House Sitting for a Neighbour Pt. 01

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Adriana Chechik

Jack had come back from his villa in Spain. He was a neighbour of mine, a few years older than myself, and a widower. His wife had passed on four or five years before, at a time, unfortunately, when they had just purchased the place in Spain.

I lived around the corner from him, his garden backing onto mine, and when he was away, I kept an eye on his place, letting myself in with the key he’d lent me, to tidy up any post left in the letter box. I think I was the only other person, other than him, that knew the alarm code.

I suppose I’d always fancied him a bit, even before his wife had died. He was tall, distinguished, amusing, and wealthy. He’d had his own electronics business, which he had sold soon after his wife’s death.

I was just into my fifties, another dreaded landmark birthday, and although I was married to Geoff, it was not a wonderful relationship.

I’d discovered he’d had an affair ten years before, and, although it had ended, there was huge turmoil. We decided to stay together, perhaps not wisely, but more for financial reasons, than anything else. Things were never the same after that, and our sex life became non existent.

And then my whole life changed.

I’d gone to a school reunion, and after perhaps a glass too many of wine, a latecomer to the celebrations had tapped me on the shoulder. It was Reece, my first boyfriend, but not only that, he was the boy who I had lost my virginity to.

The rest of the evening was just a conversation between the two of us, catching up, joking about our teen age misdemeanours, even flirting in a clumsy way.

Reece was married too, with the usual baggage, and damage, caused by life. He was still attractive, and had that sparkle in his blue eyes that I’d fallen in love with, all those years before.

Stupidly, as the reunion drew to a close, we had found ourselves near an empty classroom, with an unlocked door, and Reece had pulled me inside, and we had kissed. Not just an ‘old friends’ kiss, but a full on, open mouthed kiss, and with bodies pressing hard against each other.

When we pulled apart, instead of just putting it down to alcohol, and distant memories, the chemistry had returned, and we agreed to exchange mobile numbers. By the time we had both returned to our respective homes, we had texted, and made a date for coffee the following week.

Costas was the scene for our prospective infidelity, because that was what it felt like. I had never been unfaithful in all the years of my marriage, and I was conscious of how I had felt when Geoff had betrayed me, and how I’d ripped him apart when I’d found out.

But between the reunion and our meeting for coffee, my whole libido had taken off. I’d spent hours daydreaming, so much so, that Geoff started asking if anything was wrong.

I worked part time, and so on the Tuesday morning, after Geoff had gone to work, I showered, and pampered myself, and put on some lingerie that I kept for special occasions. The dress I wore showed a suitable amount of cleavage, and leg, above some modestly high heels. As I dressed, I realised how nervous I was feeling, and was continually asking myself if this was a good plan. And plan it was, because I had had thoughts about where the day ought to go.

When Reece walked in, I knew that today was the day. He looked fantastic, dressed casually in light coloured trousers, and a dark blue shirt. As soon as he’d joined me with his flat white, and we had locked eyes, the rest of the world dwindled into insignificance. bahis firmaları

“How are you?” A simple question, but the sound of his voice drilled deep inside me.

“I’m good thanks,” I replied.

“Not too good, I hope,” came the innuendo, together with the twinkle in his eye, that I’d fallen for all those years ago.

The conversation was slightly nervous at first, but by the time my untouched coffee was cold in its cup, we were relaxed, and flirting to an outrageous extent.

“Do you remember the first night we had proper sex?”

The question startled me slightly.

“Yes, of course I do,” and in a quiet whisper I added, ” it was my first time.”

“I seem to remember I made a bit of a mess of it, I mean I came straight away.”

“Hmmmmm, but you made up for it pretty quickly.”

My mind went back to that evening, when his parents were out, and he fumbled in the semi darkness to put a condom on, and when he finally was inside me, he grunted, and ejaculated straight away, and then spent ten minutes apologising, and feeling embarrassed.

I remember too, that within half an hour, he was hard again, and fucking me, and making me cum with ease.

“It was a special night,” he said wistfully.

