Hunting Season

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It’s late as I have spent entirely too much time preparing for the hunt. I thought I started early enough but there was a wait at the salon and I wasted a bit of time flirting with the manicurist…She has the most beautiful green eyes.

I have three places to stalk this evening and decided to try the farthest from home first so if I don’t find my prey, the ride home will not be as frustrating.

I arrive at the club and even from the parking lot I can feel the pounding bass of the dance music in my chest. Entering I see a familiar face so I smile and nod my hello and continue my hunt. If there was ever a place to find prey this should be it, hot sweating bodies moving and grinding on the dance floor, the smell of alcohol in the air, well dressed men, and barely dressed women. I find a vantage point in the main room and begin my assessment. Beautiful women all around, some appear to be alone, other with friends, and a few with obvious lovers. Could I have my pick of the room? No, but I could easily seduce a few if I chose to take the time. The bass is beginning to distract me from my goals so I decide to move on to my next hunting ground.

I make my way downtown to a seedy bar. It’s the kind of place that would be considered a “last resort” for an evening that has gone terribly wrong the place where you’d go to find a warm body to fill a need and forget about the next day. Although it has its regulars no one takes the time czech experiment porno to remember your name. I scan the room before finding a place to sit as the likelyhood of find my prey here is slim but always worth a chance. In the far corner of the room next to the worn down dance floor I see a prospect.

Long dark hair, gorgeous smile, and curves that set my inner beast on fire. Overdressed for this sort of place ( as am I ) she is talking with someone but her subtle body language says she’s not into him. I find a table with an angle that I can catch her eye when she glances away from him. We exchange a few looks and a smile or two and I am just about to come over and save her from this man when a waitress comes by and asks me what I’d like to drink.

“Just a soda please” I answer annoyed because she is distracting me from my prey.

“This is a bar not a rest stop Hun.” “There’s a two drink minimum.”

“Fine I’ll take a soda, you take a shot of whatever makes you happy and send the lady over there another of whatever she’s drinking” I reply without making eye contact.

“Your call darling, but just between you and me. That little philly over there has been here all night. Getting drinks and flirting with all the guys and then shuts them down one right after the other. I think she might be battin for the other team. If you follow me.” “You could do much better with someone like…..

I czech first porno video let the waitress’s voice fade to the background as I see the man stand and offer her his hand taking her to the dance floor.

She moves with grace and vigor to the upbeat music, always maintaining a distance between her and her partner. Her eyes closed and her hands seductively follow her curves. When the music changes to a slow ballad he pulls her close and respectfully places his hands high on her hips and back. Suddenly her natural grace is replaced by awkwardness and she steps, no, stomps on the man’s foot. As he breaks his embrace she mutters something I can’t make out and hurriedly goes to the table, grabs her handbag, and makes her way to the restroom.

She’s not gone long but the man she was with has already moved on to easier game. I follow her with my gaze as she makes her way to the door. I stand as the waitress shows up with the tray of drinks. I throw a bill on the tray and say “Thanks, that should cover it and more.” and follow my prey out of the bar and down the street.

She walks with a slow and deliberate pace down the street and to a narrow gap between two buildings. I follow knowing the chase is coming to an end. As I enter the gap I find her with her back up to a brick wall a hint of a nearby street light glimmers in her eye. Without a word I kiss her full moist lips. They taste czech game porno of the wine she has been drinking and a hint of saltiness. My hand find her firm breasts beneath her blouse as the other follows her curves down to that luscious ass I was admiring on the dance floor. Our mouths begin a dance of their own exploring, teasing, and biting each other till she bite my lip hard. I pull away and turn her to face the wall. Lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down to her knees with one hand and pulling my throbbing cock out with the other I begin to stroke my cock between the cheeks of that beautiful ass. My hand makes it way under her blouse into her bra and grabs her breast pinching her nipple as I enter her from behind. She gasps in pleasure and I begin to pump forcefully. I feel her clench onto me as I without rhythm slam my cock into her as deeply as I can only pausing for an occasional grind. She orgasms uncontrollably milking me for my seed I remove myself from her and place my cock at the rim off her ass firmly prodding it testing if there’s enough wetness to enter she says the only words she will speak to me this evening “Do it I want your cum!”. I enter her. The tight heat feels amazing and she escalates with another round of even more violent orgasms I lose myself in her slamming my cock into her again and again until we both explode into orgasm my cock pumping cum into her like it will never stop.

When the orgasms subside I remove myself from her, gather my composure, turn and leave.

Making my way down the street to my car, my phone vibrates letting me know I’ve received a text.

“That was fun. Maybe next week I could stalk you?”

I smile and reply back.

“Sure! Just next time don’t trim my nails so close.”

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