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I sat at my desk not being able to concentrate on the files before me. My mind kept going back to electrician that had been fixing things at my house the night before. He was tall with blonde spiky hair, blue eyes that could pierce your soul. The muscles in his arms rippled as he worked, the way his tattoo’s moved as he did. I sat their watching him, getting wetter by the seconds.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking in the direction of my office. I couldn’t get up and close the blinds, that wouldn’t look right. The more I thought about this man the hotter I became. I wanted to lean back, close my eyes and let my fingers roam. But I was at work and needed to get some work done. But at this rate, nothing had been accomplished all morning, except thinking about him. How after he was done, he came over to me asking if there was anything else at all I’d like him to do for me. He had a very sexy look on his face, so I knew what he meant.

I smiled up to him, not saying anything at first, just lifting my face to his. I had grabbed him by the shirt pulling him to me. I kissed him fully on the mouth, tongue and all. Instant heat poured out of us, desire was what we tasted. This was what I was thinking about, everything that took place.

I couldn’t stand anymore. I reached down sliding my panties to one side, forcing my fingers inside the lips of my pussy. Closing my eyes I thought of the night before, how this man took me right on my living room floor. How he brought orgasm after orgasm out of me. How he touched my body, eating my pussy, sliding his big thick cock in and out of me.

I rubbed my fingers feverishly over my clit, dipping them down to touch my hole. My juices flowed, just as he had made them the night before. I wanted to spread my legs far apart so bad, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t get caught. I scooted to the edge of my chair leaning my knees outwards. Rubbing harder, using just the finger tips I rubbed my clit back and forth. Every so often re-wetting my fingers, hearing how juicy my pussy was, it made me ache to be fucked right now.

I wanted his dick so bad right now I could taste it, feel it. I wanted to hear his voice in my ear, whispering dirty nasty thoughts as he fucked me hard on the floor. Thrusting his cock deep into my pussy, hearing his balls slap up against me with each thrust. Feeling him fill me up inside, spreading me open with his cock. His hands roaming over my body, his lips and tongue tasting me.

I rubbed my clit harder, feeling the heat just building deep inside. You could hear my pussy it was so dam wet. My clit was swelling under my fingers, begging for attention. I stifled my moans that wanted to escape my lips so badly, to cry out in pleasure. A few small cries slipped out, those couldn’t be helped. I could feel it coming, building and building. My pussy wanted to cum so badly, to feel the waves of orgasm take me.

I leaned back in my chair and let it happen. Rubbing my clit harder and harder, feeling casino şirketleri my orgasm hit and explode. My body twisted and slowly shook. “Oh, yes,” came from my mouth as it hit it’s peak. I rubbed and rubbed on my swollen juicy pussy. I could feel my cum run out, running down onto my ass. I smiled to myself, that was good. Slowing the rubbing down, but not stopping. I closed my legs together, tightening my pussy. holding onto the end of it. Feeling the after shocks of a hard intense orgasm.

Afterwards I sat their for a few minutes still thinking about the hot electrician. I flipped through my personal phone book, finding his number, I dialed it. I reached his voice mail and left a message, “It’s me from last night, meet me at my home, 8 p.m.. And, if you have hand cuffs, bring them” then I hung up.

At 8 PM that night, my door bell rang. I hesitated before getting up to answer it. Opening it, their he stood, looking sexier then what I remember. I smiled thinking back to this afternoon. He thought I was smiling at him and smiled even bigger. Moving aside he entered. Once the door was closed he looked me up and down like I was candy. I admit I did look good, black thigh highs, black garter belt and black bra and of course the black thong to go along with it. I stood six foot with long raven hair, it was down and curly. Yes, I’m sure I did look like candy.

I took him by the hand, leading him to my bedroom. I had the room set up with candles and music that I liked to fuck to and then their was me. He looked me deep in the eyes and said ‘”Sit,” and I sat. “Scoot back on the bed,” he told me. I sat back up against the pillows and posed for him. He smiled, he knew that I knew he wanted to see me sitting there like that with being dressed as I was. “Your beautiful,” he told me. I smiled, even blushed. But blushing wasn’t the look I was trying for here.

He climbed up the foot of the bed towards me, his eyes penetrating deep in me. They made me want him more then I already did, if that was possible. Seeing his tattooed arms as he came closer made me think such nasty thoughts. He stared me deep in the eyes coming closer and closer till his lips reached mine. His kiss was hard and hungry, forcing his tongue in my mouth. I wasn’t ready for it but, when he kissed me many things stirred deep between my thighs. His hands went to my breasts, gripping them soft then tight. My chest rose and fell with his touch. Kissing him back just as hard and deep, returning the lust he felt.

I grabbed him by the hair, which was hard as hell, not to mention a little on the sticky side. “Sorry,” he muttered. I wiped the residue on his arm. It made one of his tattoo’s glisten in the candle light. My pussy tightened and I bit my lower lip as a deeper lust swept through me. Pushing him back I told him I wanted him to sit. He sat and I climbed on his lap. Taking his arms I wrapped them around my body, resting his hands on my ass. I lowered my lips to his as I took his shirt casino firmaları off, stopping only for it to go over his head. He started to kiss me hard again and I pulled back, waiting a second or two. Then, I’d slowly start kissing him, if he came in to fast, I’d pull back.