“Well, we are going to repeat it today.”

I couldn’t believe that I had said that, and, obviously, neither could he.

He stuttered, “What do you mean Sally…?”

“I mean that I’m taking you somewhere private, and going to fuck you.”

The words just tumbled, wantonly, out of my mouth.

Reece visibly turned white, and then he smiled, and the blood came rushing back to his face.

“We’d better go then,” he said, almost chuckling.

In a seemingly indecent haste, we both departed Costas, and made our way to the car park. I knew where I was going, but Reece didn’t, so we decided just to go in my car.

I felt a bit guilty about using Jack’s house for my illicit activity, but it seemed the perfect place, a hotel would have seemed a bit ‘seedy,’ and there was nowhere else apart from either of our homes, which would have had so much risk.

It was just a five minute drive, but the atmosphere in the car was charged with sexual tension. All the way Reece was half turned towards me, staring at me, his fingers gently stroking my shoulder.

I parked right outside, and led the way to the front door. Opening the door, I disarmed the alarm system, and breathed a sigh of relief. We were alone.

“Made it,” I said, and in a second we were kissing. It was true that neither of us had had sex for ages, but like all those romcom films we were undressing as we travelled from the front door to the lounge. By the time we were standing next to the sofa, I was just in my bra and panties, and Reece was struggling to get out of his trousers.

It was crazy, two fifty year olds throwing aside their underwear, and leaping onto the sofa. No need to worry about condoms this time, we both wanted to ‘feel’ each other in every sense.

I wanted Reece inside me, and I wanted him immediately.

I’d forgotten how lust, and sex together was such a heady mix. In those few minutes when Reece was thrusting in and out of me, I forgot myself completely. I’d forgotten it was Jack’s house, with Jack’s neighbours close by. Reece brought me to a shuddering orgasm, making me shout out in pure ecstasy. When he came shortly afterwards, his hips pressed down on me, and I could feel him pumping his whole being into me.

“Oh kaçak iddaa god, what have we done,” I hissed.

Reece was still inside me, and I was feeling guilty already.

As he rolled away from me he replied, “Just enjoy the moment Sally, no regrets.”

We struggled back into our clothes, and I sensed the atmosphere had changed slightly. Reece seemed a bit anxious to leave, and I was bothered about the damp patch on the sofa.

In the few minutes between fucking, and leaving the house, I knew that this was a one off meeting. Yes, the chemistry had been there, but we were two different people now. We’d both felt the lust, and we’d both given in to temptation, but we both knew that it was not going to be what we thought it might be.

The drive back to the car park was awkward, intermittent silence, punctuated with superficial conversation. Reece said that he’d text me, but we both knew that it was a throwaway comment. We kissed briefly, before he went back to his car, and quite sadly, I drove home.

I cried in the shower, but in a way, I felt brand new. I’d had great sex, I’d found some confidence in my sexuality, and I felt ready to take on the world.

And then Jack returned from Spain.

The first inkling I got that there was something odd, was when I went round to catch up with him. This was normal on his return, just to have coffee, and tell him any local news or gossip.

He greeted me effusively. A hug that perhaps lasted a few seconds longer than usual, and a broad smile, with eyes that held my gaze more than I remembered.

“How are you Sally? I hope all is well?”

Jack seemed much more animated as he made the coffee.

“Yes, I’m fine, I hope you had a good month away?”

“It was great, and you know I really appreciate you popping in to make sure this place is ok. When I’m sitting there in the sun and my phone pings, it’s reassuring to know it’s you checking up.”

I felt my face flushing, at the thought of my last visit with Reece, but worse was to come, and all the guilt was about to overwhelm me.

Jack continued, with what was seeming now to be an enjoyment in my guilty secret. Was it just my guilt, was I reading too much into Jack’s conversation about his concern about security?

He continued, “I haven’t got anything of great value here, no expensive jewellery, or anything like that, but I wouldn’t want someone coming in to vandalise the place. I suppose being in electronics, and security all my working life has made me over cautious, but it does allow me the latest technology, and cctv and the internet has been a game changer.”

