red and swollen, right at the little red triangle that covered her pussy. Ropes of pearly white cum began to güvenilir casino spew from my dick and cover her panties. Her hand never stopped jerking me.

“Oh wow, look at all that cum. You came so quickly for me! “she said. “Oh, keep jerking me, keep stroking my cock!” I commanded.

I began to convulse with pleasure and my hips began to buck as this sexy stranger stroked me to an amazing orgasm. She did as she was told. She stroked and pumped until she had milked every last drop of cum out of my penis. I had shot so much cum on her panties that I could feel the sticky wetness in my right hand that was buried in her moist snatch. As I came down from my orgasm high, I gazed around to see if there was anyone could see us. My new friend was smiling and some sticky cum dripped from her hand — still wrapped around my hard cock – onto the floor.

“Oh, that was so hot!” she said, smiling widely.

I now focused on her. I withdrew my fingers from her vagina and returned them to her clit. I resumed rubbing it, using a circular motion. My vigorous rubbing of her clit through her little red cotton panties caused the gooey excess cum to drip from the front of the panties.

“That’s it. I like the way you’re playing with my clit. I want you to put your mouth on my nipple!” she ordered.

I stepped closer and placed my mouth over her right tit and nipple. I flicked my tongue rapidly at her nipple while sawing her clit with my right hand. I then took her nipple between my lips and tugged gently. This went on for a few minutes.

“Oh yeah, you’re going to make me cum soon. Don’t stop.” She informed me. “Get ready cause I’ll get loud.”

I reached my left behind her back and grabbed her pony tail. I pulled hard — but not too hard — forcing her face to point up. It forced her right tit and nipple further into my mouth and I continued to tug at her nipple with my lips. My right hand continued rubbing her clit.

“Oh yeah!” she shouted. I was shocked at how loud she was as she began to cum.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah!” she continued loudly. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

She placed both her hands on my shoulders to brace herself and keep from falling as the waves of her orgasm began to wash over her body and mind. She began to quiver and I then used my left hand to hold her steady so I could continue rubbing her clit. The wetness of her pussy had increased to the point that she was sopping wet.

She then reached the point where her clit became too sensitive and had me stop. She regained her breath, opened her eyes, and smiled.

“That was so naughty!” she said.

“I know. You’re such a naughty little slut.” I said playfully.

“Oh baby, you have no idea. You want to go for round two right now?” she asked.

“I’d love to, but I’ve really got to finish this report.” I said, with genuine disappointment.

It being Thursday night, we were both leaving the next morning. There wasn’t an opportunity for a rain check on a second round the next night. She knew this as well.

“Well, here, a little token reminder of this event.” She said.

And with that, she slid her little red cotton panties off and handed them to me. I could feel in my palm the sticky cum that had covered the front triangle of her sexy panties. She planted a soft kiss on my lips, grabbed her snack and soft drink can and disappeared into her hotel room.

I grabbed my things, including my new present, and returned to my room. I had to finish my report. The only question would be how long before I jerked myself off in to my neighbor’s little red cotton panties.

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