I reached down and unzipped his pants, then asked him to take them off. Once he was fully naked I climbed back on his lap. Seeing his body naked again, this time by candle light made my heat start building. Taking his cock in my hand I started stroking him slowly from base to head. I sat their looking deep into his eyes. He tried several times to kiss me, each time I leaned back, not letting him kiss me. “Just sit there,” I told him.

I stroked his cock till it started leaking for me. I leaned in kissing him hard and deep, then pulling away and sliding my body down his. Still stroking him, I licked and kissed my way down to his cock. Bringing the head to my lips, I coated them with his pre-cum. Licking my lips then looking up at him I ran my tongue over the head, twirling my tongue around it. Then licking just the top of it and sucking off the pre-cum. I started sucking at the base of his cock as I stroked the length. Letting go, I licked from his balls to just under the head, flicking my tongue back and forth, then sucking.

I reached up taking his hands and holding them, licking his dick, making it come up to my lips. After doing this a few times I couldn’t take anymore I wanted to taste him, to feel him fill my mouth. Bringing his cock to my lips one more time, licking up to the head I opened my mouth. Sucking in just the head, sucking it in and out of my mouth. Each time I sucked in a little more of his cock, working it over with my tongue.

I started sucking his dick from base to head, flicking my tongue at the same time. His hips started meeting my rhythm, working his cock deep into my mouth. I leaned directly over his dick and started sucking him in all the way, letting the tip hit the back of my throat. He moaned deep in his throat as his cock was all the way in my mouth. I wrapped my lips tighter around his big hard cock, sucking and licking him at the same time.

I let go of his hands as I was enjoying myself. He reached up unhooking the garter belt, then slipping off my thong. Two of his fingers were inserted inside my pussy, I moaned at feeling him finger me. He started out fingering me real slow, working his way up to the same rhythm that I was sucking his cock at. The harder I sucked his big cock the harder he fingered me. I got off on sucking him in and out of my mouth, feeling his dick hit the back of my throat. Feeling it getting harder and thicker while inside my mouth. Harder and harder I sucked, while licking at the same time just under the head.

“Baby, I’m going to cum.” he whispered. My mouth was full so I couldn’t answer him back, all I could do was, mmmmhmmmm. I knew this sent a vibration over his cock, as well did his noises tell me so. I picked güvenilir casino up my pace a bit with each thrust of his cock in my mouth. He grabbed me by the hair and turned my head side ways. His cock started squirting all over my face, covering me in his hot cum. Squirt after squirt till his load was all out, the look on his face was so intense.

I grabbed a towel I had beside the bed and wiped my face off. Coming up to him kissing him deep hard, hungry. His hands were still in my hair as he kissed me back just as hard. “God, baby that was fucking hot,” he said in between kisses. His cock was still so dam hard and I wanted to feel it inside of me. Climbing back onto his lap, grabbing his cock I forced it inside of my hot wet pussy. We both gasped for air at the feeling of him entering me. I slammed my pussy down on his cock, forcing it to go deep within. I rode him hard letting him know how bad I wanted his cock.

He grabbed me by my hips, his body meeting mine. Grabbing at my ass spreading my pussy lips open wider. As I came up on his dick, he’d slam it up into me, causing me to come down on him harder and faster. I rode him hard pounding my wet pussy down on his cock, forcing it to go deeper in me. Riding the whole length of him, feeling every inch of his still hard cock being shoved in my pussy.

“Baby,” he said “I want to feel you cum on my cock.” I then went to riding the head, feeling it slip in and out of my pussy. Feeling him slam up into me again made me want to drown his dick in my hot pussy’s cum. He kept pounding his dick up in my pussy feeling it throb. “Yes, baby give it to me. Let me feel you cum.” he moaned in my ear. Each time he thrust his cock up in my pussy the closer I was to cuming. I kept slamming my body down on his over and over, feeling my pussy tightening around him.

My moaning started low at first and then built very quickly. My pussy grabbed onto his cock as my orgasm hit. My moans turned into almost scream. Grabbing my ass harder, slamming his dick harder and faster into me his own orgasm hit again. I could feel his hot seed being pumped deep into me. His cock throbbed inside me as we were both coated in our cum. I could feel it running out of me and onto his balls. My moans didn’t stop until both of our orgasms drained us.

We laid on our sides with his cock still pulsing inside me, as my pussy twitched around him. I must have fallen asleep shortly there after. When I woke the room was dark and he was from behind sliding his cock in and out of me. He reached around playing with my nipples as I moaned softly. Getting on my knees for him to fuck me doggy style, my face went into the pillows. He positioned himself behind me and started pounding away at my soaked kitty. “Your pussy is so hot for me,” he whispered to me as he fucked me harder and harder. I bucked my hips back fucking his cock, “Give me that throbbing cock. Fill my pussy with your hot seed baby. Please, fuck me harder.” He did just that, a few more thrusts and he filled my pussy over and over.

We laid their after still kissing and letting our hands roam till we both fell asleep. When I woke in the morning, he was gone. He did leave a note saying, “You are and will always be my fantasy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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