I was shifting awkwardly on the kitchen stool, as Jack passed me the mug of coffee.

Jack looked at me intently, and he knew that I was realising I’d been caught out, but also that he’d watched me fucking Reece.

Looking away, and down into my coffee, I said quietly, “I’m sorry Jack, but I did bring someone here with me last time. I really shouldn’t have brought a stranger into your house.”

I was fooling myself, even now, by only telling him half the story, however, Jack edged me towards confessing the whole truth.

“And was there a reason for that? May I ask who that person was?”

“It was an old friend, someone I was at school with, and hadn’t seen for years.”

“Well that’s ok, if you knew them well, I hope you had a good reunion.”

I looked up guiltily, and Jack smiled. I knew the game was up.

“Sally, I know what happened, I watched kaçak bahis it all on my phone in Spain.”

“Oh god almighty, oh god, I’m so sorry Jack, oh dear,…what am I going to do, please don’t tell Geoff.”

My tears flowed, I put my head in my hands, and just sobbed.

“There, there,” Jack said quietly as he came round the breakfast bar, and put his arm around me. “I’m not going to say anything, I’m sure you’re feeling very guilty, but can I ask how long the affair has been going on?”

“It was a one off,” I sobbed, “we met at a school reunion, and he was the guy who took my virginity, and I couldn’t help myself, and I wanted him, and Geoff and I haven’t been getting on, and…”

“Stop there, take a breath, slow down.”

“And you’ve watched me having sex, and I did it in your house, oh my god, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry Jack.”

Jack turned me on my stool, and holding my shoulders, looked me in the eyes, eyes that were red, and streaming tears. He wiped some away with his finger, and whispered, “It will all be ok, you’re a wonderful woman, and a wonderful wife to Geoff.”

And then he kissed me.

Not a peck on the cheek, but a kiss on the lips, which lasted maybe three seconds, with the briefest of pauses, as he assessed my reaction. I guess it was the sense of relief that made me react, to offer my compliance, because as our lips touched again. mine parted, allowing him to test my reaction even more with the tip of his tongue.

The kiss went on for several more seconds, before he pulled away, in a slightly breathless way.

“I didn’t mean that to happen Sally, I really didn’t.”

In response, I seemed to have lost all logic, all self control.

I pulled him towards me. “Jack thank you.” And this time, I kissed him.

As he stood, and pressed closer to me, I offered myself completely to him. My legs parted, and my dress rode up my thighs. I could feel his crotch rub up against my pussy. He was hard, and, wantonly, my hand reached down between us to massage his cock.

With a masculine grunt, his hand reached down too. I felt him struggling to unzip himself, and finally when he’d succeeded, his cock leapt out though the opening in his boxers. His fingers were tugging aside the narrow gusset of my panties, and already my pussy juices were thoroughly lubricating the puffy lips of my cunt.

The stool crashed up against the breakfast bar as he shoved his cock into me. By now we were like animals. I was pulling him closer by his shirt, which at some point started to tear. Jack was gripping my thighs, and thrusting into me, with the stool making a rhythmic banging against the bar.

I was partly gasping and then groaning, and Jack was grunting with each thrust. We weren’t going to stop, and within a few minutes I was crying out. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” as my lower body started to shudder, and lift, and heave off the stool. Jack continued thrusting, trying to hold himself against my bucking hips.

I heard him groan, and then in a few short grunts, I could feel him shooting inside me.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned again, as I struggled to stay upright on the stool, and Jack’s cock finished pumping.

We both finally managed to look at each other again, clinging onto ourselves, until we had caught our breath.

“Sally, for fucks sake, that was magical,” was all he said, as he struggled to pull his trousers back up, and I was adjusting my panties, and feeling his spunk on my fingers.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve been unfaithful again.”

“But you won’t tell Geoff, will you? I would love to see you again.” Jack was glowing after his fuck.

I made the choice rapidly, yes, our affair was just beginning.

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